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What are “brand murals?” If you are not sure, don’t worry! Branding is one of those marketing concepts that is a little vague in its interpretation and can quickly confuse even people who have studied marketing. So, we would like to understand the brand mural process, what it involves, and what pitfalls you might encounter. […]


What are “brand murals?” If you are not sure, don’t worry! Branding is one of those marketing concepts that is a little vague in its interpretation and can quickly confuse even people who have studied marketing.

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So, we would like to understand the brand mural process, what it involves, and what pitfalls you might encounter.

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Branding is the whole process of creating a distinct identity for a business in the minds of consumers. It goes beyond just a cool logo or catchy slogan.

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Let’s start, as always, with the purpose; in this case, you need to understand branding. Because despite its ambiguity, the term contains a deep essence necessary for both products and their effective sales, and for services, including companies.

Purpose of branding

The definition of “branding” comes from the Latin word “brand” – brand. In Europe, for a long time, they began to brand products with brand names so that people would know who made the product. With the transition to industrial scale, the range of products on the market has grown significantly. In this regard, companies tried to stand out from competitors through branding. The seller offered the potential buyer not just a product, but an entire ecosystem of consumption – the image and life of a character that the company broadcasts.
A brand mural targets emotions to reinforce a positive brand impression, increase loyalty, and turn the user into a loyal customer and brand advocate.

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The purpose of branding is to create a clear, understandable, and positive image to increase company recognition and loyalty.

Corporate brand murals

Corporate branding is the creation of a company’s image to increase the trust of customers, partners, and, employees. In this situation, the main target audience is not consumers of the company’s goods or services. It is the employees or future specialists whom the company’s values will inspire.

Geometry minimalistic artwork poster with simple shape and figure. Abstract vector pattern design in Scandinavian style for web banner, business presentation, branding package, fabric print, wallpaper

They act as a visual extension of a company’s logo, color palette, and messaging, transforming walls into canvases that tell the brand story.

These murals can be found adorning the exteriors of company headquarters, reception areas, hallways, and even cafeterias. They can be targeted toward employees, clients, or even the general public depending on the mural’s location.

There are several advantages to incorporating corporate brand murals into your company’s space:

Strengthens Brand Identity

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A well-designed mural can serve as a powerful tool to visually communicate a company’s mission, values, and overall brand personality.

Boosts Employee Morale

Murals depicting the company’s culture, values, or achievements can create a sense of pride and belonging for employees.

Enhances Customer Experience

Visually appealing murals can create a positive first impression on clients visiting the office and leave a lasting memory.

Sparks Creativity and Innovation

Murals featuring inspiring imagery or historical milestones can foster a creative and innovative work environment.

Acts as a Conversation Starter

Unique murals can become a talking point, generating interest and positive word-of-mouth promotion for the brand.

Product brand murals

Product branding aims to express the individuality of a product and highlight its Unique Selling Points while increasing the value and reputation in the market for potential consumers.

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Consequently, product brand murals are a specific type of corporate brand mural designed to promote a particular product or product line. They are essentially giant, eye-catching advertisements. But they can also be works of art that tell a story about the product and the brand it represents.

Product brand murals can be found in a variety of locations, including:

Retail stores

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Murals placed on the walls inside a store can highlight new products or promote seasonal offerings.

High-traffic areas

Murals placed in busy areas, such as train stations or bus stops, can reach a wide audience and generate interest in a new product.

Benefits of Using Product Brand Murals

There are several advantages to using product brand murals in your marketing strategy:

  • Increased Brand Awareness: A well-designed and placed mural can significantly boost brand awareness for a particular product.
  • Creates Brand Excitement: Eye-catching and creative murals can generate excitement and interest around a new product launch.
  • Memorable Marketing: Murals can be a more memorable form of advertising compared to traditional methods.
  • Targets a Specific Audience: Murals placed strategically can target a specific demographic interested in the product.
  • Enhances Brand Storytelling: Murals can be used to tell a story about the product, its benefits, and the brand values behind it.

Personal brand murals

Personal branding is the promotion of a specific individual, and in this case, under a personal brand, both services that the individual provides as a professional, and goods that will be branded under the personal brand. Therefore, there is a misconception that a personal brand is only for bloggers.

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So, as an example, we can cite fashion houses where a personal brand plays a huge role – for example, Karl Lagerfeld, where the entire line is built based on the fashion designer’s brand, and includes the active use of mascots.

In food production, a personal brand is also important. For example, Ice Cream under the Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream brand gains trust from consumers due to the personal brand. We understand that the ice creams are always delicious and all the products are invariably fresh. So it automatically works in our minds that ice cream from Jeni’s brand is always the freshest and most delicious.

Teriitorial brand mural

Territorial branding is a tool that creates the image of a country, a certain territory, or a region to attract investment, promote economic development, attract tourists, and also establish partnerships with both international companies and other geographical entities.

One of the most popular owners of territorial branding is Amsterdam due to its successful combination of letters at the beginning of the word.

National branding is somewhat similar to territorial branding. But still occupies a more global level since its main task is to manage the perception and reputation of countries not in a specific region but throughout the world.

Political brand mural

Political branding is a strategy for the development and execution of election campaigns of candidates and all elements. This type of branding allows you to quickly and correctly convey to the public the values, positions, and goals of the candidate. And therefore differentiate him from other candidates. Political branding is characterized by speed. Since election campaigns are limited in time the task of specialists is to correctly convey all the strategies and values ​​​​that the candidate wants to instill in the consciousness of his target audience – potential voters.


