Botanical Wallpaper

Does botanical wallpaper remind you of your grandmother’s furniture? Oh yes, it does. But we are beginning to rediscover its beauty and charm. And at Wallpaper Kenya your botanical wallpaper is made-to-order. This means you don’t have to rely on only the warehouse’s ready-to-ship preprinted items. And this enables us to offer you an endless […]


Does botanical wallpaper remind you of your grandmother’s furniture? Oh yes, it does.
Oil painting with flower rose, leaves, botanical wallpaper for walls print background on canvas - triptych In Interior, art.
But we are beginning to rediscover its beauty and charm. And at Wallpaper Kenya your botanical wallpaper is made-to-order.
Tropical vintage botanical landscape illustration, palm tree, plant floral border background. Exotic green jungle background and wallpaper, Forrest, Rainforest, Plant and Nature Illustration.
This means you don’t have to rely on only the warehouse’s ready-to-ship preprinted items.
Tropical vintage botanical palm trees, banana tree floral seamless border white background. Exotic jungle wallpaper.
And this enables us to offer you an endless library of designs by different designers and photographers.
Graphic exotic flowers on the concrete grunge wall. Dark background. Designed for photo wallpaper, wallpaper, mural design in the loft, classic, modern style. Tropical brunches.
You can even choose to give us an image from your camera. 
Dark Botanical Flower Garden Wallpaper

Also, wallpaper has been the subject of wall fashions that follow the artistic and cultural currents of the period. Just like clothing.

Retro Tropical forest botanical Motifs scattered random. Seamless vector texture Floral pattern in the many kind of wild plants Printing with in hand drawn style on vintage green background color

And for a couple of years now we have been experiencing a sort of return to return to origins as regards interior decoration

Customized plants mural

Floral and plant wallpaper have long represented renewal, beauty, and the feminine side of nature.

Foliage seamless pattern, colorful Cordyline fruticosa Firebrand plant on bright brown

The association between floral motifs and natural femininity can be traced through the last millennia of fashion.

Bamboo forest botanica wallpaper

People have adorned walls with floral and botanical motifs for millennia.

Vector seamless floral border. Herbs and wild flowers. Botanical Illustration engraving style. Colorful

With embroidered, embossed, beaded details, and real blooms, printed on fabrics.

Tropical vintage botanical landscape, palm tree, banana tree, plant floral seamless border blue background. Exotic green jungle wallpaper.

And patterns are woven into textiles.

Abstract black and white botanical wallpaper mural
Abstract black and white botanical wallpaper mural

A path through the forest custom made wallpaper mural

You also know that flowers speak their language.

Tropical vintage animals, toucan, palm trees, banana tree floral seamless pattern white background. Exotic jungle wallpaper mural.

The red rose conveys love; the white tulip expresses forgiveness, and the daisy represents innocence.

Floral seamless pattern, green, black and white split-leaf Philodendron plant with vines on white background, pastel vintage theme wallcovering.

Undoubtedly, floral and botanical wallpaper can tell a visual story.

Under the sea carton botanical wallpaper mural
Under the sea carton botanical wallpaper mural

And that story changes with the times.

Botanical trends and their benefits

The botanical wallpaper trend goes beyond having live indoor plants and embraces botanical wallpaper.

Botanical wallpaper illustration in Hawaiian style. Tropical floral seamless pattern background with exotic dark violet flowers and leaves.

You can not escape the fact that one of the best options for achieving the perfect atmosphere of any room in your house is indoor plants.

Vintage garden tree, pomegranate tree, plant, crane bird floral seamless border pink background. Exotic chinoiserie wallpaper.

Because their health benefits have been extensively proven.

Lavender-Purple-Flower Orchid Walpaper

And studies have shown indoor plants can:

  1. Boost mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity
  2. Reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats, and colds
  3. Clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity, and producing oxygen
  4. Add life to a sterile office, give privacy and reduce noise levels
  5. Are therapeutic and cheaper than a therapist
Custom-made by Wallpaper Kenya Sunflower Botanical Wallpaper
Custom-made by Wallpaper Kenya Sunflower Botanical Wallpaper

Shared benefits of both indoor plants as well as botanical wallpaper

Theorists, such as Wilson (1984) have shown that “humans are dependent on nature.

