Birds design wallpaper

Birds’ design wallpaper is an inspiration when we’re looking to re-decorate our homes with nature designs. Go for soft, neutral shades and classic images of garden birds and birdcages to create a family atmosphere in your kitchen. Or make an exotic feature wall in your lounge with our jungle-themed wallpaper to get guests talking. Your […]


Birds’ design wallpaper is an inspiration when we’re looking to re-decorate our homes with nature designs.

3d birds wallpaper design with vintage florals on grunge wall for photomural

Go for soft, neutral shades and classic images of garden birds and birdcages to create a family atmosphere in your kitchen.

Graphic illustration of a peacocks and leaves. Birds Design Wallpaper for interior decoration, mural, home décor.

Or make an exotic feature wall in your lounge with our jungle-themed wallpaper to get guests talking.

Graphic illustration of a peacocks and trees. Design for interior project, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural, poster, home decor, card, packaging!

Your Kids will love bright-colored birds.

Children's digital mural with forest animals playing musical instruments. Hares play the guitar, hedgehog plays the violin, mouse plays the drum.

So, choose our animated bird and butterfly wallpapers to make a fantastic addition to their nursery, playroom, or, bedroom.

Summer natural landscape. A lake among grassy hills against the backdrop of a forest, a sky with the sun, clouds, silhouettes of flying birds. Vector.

These birds and butterfly wallpaper come in a variety of finishes.

3d birds design wallpaper, hot air balloons flying over.

Including vinyl, textured, metallic, and glitter, so that you can get the ideal look for your home.

Why are birds’ design wallpaper so beautiful?

Birds design wallpaper with Cherry blossoms flower and Flamingo. Ocean and wave wall art.
Birds design wallpaper with Cherry blossoms flowers and flamingos. Ocean and wave wall art

Birds, like most if not all animals, are programmed to have one major goal in life i.e. “reproduction”.

Family of birds over the nest with notes, hearts and decorative frame, illustration.

Charles Darwin originally proposed that the so-called secondary sexual characteristics of male animals evolved because of female preferences.

Geometric illustration with a pair of birds in a nest and and neo geometry pattern. Vector composition for Easter, spring and summer

In other words, Darwin says females preferred to mate with individuals that had those features.

Gold Peacock Fengshui art abstract birds design wallpaper for walls.

Such as the elaborate tails of peacocks, bright plumage, or expandable throat sacs in many birds. And the deep voice in men.

Japanese cranes in the dance. Birds in the mating season perform a dance to find a mate. Vector illustration in sketch style, with the image of cranes. In the background is the moon and a tree, it's s

Note that mostly the male bird will be the one with an attractive plumage and the female would look rather dull. Also, note that this is because the female chooses her mate.

watercolor Japanese Crane Birds seamless pattern wallpaper mural..

And to be chosen the males contest against other males. It is like a fashion show. Males show off their mesmerizing plumage. And the female chooses the one with the best and most vibrant plumage (which signifies good health and vitality).

Birds will select Beautiful mates

birds design wallpaper, Peacock on the branch, plum blossom and cranes.
birds design wallpaper, peacocks on the branch, plum blossoms, and cranes.

In The Science Daily dated September 5, 2017, Santa Fe Institute notes: “A recurring theme in nature documentaries is that of choosy females selecting brightly colored males.

macaws parrot bird on location

A new study shows that, in monogamous mating systems, male birds may select their lifelong mates in much the same way”.

Close up to bright colorful feathers background

Physical movements, from daring dives to intricate sequences including wing flaps are part of birds courtship.

Rainbow of Plumage Colors on a Sun-bittern Bird in Full Courtship Display

I find it fascinating watching head dips, bill rubbing, or different steps of birds performing a courtship ritual. In many species, the male alone will dance for his female while she observes his actions. While in other species both partners interact with one another.

A blue and yellow macaw perched on a tree branch. Species Ara ararauna also know as Arara Canide. It is the largest South American parrot. Birdwatching. Bird lover.

Mistakes in the dance show inexperience, weakness, or hesitancy and would not likely lead to successful mating.

How to Customize Birds Design Wallpaper Mural

Seamless pattern with birds design wallpaper for walls. Swans, flowers and leaves of water lily. Vector illustration art. Vintage engraving. Printing with gold foil, black, white and pink. Template for paper, textiles, wallpaper.
Seamless pattern with bird design wallpaper for walls. Swans, flowers, and leaves of water lily.

Use your HD camera or phone to capture the rich array of birds’ colors and varying displays of plumage.

A flock of birds in the sky at sunset. Birds design wallpaper. Sunset birds silhouettes.

Birds of all species will easily capture our collective attention. One of the many ways that we appreciate our birds of nature is by the photography of them in the wild.

Wild beautiful birds - pelicans fishing in the ocean in sunset with big waves beach Playa Flamingo in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Central America.