Co-branding murals are a creative marketing strategy where two or more brands collaborate on a single mural. Imagine a giant artwork that merges the visual identities of two companies, creating a unique and eye-catching piece that promotes both brands simultaneously.

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Here’s how co-branding murals work:

  • Partnership: Two brands with complementary products or target audiences come together to create a mural.
  • Concept Development: Artists or designers brainstorm a concept that incorporates the visual elements and messaging of both brands cohesively and creatively.
  • Shared Benefits: Both brands benefit from the exposure, reaching a wider audience and potentially attracting new customers.

Benefits of Co-branding Murals

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There are several advantages to using co-branding murals in your marketing strategy:

  • Increased Brand Exposure: By partnering with another brand, you can reach a wider audience and gain exposure to their customer base.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Collaboration between two brands can lead to a more unique and creative mural concept that stands out.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Sharing the costs of creating and displaying the mural can be more economical than individual campaigns.
  • Boosts Brand Engagement: Interactive murals that encourage social media sharing can create a buzz and generate excitement for both brands.

Examples of Successful Co-Branding Murals

Here are a few examples of how brands have successfully collaborated on eye-catching murals:

  • Adidas and Foot Locker: This co-branding mural featured a giant sneaker design, showcasing both brands’ logos and creating a powerful visual for streetwear enthusiasts.
  • Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix: To promote their ice cream flavors inspired by popular Netflix shows, these brands created a mural featuring characters and imagery from the shows alongside Ben & Jerry’s branding.
  • Levi’s and Stranger Things: This collaboration resulted in a mural depicting a scene from the popular sci-fi series, featuring characters wearing Levi’s clothing, creating a visually appealing and thematically relevant piece.

Co-branding murals can be a strategic marketing tool for businesses to expand their reach, showcase their creativity, and create a memorable brand experience for consumers.

Customization of brand murals

The customization process for a brand mural involves several key steps, ensuring the final artwork aligns perfectly with your brand identity and goals.

Initial Consultation and Brief

  • Understanding your needs: This initial discussion involves understanding your brand, target audience, and the purpose of the mural. Do you want a corporate brand mural, a product-specific mural, or something else entirely? What message are you trying to convey?
  • Project scope and budget: Discuss the scale and location of the mural, along with your budget. This will help determine the level of detail, materials, and artist fees.

Brainstorming and Concept Development

  • Creative collaboration: Once the brief is established, artists or design teams will brainstorm concepts that visually represent your brand message. They might present you with sketches, mood boards, or even digital mockups to help you visualize the final product.
  • Feedback and Refinement: You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed concepts and request revisions until you’re happy with the overall direction.

Selecting an Artist or Muralist

  • Style and experience: If you haven’t already chosen an artist through the design agency, this stage involves reviewing portfolios of potential muralists to find someone whose artistic style aligns with your vision.
  • Permissions and logistics: The chosen artist will need to acquire any necessary permits for installing the mural in the designated location.

Preparation and installation

  • Site preparation: The surface where the mural will be installed will be prepped to ensure proper adhesion and a smooth finish.
  • Bringing the vision to life: The artist will begin installing the mural, adhering to the approved design and incorporating any final adjustments.

Completion and Final Touches

  • Quality assurance: Once the installation is complete, there’s a final inspection to ensure everything meets your expectations and the agreed-upon design.
  • Sealing and protection: Depending on the location and materials used, the mural might be sealed with a protective coating to guard against weather damage or vandalism.

By following this process and understanding the customization options, you can create a brand mural that is not only visually stunning but also strategically aligns with your brand identity and marketing goals.

Copyright your brand mural

Finally, whether you buy your brand mural image from us or commission a graphics designer, remember to copyright it.

Furthermore, copyright legally protects an entire body of work like books, songs, movies, poetry, photographs, paintings, and other art. On the other hand, a trademark protects your brand identity, symbols, logos, catchphrases, and other imagery that uniquely represent your goods and services.

Generally, artistic works like murals are protected by copyright law in Kenya. This means the copyright owner has exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, adapt, and publicly display the mural.

Registering Your Copyright

While copyright protection arises automatically upon creation of the mural, registration offers several benefits:

  • Stronger evidence of ownership in case of infringement.
  • Easier to claim statutory damages in court.

To register your copyright in Kenya, you can follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the Application: Fill out an application form for registration of copyright ( You’ll need details about the mural, including title, creator(s), and year of creation.

  2. Submit the Application: Submit the completed application form and the required fee to the Kenya Copyright Board (KCB) along with a clear photograph or other reproduction of the mural.

  3. Copyright Certificate: If your application is successful, the KCB will issue you a copyright certificate.

Additional Considerations

  • Permissions: If the mural is on someone else’s property, ensure you have their permission to copyright it.
  • Collective Work: If multiple artists contributed to the mural, copyright ownership might be joint. Consider a written agreement outlining ownership rights.
  • Consulting a Lawyer: For complex cases or additional guidance, consider consulting a lawyer specializing in intellectual property law in Kenya.

For further details and the latest information, it’s recommended to refer to the Kenya Copyright Board website ( or contact them directly.


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