Butterfly mural

Butterfly mural designs are an original solution in modern interior decoration. From this, you will get exquisite originality and an incredibly beautiful look. With the help of butterfly artwork, you can create custom wallpaper murals, ceilings, or vaults, transforming the design of your home. In addition to the options for murals presented here, you can […]


Butterfly mural designs are an original solution in modern interior decoration.
flying butterflies mural. Raster
From this, you will get exquisite originality and an incredibly beautiful look.
Seamless background with colorful butterflies. EPS 8 vector illustration. Butterfly mural.
With the help of butterfly artwork, you can create custom wallpaper murals, ceilings, or vaults, transforming the design of your home.
Spring flowers and butterflies. Colorful garden flower, floral decor and elegant butterfy. Insects, summer flying butterflies and flowers drawing. Isolated vector icons set
In addition to the options for murals presented here, you can order any other images of your choice.
Cute hand drawn insects vector seamless pattern. Butterflies and dragonflies on blue background. Suitable for textile, wrapping paper, surface design.
The options for butterfly murals are very diverse. From paintings by great artists to your photographs.
Big blue butterflies, hydrangea flowers bouquets in delicate pastel rose pink, beige, purple colors. Watercolor 3d illustration. Tropical hd wallpaper, luxury mural, premium texture. High quality art
If you like colored backgrounds and butterflies, you will be spoilt for choice at Wallpaper Kenya.
Drawn butterflies on thorns. Wall mural, wallpaper, in the style of classic, baroque, modern, rococo. Brown photo wallpaper design.

Enjoy the best butterfly designs, with a resolution that you can customize for your mural. 

3d wallpaper, butterflies, nature painting, old canvas textures. Murals effect. Grunge wallpaper pattern.

And why should you decorate with butterflies? Butterflies are the most beautiful of all insects.
3D illustration wallpaper and butterfly mural flower design
Their colorful wings look like something out of a fairy tale. So it’s no wonder they’re often called flying flowers.
3D illustration wallpaper murals flower and butterfly with background
Our butterfly murals will bring rainbow colors, lightness, and charm to every interior.
3D illustration wallpaper murals flower and swan and butterfly, water background.
Although it can be associated with a glamorous baroque style, it will fit perfectly in a variety of design styles.
Seamless pattern ornament. Abstract floral background. Luxury picture with summer flowers and butterflies for mural wallpaper, fabric, decoration, clothes. Vector illustration.
Murals of children’s designs, with butterfly wings’ intense colors, are appropriate to decorate nurseries colorfully.
3d wallpaper texture, cultivated flowers and butterflies on brickwork. 3D Effect wall murals
But also perfect for your living room, or even a gift to a family member or friend.
Vector yellow colourful cartoon sunflowers repeat horizontal border. Suitable for shower curtains and wall murals.
Butterfly murals with colorful and beautiful designs will add depth and color to your rooms.
Children's bright colorful butterflies with tropical plants. Beautiful drawn design for card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, painting, book illustration. Design for a nursery, teenage room.
Creating a new home where you can spend hundreds of hours, days, and years without getting bored of your space.
3D murals flower wallpaper and butterfly deer with 3d background
Butterflies look great in youth rooms, children’s rooms, game rooms, or any wall where you want to make a big impact.
Abstract, butterfly, gold, paint, contemporary wall art, animals
3D wallpaper mural flower beautiful design and butterfly for interior and surface
Now you can generate a great impact in your decoration, it will mark your style and personality.
Seamless pattern of zebra and tiger. Suitable for fabric, mural, wrapping paper and the like. Vector illustration

Benefits of decorating with Butterfly Mural

 Fairy and Flowers watercolor butterfly mural illustration for girls

A butterfly mural can be a great way to add a touch of whimsy and beauty to any room at home or office.

Baby bright colorful wallpaper. Drawn children's book illustration, card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural. Design for children, nursery, teenage room.

And therefore a great way to add a unique and eye-catching element to your space. In addition to being a great conversation starter when you have guests over.

Cute summer floral seamless pattern wall mural. Watercolor flowers, leaves, blue bicycle, butterflies on white background. Shabby chic country style print. Nursery design. Hand drawn design texture

And also a butterfly mural can be a great way to add a touch of educational value to your walls. Therefore a great way to teach your children about the different species of butterflies and their habitats.

Pastel butterflies on a white background. Seamless pattern background. Repeating vector for kids centre, kindergarten, wallpaper.

It can also be a great way to teach them about the importance of conservation and protecting the environment.