Floral vector seamless pattern background with hand drawn tropical flowers, hibiscus, bird of paradise flower, jungle leaves, peacocks. Decorative botanical exotic illustration wallpaper.

And not just for our material needs but also for their psychological, emotional and spiritual needs”.

Tropical palm leaves, jungle leaf, koala animal, butterflies, floral vector seamless pattern background. Decorative botanical exotic illustration wallpaper, hand drawn art.

Because research now shows the psychological, physiological, economical, social and health benefits of humans coming in contact with the natural environment (Pretty and Ward 2001).

Jacobean seamless pattern. Flowers background, ethnic style. Stylized climbing flowers. Decorative ornament backdrop for fabric, textile, wrapping paper, card, invitation, wallpaper, web design

Parks, public nature reserves and other green spaces are often the only possible sources of connecting with the natural world (Maller et al.. 2002; 2006).

Paper floral anemone seamless pattern. 3d origami. Botanical wallpaper.

For a botanical garden to be sustainable and to make best use of the benefits that natural green space provides, managers are now beginning to understand that their agency is linked to their social, environmental and financial performance in the market place.

Vintage flowers. Roses seamless pattern. 3d vector realistic background

However. decorative elements such as photographs are ideal to incorporate nature wallpaper into your home or office.

Tropical vintage botanical landscape, palm tree, banana tree, plant floral seamless border white background. Exotic green jungle wallpaper.

And you will find prints inspired by fern leaves and branches of different tropical species at Wallpaper Kenya.

3d forest path mural
3d forest path mural

With such botanical wallpaper, you can easily create a relaxed environment and therefore reduce stress levels.

Custom made Forest Scenery Mural Wallpaper

No matter your style of decoration, you will find so many varieties of flowers and plants. All are easily adaptable to any style.

Luxury ornate pattern for creating textiles, wallpaper, paper. Print gold foil on a blue background. Seamless background with garden flowers peonies, bird and butterflies. Vintage. Vector Illustration.

Be it traditional or completely modern.

Forest water falls wallpaper mural
Forest waterfalls wallpaper mural

The botanical wallpaper in wall décor not only has multiple aesthetic benefits but also provides psychological benefits.

Botanical seamless pattern, hand drawn banana tree on bright grey

And that makes them an unbeatable element for home decoration.

carton wildlife mural
carton wildlife mural

It is also good you use both wallpaper and live plants.

Neutral shades of chamomile and bee seamless pattern print. Hand drawn vector illustration. Perfect for textile, stationery, wallpaper, packaging design, interior decor.

Because the leaves absorb carbon monoxide and increase oxygen in the environment.

Colorful pattern with birds and flowers. Hummingbirds and flowers, retro style, floral backdrop. Spring, summer flower design for wrapping paper, cover, textile, fabric, wallpaper

As well as eliminate toxins from the air, by photosynthesis,  making your home a happy and healthy place.

Education and environmental awareness

Education and training is a strength of botanical wallpaper that allows to communicate the message of plant conservation.

Arbor day banner. Illustration of two kids planting a small tree in nature for the environment

As well as reaching out to diverse audiences on issues of environmental awareness.


 Lemon, mint, ginger, . Hand drawn illustration. Herbal tea. Education Chart of Biology for Pollination Process Diagram. Vector illustrationPlant structure. Parts of a flower. Colored vector illustration.

Educational wallpaper murals are not meant for schools only.

Natural wild plants and weeds silhouettes set – seamless horizontal vector background.

Inspire creativity and learning in your students with a bright and educational botanical wall mural.

Colorful decorative floral 3d seamless pattern. Modern ornamental textured background. Flowery hand drawn ornaments. Bright beautiful abstract flowers, leaves, dots, halftone. Luxury ornate design

Selected especially for young minds, choose from a wide range of wall murals covering a variety of themes.

Herbs and Wild Flowers. Botany. Set. Vintage flowers. Colorful illustration in the style of engravings.

