Bedroom murals

Bedroom murals presented here at Wallpaper Kenya will be the optimal solution in any situation. They can be used in the interior of a small bedroom or hung on the wall in a large room. Beautiful wall coverings with your favorite pictures, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you, will transform your place to […]


Bedroom murals presented here at Wallpaper Kenya will be the optimal solution in any situation. They can be used in the interior of a small bedroom or hung on the wall in a large room.

Stylish interior of bedroom with beautiful narcissus flowers on wall

Beautiful wall coverings with your favorite pictures, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you, will transform your place to sleep.

Cozy nursery room with murals, white crib and rocking chair

Wallpaper for the bedroom murals is custom-made, which means you will definitely find here what you need specifically in your case. You can buy finishing materials from the photo and use them to decorate the entire room or place them just above the bed. The variety of motifs allows you to open up truly unlimited possibilities in decorating your bedroom interior properly.

If you are considering a partial-use option, you can hang a bedroom mural above the bed that depicts a masterpiece of painting. A great idea would be a mural that represents a window overlooking a wonderful garden.

This will create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. You will get the complete impression that there is a blooming garden with trees, shrubs, and flowers right next to the bedroom.

Our bedroom murals, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you, very often depict petals, buds, and open inflorescences. This is very easy to explain: the floral pattern creates the impression of tenderness and touching, and therefore it often forms the basis of finishing materials used for the bedroom. Most often, this pattern is preferred by the fair sex of all ages. With the help of flowers and floral patterns, you can create a bedroom that will look like a real boudoir.

In addition to the floral theme, you can use other options. For example, an image of an evening or morning city would be an excellent choice.

Selection of bedroom murals

It is not so difficult to choose suitable bedroom murals. First of all, you need to focus on your tastes and preferences. But equally important are universal rules that will help make the room not only comfortable but also elegant.

The sea coast, beach, or other calm natural landscapes will help you relax. Contemplating them, you yourself will not notice how all the fatigue that has accumulated during the day will go away and give way to healthy and sound sleep.

But in this situation, it is better to refuse bright colors and dynamic scenes. They will excite the nervous system and in such an environment it will be quite problematic to fall asleep. Therefore, in order to be able to relax and truly unwind, you should abandon the raging waves of the sea, as well as energetic scenes and colors.

Pastel tones

One of the most important characteristics that makes the bedroom a place of rest. Bright colors cause a surge of emotions, and irritate, thereby distracting from sleep. Saturated shades are a great solution for decorating a kitchen, living room, or hallway, but in the interior of the bedroom, it is better to avoid such colors so that nothing interferes with getting ready for rest.

Landscape murals

Images of landscapes and cityscapes are today the most popular designs used for wall decoration. In this case, the drawing depends entirely on your imagination, temperament, and preferences. The main thing is to focus on the general tone and color so as not to choose something too bright for the room.

Photo murals

3D photo wallpapers will not only add sophistication and originality but also volume, visually making the bedroom wider. 3D photo wallpaper is a smart idea for a small room. If you want to add light and warmth to the room, try choosing photo wallpapers with the image of fire, sparks, a New Year’s garland, or a fireplace – such details add light and make the room even cozier.

You can also decorate a small area of ​​the room, for example, choose photo wallpapers in the bedroom above the bed. Such photo wallpapers radically change the interior of the room, at the same time, without distracting you during rest. However, when choosing an image, you should take into account the fact that the bed can cover part of the image.

Combinations of shades

A correctly selected color palette will make your room original and stylish.

Modern style murals

Black and white are timeless classics that will always be in fashion. The style of minimalism is becoming more and more popular every day, and in this case, dark shades of wallpaper are a good choice.

