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Cartoon Wallpapers at Wallpaper Kenya are not only decorative and are not also for children only. I am sure you will be amazed by the benefits accrued from cartoon wallpapers. Generally speaking, cartoons are of aesthetic, educational and have health benefits to both children and adults. Cartoon wallpapers will lead to an interest in watching […]


Cartoon Wallpapers at Wallpaper Kenya are not only decorative and are not also for children only. I am sure you will be amazed by the benefits accrued from cartoon wallpapers. Generally speaking, cartoons are of aesthetic, educational and have health benefits to both children and adults.

Customized 3d Kids Cartoon Wallpapers

Cartoon wallpapers will lead to an interest in watching television cartoons and perhaps reading comic books. As cartoons are humorous, adults who watch cartoons have a lower percentage risk of succumbing to stress-related diseases such as heart attack. That is easy to understand, isn’t it?

Children's Wallpaper Mural

I will encourage you not to limit cartoon wallpapers to your children’s bedroom. Because by watching cartoons you have a healthier rapport with your kids. Therefore you get in a better position of understanding them hence solve their problems more effectively.

Mickey Mouse's Customized Wallpaper

Cartoon wallpapers do encourage your child to read and watch cartoons at a tender age. These helps the child have more power in concentration than one who does not watch cartoons. Because the one watching has the ability to following up events (in the cartoon episodes).

Most cartoon wallpapers at Wallpaper Kenya are Disney Characters Cartoons. Disney Cartoons are awesome, the stories and the lessons they teach are what makes them so special.

The incredible Hulk Wallpaper

Some parent may fear to decorate with certain cartoon wallpaper. Take for example spider-man cartoon wallpaper.  In our cartoon wallpaper collection is Spider-man wallpaper for instance. The Disney character has moral teachings. He wasn’t born a superhero. Spider-man acquired his powers suddenly as a young adult, through a quirk of fate. That is very similar to the way most people become leaders. The moral teaching here is that there are some core principles that make Spider-man a force for good. And in the real world are pretty much exactly the same principals that can make leaders a force for good in an organization.

Spider man Cartoon Wallpaper

It is good to know the meaning of the cartoon wallpapers you are hanging in your child’s room, isn’t it?Violence in cartoons (as in many television programs) is as frequent as it is worrisome.

Excessive child time on the TV may teach the child to solve certain problems the way superheroes act. And those fantastic performances that the child assimilates as superpowers.

The identification with the protagonists of these cartoon wallpaper carries with them a mimicry. Such that it impels them to act under the slogan of “what my hero can do I can also do”.

What could be the consequences of increased exposure negative cartoon wallpapers?

You should know that there are some negative cartoons. Such as those that encourage violence. Avoid such cartoons for your cartoon wallpapers. Excessive exposure to negative cartoon wallpapers can be a source of anxiety in the child. And can also reduce his or her creative capacity. And it can encourage aggressiveness and encourage him to seek emotions and sensations potentially dangerous to his physical integrity and mental health.

Emotionally, what comes to the child through the wallpaper are not always positive and productive feelings.  Despite the apparent gratification that enjoying the adventures of their heroes entails. But rather feelings of grief or rage.

Do cartoon wallpaper images help to develop empathy in the child?

Children's bedroom cartoon wallpapers

Cartoon wallpapers can help develop empathy in children as well as make it difficult for them to develop in real contexts. But it is also possible that the opposite may happen. Everything will depend on whether the type of cartoon offered to the child are or are not suitable for their age. And, in general, for a child.

Children begin to develop their emphatic capacity very early in age. And this can be much more truthful and spontaneous than in most adults. It is touching to see the image of a two-year-old girl crying inconsolably when watching cartoons in which Alvin’s Chipettes and Squirrels take care of a little penguin that has lost its parents.

Distinguish between good and bad cartoons

Me and you spend days and nights thinking about new activities to amuse our children. And as mothers new recipes to please them. Not to mention new parenting tactics, new ways of disciplining them, new schedules so as not to bore them. And new routines to motivate them.

Part of your children’s entertainment as well as yours is watching television. And who doesn’t? Children particularly have always liked watching cartoons. But that’s where we find the dilemma. What television program is appropriate for them? Which ones are not? And if a television cartoon is not good for your child, it is not also good for your child’s cartoon wallpaper.

So don’t just let your child have his or her favorite cartoon  unconditionally. You ought to ask yourself: Is this cartoon bad as they say? Will this cartoon wallpaper be good because of the cute little drawings? or we are concerned about the famous subliminal messages, etc.

There are no good or bad cartoons, there is no dictionary of children’s television shows, and no manual. There is only you as the mother and with the wisdom that God gave you.

You can take into account some aspects when choosing the wallpaper. And when allowing your children to see a television program or not:

-Vocabulary they use

-Teachings that they leave with your child

-The way they solve the problems or situations presented

-Attitudes that the characters have in the cartoon (good, bad, aggressive, etc.)

-Design of the drawings (this is something very personal. Some drawings are not very pretty or appropriate for children)

-Duration of the program

– and a few more that all moms will put on their own list.

So how do you know if a cartoon is not good for your child to see?

As a aforementioned cartoons that promote violence are not good for your child’s wallpaper. And you will have to use your intuition to judge this. But Wallpaper Kenya recommends Disney-Land cartoon wallpapers any time. Because as Fernando Savater once wrote, a story without a villain is like a burger without fries. And it is true. The villain has always allowed the protagonist to stand as a symbol of those virtues that maybe he didn’t even think he had. But above all the villain allows us to exorcise our fears, our nightmares, that dark side of our nature that history, literature, cinema have always reminded us to be silent but always present, lurking. Perhaps this is why the characters we remember most are them.


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