Cinderella wallpaper

Disney Cinderella wallpaper for walls The Disney Cinderella wallpaper mural from Wallpaper Kenya will be unique on your girl child’s room walls in all ways. Because it is not the regular type of wallpaper. It is custom-made and we will tailor-make it for you. And Because it is tailor-made, you will have a choice of […]


Disney Cinderella wallpaper for walls

The Disney Cinderella wallpaper mural from Wallpaper Kenya will be unique on your girl child’s room walls in all ways.

Cinderella Disney kids Paris

Because it is not the regular type of wallpaper. It is custom-made and we will tailor-make it for you.

Beautiful Cinderella dressed ball gown wallpaper for walls.

And Because it is tailor-made, you will have a choice of colors to harmonize with the girl’s room color scheme.

Disney castle, princess, knight, mermaid, and dragon.

You will also have a choice of exactly the scene that fascinates your girl child.

Choosing the right wallpaper for the wall

Among your choices are:

  • Disney castle background
  • Princess Cinderella’s background
  • Cinderella 2015 wallpaper for walls
  • Beautiful Cinderella
  • Princess Cinderella pink wallpaper for walls
  • 3d Cinderella wallpaper
  • Cinderella band wallpaper for walls
  • Princess Cinderella shoe wallpaper
  • Disney castle at night wallpaper
  • Cinderella blue wallpaper
  • Cartoon Cinderella wallpaper
But before you rush to choose the right image for the walls, it is always good to know the moral of the wallpaper. And I hope you do. If so, please go ahead and select.
Disney Princess Cinderella
But if you don’t know, then here below we repeat the synopsis of the story.
Beautiful cute princess with long braided hairstyle holding her long white dress vector illustration 1.

A synopsis of Disney Princess Cinderella Fantasy Story Wallpapers

Cinderella’s father, a widower, married a woman with two daughters. Then he died.
Cinderella Cinderella cartoon
Full of envy for Cinderella’s sweetness and beauty, her stepmother and step-siblings treat her with great contempt.
Princess background
And they force Cinderella to do their dirtiest chores. But Cinderella continues to remain sweet and serene.
Sad Cinderella cleaning the floor with floor cloth.
Sad Cinderella cleaning the floor with a floor cloth.

The prince organizes a ball to look for a wife. But despite being Cinderella’s greatest hope, the stepmother prevents her from attending the ball.

Cinderella and her magic godmother.
Cinderella and her magic godmother.

As Cinderella cries, her fairy godmother appears, transforming her into a princess to go to the ball. But the godmother warns her that her spell will be undone at midnight.

Illustration of Fairy godmother
Illustration of a Fairy godmother.

Cinderella and the prince fall in love and dance nonstop. But at midnight Cinderella runs away, losing one of her shoes.

Crystal Cinderella's glass slipper on blue pillow.

The prince decides to prove to all the girls he will marry the one he deserves.
cinderella wallpaper
And despite the evil attempts of her stepmother and her daughters, Cinderella’s shoe finally works for Cinderella.
Thomas Kinkade Cinderella

Morals: Princess Cinderella’s Wallpaper for walls

Your child has a lot to learn from Cinderella Wallpaper for Walls. It will remind her of the morals of the story.

Cinderella Walt Disney

Cinderella’s father remarried the most haughty and proud woman that ever lived. And she had two daughters who resembled her in everything.

Cinderella and her naughty sisters illustration.

The husband, on the other side, had a Cinderella; of unparalleled sweetness inherited from her real mother who was the best person in the world.

Cinderella zodiac sign

Along with the wedding: Disney Castle wallpaper

Cinderella’s stepmother gave free rein to her bad character. Because she could not bear the young Cinderella’s good qualities. And this made her daughters appear even more hateful.

fairytale wallpaper. Disney Wallpaper Mural.

Cinderella’s stepmother forced her to do the vilest chores in the house. She was the one who scrubbed the floors and the dishes. The one who cleaned the rooms of the lady and her daughters.

Cinderella. A fairy tale. A pretty kind girl and her angry stepmother. Illustration for children's wallpaper for walls.

The poor girl put up with everything patiently. And did not dare to complain to her father, for fear that he would reprimand her. because his wife completely dominated him.

Illustration of Cinderella dreaming.
Illustration of Cinderella dreaming.

Cinderella’s character

This is an obedient, hardworking, modest, kind, forgiving, grateful, and sincere girl. She endured the hardships of her very hard life.

Background for a girl. Cinderella wallpaper.

And she was truly obedient, sincerely kind, and did not hold a grudge or take revenge.

cinderella vector illustration design suitable for fairy tale cartoon character princess children's book fairy tale day

She did not keep track of the insults, and insults inflicted on her and immediately forgave her, never remembering it later.

Cinderella 2

Cinderella was meek, that is, a soft girl, and this was very difficult in her living conditions. She was also able to maintain a positive, joyful mood, not embittered.

Gift of fate

It happened that the king’s son gave a ball to which he invited all the distinguished persons. Our two young ladies were also invited, as they had a lot of names in the region.