Advantages and features of wallpaper bedroom murals

Photo wallpaper bedroom murals are, of course, an excellent decorative element that can significantly decorate the interior and emphasize your style and dignity. However, the benefits of this type of finishing are not limited to decoration. Photo wallpapers can perform a number of functions in the interior, for example:

Play a significant role in zoning space

Various combinations of photo wallpaper patterns with other types of finishing (painting, plaster, etc.) can highlight certain areas in a spacious room. They are often placed at the head of the bed or on the opposite wall. They can highlight a seating area with armchairs and a coffee table (if there is one), niches, and other areas;

Correct visual perception of space

Placing photo wallpaper on one of the walls can visually “move it aside”, making the room much more spacious. Usually in this case, they use panoramic images, scenes that imitate the continuation of the room, objects in perspective;

Hide existing imperfections in wall or ceiling surfaces

Wallpaper on a vinyl or non-woven basis will cope better with this task. An uneven surface will be perfectly masked by bright images filled with paints, and alternating large and small details of the design will cope with defects in the corners;

Create accents

Since bedrooms are most often decorated in pastel colors, photo wallpaper will help enliven an empty interior and add variety;

Emphasize the style of the overall design of the room

Correctly selected images will perfectly complement a stylish interior. Classical and rustic styles are characterized by floral motifs, frescoes, and landscapes, and modern styles (high-tech, loft, minimalism) will support panoramic images of cities and various attractions.

Impressive ceiling murals

Ceiling wallpaper murals will successfully replace expensive stretch fabrics while having an equally impressive look.

Having decided to decorate your bedroom with wallpaper murals, you need to take care of their correct placement to create a truly spectacular interior. If you plan to wallpaper an entire wall, you need to take care in advance so that in the future part of the plot is not covered by bulky furniture. If wallpaper mural is glued to visually increase the area, it is better to completely abandon furniture near the wall. Images are selected based on the size of the room since large elements in a small bedroom will exert pressure, and too small ones in a large one will simply get lost.

Artwork of wallpaper bedroom murals

The image of wallpaper bedroom murals plays an important role. First of all, you need to remember that the colors of the picture should be combined with the rest of the interior items. Each person, depending on their temperament, perceives certain combinations in their own way. The bright colors of the wallpaper go well with light shades of the furnishings, and you can match the pastel colors of the surrounding decoration with the rich accent colors of the image. The most popular subjects of photo wallpapers in the bedroom interior include the following:

– Landscapes showing forests, waterfalls, plants, various flowers, etc. Such wallpaper is suitable for any style of room decoration, filling it with freshness;

– Marine theme, telling about the beauty of endless expanses of water and beautiful life. There may be images of ancient ships and modern ocean liners, luxury yachts, beaches, etc.;

– Reproductions of works of art that are appropriate in large rooms with appropriate stylish furnishings;

– Abstract images can be quite interesting. Such photo wallpapers require the appropriate views of the owner and a modern design of the environment;

– Images of cities – panoramic pictures of large cities or modest streets. The choice will depend on the personal preferences of the owners and the style of the interior. The first option is most appropriate for trendy high-tech and loft areas, and the second option is most appropriate for bedrooms in Provence and Mediterranean styles.

Photo wallpaper with effects

Modern design ideas involve many solutions that allow you to create the most unexpected interiors, and the first assistants in this are photo wallpapers with special effects, namely:

1. Volumetric 3D photo wallpaper. When creating this type of photo wallpaper, a special pattern application technique is used – several layers of pattern are applied to the inner film with a transition from dark to light tones. As a result, the human eye perceives a flat pattern as three-dimensional. It is worth noting that 3D wallpapers have visual volume only at a distance, so their use is advisable in spacious bedrooms.

2. Expanding space. This type is able to visually “pull back” the walls, making the interior much more spacious. For small rooms, a good solution would be a picture that imitates its continuation, and for more spacious rooms, you can choose any picture taking into account the style.

