Black and white wall art

Let us compare black and white wall art (photomural) with a colored mural. The difference between black and white and color photomurals is not only that one photo contains different colors, while the other has a minimal amount of them. Black and white, light and darkness. The brightness of dark lines on a white wall. […]


Let us compare black and white wall art (photomural) with a colored mural.

3d black & white wall art with Dandelions and and birds flying over a tree. design for 3d wallpaper, wall murals, etc.

3d picture black dandelions on a white background with cubes for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

The difference between black and white and color photomurals is not only that one photo contains different colors, while the other has a minimal amount of them.

No selfies in the bathroom funny poster. Minimalist stylish calligraphy. Vector illustration.
Minimalist stylish calligraphy. Bathroom black & white wall art illustration.

leopard wildlife art collection effect of darkness white edition wall art.

Black and white, light and darkness.

Ceramic tile, Digital wall tiles design home decorative art wall tiles design background for wallpaper, kitchen and bathroom - Image ceramic wall tiles design, digital wall tiles linoleum, textile Décor.

The brightness of dark lines on a white wall.

Abstract oil texture background. Black, gold and white paint on canvas. Contemporary wall art.

This super-expressive combination in painting and graphics is called monochrome – one color.

spiral staircase in a white glossy black walls

Because the white wall or background is not taken into account.

abstract art, modern painting, grey and orange wall art.

Why monochrome when there are so many different shades?

Set of Luxury wall art liquid black, white, golden marble texture. illustration abstract agate fluid pattern. Hand drawn ink paint background. Elegant gold lines, veins. Imitation of marble stone cut

It turns out that this confrontation is one of the most expressive in the visual arts.

Flock of Birds, Vector Design

In monochrome shots, the essence of things is revealed more deeply.

Vector optical illusion black and white twisted stripes abstract background

And attention is focused on the most interesting and important.

Tropical, modern stripes motif. Black and white summer jungle leaf on bright abstract shape brush line. Trending contrast seamless pattern vector background. Watercolor blobs and daubs, ink, stains.

In black & white wall art, shapes and lines are visible. And great emphasis is placed on rhythm, chiaroscuro, and structure.

Grunge texture - abstract stock vector template - easy to use

If we talk about black and white photomurals, then in the first place here are personal impressions and emotions.

Zebra rolling in the dust (Artistic processing), digital wall art.

As well as a special view of the photographer on the surrounding space.

Retro vintage red bike on cobblestone street in the old town. Color in black and white. Old charming bicycle concept.

Vector seamless dry floral pattern. with leaves vertical branches.

You will be inspired by the simplicity and strength of black and white murals.

The contrast in black and white wall art

Contrast is a fundamental element not only in black and white wall art but in all interior design.

Hand Lettering The Future Depends On What You Do Today. Hand Lettered Quote. Inspirational Wall Art. Modern Calligraphy

Because it adds visual interest to a space that makes it striking and dynamic.

Wall sticker with slogans to kitchen. Restaurant black and whit wall art.

Harmony is important in a design scheme, but with too much of the same, everything will just blend and leave you with a boring, monotonous space.

Abstract white mountain on night time background. Minimalist landscape on black wallpaper with hills, sun, moon in hand drawn pattern. Line art design for cover, banner, print, wall art, decoration.

Contrast brings in that balance you need to bring your design concept to completion.

Seamless pattern with zebra head.

It can also be used to highlight certain room features or other design elements.

A black and white relief tunnel. Optical illusion. Vector illustration.

If two colors know how to make the perfect contrast, it is black and white.

Old black brick wall with the graffiti

Design professionals have always chosen to decorate in black and white, proving that less is more.

This design is a linear creation of a Bengal tiger.

If you are one of those who prefer a sober, modern, and elegant style, these are the perfect colors.

3d drawing abstract marble art wallpaper for wall décor. Resin geode functional, like watercolor geode painting. golden, black, white, and grey background

 In the psychology of color, black transmits elegance and white peace, and tranquility.