Cinderella movie Disney 1950

Here they are very satisfied and worried about choosing the suits and hairstyles that best fit them.

Cinderella Disney


Cinderella becomes the one who irons her clothes and pleats the decorations on their dresses. And the only thing they talked about was the way they would be dressed.

Cinderella | Disney Princess in blue dress and pink background.

“I,” said the older one, “will put on my red velvet dress and my English ornaments.”

They called Cinderella to ask her opinion of her because she had good taste. Cinderella gave them the best possible advice.

Cinderella wallpaper, baby backgrounds for girls.

And she even offered to fix their hair, which they accepted. While she combed them, they told her:

-Cinderella, would you like to go to the ball?

-Oh, ladies, you’re making fun, that’s not for me.

 Sisters Don't Give Cinderella Enough Respect.

They were so happy that they went almost two days without eating. More than a dozen laces broke by tightening them so that their waists looked slimmer. And they passed it around in front of the mirror.

Disney Cinderella Wallpapers - Top Free Disney Cinderella Backgrounds
Disney Cinderella Wallpapers – Top Free Disney Cinderella Backgrounds

Finally, the happy day arrived. They left and Cinderella followed them with her eyes. And when she lost sight of them she began to cry. Her godmother, who saw in tears, asked what was wrong.

Cinderella at the ball cartoon wallpaper.

-I would like… I would like…

She raised so much that she couldn’t finish. Her godmother of her, who was a fairy, told her:

“You’d like to go to the dance, wouldn’t you?

“Oh yeah,” Cinderella said, sighing.

“Well, you’ll behave well,” said his godmother, “I’ll make you go.”

She took her to his room and said:

-Go to the garden and bring me a pumpkin.

The Pumpkin Cinderella wallpaper

Cinderella went at once to get the best pumpkin she could find and took it to her godmother. But not being able to guess how this pumpkin could make her go to the ball.

dances with the prince

Her godmother emptied it leaving only the skin. Then she touched it with her magic wand and instantly the pumpkin turned into a beautiful all-gold carriage.

illustration of Cinderella's pumpkin and 4 dressed mice.

She then looked into the mousetrap where she found six live rats. And she told Cinderella to raise the trap door a little. To each rat that came out, she gave it a wand hit. And the rat was automatically transformed into a spirited horse.

Magical Princess Cinderella and her horses.

Disney Cinderella Wallpapers – Top Free Disney Cinderella Backgrounds

This made a six-horse team of beautiful mouse-grey colors. Since he couldn’t find what to make a coachman with:

“I am going to see,” said Cinderella, ” if there is any mouse in the trap, to make a coachman.”

-You’re right, -said his godmother-, go see.

illustration of a fairy tale, akvaerl. Performed in Russian stiile

Cinderella brought her to the trap where there were three fat mice. The fairy chose one for its imposing beard. And having touched, it he was turned into a fat coachman with a beautiful mustache.

Fairy godmother making magic pumpkin carriage

Then she told Cinderella:

”Go down to the garden, you will find six lizards behind the watering can; bring them to me.”

Cinderella pumpkin carriage. Vector isolated illustration.

As soon as she brought them, the godmother changed them into six lackeys who immediately climbed into the back of the carriage. With their braided suits, holding on to them as if they had never done anything else in their lives.

The fairy then said to Cinderella:

”Well, here you have to go to the dance, aren’t you well expected?”

”That’s true, but can I go like this, with these ugly dresses?”

Cinderella in ugly dress

Her godmother did not more than touch her with her wand. And at once her clothes were changed into magnificent dresses of cloth of gold and silver. All embroidered with precious stones. She then gave her a pair of glass slippers, the most precious in the world.

The carriage

Beautiful princess in blue long dress on the luminous blue carriage background. Snow effect.

Once thus attired, Cinderella climbed into the carriage. But her godmother advised her to return before midnight. Warning her that if she stayed at the ball a minute longer, her carriage would turn back into a pumpkin.

Cinderella 1950

And her horses into rats, footmen into lizards, and her old clothes would be back again to their primitive form. She promised her godmother that she would be out of the dance before midnight.

Starry Blue Cinderella Background

She left, crazy with happiness.

Great beauty

The king’s son, who was told that a great princess that no one knew had just arrived, ran to receive her. He took her hand when she got out of the carriage. And took her to the room where his guests were.

Cinderella and Princes cartoon Disney Wallpaper Mural.

Then there was a great silence: the dance stopped and the violins stopped playing. Because so absorbed were all contemplating the great beauty of this unknown. Only a confused murmur could be heard:

Oh, how beautiful she is!

Illustration of Cinderella runs away blue wallpaper for walls.

The king himself, being old, did not stop looking at her and whispering to the queen. That it had been a long time since he had seen such a beautiful and graceful person.

Disney Princess Belle

All the ladies carefully observed her hairstyle and her dress, to have similar ones the next day. As long as there were equally beautiful fabrics and hands so skilled at making them.