Ideal for classrooms, home, hallways and dining rooms, all of our murals are made to order. And printed on a premium quality silk fabric wallpaper to help refresh your home or school and inspire young adults.

Jungle wallpaper with trees and tropical plant. Vector. Botanical wallpaper.

We have a great selection of wallpaper murals and decorative posters of the most colorful, cheerful and informative for your children in Early Childhood and Primary Education. They will capture their attention and will be a bright element for your class.

Traditional Mughal garden, arch, peacock, plant and bird vector illustration seamless pattern

These murals have been carefully illustrated by our team of illustrators in order to bring to life the different subjects and thematic areas of the Infant and Primary curricula.

Beautiful horizontal seamless floral pattern with watercolor hand drawn gentle summer flowers. Stock illustration. Natural artwork.

And cover different contents such as the gardening, horticulture, or flowers and plant cells, among many other educational resources.

summer background with tropical 3D realistic birds, flowers, leaves for travel, leisure design.Isolated on a dark background.Elegant floral vector composition. Print for a T-shirt. Tropical flowers

Perfect resources as decoration and educational wallpaper murals

Our botanical decoration ideas and educational wallpaper murals bring joy to your classroom and and home.

Colored Seamless Pattern with Tulips, Floral Motifs. Endless Texture with Flowers, Leaves and Swirls. Batik, Paisley Garden Style. Elegant Ornaments. Vector 3d Illustration. Abstract Ornate Art

Our huge collection of botanical themes cover a wide spectrum of topics and contain colorful and detailed illustrations so you can use them in a variety of situations, subjects, and topics.

Cactus vector seamless pattern white background. Exotic wallpaper

Botanical wallpaper can be a great teaching tool and an ideal visual complement to hang in the classroom. You can combine them with other resources so that children visualize the subject they are learning and it is easier for them to acquire knowledge.

Seamless floral pattern with violet tropical magnolia, roses, tulips flowers with leaves on white background. Template design for textiles, interior, clothes, wallpaper. Botanical art. Botanical wallpaper.

Colorful, fun and engaging, the educational murals are a fantastic decorative addition to the classroom. Whether the topic is plants structure, reproduction, forestry, or plant propagation, we’re sure these wallpaper will help bring joy and dynamism to your lessons. 

watercolor vector pattern with flowers roses and cactus, bright tropical pattern

They can also be a great resource for children at home in their room.

Botanical wallpaper Vector floral seamless pattern, border. Horizontal panoramic illustration with lilac iris flowers on a white background. Floral image for cards, layouts, banners and so on.

Botanical wallpaper for walls are a great teaching tool. Because their coloring and illustrations will grab children’s attention when they get excited about a particular topic.

Modern botanical wallpaper

In modern times, botanical wallpaper opens up a lot of new possibilities.

Seamless border with tropical tree such as palm, banana and flowers.

Including customized botanical murals. And large-scale botanical prints, removable and reusable wallpaper.

Forest botanical garden view from window wallpaper mural
Forest botanical garden view from window wallpaper mural

These include green leaves, bamboo forests, vintage prints as well as contemporary botanical illustrations.

Botanical garden through faux window wallpaper mural
Botanical garden through faux window wallpaper mural

With customized wallpaper, you can have anything to fit your style.

Tropical nature seamless pattern. Hand drawn silhouettes, line art, half tones of palm leaves background for textile, fabric, wallpaper. Vector art illustration in retro pastel colors

From tropical botanical to black botanical and everything in between.

Floral seamless pattern with cute plants on striped background. Watercolor illustration.

There are a wide variety of designs you can apply to many different spaces in your home.

Modern House Green Botanical Wallpaper Mural
Modern House Green Botanical Wallpaper Mural by Wallpaper Kenya

The trick is knowing which design to use and where and how to create the look and feel you want.

Seamless vector doodle pattern with hand drawn flowers, herbs, leaves and branches on black background. Monochrome floral design template for print, fabric, invitation, brochure, card, wallpaper

A nature-inspired wallpaper can take many different forms.

tropical trees and leaves for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper mural.

And floral or botanical patterns can be a big part of it.