Painting style of chinese landscape

The best of all is that you can apply them from any part of the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

seascape rock beach,in black and white during storms , A slow shutter speed was used to see the movement (Soft focus due to long exposure shot)

If you want to know more decorating tips for your home.

Geometric background

Most experts recommend that both tones be applied in a balanced way.

Seamless pattern with flowers. Blooming garden. Vector illustration.

Preferably that white predominates in spaces where there is little light.

Modern Poster Art for print . Abstract Wall Art. Digital Interior Decoration Art. Vector with grunge texture .EPS 10.

The minimalist and Nordic styles are the ones that best lend themselves to this classic that never goes out of style.

Vector seamless geometric pattern in black and white, wall art background.

Abstract black and white wall art

Although each work of art is a world in itself, black and white abstract wall art pieces manage to attract attention more.

Abstract painting. Versatile artistic backdrop for creative design projects: wallpapers. Acrylic paints on canvas. Beautiful art. Dynamic composition.

And this is due to their great visual impact, as well as always evoking elegance and sophistication.

Grunge wallpaper with white graffiti on grey background. Abstract wallpaper with female faces, lips, text, graffiti in outlines.

We consider that working with these characteristics is a safe bet when you doubt between several options.

abstract striped of stone texture, curve sculpture

Because of its ability to move us and, at the same time, to create a luxurious space that combines perfectly with different styles of furniture.

Hand Painting Abstract Watercolor Leopard Cheetah Skin Shapes Brush Strokes Seamless Pattern with Tie Dye Batik Background

In rooms filled with classic pieces, heavy fabrics, and traditional objects, an explosion of abstract art in a simple black-and-white palette will add an instant modern sensibility.

Faces uple Line Art Drawing. Love Concept Abstract Modern Line Art Drawing for Wall Decor, Prints, Posters. Abstract Minimalist Bedroom Decor Hand Draw Print. Vector EPS 10

graffiti wall art

Grunge Wide Background with Old Torn Posters. Urban Graffiti Wall Texture. Grungy Ripped Wall with Torn Posters and Ads Background. Panoramic Urban Wallpaper. Graffiti Wall Texture.

black and white sketch wall art

Vector illustration, abstract eyes artwork, black and white wall art.

City wall art

Mexico City, Mexico - Seamless banner of the city’s skyline, hand drawn black and white illustration

black and white art with red accents

Red tailed Black Cockatoo calyphtorhynchus Baksii in Avon Valley National Park black white and red

nature wall art

Does it make sense to paint nature in black and white?

beautiful palms leaf on white background, black and white wall art.

And do you know it is widely believed that babies perceive reality through blurred shadows?

Fine art, black and white photo of group african elephants against dark background, standing on the bank of river Chobe, drinking water. Botswana safari.

And that they do not manage to distinguish colors until they are a few months old.

Fine art, low key horse picture Andalusian horse looking over shoulder. Wall Mural.

It is almost inevitable to first imagine a landscape full of color, a golden sunrise or sunset, or even the hour when everything turns blue.

White horse portrait in motion isolated on black. Wall mural.

This does not mean that it is the only way to capture it.

Deer with antlers, doe, fawn posing in magic misty forest. Silhouettes illustration. Coniferous trees.

There are black-and-white landscape photographs that take your breath away. And if you take away the color from a landscape… how is it possible for it to impress in such a way?

vector set of birds at trees silhouettes, hand drawn songbirds at branches, isolated vector elements, black and white wallpaper mural.

Monochrome art has the same strength and intensity as full-color art. And it is only necessary for the artist to master the technique of volumes to obtain paintings of great beauty and full of nuances.

Japanese crane bird isolate on a white background. Vector graphics.

