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Cartoon Wallpapers at Wallpaper Kenya are not only decorative but are not also for children only. I am sure you will be amazed by the benefits accrued from cartoon wallpapers. Generally speaking, cartoons are aesthetic, and educational and have health benefits for both children and adults. Cartoon wallpapers will lead to an interest in watching […]


Cartoon Wallpapers at Wallpaper Kenya are not only decorative but are not also for children only.

Set beautiful elf princesses. Children's background with castle, rainbow and fabulous flower meadow. Wallpaper for girl. Wonderland. Cartoon illustration. Postcard for friends or family. Vectot.

I am sure you will be amazed by the benefits accrued from cartoon wallpapers.

kids wallpaper night elephant happy

Generally speaking, cartoons are aesthetic, and educational and have health benefits for both children and adults.

Customized 3d Kids Cartoon Wallpapers

Cartoon wallpapers will lead to an interest in watching television cartoons and perhaps reading comic books.

Vector illustration: balloons and planes, mountings and clouds. Wallpaper for nursery, for boys. Pastel colors

As cartoons are humorous, adults who watch cartoons have a lower percentage risk of succumbing to stress-related diseases such as heart attacks.

3D Giraffe Wall background

That is easy to understand, isn’t it?

East Princess and Aladdin on magic carpet. Oriental tale. Fairytale Arabic landscape with Mosque. Muslim Cityscape. Cartoon Wallpaper. Fabulous background. Wonderland. Children's illustration. Vector.

I will encourage you not to limit cartoon wallpapers to your kid’s room.

3d background, little panda peeping from a broken wall. 3D wall looks very lovely and also brings different colors to room! It will visually expand children’s room and become an accent in the interior

Because by watching cartoons you have a healthier rapport with your kids.

Kids graphic illustration. Using for print on the wall, pillows, decoration kids interior, baby wear and shirts, greeting card, vector and other. Cartoon wallpaper collection.

Therefore you get in a better position of understanding them and hence solve their problems more effectively.

Mickey Mouse's Customized Wallpaper

Cartoon wallpapers do encourage your child to read and watch cartoons at a tender age.

Cute seamless sky pattern with full moon, clouds, stars, and rocket. Cartoon space rocket flying to the Moon. Children's bedroom, baby nursery wallpaper. Cover or a gift wrap. Vector Illustration.

This helps the child have more power in concentration than one who does not watch cartoons.

 Kids graphic illustration. Using for print on the wall, pillows, decoration kids interior, baby wear and shirts, greeting card, vector and other

Because the one watching can follow up on events (in the cartoon episodes).

kids nursery wallpaper with cute unicorn, kawaii castle, babies wall, pony for kids, graphic illustration using for print on the wall, pillow, banner, greeting cards, design room

Most cartoon wallpapers at Wallpaper Kenya are Disney Characters Cartoons.

mickey wallpaper for kids room and nursery.

Disney Cartoons are awesome, the stories and the lessons they teach are what make them so special.

You may fear decorating with certain cartoon wallpapers.

ZAGREB , CROATIA - NOVEMBER 24, 2015 : Disney princess , Cinderella, Belle and Aurora cartoon characters from books and movies on magnetic sticker, product shot

Take for example Spiderman cartoon wallpaper.

Spiderman, a cosplay comic character. Guy cosplayer at cosplay Convention. Cartoon wallpapers.

Our cartoon wallpaper collection has Spiderman wallpaper for instance.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - NOVEMBER 17, 2019: Princess Elsa and Anna from Frozen 2 Magical Journey. This event is a promotion for new Disney blockbuster movie

The Disney character has moral teachings. He wasn’t born a superhero. Spiderman acquired his powers suddenly as a young adult, through a quirk of fate.

Milan - Italy - NOV 2017 - Reproduction of disney cars - INTERNATIONAL TOY FAIR FESTIVITY 2017

That is very similar to the way most people become leaders. The moral teaching here is that some core principles make Spiderman a force for good.

