blue geometric wallpaper

The use of blue geometric wallpaper motifs in interior design is the best demonstration of your courage and good taste. Because a blue geometric wallpaper sets a dynamic, lively tone for the environment, perfectly hides uneven walls, and transforms the room. Wallpaper with a blue geometric pattern, when chosen correctly, allows you to achieve the […]


The use of blue geometric wallpaper motifs in interior design is the best demonstration of your courage and good taste.

Blue geometric wallpaper abstract vector background for use in interior design

Because a blue geometric wallpaper sets a dynamic, lively tone for the environment, perfectly hides uneven walls, and transforms the room.

Seamless Classic Blue Striped Petals Deep Blue Geometric Wallpaper Vector Pattern

Wallpaper with a blue geometric pattern, when chosen correctly, allows you to achieve the visual effect of expanded space and high ceilings. Finishing this type has several advantages:

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The blue geometric pattern is an excellent design option for simple, austere interiors. Blue wallpaper is an elegant option for decorating rooms for various purposes.

abstract sky geometric background with triangles, mountains and cumulus clouds, polygonal cloudscape backdrop, op art, altitude, sunset

A wide range of shades of blue allows you to create the desired atmosphere and mood in the interior.

abstract sky geometric background, cumulus clouds. polygonal cloudscape backdrop. summer time

Thus, blue wallpaper in the tones of the summer sky or sea surface evokes a feeling of freedom, spaciousness, and freshness. Dark blue wallpaper with deep and mysterious shades of the night sky can calm you down, so they are great for decorating a bedroom.

Summer Navy blue tropical forest leaves bright mood on sky blue stripe seamless pattern for fashoin fabric ,wallpaper book , card and etc

Wallpaper in blue tones is the best solution for large, open spaces decorated in high-tech style. You should buy sky blue wallpaper with a floral pattern for rooms in country and Provence styles.

Close up of light blue floral background, floral luxury background or premium background for invitation card, wedding card, holiday card design, illustration vector art

A plain version in grey-blue tones is the best choice for minimalism.

Wavy sea ocean seamless pattern in modern style. Horizontal curly waves, minimal polka dot doodle. Vector illustration for minimalist print, cover, wallpaper, birthday card background

Blue geometric wallpaper will be an excellent option for the kitchen, as it practically does not get dirty and is washable.

abstract sky geometric background with polygons and cumulus clouds, polygonal cloudscape backdrop, op art, altitude. reality is an illusion.

Blue wallpaper geometry in the interior

Wallpaper with small squares or rectangles in pastel blue color is perfect for creating a calm atmosphere in the living room and bedroom.

abstract sea geometric background with triangles, water waves

Orderliness distracts you from the hustle and bustle and helps you focus on pleasant moments. Elements in the shape of a circle or ball contribute to the generation of new ideas and the search for solutions to emerging problems.

Abstract blue pixel background for website. Mosaic of squares. Vector illustration

They add cheerful notes to the interior.

blue texture, seamless triangles

When decorating spacious rooms, we recommend using patterns with contrasting rhombuses and other medium-sized or large-sized elements. Drawings elongated in a horizontal plane will create a feeling of more space. But those located vertically can correct the perception of ceiling height.

The geometric pattern with lines. Seamless vector background. Gold and dark blue texture. Graphic modern pattern. Simple lattice graphic design

You can achieve a noble and seasoned appearance of the room can using blue and dark blue tones. Geometric wallpaper for walls in a blue shade can be made in various versions. This includes a monochrome rich indigo color, a delicate pastel blue, and bright stripes.

Abstract polygonal backgrounds with stripy triangles and 3D cubes vector designs set. Templates for different advertising or covers or banners. Retro style graphic elements.

Wallpaper with predominantly blue color are images of the sea, urban views of cities, or beautiful landscapes.

Mountain landscape, mountainscape, mountain mural, winter mountains, Christmas card, children's room decor, scandinavian wallpapers

You can choose a warmer or cooler shade, depending on what style of interior the homeowner wants to achieve.

Striped gold and blue luxury geometric wallpaper, fabric, surface design. Stock vector surface design.

What materials are geometric wallpapers made from?

Wallpaper with geometric patterns is made on nature’s silk fabric. It has a moisture-resistant surface and is easy to use. In a children’s room, it is advisable to stick the environmentally friendly silk fabric wallpaper.

Blue minimal arrows lines abstract futuristic tech background. Vector digital art wallpaper design

Contrasting lines and metalized elements are often present in the formation of patterns.

Blue and white Business arrow background. Finance growing arrows with success wallpaper concept

If you haven’t added geometric wallpaper to your interior design yet, you’re missing out. Geometric patterns are making quite a splash in the design world. Because they provide a modern, upscale look to even the most mundane of spaces.

seamless doodle dots chevron wallpaper pattern

Whether you want a bold interior or a small statement, this design trend provides both order and playfulness in one package.

Wide selection of wallpapers with geometric patterns

The World of Custom-made Wallpaper offers a wide selection of blue geometric patterns for those who like to experiment with room design.

African Ikat paisley embroidery.geometric ethnic oriental seamless pattern traditional on white background.Aztec style abstract vector for texture,fabric,clothing,wrapping,carpet.

Harmonious, well-balanced color compositions in interior design will allow you to demonstrate impeccable taste and bring fresh notes to the environment.

Modern Scandinavian Nordic geometric pattern. Seamless ogee interlocking abstract shapes pattern, creative childish dots abstract background. Retro geometric mid century colorful design.

