Custom Wallpaper

You can design your custom wallpaper murals for offices, corporate, and Home for only Kenya Shilling 2000 per square meter. No hidden costs in adding character and personality to your wall with custom wallpaper. And Ks 2000 is a very small price for a unique wallpaper. A custom wallpaper design is interesting because nobody else […]


You can design your custom wallpaper murals for offices, corporate, and Home for only Kenya Shilling 2000 per square meter.

Customized 3D forest peacock photomural wallpaper

No hidden costs in adding character and personality to your wall with custom wallpaper. And Ks 2000 is a very small price for a unique wallpaper.

children's picture for wallpaper, animals against the sky and the city for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

A custom wallpaper design is interesting because nobody else will have the same wallpaper as you.

3d illustration - abstract custom wallpaper

Your wallpaper will be tailor-made, especially for you.

Print your own children's 3d picture giraffe on a plane flies through a brick wall mural.

You will choose an original image that someone else can not walk into a wallpaper shop and buy one like it, or an imitation.

Barber shop salon beautiful wallpaper . 3D Wallpaper Barber Shop And Saloon. Men hair salon wallpaper Images, Custom wallpaper 3d, beauty salon elements mural for barber shop.

Furthermore, it will be enlarged to the custom size of your wall.

2 Disney Frozen Mural Custom Wallpaper
2 Disney Frozen Mural Custom Wallpaper

This has only become possible due to recent advances in wallpaper large-format printing technology.

Wallpaper Kenya Personalized Gym Wall Decal at Tulip Hotel
Wallpaper Kenya Personalized Gym Wall Decal at Tulip Hotel

What makes us stand out from our competitors?

children's picture brown mountains with planes and balloons for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

From our competitors, you can choose a design from a catalog of 100 different images and patterns.

Tailor-made 3d render, abstract futuristic background. Desert landscape with sand water and glossy metallic balls under the clear blue sky

All are beautifully designed by talented graphic designers. But from Wallpaper Kenya, however, in addition to that, there is the option of no catalog.

One of a kind, made to order, 3d render, futuristic landscape with cliffs and water. Modern minimal abstract background. Spiritual Zen wallpaper with sunset or sunrise light

You can walk in and ask for any image you want – a photo of your granny for her 90th birthday, a cartoon of you as a superhero doodled by your niece, or just the words “do not disturb”.

Print your own personalize pink flower wallpaper, mural wall, design 3d.

And that is why most people choose to shop at Wallpaper Kenya and get their dream wallpaper, safe in the knowledge that nobody else has the same one.

Customize a € 30m Wallpaper for KS 2000 per square meter

To understand the power of custom wallpaper printing, take a look at the following which was sold for € 30 million.

This custom wallpaper original painting was sold for Euro 30 million

But you can now have it on your wall for only Kenya shillings 2000 per square meter.

3D custom wallpaper leather background with jewelry flower golden and diamond luxury design

After knowing the reality of this painting you might get tears in your eyes.
3d picture beautiful view of the balcony with doves and flowers fresco for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper
In France, an old man was sentenced to death by starvation in prison for stealing a loaf of bread.
3d picture of flowers in the perspective of a gray tunnel for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper
His daughter pleaded with the government to meet her father daily until his death. And she was granted permission.
3d picture of a golden tree on a blue for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper
However, she used to get checked by prison officers in order not to pass food to her father.
3d picture soccer balls flying out of a brick wall for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper
She can’t see the condition of her father like this. She looked at her father with the eyes of a caring mother.
3d picture Wallpaper Background of golden leaves on a blue background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper
So, to make him alive, she used to feed him breast milk on daily basis.

Get optical illusion 3d custom wallpaper on your walls

Bamboo and birds custom photomural wallpaper

For Kenya shillings 200o you are paying for the wallpaper, wallpaper adhesive, and installation.

3d picture balls fly away into the tunnel perspective background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

Assuming you will be able to get a suitable custom wallpaper design free of charge from the millions of stock photos available online.

3d picture of jewelry flowers on the background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

Or assuming you will be able to get a suitable wallpaper design from Wallpaper Kenya Collection, which we have already paid for.

Planets in the outer space custom wallpaper Livingroom wall
Planets in the outer space custom wallpaper Livingroom wall

And the designs for you to choose from are limitless.