Cute hand drawn seamless pattern butterfly mural with tree vector illustration.

But most importantly, a butterfly mural can be a great way to add a touch of personalization to your home.

Watercolor hand-drawn seamless texture with moths, butterflies and leafs. Pattern for wrapping paper, wallpaper, greeting cards and fabric.

Because you can choose a mural that reflects your own personal style and taste. Or you can choose one that reflects the style of your garden.

A Heliconia's butterfly drinking nectar and pollinating red flowers.

Either way, a butterfly mural can be a great way to make your home truly unique.

Beautiful wild flowers chamomile, purple wild peas, butterfly mural in morning haze in nature close-up macro. Landscape wide format, copy space, cool blue tones. Delightful pastoral airy artistic image.

In conclusion, adding a butterfly mural to your house can be a great way to add a unique and beautiful touch to the outdoor space.

Amazing background with hydrangeas and daisies. Yellow and blue flowers on a white blank. Floral card nature. bokeh butterflies.

Walls with great butterfly designs will bring a little bit of life to your home.

Seamless peony roses and butterfly mural wallpaper.

The butterfly mural allows you to decorate and change the environment without making a large economic spill.

A classic and time-tested wall mural: The History of the Murals and Their Significance

Collection vector flowers, Robin bird, butterflies, branches and leaves in vintage watercolor style mural.

Now you know that butterfly mural has been around for centuries. And they have been used to represent a variety of meanings.

3D illustration wallpaper flower and butterfly with abstract background

From religious symbolism to political statements, butterfly murals have been used to convey a wide range of messages.

Floral summer or spring landscape, meadow with flowers, blue sky and butterflies

The earliest known butterfly mural dates back to the 16th century in Italy. This mural was painted on the walls of a church and depicted a butterfly with a halo around its head.

Pink Azalea and blue butterfly mural. Seamless, hand painted, watercolor pattern. Vector background

It was meant to represent the resurrection of Christ and the transformation of the soul.

Seamless rose and hydrangea

In the 18th century, butterfly murals were used to represent the idea of freedom and liberty. This was especially true in the United States.

Vector seamless pattern with hearts, butterflies, cupids, initial letters, keys, keyholes and love theme letterings. Abstract background with hand written declarations of love in different languages.

There the butterfly was used to symbolize the American Revolution and the fight for independence.

Bright butterfly, roses and daisies. Hand painted watercolor. Vector illustration.

In the 19th century, butterfly murals were used to represent the idea of transformation and rebirth. This was especially true in the United States, where the butterfly was used to symbolize the emancipation of slaves and the end of slavery.

Modern use

Abstract image of different butterflies on the background of flowers and plants. 3D butterfly mural rendering.

In the 20th century, butterfly murals were used to represent the idea of hope and optimism. This was especially true in the United States, where the butterfly was used to symbolize the civil rights movement and the fight for equality.

Abstract Hand Drawing Colorful Rainbow Colors Watercolor Tie Dye Random Butterflies Seamless Pattern Isolated Background

But today, butterfly murals are used to represent a variety of meanings. They are often used to represent hope, transformation, freedom, and optimism. They are also used to represent the beauty of nature and the fragility of life.

Butterfly design with flower vector art for your wall graphic design, abstract design with butterfly and flower for modern day kids wallpaper mural.

No matter what the meaning behind a butterfly mural is, it is clear that they have been used for centuries to convey a variety of messages.

Vintage style collage with watercolor drawings of exotic birds, roses and butterflies, with scraps of handwritten text and old newspaper cuttings mock-ups, on toned brown wallpaper mural; seamless background

From religious symbolism to political statements, butterfly murals have been used to convey a wide range of messages. And they are a powerful way to express ideas and emotions. Plus you can use them to create a sense of beauty and hope in any space.

Design element, butterfly with pattern, bright, motley

However, when choosing the colors for your butterfly mural, it is important to consider the overall look and feel you want to create.

Butterfly mural, Tiger and butterfly amid cherry blossom illustration.

What designs will you find for the butterfly mural?

In our butterfly mural library, you will find any type of butterfly design, in different colors, different sizes, and a wide variety.

Butterflies and flowers on white background. Watercolor vintage illustration. Wall mural.

So you can choose the one you like the most and decorate your home as it deserves.

Stained glass illustration with a rose flower and a butterfly on a blue background

A mural with which you will not have to worry about the reflection of light.

Children's bright colorful butterflies with tropical plants. Beautiful drawn design for card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, painting, book illustration. Design for a nursery, teenage room.

Because our custom murals with butterflies are manufactured with a matte finish to avoid these problems.