With the arrival of increasing technological advances, cameras and lenses have given patient photographers the ability to capture photos that can become works of art. Use these photographs to order us to customize your wallpaper.

blue bird wallpaper

Paisley watercolor floral pattern tile with birds, flowers, flores, tulips, leaves. Oriental traditional hand painted water color whimsical seamless border for design. Abstract indian batik background


Vector pattern with birds and flowers in a doodle style. suitable for backgrounds, textiles, textiles, wrapping paper, wallpapers
Blue and gold seamless pattern with birds. Vintage style. Vector botanical illustration with winter plants: spruce, mistletoe, larch, eucalyptus seeds, snowberry.
Seamless pattern in chinoiserie style with peacock, birds and peonies in blue color. Vector,
peacock bird on a white background, watercolor hand drawing

vintage bird wallpaper

vintage seamless texture of little birds. watercolor painting

Colorful pattern with birds and flowers. Hummingbirds and flowers, retro style, floral backdrop. Spring, summer flower design for wrapping paper, cover, textile, fabric, wallpaper
Vintage chinoiserie floral palm tree, fruit tree, plant, crane bird, red roses seamless border blue background. Exotic oriental wallpaper.

William Morris pomegranate wallpaper

Vintage birds in foliage with birds and fruits seamless pattern on dark background. Middle ages William Morris style. Vector illustration.

Vintage birds in foliage with birds and fruits seamless pattern on light green background. Middle ages style. Vector illustration.

chimney swallows wallpaper

European barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) fledglings left nest and sit on a dry tree (long-winged easier to fly) over the river

robin blue wallpaper

Seamless pattern with birds Robin, butterflies, anemones and small flowers in vintage watercolor style, vector illustration.


Red Robin (Erithacus rubecula) and Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)birds close up in a forest

silver bird wallpaper

Seamless gold and silver pattern. Tropical leaves. Exotic fan palm and Hummingbird on a black background. Textile composition, hand drawn style print. Vector illustration.

Seamless pattern with image gold Hummingbird on a geometric background. Vector illustration.

black crane wallpaper

Hand painted seamless pattern with storks flying on sky background. Pattern for fabric, baby clothes, wallpapers, home textile, wrapping paper and other decoration

Japanese birds design wallpaper with hand drawn line wave in vintage style. Art black landscape wallpaper design with crane birds banner design decoration. Icon and symbol element in Asia style. Peony flower vector.

British birds wallpaper

Cute red robin, a British birds design wallpaper. oil painting on canvas. Autumn background.

A flat colour seamless pattern of hedgerow and garden birds including tits and finches native to the British countryside. Perched on music notes in a fun mix of ornithology and music. Birdsong visual.

Atlantic Puffins Arctic Shore Seabird, Ocean Coast Inhabitants wall paper isolated on blue background. Flat vector illustration. North Fauna, Wildlife. Red Book Bird. 

garden birds wallpaper

Blossom Flower Tree With Birds Flying with Dark Background Wallpaper Design.

Park vintage botanical landscape, gallery, pergola, peacock bird, trees, bush, roses seamless border blue background. Garden mural.

birds and pomegranate wallpaper

Vector seamless pattern with birds on a pomegranate branch with fruits and flowers on white. Romantic background for wallpaper mural, healthy food, halal cosmetics.

Chinoiseries Vintage floral illustration for wallpaper, fabric, packaging. Mural. Bloom. Seamless background with exotic birds and flowers.

metallic bird wallpaper

Luxury gold oriental style background vector. Chinese and Japanese oriental line art with golden texture. Wallpaper design with Cherry blossoms flower and Flamingo. Ocean and wave wall art.

Seamless pattern. Exotic Tropical Hibiscus flowers and hummingbirds. Gold and silver composition on a gray background. Textile composition, hand drawn style print. Vector illustration.

navy blue bird wallpaper

Blue bird in a crown with folk flower elements. Hand drawn illustration.

Hand drawn abstract blue and white birds and flowers on a navy blue background. Seamless repeat vector pattern. Great for fashion, textiles, surface textures, giftwrap, wallpaper.

Abstract Hand Drawing Colorful Humming Birds with Shadows Watercolor Tie Dye Texture Seamless Pattern Blurred Background

floral wallpaper with birds

Floral seamless pattern. Botanical wallpaper. Plants, birds flowers backdrop. Drawn nature vintage wallpaper. Lemons, flowers, hummingbirds, blooming garden. Design for fabric, textile, wallpaper

turquoise bird wallpaper

 White birds on a turquoise background. Seamless background for fabrics, textiles, packaging and wallpaper.

pastel bird wallpaper

Tropical watercolor birds hummingbird, monkey and jaguar, exotic jungle plants leaves flowers, flamingo pastel color seamless fabric background.

teal birds wallpaper

Toucans birds on teal background, green leaves, and orange fruits. Illustrated in seamless repeat pattern, and vector file. Ready to be printed on children clothings, bedding or wrapping pater


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