Abstract leafy botanical nature inspired floral vector seamless repeat pattern perfect for fabric and textiles, wall paper, greeting cards, home decor products,prints, packaging and branding

If your color scheme calls for yellow or pink or blue or even grey, then that is exactly what Wallpaper Kenya will provide you.

The trend

The botanical wallpaper style is a trend that seeks to connect with nature and create healthy, fresh spaces that awaken our senses.

Bright colorful tropical seamless pattern with exotic animals. Leopard and tiger with abstract fantasy flowers and plants. Nature jungle pattern. Vintage classic style.

And it is not only based on Wallpaper.

Print with peonies trees, bamboo and birds in chinoiserie style

You should include natural vegetation as a detail or accessory of your decoration.

Then go further into wallpaper with botanical patterns to cover some accent walls, and into fabrics for furniture upholstery, curtains, and rugs.

Seamless pattern with spring flowers and leaves. Hand drawn background. floral pattern for wallpaper or fabric. Flower rose. Botanic Tile.

This way you will create cheerful and tropical environments; intense like the forest.

Seamless pattern with eucalyptus leaves wallpaper for walls. Vector illustration.

Or fresh and jovial inspired depending on your choice and placements.

Hotel exhibition stand green mural by Wallpaper Kenya
Hotel exhibition stand green mural by Wallpaper Kenya

For instance choice of green leaves and color to convey peace in bedrooms or rest areas.

illustration of wallpaper green flowers and butterflies

Because, color psychology, promotes growth, and uses it also in workplaces and study spaces.

Tropical vintage botanical landscape, palm tree, plant, palm leaves, sloth, giraffe, elephant, crane, zebra. Seamless floral border. Jungle animal wallpaper.

In workplaces, the botanical wallpaper will psychologically help eliminates fatigue and headaches and promote mental healing and physical and mental health filled with hope.

Pastel color banana leaves, palms. Tropical seamless pattern. Hand-painted vintage 3D illustration. Bright glamorous floral background design. Luxury wallpaper, cloth, fabric printing, digital wallpaper

Floral and Plants Wall décor In Hospitals and Health Centers

Health Centre Botanical Wallpaper.

Did you know that art and floral and botanical wallpaper art is used in healing? Wikipedia defines Art Therapy as a form of psychotherapy that uses the arts as a means to regain or improve mental health and emotional and social welfare. It is a type of psychotherapy integrated into the generic concept of Art Therapy. And it uses different artistic disciplines to be carried out.

Summer tropical background vector. Palm leaves, monstera leaf, Botanical pattern trendy design for wall framed prints, canvas prints, poster, home decor, cover, flower wall arts, wallpaper.

Through the different art forms, we express ideas, opinions, emotions, and feelings.

Colorful floral digital wallpaper for walls tiles design for bathroom.

And precisely that ability to reveal what is inside a person is used in art therapy.

Abstract oil painting of colorful flower with orange, red, yellow leaf. Illustration hand painted, nature of fall, autumn season. Paint design for natural wallpaper. Vintage floral color background

However, in this respect, crafts, paintings, and now wallpaper is considered to be the most effective artistic disciplines of all ages.

artistic illustration
artistic illustration

You can define flower and botanical wallpaper design as the art of organizing the design elements of flower and plant images.

3D WALLPAPER design flower

And according to artistic principles.

Flowers watercolor illustration. Manual composition.

Your objective is to achieve beauty, harmony, distinction, and expression.

Large-scale floral, leaves, and plants wallpaper

Wild Palms Charcoal & Gold Botanical Wallpaper.

Here you see how the beauty of this Wild Palms Charcoal & Gold Botanical Wallpaper adds delicate color and elegance to a big wall.

Vintage seamless pattern. Floral black and white background. Garden flowers roses and peonies. Handmade graphics. Victorian style. Textiles, paper, wallpaper decoration. Ornamental cover. Vector.

This detailing within each leaf and petal adds to the lifelike feel of the botanical design.

Watercolor hand painted roses, peonies, Paisley flowers, butterflies

As it breathes a fresh, positive aura into the space.