You will find that less is more. Another premise that I will repeat as many times as necessary. Less color and fewer elements mean more impact and more interest. And the style is strict and expressive, soft and relaxing.

animal wall art

Funny Cat. Creative design. Graphic portrait of a smiles cat in close-up on a white background. Digital vector graphics. Black and white wall art.

lion wall art

Stylish stencil lion for poster, comic, icon, card. Wild life animals. High-contrast black and white lion graphic.

ocean wall art

Moon phases, geometric waves, abstract contemporary seashell background. Black tattoo color. Boho wall decor modern minimalist art print. Organic natural shape. Magic concept vector isolated on white

black and white desert

Vector abstract art landscape mountain with birds and sunrise sunset by golden line art texture black and white beige background. Minimal luxury style for wallpaper, wall art decoration.

Puppies. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Labrador and Pug sketch wall sticker on a white background.

black and white elephant

Black and white vector background with savanna landscape. Wall art.

forest mural

black trees with colorful marble mountains in a light gray background with white clouds and birds. 3d mural illustration wallpaper landscape art

mountain in black and white

Mountain road graphic black white landscape sketch illustration vector

black and white quote prints

The black and white quote effect will make the wall décor elegant and associated with something upscale.

Motivational quotes, lifestyle quotes, People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. Black & white wall art quotes.

gym wall murals - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

The insight and experience of successful leaders and entrepreneurs are valuable sources of inspiration and motivation.

Black and white Lettering. Typography wall art. Vector phrase - Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Many of these experts condense their experience and wisdom into short quotes that are meaningful and inspirational.

It always seems impossible until it's done quote by nelson mandela over landscape. famous quotes, motivation, support and inspiration concept digitally generated image.

The black calligraphy will emphasize the contrast with the colors of the images. And a dark space, as an integral element of dark design, will give more freedom for creativity.

Albert Einstein vector sketch illustration with motivational quote.

If you want to focus on text rather than pictures try your hand at creating black and white lettering, as the use of such backgrounds gives the greatest contrast with the text and draws readers’ attention to the quote.

Inspirational and motivational Quote wall art in black and white.

When creating a letter in black and white, you can apply the same principles as when working with another color palette, and, at the same time, choose one of the colors as the dominant one.

most famous quotes about failure and success black and white

For instance, if you use more white color you give more brightness and light in general and do not just fill the space. Such options are easier to perceive visually.

black and white world map murals

Monochrome maps of the world make extremely decorative black and white wall art.

Hand drawn travel inspirational quote, typography wall art with calligraphic writing silhouette. Map of planet Earth background.

And it is Wallpaper Kenya’s mandatory equipment for all fashionable interiors.

Ink world map in black and white graphics in vintage style wall art.

And you have a wide variety of custom designs to choose from. You may choose to use elements such as world products, continents, or countries.

3d abstract world map planet, lines, global world map halftone concept. infographic, icon.

Black and white as the dominant color makes this decoration style suitable for interiors in similar colors.

World map background material. Simple vector illustration.

However, for those looking for a bit of madness, a black and white Monochrome Map of the World Canvas Print can be combined with contrasting colors in the interior.

World Map

The high quality of printing allows for the maintenance of the naturalness of the colors and ensures that the Monochrome Map of the World painting will become a strong accent in the decoration of any room.

World map paper. Political map of the world on a gray background. Countries. Vector illustration.

Monochrome Map of the World wall art, as well as the complete World Map collection, is the decoration of the 21st century.

High detailed World road map with labeling - White.

They have their origin in traditional motifs that have been adapted to modern interior design.

Black and white world map on brick wall background.

black and white photo wall art

Here, with millions of black & white wall art photographs, you will surely find prints that reflect your tastes.

forest - black and white photomural. Wall art.

3d wallpaper design with grunge background and moon for photomural

Because we believe that the most interesting houses are those that transmit the personality of those who live in them.

3d wallaper design with natural theme and flowers for photomural

We will be happy to help you find what works best for you.

Nature background of succulent echeveria rosettes with raindrops in black and white. Plant commonly known as "hens and chicks". Wall art image.

Black and white wall photomurals are a universal and timeless decoration.

some dandelion seeds in black back

A minimalist photo of architecture, and nature o,r with an animal will work well in a super modern living room, as well as in a room with a vintage style. 

Two white Rhinoceros in the field with birds flying

Depending on your fantasy, black and white wall photo murals can also be placed in many different decorations.