Muscle cars vintage colorful posters with inscriptions and powerful american cars vector illustration

From 3d wallpaper to school murals, graffiti, bedroom muralsfloral murals, jungle murals, unicorn murals, mountains, beach, and anything you like.

Wallpaper Kenya Reception Forest Path Custom Wall Mural
Wallpaper Kenya Reception Forest Path Custom Wallpaper Mural


Incredible Hulk Gym Custom Wallpaper at Golden Tulip Hotel, Wetlands, Nairobi.
Incredible Hulk Gym Custom Wallpaper at Golden Tulip Hotel.

The personalized wallpaper printing process takes only two days.

custom 3D floral wallpaper design

That is, you select a suitable picture, artwork, or image today, and tomorrow afternoon you have your one seamless wallpaper ready for installation.

Kenya Breweries Custom Wall Branding

Professionals Designers have already used our bespoke wallpaper to add a special touch to hospital walls, hotels, homes, and offices.

Nelson Mandela Motivational Library Wallpaper. African mural painting.

Because our wallpaper allows you to develop your creativity to decorate any space.

Make your own two black horses galloping in a black and white digital wallpaper for backgrounds and mural. Strong and powerful mammal running together in a freedom inducing movement, strong powerful stallions.

Be it the living room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, closet, etc.

Living room custom made world map wallpaper

Silk Fabric: Durable, washable, removable custom wallpaper

All Wallpaper Kenya custom wallpaper is printed on silk fabric so that it does not lose its body or shine over time.

Custom 3D Mural Wallpaper 3d illustration

To keep it looking like the first day, avoid placing it behind a radiator or ventilation system.

beach side racing, vector cars typography illustration graphic design for print

That way you avoid damaging the glue, texture, and colors of your mural. Neither place in places that are too humid or too hot.

Custom 3D Flower Photo Wallpaper

Although it is almost the same price as special effects paint, it is much more resistant.

Dark motorcycle driver in fog. Wallpaper design of high power motorbike

And above all,l it can be washed by hand with a damp sponge (and even with mild soap).

Personalized Snowdrops wallpaper mural. Symbols of spring. White snowdrop flowers and martisor. Baba Marta holiday. Tradition in Bulgaria. Baba Marta Day. Wallpaper of spring flowers and martenitsa.

When the time comes to move house, you remove it and reuse it in your new house.

3D Custom Made Floral Wall Mural

Or if your child outgrows the custom cartoon wallpaper, you can remove it, wash it, and give it out as a pleasant gift.

South Africa's Big Five by Yvette, Customizable Wallpaper

Personalized Photomural Wallpaper

As you can see in this picture, you can customize wallpaper and include photos and text.

Make your own wallpaper of attractive woman in fashionable sportswear gym wall mural

Interior decoration is increasingly homogenized.

Seamless 3D wooden carving tile with Islam, Arabic, Indian, ottoman motifs. Majolica pottery tile. Portuguese and Spain decor. High resolution image for wallpaper customization.

But the custom wallpaper designs will give you those elements that give that personal touch to your home.

3d picture of a leopard in a stone wall for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

Otherwise,e it is impossible to do it by placing traditional wallpaper.

Gym Athletic Wall Mural Woman Fitness Sport Home Art Interior Design Ideas

Because we all end up buying from the same stores. But you can easily achieve personalization through printing on wallpaper.

Personalized seamless leopard, tiger, giraffe, zebra texture, mix animals texture wallpaper mural.

In this way, you give fresh air to your walls.

3D illustration of a sofa in front of ocean photomural

Wallpaper Kenya offers you a more ecological solution in digital decoration since our silk fabric doe not contain PVC, a material scientifically classified as toxic both for the environment and for people.

Mural Custom Wallpaper For Wall 3d illustration

Since the raw material comes in size 3 meters by 60 meters, in most cases you will get your wallpaper in one piece. 

3D Lawn under the sea wall mural
3D Lawn under the sea mural

An easy-to-use custom wallpaper that couldn’t be easier to install.

3d picture of a blue car through a destroyed brick wall for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

In addition to having this format, fewer one-piece will decorate your wall with a better seamless finish.

Bespoke Optical motion illusion illustration. A sphere are rotation around of a moving hyperboloid. Abstract fantasy in a surreal style.