Bangkok Thailand - August 25 2019 : Mickey Mouse figure for Celebration of Mickey Mouse'90th Anniversary at KING POWER MAHANAKHON Sathorn Road

In the real world are pretty much the same principles that can make leaders a force for good in an organization.

Spider man Cartoon Wallpaper

It is good to know the meaning of the cartoon wallpapers you are hanging in your child’s room, isn’t it?

Mickey Mouse popular vector collection on paper, Mickey Mouse editorial vector illustration is printed on white paper.

Violence in cartoons (as in many television programs) is as frequent as it is worrisome.

Two Cartoon characters, Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse of The Walt Disney Company in the children's world store. Moscow. 14.12.2018

Excessive child time on TV may teach the child to solve certain problems the way superheroes act. And those fantastic performances that the child assimilates as superpowers.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - May 22, 2015: Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear robot toy character from Toy Story. Toy Story is a computer-animated buddy-comedy adventure film by Pixar and Walt Disney

The identification with the protagonists of these cartoon wallpaper carries a mimicry.

Wroclaw, Poland - May 11, 2022: Illustrations of Tales of Friendship Treasury book, author Thea Feldman. Illustrated by Disney story book artists. Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet, Owl, Tiger a. Editorial use

It impels them to act under the slogan of “what my hero can do I can also do”.

Age-appropriate cartoon wallpapers

The best age to have cartoon wallpapers in a child’s room will vary depending on the individual child.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse plush doll Cartoon Wallpapers. Characters from Walt Disney Pictures Studios. Minnie is Mickey Mouse's girlfriend.

However, some general guidelines can be followed.

Cartoon for Toddlers and preschoolers

Happy fun smiling excited blonde boy in circle cartoon wallpaper holding thumb up with high energy

Toddlers and preschoolers are still developing their sense of identity and independence.

AUGUST 14, 2023 Bandung, Indonesia. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cartoon Vector Set

And so it is important you choose cartoon wallpaper murals that they will enjoy and that will make them feel comfortable in their own space.

Group of insect in nature illustration

Bright, colorful, and playful cartoons are often a good choice for this age group.

Cartoons for school-aged children

School-aged children are starting to develop their own interests and hobbies.

Beautiful Warrior Girl Sailor Moon

It is a good idea you choose cartoon wallpaper murals that reflect their interests.

Playful bug cartoon vector art and illustration

For example, if a child loves animals, you might choose a wallpaper mural with a forest scene or a zoo.

children's picture animals ride a bicycle on a rope against the background of the world map animals for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

Cartoons for Teenagers

Teenagers are starting to develop their own sense of style, so it is important you choose cartoon wallpaper murals that they will still enjoy as they get older.

Animals in woods wallpaper for children. Cute animal characters in the forest background, horizontal woodland panorama. Adorable wildlife hiding in trees and grass. Vector illustration for kids book.

Simple, minimalist cartoons or abstract designs are often a good choice for this age group.

Safari Animal set lion, giraffe and elephant in a balloon in watercolor style. Isolated vector illustration

Ultimately, the best way to choose the right age for cartoon wallpaper murals in a child’s room is to consider the child’s individual personality and interests.

Cute animal wallpaper, baby and kids room decoration

By taking the child’s preferences into account, parents can create a room that the child will love and that will help them to grow and develop.

Cartoon Illustration of a panda in the bamboo forest

What to keep in mind when choosing cartoon wallpaper for a child’s room

The size of the room:

If the room is small, it is best to choose a wallpaper mural with a light and airy design.

Cartoon vector animals that live in the forest. Forest fauna. Forest inhabitants. Bear looking for honey. Woodpecker hollows the hollow.

This will help to make the room feel larger and more spacious.

The furniture and bedding:

The wallpaper mural should complement the other elements of the room, such as the curtains, furniture, and bedding.

Illustration technique environmental conservation protection animal environment

For example, if the furniture is light and airy, you might choose a wallpaper mural with a bright and colorful design.