3. Glowing wallpaper. A modern, original bedroom interior design can be created using luminous photo wallpaper for the walls and ceiling. They are phosphor and fluorescent. The first type is capable of accumulating streams of light during the daytime, and at night reproducing them in the form of soft, eye-pleasing illumination, which creates a pleasant romantic atmosphere. Fluorescent photo wallpapers create magnificent designer luminous patterns at night (with the help of special lamps) due to the presence of a special powder in the coating, and in the daytime, the canvases look like three-dimensional images. Such wallpaper indoors allows you to calmly relax and fall asleep.

Bedroom Design Styles

The best bedroom murals are personalized.

Because each person is different in likes, character, and style. And, consequently, the decorative styles to suit each individual’s particular bedroom are also different. Because the bedroom is the one room that best represents your personality you are unique. So there is a multitude of styles that you can pick to create the atmosphere that best suits your personality.

Electric Style Bedrooms

Electric blue has become a new trend in bedroom murals. If you properly combine it, it can become one of the most flattering shades in bedroom wall décor.

There are many ways to include it in all other rooms in your house. You can get fully into the trend and make it the main color of any room.

And this color is always one of the recommendations if you are looking for an elegant bedroom. For example, in the bedroom, one wall wallpaper and leaving the others white will give it a touch of depth and also favor natural lighting.

Rustic style bedrooms

The rustic style bedroom murals are characterized by the charm of tradition and natural materials such as wood wallpaper. A rustic bedroom will wrap you in the warmth of wood that can appear, not only as wallpaper but also as part of the ceiling. The colors of nature and solid textiles can also be incorporated into these types of designs to denote a certain taste for the charm of yesteryear.

How to harmonize with the bedroom mural?

Before buying furniture for your bedroom, you need to decide on some factors like wall colors and or bedroom mural wallpaper. Try to choose a wallpaper that will help you create a calm atmosphere. And also one that will complement well with your bedroom furniture. The lighting needs to be chosen wisely as well. Remember a very bright bedroom is not soothing enough. But also a room with insufficient lighting will hinder activities such as bedtime reading.

You can also use mural wallpaper to work with the size and shape of your room. For example, striped wallpaper can make walls look higher or rooms appear wider. You can also use wallpaper to make small rooms look larger.

Colors for bedroom murals

Colors enhance your mood. So choosing the right wallpaper colors for your bedroom can improve your sleep pattern. From color psychology, we know green and blue are excellent bedroom colors. Lilac as well as white wallpaper have stress-reducing effects. However, if you decide to go for completely white walls, incorporate different textures and patterns to add depth and warmth to your bedroom. White textured bedroom wallpaper exemplifies style and evokes a peaceful ambiance. Incorporating wood effects wallpaper into white bedrooms will prevent your room from looking clinical and cold.

But it is important to note that these are general rules that apply to only most of us of Western Civilization. And not to everyone. It is important to note that the effect of color is ultimately an individual preference.

That said, the bedroom is also a very personal room, so if the vivid and crazy wallpaper colors make you feel good, you can use them however you like.

Only you can decide which colors and designs are best to wallpaper your bedroom walls.

Some general tips

In small rooms, you should not use too colorful mural wallpapers. Why? because these will visually make the room look even smaller. Always remember that in a small room, it is best to use a light finish for three walls and the fourth (headboard) – colored wallpaper.

You may choose the dominant color for the accent wall (usually the headboard wall) from the same Color Palette as the Curtains and Carpet. But avoid mural wallpaper with a large pattern for small bedrooms.

Use large mural patterns only suitable for bedrooms. These will make it more it more comfortable. But for a small bedroom – large patterns or drawings make it look even smaller.

The basics of interior decoration dictate that horizontal stripes and murals reduce the perceived height of the room. Therefore the bedroom with low ceilings is extremely undesirable to use.

However, vertical stripe murals, on the contrary, visually increase the perceived ceiling height. But at the same time “eat” the volume of the room (use them very carefully).