Because you will have no joints.

Fake Window Wall Mural
Fake Window Wall Mural

It is an ideal product for both first-timers and experienced customers.

Highly Detailed Animal print, Leopard Tiger, wild Snake and Zebra skin custom texture background, great design for any purposes. Isolated design. Tiger skin background. Textile and Digital Print.

And you will appreciate, in addition to its easy installation, the high print quality of this personalized wallpaper.

Choosing a theme and image for your custom wallpaper

Bespoke Botanical Bedroom Mural

Custom Wallpaper murals are an easy way to change the decoration of your walls.

Print your own beautiful, unique, modern, high-quality wall mural.

It is a different way of decorating, which will bring a spectacular change to your home or office.

Vintage colorful motorcycle custom service template

And the themes can be very diverse. That means you need a high-resolution image that can withstand scaling.

3d wallpaper tunnel filled with flying balls

And use a wall that allows us to have a sufficient distance so that the image can be seen in all its dimensions.

3d picture of colored feathers on a blue marble background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

Generally, many residences, corridors, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, waiting rooms, commercial premises, restaurants, hotel rooms, or medical centers, are decorated using this technique.

Golden Tulip Hotel Custom Wallpaper

According to your preferred theme, you can achieve spectacular effects. You can choose from our offer of nature photos.

Custom 3D wall mural wallpaper beautiful flower diamond with background 3D illustration

There is no limit to available designs for any theme you choose. Be it urban, artistic, or gastronomic. Or any type of design or illustration.

Blueberry yogurt ads, delicious yogurt commercial wall branding

You will find limitless large-format photographs of high quality on sites such as Shutterstock, made thinking of their reproduction in large dimensions.

modern painting of golden night view on the beautiful Venice, Italy. The texture of the oriental style of gray and gold canvas with an abstract pattern. artist collection of gold painting

And, in each case, Wallpaper Kenya Edits them to suit your wall.

Seamless leopard, tiger, giraffe, zebra texture, mix animals texture. High resolution image for wallpaper customization.

So that when they are expanded to super-large sizes, you will still appreciate any detail in all its quality.

Customized Bedroom Wallpaper

Watch this video on custom wallpaper at Golden Tulip Hotel, Muthithi Road, Westlands, Nairobi.

Ponte vecchio

From sites such as Shutterstock, you can calmly choose your preferred theme.

Beautiful, custom-made, modern, high-quality wall murals.

Since all large-format photographs are made with their reproduction in large dimensions in mind.

Benefits offered by custom wallpaper murals

Custom Made Church Wallpaper Mural design by Giovanni_bellini,_assunta,_1510-15

There are many benefits you will get from custom wallpaper murals. And you can not compare it with any other kind of wall decoration.

Seamless pattern of a tropical artwork, with multicolored hand drawn palm leaves and funny background with animal pattern details. tropical pattern perfect for fashion and decoration

Nothing comes closer.

Trend background with leopard pattern. Background for custom wallpaper mural.

This is because it is only in custom wallpaper murals you will get almost all the elements of interior decoration in one item.

"The Princess And The Frog" wallpaper mural

Personalized wallpaper is the most amazing decorative material you can apply to your interiors for an instant upgrade.

3d wallpaper kids room animals

Because new technology has taken this classical decorative material to a whole new level.

Beautiful, unique, modern, high-quality wallpaper murals

Between the different types of patterns, textures, and content, today you have thousands of options.

abstract blue background with lines custom wallpaper illustration
abstract blue background with lines custom wallpaper illustration

So where should you start, and why choose custom wallpaper in the first place?

3d children's wallpaper with broken wall bricks and classic car.

Its versatility and wide range of designs make it an ideal resource for renovating quickly and with great results.

Bespoke 3D living room wallpaper beautiful high quality Circular pattern 3d background Illustration for wall decor.

Therefore the big advantage is that with custom wallpaper, which is now on the rise, you can design a space and renovate it with a single resource.

The sea and the skies beach living room wall background
The sea and the skies beach living room wall background

For the specialist, there is a rule that must be remembered to use this material.

Personalized tunnel or wormhole wallpaper mural. Striped wireframe tunnel. 3D grid. Background abstract vector image.