The child’s age:

As mentioned above, the child’s age should be a major factor in choosing a wallpaper mural.

horizontal illustration with dinosaur landscape for school

Younger children may prefer brighter and more colorful cartoons, while older children may prefer more sophisticated or humorous cartoons.

The quality of the wallpaper:

It is important to choose a wallpaper mural that is made from durable materials and that will not fade or peel easily.

Illustration technique care dinosaur child girls

By taking all of these factors into account, you can choose cartoon wallpaper murals that will be a fun and stylish addition to your child’s room.

Cute Bakery chef girl taste smiling cartoon art illustration logo. Premium Vector

The consequences of increased exposure to negative cartoon wallpapers?

You should know that there are some negative cartoons.

SISAKET, THAILAND – December 9, 2021: Hulk model through a brick wall at Coffeeshop display in Sisaket Province, Thailand

Such as those that encourage violence. Avoid such cartoons for your cartoon wallpapers.

JUNE 12 2021: Scene from Marvel Avengers Civil War, the Incredible Hulk fighting Captain America - Hasbro action figure

Excessive exposure to negative cartoon wallpapers can be a source of anxiety in the child.

 Sport activities with astronauts. Football, basketball. Kid nursery mural wallpaper. Vector hand drawn illustrations with space theme

And can also reduce his or her creative capacity.

Toy Story 4 movie backdrop display with cartoon characters

It can encourage aggressiveness and encourage him to seek emotions and sensations potentially dangerous to his physical integrity and mental health.

Baby bright colorful nature, jungle with exotic tropical plants, flowers and leaves. Drawn children's book illustration, card, postcard, cartoon wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural. Design for children room

Emotionally, what comes to the child through the wallpaper are not always positive and productive feelings.

wall murals landscape forest.Nature forest and trees .Lanscape nature background.vector illustration

Despite the apparent gratification that enjoying the adventures of their heroes entails. But rather feelings of grief or rage.

Do cartoon wallpaper images help to develop empathy in the child?

Children's bedroom cartoon wallpapers

Cartoon wallpapers can help develop empathy in children as well as make it difficult for them to develop in real contexts. But it is also possible that the opposite may happen.

 funny cute animals having fun on the branches in the tropics art drawing children's animals photo obi

Everything will depend on whether the type of cartoon offered to the child is or is not suitable for their age. And, in general, for a child.

Fox, deer, raccoon. Wall mural with forest theme. Vector hand drawn illustrations

Children begin to develop their emphatic capacity very early in age. And this can be much more truthful and spontaneous than in most adults.

Funny Kid Playing In A Swing

It is touching to see the image of a two-year-old girl crying inconsolably when watching cartoons in which Alvin’s Chipettes and Squirrels take care of a little penguin that has lost its parents.

Magical girl with a face mask cartoon wallpaper

Distinguish between good and bad cartoons

I spend days and nights thinking about new activities to amuse our children. And as mothers new recipes to please them.

Vector children hand drawn mountain and cute dinosaurs illustration in Scandinavian style. Mountain landscape, clouds. Children's tropical wallpaper. Mountains cape, children's room cartoon design, wall décor.

Not to mention new parenting tactics, new ways of disciplining them, and new schedules so as not to bore them. And new routines to motivate them.

Ancient egypt background.Egyptian hieroglyph and symbolAncient culture sing and symbol.Anubis.Pharaoh.

Part of your children’s entertainment as well as yours is watching television. And who doesn’t? Children particularly have always liked watching cartoons.

Red Hot European Style Sports-Car Cartoon Vector Illustration

But that’s where we find the dilemma. What television program is appropriate for them? Which ones are not? And if a television cartoon is not good for your child, it is not good for your child’s cartoon wallpaper.

Pink Panther popular vector collection on paper, Pink Panther editorial vector illustration is printed on white paper.

So don’t just let your child have his or her favorite cartoon unconditionally. You ought to ask yourself: Is this cartoon bad as they say?