Customized Murals

Bedroom murals are very personal. Ask me why. The dictionary definition of a bedroom answers that question. “A bedroom is a room of a: housemansioncastlepalacehoteldormitoryapartmentcondominiumduplex, or townhouse where people sleep. A typical bedroom contains as bedroom furniture one or two beds (ranging from a crib for an infant, a single or twin bed for a toddler, child, teenager, or single adult to bigger sizes like a full, double, queen, king, or California king (eastern or waterbed size for a couple), a clothes closet, and bedside table and dressing table, both of which usually contain drawers. Except in bungalows, ranch-style homes, or one-story motels, bedrooms are usually on one of the floors of a dwelling that is above ground level.”

Customized bedroom murals at Wallpaper Kenya are printed of durable fabric that is washable, removable, and reusable. There is nothing better you can do to your bedroom walls other than customized bedroom murals. Unlike ordinary wallpaper, your customized bedroom mural will come in one seamless panel to fill the whole wall.

The bedroom is the perfect place at home for relaxation and rejuvenation. While designing and styling your bedroom, you need to keep a lot of things in mind. Such as color, soft furnishings, textures, flooring, furniture, etc. All these elements can be tailored according to your taste. Thus allowing you to create a serene haven in your abode.

Ideas for bedroom murals

When decorating with bedroom murals, keep in mind both aesthetics and functionality. Design is not only how the mural looks. It is also how the mural works. We will help you decide on the right design as you can draw inspiration from various style categories, such as minimalist, modern, eclectic, colonial, etc.

Before buying furniture for your bedroom, you need to decide on some factors like mural colors, or bedroom wallpaper. Try to choose a color that will help you create a calm atmosphere and also complement well with your bedroom furniture. The lighting needs to be chosen wisely as well because a very bright bedroom is not soothing enough.

You can also use wallpaper to work with the size and shape of your room, for example, striped wallpaper can make walls look taller, or rooms appear wider, which is particularly good for small rooms.

Colors will enhance your mood. So choosing the right mural colors for your bedroom can improve your sleep pattern. Green and blue are excellent bedroom colors. Lilac wallpaper has a stress-reducing effect, as does white. If you do decide to go for completely white wallpaper walls, incorporating different textures and patterns can add depth and warmth to your bedroom.

White bedrooms exemplify style and evoke a peaceful ambiance. Incorporating natural textures and wood wallpaper into white wallpaper bedrooms will prevent your room from looking clinical and cold. Monochrome accents work well with white textured wallpaper in bedrooms too.

Popular bedroom mural design ideas

Modern bedrooms


Modern bedroom murals are characterized by neutral tones of grey, white, and black wallpaper. All simple, wall colors. Modern bedroom murals are essentially about simplicity. This style of wall decoration is based on clear lines. In other words, it takes refreshingly simple décor that is not difficult to reach. This creates a restful and quiet place to retreat at the end of an eventful day.

For modern bedroom murals, you can use ordinary wallpaper. For instance, feature walls can be covered in straight-striped wallpaper designs. You can also use little splashes of vibrant-colored wallpaper here and there to inject visual interest.

Country style bedrooms

Neutral shades for painted walls are essential for country-style bedroom murals, and white with a hint of lilac, blue, or green helps to create a softer look. Floral-printed bedroom wallpaper works well on feature walls too. Pine or all-white furniture is a popular choice for the country style.

Industrial-style bedroom murals

Industrial-style bedroom murals feature raw elements and unfinished textures. Exposed brickwork and rustic wallpaper are popular choices for this particular style and truly characterize the utilitarian look. You can install white brickwork wallpaper, for a brighter effect. Aged wood effects wallpaper fits the industrial look well too.

Industrial style refers to an aesthetic trend in interior design and decoration that takes clues from old factories and industrial spaces. That is why to achieve this in murals and wallpaper we use weathered wood effects, exposed bricks effects, and concrete wallpaper. Needless to say, this design style has its charm and fascinating charisma. And that is why we use industrial style as a variant of a modern bedroom wall decoration with a vintage factor.

Wallpaper Kenya offers you unlimited bedroom murals in industrial style, with which you can furnish your bedroom stylishly and functionally.


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