Leaves. Abstract art background. Modern Nature shape line art wallpaper. Minimalist hand painted illustration with watercolor stain texture for home decor, wall art, social media story background

Large-scale leaves are a great choice for expansive walls, offering a tasteful design solution.

Toilet wall mural
Toilet mural

And it makes perfectly good visual sense as it combines botanical style with wooden furniture.

digital textile design with botanical flower green leaves gold ornament geometric border seamless beautiful bunch

Such furniture as pallet wood furniture will marry extremely well with botanical wallpaper.

Floral seamless patterns. peonies and birds crane Watercolor painting

With the botanical style, you invite nature to be part of your home.

Horizontal landscape with Japanese cranes and pines

You can therefore combine it with natural bamboo, wicker, and rattan fiber furniture, sisal rugs, and woven basket accessories.

Real plants versus botanical wallpaper

Would you prefer real plants or botanical wallpaper? Don’t you want to incorporate real plants in your interior decoration?

Tropical seamless floral pattern. Vector illustration

Maybe you want real flowers but there is no space. Or the room doesn’t get enough sunlight.

Seamless pattern in chinoiserie style with herons, peacock, birds and peonies. Vector,

The benefits of having indoor plants are well known. Plants can liven up and enhance the appearance of a space and improve your mood and sense of well-being.

Contemporary cute floral print with natural flowers on woodland for digital wallpaper and textile in ditsy style ,botanical vector template

However, there are also drawbacks to keeping plants inside your home. Disadvantages of indoor plants include maintenance requirements, pests, and in some cases, toxicity.

Beautiful exotic chinoiserie set. Hand drawn vintage chinese rose trees, palms, peone flowers, sakura tree, crane bird, heron

But botanical wallpaper changes the impression of a room just by placing one, and has the soothing effect that calms the mind!

Seamless tropical flower, plant and leaf pattern background, retro botanical style. Stylish flowers print

As long as you have a wall, you can enjoy greenery in various rooms instead of plants.

3d seamless illustration, large abstract white feathers on a gold textured background

Botanical wallpaper is thin and does not take up space. Therefore you can decorate with them behind your desk or your TV. 

Tropical palm leaves, jungle leaves, beautiful seamless vector floral pattern background. Abstract striped geometric texture

And you can enjoy large plants without worrying about the depth of the space.

leopard pattern in tropical leaves picture gathers from four sides art. Botanical wallpaper for walls.

It’s a luxury to be able to work at your desk while being soothed by a large plant in front of you.

Tropical palm leaves. Mural, Wallpaper for internal printing. 3D illustration

Point number two is that maintenance is very easy because there is no need to remove the dust attached to the leaves one by one.

Park ink drawn trees, bird summer floral seamless pattern. Chinoiserie landscape wallpaper.

And surprisingly, this wallpaper is made of a material that can’t get wet. So you can put it on even in the bathroom.

Creative universal artistic floral background. Hand Drawn textures. Trendy Graphic Design for banner, poster, card, cover, invitation, placard, brochure or header.

It’s so nice to have plants in a closed, dark bathroom that doesn’t have much space.

Tropical seamless pattern with beautiful curly redhead women, bouquets of hibiscus flowers, plumeria, monstera, palm, banana leaves, butterflies. Hand-drawn vintage 3D illustration for lux wallpapers

Plus you have peace of mind. Because with wallpaper it doesn’t matter if you bump into it or lean on it.

Seamless floral pattern with tropical trees on summer background. Template design for textiles, interior, clothes, wallpaper. Watercolot illustration. Botanical art

You can enjoy the foliage plants without worrying about your pet knocking them over.

Nature vintage landscape, trees, palms, bush floral seamless border blue background. Forest botanical mural.

As probably aforementioned, the raw material we use is silk fabric that is both removable and reusable. So it is a real investment.

Anthurium and strelitzia seamless vector pattern. Large red, orange, pink, beige flowers and green leaves on black background. Square design for fabric, wallpaper, scrapbook, wrap, invitation cards.

You can move with it when moving house.

Park vintage Italian landscape, gallery, marble sculpture, peacock, palm trees floral seamless pattern grey background. Garden botanical wallpaper.

And the wallpaper comes off without damaging the wall.


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