Cute unicorns with clouds and rainbow. Kid nursery mural wallpaper. Vector hand drawn illustrations

Will this cartoon wallpaper be good because of the cute little drawings? or we are concerned about famous subliminal messages, etc.

Superhero spiderman vector logo. American comic books published by Marvel Comics

There are no good or bad cartoons, no dictionary of children’s television shows, and no manual. But there is only you as the mother and with the wisdom that God gave you.

Pensive Cartoon Monkey. Cute cartoon squirrel pointing with index finger to the side.Positive and unique design. Children's illustration.

You can take into account some aspects when choosing the wallpaper. And when allowing your children to see a television program or not:

-Vocabulary they use

Teachings that they leave with your child

-The way they solve the problems or situations presented

-Attitudes that the characters have in the cartoon (good, bad, aggressive, etc.)

-Design of the drawings (this is something very personal. Some drawings are not very pretty or appropriate for children)

-Duration of the program

– and a few more that all moms will put on their list.

Sea and mountain landscape in chinese style background. in traditional oriental, minimalistic Japanese style. Vector illustration

So how do you know if a cartoon is not good for your child to see?

Jakarta, Indonesia - May 23rd 2023 - Deadpool illustration in a red suit, Deadpool from marvel universe acting cute

As aforementioned cartoons that promote violence are not good for your child’s wallpaper.

tropical animals. giraffe and monkeys with palms and banana trees. cartoon illustration for murals and wallpapers.

And you will have to use your intuition to judge this. But Wallpaper Kenya recommends Disney-Land cartoon wallpapers any time.

Classic Seventies Style American Muscle Car Cartoon Vector Illustration

Because as Fernando Savater once wrote, a story without a villain is like a burger without fries.

Watercolor illustration with hot air balloon, clouds and sun for kids wallpapers and mural, fresco. Horizontal landscape. Cartoon wallpapers.

And it is true. The villain has always allowed the protagonist to stand as a symbol of those virtues that maybe he didn’t even think he had.

image for photo wallpapers and frescoes. Balloons in the sky. Balloons and airplanes. Animals on balloons. Illustration for children.

But above all the villain allows us to exorcise our fears, our nightmares, that dark side of our nature that history, literature, and cinema have always reminded us to be silent but always present, lurking.

wallpaper design for kids room, baby and grandpa moon, stars and sky, mural, wall art. Cartoon wallpapers.

Perhaps this is why the characters we remember most are them.

Wallpaper for girls’ room

The psychological effects of cartoon wallpapers for girls’ rooms can be both positive and negative.

Anaheim, United States of America - October 23, 2016: Legendary Disney castle of sleeping beauty in Disneyland

Positive effects:

  • Cartoon wallpapers can help to create a fun and playful atmosphere in a girl’s room.
  • They can also help to stimulate creativity and imagination.
  • Some cartoons may even promote positive messages about friendship, kindness, and acceptance.
  • Additionally, cartoon wallpapers can provide a sense of comfort and security for girls.

Beautiful elf Princess, Prince, Swan. King and Queen. Fairytale background. Flower meadow, castle, rainbow, lake. Wonderland. Magical landscape. Children cartoon illustration. Romantic story. Vector.

Negative effects:

  • Some cartoons may be too stimulating or distracting for girls, especially if they are used in bedrooms where girls are trying to sleep.
  • Other cartoons may promote negative stereotypes or unrealistic expectations about body image or gender roles.
  • Additionally, if a girl becomes too attached to a particular cartoon character, it could interfere with her ability to develop her own sense of identity.

Wild animals cartoon wallpapers. Zebra, elephant, vulture, giraffe, panda, crocodile. 3d vector icon set

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use cartoon wallpapers in a girl’s room is a personal one. You should carefully consider the potential benefits and drawbacks before making a decision.