If you decide to cover only one wall, it is easy to personalize the wallpaper to match the color of the rest of the walls. 

Variety of custom designs

The Act of Creation Custom Church Wallpaper Mural for Kids

One of the main benefits of custom wallpaper is the wide variety of designs that we can find to decorate our living room.

Print your own 3D Flower rendering with circles and florals wall décor photomural high quality wall[paper.

They are innovative and current designs that can hardly be achieved by painting the house. Enjoy a different and original room.

abstract blue violet creative flower custom wallpaper illustration

You can have a wallpaper that reflects nature, flowers, the sky, pictures, circles, and abstract designs, in short, there are many design options that wallpaper offers.

Horses pattern. Wild horses and forest flowers and tree branches. Earthy brown horse pattern. Dark horse pattern. Modern illustration. Beautiful design for wrapping paper, textile, web.

Vegetable and geometric motifs are currently the favorites to decorate many rooms. But there are currently a great variety of designs.

custom made 3d tunnel wallpaper mural
custom made 3d tunnel wallpaper mural

You will find hand-painted ‘prints’ that provide lightness and visual warmth. And botanical and floral, abstract, and literal. Or, if you like, you the fruit ‘prints’ that stand out, giving a refreshing touch to any space.

Seamless decorative pattern with japanese cranes

If you are seeking sobriety and elegance, then go for the geometric and striped ones, the ideal option for more classic personalities.

Bespoke seamless vector 3D pattern with optical illusions. Cubes. Op Art. Modern template for wrapping, fabric, design interior. Psychedelic geometric design. Background.

With the widest range of designs, custom wall coverings allow you to modernize and refresh spaces.

Ceramic Digital Wall tiles Kitchen set And Fruits Design Graphics Background Highlighter.

You will find nothing better for you to facilitate the delimitation and separation of environments. And to create focal points, providing personality and distinction in each room.

Innovative materials

Large Format Custom Wallpaper Mural Printing Machine

Due to the great advances you now find custom wallpaper made with new materials that are much more resistant and durable. Such as Wallpaper Kenya Silk fabric. As well as, different textures that imitate wood, stone, and brick, among others.

Easy installation

One piece custom Wallpaper Installation

Installing custom wallpaper, in one is much easier than traditional wallpaper. So you can do it yourself in no time.

Combination of designs

These custom wallpaper designs can be used to highlight a particular space. Because they can produce visual effects that allow a wall or walls to be highlighted.

You can also combine the designs with other materials such as paint, wood, and even other wallpapers.

Covering up blemishes

You can use custom wallpaper to hide some minor imperfections on the walls. And this is a better decorative way to save on expensive repairs.

Visual effects of 3d wallpaper

Black and white lines optical illusion horizontal background Custom Wallpaper

Customized wallpaper can achieve the effect of visually enlarging your rooms.

Make your own rotation red spirals wallpaper. Spin illusion mural.

As well as giving them depth, it can also brighten your spaces by taking advantage of the reflection of light.

Personalized Wallpaper adapts to your needs

Children's wallpaper murals

Due to the millions of custom wallpaper designs freely available online, you can find the most suitable custom design to match your all rooms furniture and other fabrics.

Print your own tropical trees and leaves digital wallpaper, custom design- 3D illustration.

When printing custom-made wallpaper, almost any motif can be implemented thanks to digital printing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a graphic pattern, modern typography, artistic reproductions, landscape panoramas, family portraits, or children’s doodles. However, there is a limit to the quality of the image files.

Abstract hand drawn geometric seamless pattern or background with glitter, sharpen textures, brush painted elements. Poster, card, textile, wallpaper template. Gold, pink, black and white colors.

If you want to wallpaper a motif on a 2 x 3 m wall, you need correspondingly well-resolved files. But a lot has happened here too. A few years ago it was unthinkable to display a mobile phone photo of this size. But today a lot is possible with high-resolution smartphone cameras.

Durability silk fabric custom wallpaper

China Silk Fabric Wall Paper 3D Custom Wallpaper Mural

Under ideal conditions, the silk fabric custom wallpaper has far greater durability than paint or other wall decal materials. This makes it a more economical option for you to decorate your spaces.