Portrait of a zebra

And this makes it very popular in all interior decorations.


Some advantages of black and white photography are:

  • Contrast management.
  • Shadow and lighting control.
  • Capture of textures.
  • Photography is much more expressive, mainly in portraiture.
  • When there are many distracting elements, this type of photography works best.
  • It allows the photographer to focus on form, not color.

Natural coconut leaves photomural. Beautiful black & white wall art.

wall art painting in black and white

In black-and-white wall art, and painting, black and white is not referred to as “non-colors”. 

Sea coast graphic black white landscape sketch illustration vector, wall art.

Because in art they are in no way inferior to their colorful counterparts.

Wild natural landscape with mountains, lake, pines, rocks. Hand drawn illustration converted to vector. Great for travel ads, flyer décor, apparel, and wall art. .

What’s more, only the combination of black and white is reserved for an atmosphere created by the radical contrast between the two.

Beautiful bouquets of flowers Isolated on black background set. Gold, black and white. Peonies and other flowers. Interior wall art.

Artists from many eras appreciated this tension and took up the challenge of facing the colorful competition without colors.

flower pattern black and white

There is a wide range of techniques and materials – from graphite, charcoal, ink or pencil on paper, oil or other colors on canvas, lithography, or etching.

Silhouette of tree, bush with bare branches. Winter scenery trees afar landscape and black space for text - illustration

Black and white have always flourished in wall art. But artists have had very different motivations for reducing their color palettes to shades of grey. Many artists emphasize the essential, honesty and direction in black-and-white depictions. 

Geometric wall art in black and white

Black and white offer the opportunity to decorate in a high-contrast, straight line and with clear demarcations. 

Background Pattern Square Grid, Square pattern illustration background, Seamless square pattern wall art.

In line with this, you can integrate geometric patterns effectively into the apartment’s design.

Halloween Witches on a broomstick in front of the castle vector black and white illustration

And if you wish you can break the linearity of the decoration with other elements.

Black and white linear drawing of a toucan bird with an ornament. Isolated on white background.

Like something with the mural in the background, the edges of which are imprecisely tapered, contrasting with the rest of the design, which is very clearly defined.

gold black white abstract art

Abstract art background with gold and black watercolor texture vector. Japanese wave pattern with brush stroke banner in Asian style.

3d wall black gold peacock beautiful decorative interior wall art.

modern art in black and white

Abstract geometric vector black and white pattern

Abstract minimalist wall art composition in beige, grey, black white. Golden geometric shapes, circles, blackwhite monstera, palm leaves. Golden splatters. Wall art collage composition.

Vintage black and white

A world map in a vintage woodcut engraved style, black and white wall art illustration.

 black and white flower

Swan in the lake. Moon, clouds and flowers. Black and white wall art.

 white and black scribble art

Rough vector background, abstract texture, banner

black and white horse painting

Wild horse run. Digital painting

white and black cow wall art

Head and face of bull stencil spray paint on the wall. Graffiti art stylization. Black and white monochrome sketch. Rasterized version.

Butterflies in black and white

Pattern with grey and white butterflies, moth and flowers. Endless texture on blue background. Print for textile, wallpaper, scrapbook, background.

living room

If you want drastically transform the living room, where there are no design templates, then you should know: the current will always be black and white tones.

3d illustration of Modern digital dark geometric cubes with light reflection on abstract dark background. Realistic texture for 3d custom-made wallpaper for walls.

Because it is classic, timeless ─, exquisite, and strict at the same time.

Black and white walls and classic and beautiful background, wall art.

Decorating living rooms black and white is a very current and daring trend that fits in with any style.

Abstract striped textured geometric seamless pattern interior wall decoration.

Since we are talking about walls, we suggest you decorate the living room using custom-made wallpaper since it allows endless possibilities in terms of designs.

Paintography. African man with traditional style face paint dissolving behind smoky and ink texture

And it is a simple, clean, and fairly quick option.