Cartoon wallpapers for boys’ room

Here are some popular aesthetics, fun, and educational cartoon wallpapers for boys:

Vector set Cartoon Comics about Spiderman. Spiderman. The amazing spiderman. Superhero. Vector illustration. Yogyakarta - 14 june 2023

Aesthetic cartoons

These wallpapers feature minimalist, pastel colors and simple illustrations. They are often used to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in a boy’s room. Some popular examples include:

Studio Ghibli:

The works of the Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli are known for their beautiful and whimsical illustrations.

beautiful anime girls aesthetic digital art illustration cartoon wallpapers

Some popular characters include Totoro, Spirited Away, and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Anime forest sky landscape nature background. Beautiful trees with purple grass in anime ghibli japanese style

Sailor Moon:

This Japanese anime series Sailor Moon follows the adventures of a teenage girl who transforms into a sailor soldier to fight evil.

Anime girl with Pink hair warrior in sailor suit

The show is popular for its strong female characters and its messages of friendship and empowerment.

Dragon Ball Z:

This Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of Goku, a young boy who trains to become a martial arts master.

Nganjuk, Indonesia - 26 November 2020 : Goku Animation Vector Art

The show is popular for its action-packed battles and its humor.

The setting of famous Japanese animation Dragon Ball Z, an action figure of Sun Goku fighting pose cartoon wallpapers.

Fun cartoons:

These wallpapers feature bright colors and playful characters.

cute little white rabbit with big eyes holding a carrot

They are often used to create a fun and inviting atmosphere in a boy’s room. Some popular examples include:

Looney Tunes:

Daffy Duck vector illustration with outline created on march 10, 2023 in agadir, Morocco.

This American animated series features a cast of wacky characters, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Tweety Bird.

Tweety Bird figure classic toy character. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of American animated cartoons. Happy tweety winks.

SpongeBob SquarePants:

This American animated series follows the adventures of a sea sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

Sponge Bob square pants cartoon isolated vector color editorial

The show is popular for its humor and its colorful characters.

The Simpsons:

This American animated sitcom follows the lives of a dysfunctional family.

Tom and Jerry art design vector template funny character famous cartoon icon logo sign symbol mascot element animal cat mouse fast running laught

The show is popular for its satire and its social commentary.

Educational cartoons:

These wallpapers feature characters and illustrations that teach children about science, history, or other subjects.

Cartoon Vector Illustration of Funny Capital Letters Alphabet for Children Education

Cartoon wallpapers work great at assisting children to grasp the numbers, letters of the alphabet, nursery rhymes, words, and more.

Children's font in cartoon style. Set of colorful bright letters for lettering with cute faces. Vector illustration of the alphabet.

The story cartoons are great approaches to letting parents and children read aloud collectively.

Funny Number Cartoon Character. Vector Collection Set Isolated On White Background

This is because visual aids can quicken learning, especially when their minds are sensitive and ready to grasp anything quickly.

Cartoon dino font. Dinosaur alphabet letters and numbers, funny dinos letter signs for nursery or kindergarten kids vector illustration set. Alphabet dinosaur, abc kids letter typography

They are often used to encourage learning in a fun and engaging way. Some popular examples include:

The Magic School Bus:

The little red school bus. Cartoon wallpaper

This American animated series follows the adventures of a teacher and her students as they travel through the human body, the solar system, and other places.

Bill Nye the Science Guy:

The Bill Nye the Science Guy is an American science education show hosted by Bill Nye, a science educator, and comedian.

Science text icon with elements illustration

The show uses humor and experiments to teach children about science.

Curious George:

This American animated series follows the adventures of a monkey named George.

Osaka,Japan - Nov 19,2019 : Display of souvenir of Curious George in Universal Studios Japan.

The show teaches children about science, history, and other subjects through George’s curiosity.

Cute spaceman and alien characters on planet at night. Vector cartoon landscape with rocks, blue crystals, stars in sky, boy astronaut in spacesuit and green extraterrestrial

Cartoon Illustration Of A Kid Playing Skateboard

By considering the boy’s interests and personality, you can choose a wallpaper that will make his room a fun and inviting place to spend time.


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