3D pink rose flower jewelry butterfly on 3d background

Nor should you worry about the placement of our designs.

Abstract hand-painted art background, carpet with geometric art patterns, carpet pattern design, carpet

Because together with your order we will send you some instructions that are very easy to carry out.

Dragonfly and butterfly seamless pattern. Vector illustration. Suitable for fabric, mural, wallpapers, wrapping paper and the like

With which wallpapering your wall will be the easiest thing in the world.

Butterfly of Sorrow. Outlines of abstract butterfly and viral elements on the subject of psychological dimensions of global pandemic

In addition, we give adhesive to have everything you need to adhere to your mural.

a bright orange-and-black butterfly flies over abstract plant forms that overlap each other with smooth wavy edges covered with drops of clear liquid. Natural art wallpaper with 3D effect. vector imag

Thanks to the high-quality silk fabric you will not have to worry about bubbles inside since there will not be any.

Butterfly of Sorrow. Outlines of abstract butterfly and viral elements on the subject of psychological dimensions of global pandemic

Browse our extensive library of decorative murals for butterflies, and choose the one you like the most.

Modern ideas in the design of any interior,3d illustration

And we will send it to you, without worrying about having to go anywhere to look for it.

Beautiful, light, airy butterfly mosaic. Fashionable ornamental pattern for decoration, scrapbooking - stock vector.

Get a design that you can enjoy for a long time.

 Beautiful, light, airy butterfly mosaic. Fashionable ornamental pattern for decoration, scrapbooking - stock vector.

Because you can wash it with a damp cloth without worrying about it breaking.

 Seamless illustration of flowers and butterflies. Summer pattern

Do not think twice; get your design and leave all your guests speechless.

Butterfly wings mural

The beauty of a butterfly mural comes from the butterfly wings’ colors.

Multiple colors texture of Lime or Lemon butterfly wing surface, beautiful pattern. Butterfly mural.

And you find many butterflies and moths are brightly colored. 

Butterfly wings in colorful style. Ideal for wall design.

The coloration of these butterfly wings serves many purposes.

colorful butterfly seamless textile pattern

Such as Camouflage, in which the animal’s color helps it blend in with the environment, hiding the insect.

The Butterfly Wing or Body Texture in macro shot.

Or Warning, where bright colors on the wings of butterflies and moths mean they are bad-tasting.

Fascinated yellow and black with beautiful lines texture of Leopard Lacewing butterfly wing surface, beautiful background. Butterfly mural.

But beautiful wings a mate, looking for certain colors and patterns.

Close up of The Common Jay Butterfly wing detail and texture,The Common Jay Graphium doson axino C & R Felder, 1864

Some have wings with large “eyespots” that make the butterfly or moth resemble the face of a larger animal (such as an owl), scaring away some predators.

Wings of butterflies at high magnification, Natural texture and background, Macro close up. Wall mural.

Dark color scales absorb heat from the sun very well. Like all insects, butterflies are cold-blooded.

Butterfly. Rose gold. Elegant texture with foil effect. Vector stock illustration

When they are cold, they warm themselves in the sun.

Butterfly colorful doodle mural with unicorn colors

For most butterflies, a lobe presses the hindwings against the forewings.

Black lace butterfly fly on white background. Butterfly shape drawn with many points. Dotted object for laser cut. Design element for multi level stretch ceiling. Dots in shape of butterfly.

And most moths, bristles on the leading edge of the hindwings (called the frenulum) connect with hooks to the trailing edge of the forewings.

Close-up detailed macro shot of a butterfly wing. 5x magnification.

In some moths, a lobe at the base of the forewings (called the jugum) overlaps the hindwings.

Watercolor illustration of pink and lilac butterflies. Seamless pattern, gentle, airy with splashes of paint. For fabric, textiles, wallpaper, prints, scrap paper.

When at rest, butterflies hold their wings vertically. Moths hold their wings horizontally when at rest.

monarch mural

Do you know why the monarch butterfly mural is the most celebrated?

Modern ideas in the design of any interior,3d illustration

It is more that its overwhelming beauty. 

Amazing cluster of Monarch butterflies, Danaus plexippus, in conifer forest of Mexico. Butterfly mural.

The long journey that the monarch butterfly goes on in the fall is extremely interesting.

Seamless Monarch butterfly pattern wings on white, wallpaper.

The spring return of the monarchs to the north resembles a relay race.