When choosing the most attractive option, you need to take into account the design of the room. Harmonious interior solutions can be as follows:

Flower pattern. Floral checked plaids in blue and cream colors. Seamless pastel backgrounds with small flowers for tablecloth, dress, or other textile design.

  • Wallpaper with blue flowers and bouquets is perfect for a room decorated in a delicate Provence style;
  • deep blue walls with golden monograms or noble “royal lilies” are used for classical design or pompous baroque;
  • plain wallpaper in dark, muted, or bluish tones can be used to decorate interiors in Art Nouveau, loft, fashionable Scandinavian, or modern designs;
  • Wallpaper in blue tones with a cosmic, sea, or fairy-tale theme is suitable for decorating a children’s room.

Vector color children hand drawn doodle mountain illustration in scandinavian style. Mountain landscape. Children's wallpaper. Mountainscape, children's room design, wall decor.

From our catalog, you can select wallpaper for every taste. The catalog presents products from leading designers from Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.

Seamless geometric pattern in Aztec style wallpaper. Tribal ethnic texture. Raster watercolor illustration.

Create calmness and a peaceful environment with blue geometric wallpaper

Geometry in its applied interior purpose is a powerful tool for creating the necessary rhythm in wallpaper patterns.

Indigo navy blue geometric traditional ethnic pattern Ikat seamless pattern border abstract design for fabric print cloth dress carpet curtains and sarong Aztec African Indian Indonesian

In combination with a blue background, which has many shades, geometric patterns can enhance or, conversely, soften its properties in accordance with the designer’s task.

Geometric seamless pattern of fish underwater wallpaper

  • Chaotically located circles in the design of blue wallpaper will add optimism and dynamism to the interior of a modern bedroom
  • Waves and zigzags, expanding the space in height and width, in combination with a blue background will create a marine-style
  • stable rhombuses will organize the design of the living room in blue tones.

Seamless geometric pattern with waves

You can successfully use blue wallpaper with geometry in both classic and modern interiors. But at the same time, pay attention to both the drawing and the background shades.

Abstract Seamless Geometric Diamonds Patterns. Blue and White Textures. Vector Art.

And try to ensure that their cold range is balanced and does not allow negative emotions.

Seamless pattern with blue zigzag, children's bright seamless pattern for fabric, scrapbooks, wallpaper

Designs and color hues

Blue geometric decoration is a style with character, which never goes out of style. And is ideal for creating original and suggestive environments.

Indigo navy blue geometric traditional ethnic pattern Ikat seamless pattern border abstract design for fabric print cloth dress carpet curtains and sarong Aztec African Indian Indonesian

With a daring composition, this decorative style awakens sensations. Thanks to the diversity of geometric shapes, it adds a note of fun to the environment in which it is used, giving it its own personality.

Retro checkerboard groovy seamless pattern with smiling flowers on a blue background. Cute colorful trendy vector illustration in style 70s, 80s

For those wallpapers that we produce ourselves, we can: change the color or increase or decrease the design according to your wishes. And this will not increase the production time.

Retro vibes luxury water waves seamless pattern. Blue sea water wave background in art deco style. vector illustration. element for design.

We have selected the most interesting collections of designs from a huge number of designers from all over the world. But you may also come up with your own design and we use it.

Polygonal seamless background. Geometric line golden blue pattern for wallpapers and textile

Since we have our own production, we can quickly fulfill any order. You don’t need to wait a month for custom wallpaper. Our lead time is up to 2 days, and urgent production and installation within 24 hours of order is often possible.

Graphic Pattern

Blue wallpaper in sapphire tones will be a luxurious decoration for classic interiors. To prevent the room from seeming dark, it is better to choose blue wallpaper with gold or white ornaments.

Colorful wooden wallpaper with geometric pattern. Wood texture background. Weathered wooden planks.

Lovers of bright contrasts will love combinations of blue with yellow or orange tones. This design is most suitable for youth interiors and children’s rooms. Blue wallpaper in the interior looks stylish and extraordinary.

Low poly mosaic Bauhaus artistic geometric triangle background wallpaper design

Harmonious combinations of curtains with blue and turquoise walls – white, beige, lilac, and pink tones.

Wavy dotted background with optical illusion. Abstract polka dots pattern. 3d vector illustration.

Light yellow, mint and peach shades go well with dark blue walls.

Blue geometric wallpaper colors for a boy’s room

I hope you know that the traditional division of “blue and light blue for boys, pink and red for girls” is no longer relevant. When choosing wallpaper you should be guided by:

Seamless stylish geometric pattern. Classic Art Deco seamless pattern on texture background. Abstract Vintage retro vector Islamic wallpaper. Lattice graphic design. Vector modern tiles pattern.

  • the general concept of interior design;
  • furniture color;
  • child’s preferences.

Purple, orange, yellow and blue fluid color background. Dynamic textured geometric element. Modern gradient light vector illustration.

If your goal is to create a universal interior that can easily change as the boy ages, use basic shades. White, grey, beige, pale green, and pale yellow. Any furniture can be combined with them. And you can decorate the walls with posters or stickers with bright prints.

Blue and white rhombus pattern, fashion. Oktober fest traditional pattern

The little ones will be happy with white wall coverings with not-too-bright patterns in the form of animals, birds, or dinosaurs.

Geometric seamless pattern. Abstract background with blue geometric shapes. Ornament in stripe. Repeating texture. Vector illustration. Design paper, wallpaper, fabric.

But that is not to say that don’t use blue geometry on the walls. But on the contrary, go ahead. All we are saying is that be guided by the other colors in the room.


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