Brush Tie Dye. Black Sketch Round. Vector Ink Print. Black Doodle Brush. Doodle Dirty Vector. Black Seamless Stain. Grain Stripe Tye Dye. Dirty Stain Ornament. Seamless Grunge Pattern. Sketch Dark Ink.

A skillful combination of black and contrasting shades will not produce a bland living room as a result of their metamorphosis.

Title linear vector pattern, repeating abstract Geometry background, gray line of leaf or flower, floral. graphic clean design for fabric, wallpaper etc. pattern is on swatches panel.

On the contrary, the golden mean, the “highlight”, will be found, which will emphasize not only the style and originality of the design but also the excellent taste of the owner of the house – the taste of him.

Surfing beach vector landscape, panorama view with waves, sun and seagulls. Illustration of surf board in the sand. Black and white vintage wall art. .

A Black and white living room is a wonderful choice.

3D wallpaper leaf and rectangle box and black background Photo Wallpaper mural feather for living room.

buddha wall painting

Indian wedding clip art of Lord God Buddha black and white clip art illustration. Buddhism religious black and white clip art of lord Buddha with lotus flower black and white clip art illustration.

bedroom wall art

Black and white together always show a clear edge, but that doesn’t necessarily have to look cool and austere. 

Phrase about the need for healthy sleep and closed eyes sketch. Modern brush calligraphy lettering. Sublimation print for wall, sticker, banner, poster. Bedroom Wall art décor..

You can get amazingly comfortable with a music wallpaper mural, as you can see here below.

wall guru krishana wall sticker for bedroom wall decor

Or even with stripes, rhombuses, and ornaments in black and white as great unit that ensures a successful mix of patterns in the bedroom.

3d illustration, Beautiful wallpaper, Beautifully arranged golden tree on white and black textured background.

African wall art

Watercolor beauty african woman. Painting fashion illustration. Hand drawn portrait of pretty girl on white background

Inspirational wall art

If the plan does not work, change the plan, but never the goal - Quote typographical Background in realistic square black frame on the brick wall background. Black and white wall art.

An artistic tradition of black and white wall art

You might think that the abstract artists of the 20th century were the ones who turned to black and white wall art. But over the centuries painters who were great colorists chose to drastically restrict their palettes.

Vector seamless pattern. background line geometric.modern stylish texture,wallpaper ,vintage,simple, art,design,abstract,classic,fashion,repeat

Imagine being able to see all the colors of the spectrum, and then only seeing black and white. You would think that you are missing something, that gray is just a simplified and limited view of reality.

But for centuries, painters have purposely stripped their art of color to make it more nuanced and complex. 

On the other hand black and white photography is a branch of photographic art. And in which the brightness of all objects is rendered in achromatic grayscale, including black and white.

Information about natural shades is not saved in black and white photography. This art of black and white photography appeared much earlier than color photography and remained dominant for about 150 years. Photographers passionate about this genre focus on chiaroscuro, rhythm and textures.

Monochrome images often approach abstraction or look like classic old master photos.

contemporary photographic, and painting in black and white wall art

Although this direction is not among the most popular black and white wall art, modern black and white photography exists and develops.

Creative abstract hand painted background, wallpaper, texture, close-up fragment of acrylic painting on canvas with brush strokes. Modern wall art. Black and white with gold background. Contemporary art.

Monochrome photos have their advantages. Images are more dramatic and emotional, because the color does not distract the viewer’s attention from the author’s idea. The works often take on a timeless character: looking at a black and white photograph, it is impossible to tell in what decade it was taken.

In the art of decorating a room, paintings play a special role. Originals and copies by well-known artists become the key accents of the décor, emphasizing the wealth and artistic taste of the homeowner.

Wall painting executed in black and white belong to a separate, bright and original category of artistic canvases. With their help, an extraordinary and purely unique image is given, no matter what style the room is decorated in.

The sonorous accent of the modern style will be a composite black and white panel placed in the living room. The elegant sound of unpretentious tones of white and black graphics, clear straight lines and unassuming colors will create a charming yet discreet atmosphere in a hall or dining room decorated in a classic style.


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