Cute pink cinderella princess carriage with floral decoration and stardust cartoon vector illustration. Medieval kingdom transport.

The king’s son placed her in her place of honor and then led her to his hall to dance with her. She danced with such grace that it was one more reason for admiration.

Cinderella scene with godmother fairy transforming pumpkin into carriage with horses and the girl into a princess

They brought exquisite delicacies that the prince did not try, busy as he was watching her. She went to sit next to her stepsisters and paid them a thousand courtesies. She shared with them the lemons and oranges that the prince had given her. And this surprised them a lot since they did not know her.

Princess Crown Background Vector Illustration.

Cinderella escapes from the ball

Chatting thus they were when Cinderella heard three-quarter past eleven strikes. She instantly bowed low to the crowd and hurried away.

thomas kincaid emerald city

As soon as she arrived home, she went to look for her godmother. And after thanking her, she told her that she would very much like to go to the ball the next day. Because the prince had asked her to. When she was telling her godmother everything that had happened at the dance, the two sisters knocked on her door. And Cinderella went to open.

”How long have you been back?” Cinderella asked them yawning, rubbing her eyes, and stretching as if she had just woken up. however, she hadn’t felt like sleeping since they parted ways.

“If you had gone to the dance,” one of the sisters told her, “you wouldn’t have been bored. The most beautiful princess attended. Beauty that has ever been seen. She paid us a thousand attentions, and gave us oranges and lemons.”

The royal ball dance of Cinderella and Prince

Cinderella was beaming with joy. She asked them the name of this princess. But they replied that no one knew her. And that the king’s son was not satisfied and that he would give everything in the world to know who she was.

Cinderella’s shoe wallpaper

The next day the two sisters went to the ball. And Cinderella too, but even more richly dressed than the first time. The king’s son was constantly by her side and saying nice things to her. So Cinderella was not at all bored and she forgot her godmother’s recommendation of her. So she heard the first chime of midnight when she thought it was not even eleven.

Illustration of Cinderella runs away.
The illustration of Cinderella runs away.

The magic spell wanes

She got up and ran off, light as a gazelle. The prince followed her. But he could not reach her. She had dropped one of her glass slippers which the prince carefully picked up.

silhouette of Cinderella wearing her glass slipper.

Cinderella came home suffocated. And without a carriage, without lackeys, with her old dress. She had only one of her slippers, just like the one that had fallen off, of all her magnificence.

Beautiful fairytale pink carriage

The gatekeepers of the palace were asked whether they had seen a princess leave. They said that they had not seen anyone come out. Except for a very badly dressed girl who looked more like a village girl than a young lady.

Seamless pattern with prince, princess, castle, carriage with horse and butterflies. Fairy tale theme. Isolated objects. Vintage vector illustration

When her two sisters returned from the ball, Cinderella asked them if they had fun this time too. And if the beautiful lady had come. They said that she did, but that she had run away at midnight. And so quickly that she had dropped one of her glass slippers, the most beautiful in the world. That the king’s son had picked it up, dedicating himself to contemplating it throughout the rest of the dance. And that he was undoubtedly very much in love with the beautiful little person who owned the slipper.

Princess wallpaper

A few days later the king’s son had it proclaimed to the sound of trumpets that he would marry the person whose foot fit the slipper.

Disney Cinderella fitting her shoe Cartoon.

They began testing it on the princesses. Then to the duchesses. And to the entire court, but no avail.

They took the to Cinderella’s two sisters to try. And they both did their best to fit the slipper, but they couldn’t. Cinderella, who was looking at them, and who recognized her slipper, said laughing:

”Can I try if it fits me?”

But her sisters began to laugh and make fun of her. The gentleman who tried on the slipper looked closely at Cinderella and found her very pretty. And he said that it was only fair and that he had orders to try it on all the girls.

He made Cinderella sit down and bringing the slipper close to her little foot, he saw that it fit effortlessly. And that it was made to measure for her.

Cinderella tries on the glass slipper wallpaper for walls.

Cinderella forgives her sisters

Great was the astonishment of the two sisters. But even greater when Cinderella took the other slipper out of her pocket and put it on. At this moment the godmother arrived who, having touched Cinderella’s dresses with her wand, made them even more dazzling than the previous ones.

Fairytale background

Then the two sisters recognized her as the person they had seen at the ball. And they threw themselves at her feet to apologize for all the mistreatment they had inflicted on her. Cinderella made them get up and told them, hugging them, that she forgave them with all her heart. And begged them to always love her.

The royal ball dance of Cinderella and Prince.
The royal ball dance of Cinderella and Prince.

She was led before the young prince, dressed as she was. And the Princess found her more beautiful than she had ever been.

A few days later they were married and lived happily thereafter. Cinderella, who was as good as she was beautiful, had her sisters taken to live in the palace. And immediately married them to two great lords of the court.

Castle and the carriage.
Castle and the carriage.

Those are the morals of your Cinderella wallpaper for walls.


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