Abstract Hand Drawing Colorful Watercolor Leopard Cheetah Panther Animal Skin Textured Butterflies Seamless Pattern Isolated Background

The final goal is often reached only by the fifth generation of butterflies that have flown from their wintering grounds.

Zebra seamless pattern. Animal print with butterflies. fashionable trend. Vector illustration

Although the monarch butterfly’s wings butterfly is very thin, the monarch danaid in flight is strong and hardy. 

Butterfly seamless pattern. Butterflies and flowers, adorable spring or summer fabric, wallpaper graphic repeating texture. Flying beautiful colorful insects and plants design

Her annual travels of thousands of kilometers from Canada to California and Mexico confirm this.

Seamless abstract fractal pattern for background

The overwhelming beauty of the monarch butterfly as well as the wallpaper

Twice a year the sky of a part of the American continent is covered in orange, white, and black colors. 

Collection of colorful butterflies, flying in different directions. Raster illustration. Abstract seamless pattern for girls, boys, clothes, wallpaper.

The small and delicate flapping of thousands of wings unfolds a new celebration of life and survival in the wild. 

Seamless butterfly pattern mosaic, fabric. Beautiful fashionable ornamental pattern for decoration, scrapbook - stock vector.

It is the journey of the monarch butterfly in a migration that has aroused the curiosity of scientists for years. Because these beautiful creatures cover distances of around 5,000 km from Canada to Mexico.

Yellow butterflies. Seamless background for fabrics, textiles, packaging and wallpaper.

The most curious thing about the journey from north to south is that individuals never repeat themselves on it. But rather the following generations carry it out.

Abstract Hand Drawing Metallic Butterflies Seamless Pattern with Optical Diagonal Wavy Stripes Spray Paint Texture Background. Custom-design butterfly mural.

So how do they know where they have to go and how? That is the big question that has been leading scientists for years.

Close-up Monarch butterfly sucking nectar from vivid colored flower with soft focus purple flowers in the background.

Decorate your nursery with a monarch butterfly mural.

Yellow and brown butterfly wall background.

And, ultimately, your children will get to know a little better the environment in which they live and the wonders of planet Earth.

Seamless wallpaper pattern. Exotic Butterflies. Textile composition, hand drawn style print. Vector illustration.

This time with the help of a beautiful insect mural.

Aesthetic butterfly wallpaper

There are all kinds of butterfly designs for walls with different colors in the aesthetics category.

It's been groovy - Seventies retro slogan, with hippie flowers daisies with butterfly, stars. Typographic isolated concept in 70s aesthetics. Colorful lettering in vintage style. Vector illustration.

Aesthetics is a core design principle that defines a design’s pleasing qualities.

mystical illustration of a butterfly or moth. mysterious night in a secret garden. magic aesthetics, wildlife, retro vintage engraving style

In visual terms, aesthetics includes factors such as balance, color, movement, pattern, scale, shape, and visual weight.

Set of various funny stickers, patches, pins. Collection of icons - mushroom, butterfly, flowers, flame. Hand drawn trendy Vector illustration. Cartoon style. All elements are isolated.

Naturally, all butterflies are aesthetically pleasing. But different butterfly wallpaper design colors will suit certain spaces better than others.

Seamless pattern with pink butterfly. Contemporary composition. Trendy texture for mural print, wallpaper, textile, packaging.

Designers use aesthetics to complement their designs’ usability, and so enhance functionality with attractive layouts.

Butterfly mural color schemes

If you are among those who spend a lot of time choosing wallpaper and are extremely strict, we suggest the 3D mural of colorful butterflies.

Pink and green tropical leaves pattern on a rough beige fabric close-up. Palm leaves, gold, black. Exotic decor material for sewing. Floral style, 3D graphics

This design is one of the most amazing designs that has been welcomed by discerning interior decorators.

3d illustration, pink pastel background, drop-shaped frames, large abstract ceramic flowers and butterflies

By installing this 3D butterfly wallpaper, create a fresh and new style in the decoration design of your desired environment and enjoy.

Stylish modern background seamless pattern with flying white, gray, black 3d butterflies cutting paper. Bright trendy wallpaper. Vector illustration

These wallpapers are very skillfully and elegantly designed and can attract the heart of any viewer. The colorful butterflies that have been depicted bring a sense of freshness and vitality.

3d wallpaper design and beautiful wall brick background

And watching them relieves you of your daily worries. As you know, the rose is one of the most popular flowers that fascinate everyone and symbolizes tenderness and elegance.

3d wallpaper beautiful pink flower, butterfly, pearl, diamond with texture background

The happy and warm colors in these beautiful designs are very eye-catching and bright and make you an example of a 3D wallpaper mural with the shape of colorful flowers and butterflies.

