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Does botanical wallpaper remind you of grandmother’s furniture? Oh yes, it does. But we are beginning to rediscover its beauty and charm. And at Wallpaper Kenya your botanical wallpaper  made-to-order. Meaning you don’t have to rely on only the warehouse ready-to-ship preprinted items. This enables us to offer you an endless library of designs by […]


Does botanical wallpaper remind you of grandmother’s furniture? Oh yes, it does.
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But we are beginning to rediscover its beauty and charm. And at Wallpaper Kenya your botanical wallpaper  made-to-order. Meaning you don’t have to rely on only the warehouse ready-to-ship preprinted items. This enables us to offer you an endless library of designs by different designers and photographers. You can even choose to give us an image from your own camera. 
Dark Botanical Flower Garden Wallpaper

 wallpaper has been the subject of  wall fashions that follow the artistic cultural currents of the period. Just like clothing. And that for a couple of years now we have been experiencing a sort of return to origins as regards interior decoration

Customized plants mural

Floral and plants wallpaper have long represented renewal, beauty, and the feminine side of nature. As a matter of fact, the association between floral motifs and natural femininity can be traced through the last millennia of fashion.

Bamboo forest botanica wallpaper

People have adorned walls with floral and botanical motifs for millennia. With embroidered, embossed, and beaded details, as well as real blooms, printed on fabrics. And patterns woven into textiles.

A path through the forest custom made wallpaper mural

You also know that flowers speak their own language. The red rose conveys love; the white tulip expresses forgiveness; and the daisy represents innocence. And there’s no doubt that floral and botanical wallpaper are able to tell a visual story, and that story changes with the times.

The botanical trend and its benefits

The botanical trend goes beyond having live indoor plants and embraces botanical wallpaper. If you look at the following listed benefits you will realize, with the exception of a couple, botanical wallpaper will also do.

Monkey and banana jungle wallpaper

You can not escape the fact that one of the best options when it comes to achieving the perfect atmosphere of any room  in your house is the use of indoor plants. Their health benefits have been extensively proven.

Lavender-Purple-Flower Orchid Walpaper

Because studies have shown indoor plants:

  1. Boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativity
  2. Reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds
  3. Clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen
  4. Add life to a sterile office, give privacy and reduce noise levels
  5. Are therapeutic and cheaper than a therapist

Decorative elements such as photographs are ideal to incorporate nature wallpaper into your home or office. And you will find prints inspired by fern leaves and branches of different tropical species at Wallpaper Kenya.

With such botanical wallpaper you can easily create a relaxed environment and therefore reduce stress levels.

Custom made Forest Scenery Mural Wallpaper

No matter the your style of decoration, you will find so many varieties of flowers and plants that are easily adaptable to any style. Be it traditional or completely modern.

The botanical wallpaper in wall décor not only have multiple aesthetic benefits, they also provide psychological benefits. And that make them an unbeatable element for home decoration.

It is also good to you use both wallpaper and live plants. Because the leaves absorb carbon monoxide and increase oxygen in the environment. As well as eliminate toxins from the air, making your home a happy and healthy place.

Modern botanical wallpaper

Forest view from window wall mural

In modern times, botanical wallpaper opens up a lot of new possibilities. Including customized botanical mural wallpaper. And large scale botanical prints, removable and reusable wallpaper. These include green leaf, bamboo forests, vintage prints as well as contemporary  botanical illustrations.

With customized wallpaper you can have anything to fir your style. From tropical botanical to black botanical and everything in between. There are a wide variety of designs you can apply to many different spaces in your home.

The trick is knowing which design to use where and how to create the look and feel you want. A nature-inspired wallpaper can take many different forms. And floral or botanical patterns can be a big part of it. If your color scheme calls for yellow or pink or blue or even grey, then that is exactly what Wallpaper Kenya will provide you.

The trend

The botanical wallpaper style is a trend that seeks to connect with nature and create healthy, fresh spaces that awaken our senses. And it is not only based on Wallpaper. You should include natural vegetation as a detail or accessory of your decoration.

Then go further into wallpaper with botanical patterns to cover some accent walls, and into fabrics for furniture upholstery, curtains and rugs. This way you will create a cheerful and tropical environments; deep and intense like the forest. Or fresh and jovial inspired by depending on your choice and placements.

For instance choice green leaves and color tones to convey peace in bedrooms or rest areas. Because, in color psychology, promote growth, use it also in work places and study spaces. In work places, the botanical wallpaper  will psychologically help eliminates fatigue and headaches and promote mental heals physical and mental health filled with hope.

Floral and Plants Wall décor In Hospitals and Health Centers

Botanical Health Center Wallpaper

Did you know that art, and more so floral and botanical wallpaper art is used in healing? Wikipedia defines Art Therapy as a form of psychotherapy that uses the arts as a means to regain or improve mental health and emotional and social welfare 1 . It is a type of psychotherapy integrated into the generic concept of Art Therapy . And it uses different artistic disciplines to be carried out.

Through the different art forms, we express ideas, opinions, emotions and feelings. And precisely that ability to reveal what is inside a person is used in art therapy. However, in this respect, crafts and paintings, and now wallpaper are considered to be the most effective artistic disciplines of all ages.

You can define flower and botanical wallpaper design as art of organizing the design elements of flower and plant images. And according to artistic principles. Your objective being to achieve beauty, harmony, distinction, and expression.

Large scale floral, leaves and plants wallpaper

Wild Palms Charcoal & Gold Wallpaper

Here you see how the beauty of this Wild Palms Charcoal & Gold Botanical Wallpaper adds delicate color and elegance to a big wall. These detailing within each individual leaf and petal adds to the lifelike feel of the botanical design. As it breathes a fresh, positive aura into the space. Large scale leaf are a great choice for expansive walls, offering a tasteful design solution.

And it make perfect good visual since to combine botanical style with wooden furniture. Such furniture as pallet wood furniture will marry extremely well with botanical wallpaper. With the botanical style you invite nature to be part of your home. You can therefore combine it with natural bamboo, wicker and rattan fiber furniture, sisal rugs, and woven basket accessories.


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