Isometric square bottom view from inside building abstract wallpaper design concept
Isometric square bottom view from inside building abstract wallpaper design concept

Among all fabrics available in wallpaper raw materials, silk fabric is the most expensive and rich. And with this material, your wallpaper will remain unchanged and maintains elegance throughout ages and styles.

The durability of silk wallpaper is proven and tested. There are many other types of fabrics like Cotton, Crepe, Georgette, Faux, Art silk, Viscose, Soft Crush, Satin, Chiffon fabric, stretch fabric, Tissue, Brasso, organza& Jacquard types. Apart from cotton and Silk all others are man-made fabrics.

Office, business, and corporate wallpaper customization

One way of creating a unique brand image is through custom wallpaper murals. These may seem like unnecessary expenses. But remember that human beings are visual creatures. According to research, human beings process visual information significantly faster and more efficiently than in writing.

Abstract business background. Universal Wallpaper Finance concept. Silhouettes of people mixed media futuristic. Idias mission innovation.

Wallpaper murals can be easily installed onto any surface. And they are a distinctive way to tell a story on a large wall. They can create an atmosphere catered to your brand image and inspire anyone that walks into the room.

Inspired people start thinking and taking action. So here are five reasons to look into bespoke wallpaper murals for your business.

Botanical nature wall mural wallpaper. Healthcare wall art in a surgical clinic.

Don’t wait on building a brand image that’s engaging and impactful. Everyone benefits from an office mural that displays creativity boosts your credibility and makes an impression on everyone who steps inside.

I love my fashion style seamless pattern in vector

When searching for wallpaper murals for your business, it’s essential to work with experienced professionals. Because they can assist you in every stage of the process, from design to installation.



Use wallpaper murals as a marketing tool without the sales pitch. Get people interested in your product or service by presenting an impactful visual representation of it on your business or office walls.

Map of the global cosmetics industries market present the consumer trends on beauty concept background

Create an environment that makes potential clients and customers excited to work with you. If they see something that catches their eye, that image will stick with them as your pitch service. And when they leave the space, they’ll be reminded of the idea that got them interested.

Digital Marketing. Mixed Media Business Background. Business wallpaper.

Additionally, as you’re speaking to a prospective client, you can point to the mural to strengthen your presentation. This demonstrates confidence in your product or services by putting them on display.

Employee Motivation

Use bespoke wallpaper murals to remind your employees of what their mission is. Because custom-made wallpaper murals can represent company values that connect everyone. And when you constantly remind them of what they’re working towards, the day-to-day tasks will have more purpose.

Quote. Best Inspirational and motivational quotes and saying about life, wisdom, positive, uplifting, empowering, success, motivation, and inspiration.

Aesthetic touches are essential in any creative work environment. Therefore give your employees something to look at while they’re getting their creative minds jogging.

TEAM word cloud in shape of world map, business concept custom wallpaper.

The outcome will be higher motivation due to a shared goal and an increase in innovative ideas.


When you add an eye-catching, finishing touch to your office space, it pulls everything together. This can boost your company’s credibility by showing consistency and attention to detail.

Hand shows the global network against a dark background.

If you show that you’re considering every aspect of your customer’s experience, this lets them know that you care about their contribution and goals.

An office space, which looks complete, reflects a professional working environment. It also sends a clear message that you know your brand image. Clients will feel more relaxed with a company that has it figured out, down to the last detail.

Lasting Impression

If you’re thinking about adding corporate wallpaper murals to your space, carefully consider what message you want to display. And ask yourself who your target audience is and what appeals to them.

Delicious homemade burger with chili and BBQ grill fire, food ad wallpaper in 3d illustration


While bespoke wallpaper murals can simply spruce up a room, they can also be a substantial brand building opportunity. Don’t miss out on the chance to make a lasting impression in your workspace.

vector hand drawn illustration. doctor talking to pregnant woman. trending flat illustration on pregnancy and motherhood for wall mural.

Take the time to think about your brand’s core values and the best way to communicate that visually. But don’t risk overwhelming and distracting people by doing too much. Make the message clear and easy to engage with.

Cost-Effective and Customizable

Adding a custom mural doesn’t have to be a considerable expense. While other forms of decoration can be costly and time-consuming, wallpaper murals are easy to install and durable enough to last.

The best part is your interior signage can be customized entirely to your brand image.

Have fun with it! You can even make it a team-building project to get employees involved and working together.


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