3d wallpaper golden hat woman

To make the space of the 3D wallpaper of colored butterflies better, you can match the adjacent walls with colors such as white and wallpaper with a simple design and pink color.

Hydrangea background, floral seamless pattern. Delicate garden flowers bouquets, gypsophila, butterflies. Watercolor 3d illustration. Tropical art, texture. Luxury wallpapers, cloth, mural, paper

Also, it is better to use very light grey in your wooden furniture to maintain the harmony of the space.

3D illustration peacocks, yellow and pink flowers and butterflies

In addition, if you want to have a different environment in your living room or TV room, you can install these beautiful designs in it.

blue butterfly wallpaper

Rose pink anemone flowers, green vintage leaves, white gypsophila, blue butterflies. Seamless background, tropical texture. Luxury wallpaper, mural. 3d hand-painted illustration. Digital art, poster

Wallpaper Kenya provides excellent and attractive Blue Butterfly Hand Painted Wallpaper Murals.

pink butterfly wallpaper

Butterflies’ Pink Mural color is ambiguous and unusual for many.

Retro 70s illustration print with kindness slogan, floral butterfly rainbow elements. Graphic print design for t-shirt, poster, apparel, fashion, sweatshirt, cards and posters.

However, there are such a huge number pink butterfly wallpaper shades that designers consider it their favorite tool for creating beautiful and modern décor.

Seamless wallpaper mural pattern with pink butterflies on a transparent background. Vector

Soft lilac pink backgrounds in works are very delicate and leave your hand free to coordinate the environment with different colors.
Cute little rabbit looks up on butterfly. Seamless pattern from butterflys and flowers. Vector hand drawn illustration with a pen.
These 3D wallpaper murals are very suitable for installation in girls’ bedrooms as well as double bedrooms.
Beautiful Lovely Passion Pink Butterfly Pattern Fabric Special Handwriting Script Floral Flower Heart Love Summer Happy Vector Illustration
This is chastity and feminine charm. Walls decorated with pink butterflies are often found in bedroom décor.

purple butterfly wallpaper

If you are an apartment or house owner, then you want to use purple butterfly murals in the interior of different rooms.

butterfly purple yellow Morph fabulous beautiful wallpaper mural

Because you can add a touch of mystery to the room with purple butterflies. In order not to darken the space, there should not be a large print on the wallpaper.

Full wall purple butterflies background

As according to its characteristics, currant color helps to maintain a calm atmosphere and to conduct correct reflections. Murals in similar colors are ideal for non-residential premises, and rooms designed for relaxation and leisure.

Beautiful vivid iberis flowers and colorful butterflies on pink background. Horizontal template. Seamless panoramic floral pattern. Watercolor painting. Hand painted illustration.

With the right choice of wallpaper base material, size, and color of products, you can achieve harmony in the overall environment.

black butterfly wallpaper

Before you run to the store and buy dark-colored wallpaper, you need to consider the issue of combining black butterflies on the walls or with other shades that are present in the design and interior of your home. This is to maintain the harmony of the color palette.

modern mural painting of black and golden butterfly. The texture of the oriental style of gray and gold canvas with an abstract pattern. artist collection of animal painting for decoration and interior, canvas art.

The main feature to remember when acquiring a gloomy color wallpaper is that they dim the light of the sun and other sources of any lighting in the room.

Butterfly with skull surface on black and gold background

Wallpaper murals of the above are recommended to be used in transformation, decorating open rooms with windows and a lot of artificial light.

red butterfly wallpaper

Eccentric butterflies with powerful energy. Red butterfly wallpaper can advantageously emphasize the décor of the room if you paste it over only one accented wall.

3d wallpaper design and beautiful wall brick background

Wallpaper with such colors can look beautiful and defiant. The image of red butterflies will bring a touch of elegance.

white butterfly wallpaper

White, cream, and dusty butterflies are more calm and gentle, they are suitable for nurseries and bedrooms.

Seamless pattern with funny colorful Butterflies, flowers. Color flat vector illustration for poster. Butterfly graphic design print. Trendy animal motif wallpaper mural.

To create a sensual interior, use the image of spray butterflies on a white or red background, and for a more peaceful interior, choose pastel shades as a background.

Pattern with flying gentle butterflies blue and indigo colors on white background. Vector seamless illustartion on white background in vintage watercolor style.

Suitable for any space. This white is associated with cleanliness. Therefore it will look most impressive on the walls in the bathroom.


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