Coastal mural

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Give your spaces a relaxing touch with a coastal mural of sunsets and or deserted beaches. Add a touch of exoticism to your rooms with a landscape of palm trees, which will make you feel as if your vacation has no end. Adorn your walls with decorative murals of beaches and seas in paradisiacal environments. […]


Give your spaces a relaxing touch with a coastal mural of sunsets and or deserted beaches.

Coastal mural of sail boat drawn seamless pattern. Marine 2 tone yacht ship printed background for interior décor. Maritime travel all over design vector repeat.

Add a touch of exoticism to your rooms with a landscape of palm trees, which will make you feel as if your vacation has no end.

3D rendering of a sofa in front of a photo coastal mural ocean sunset

Adorn your walls with decorative murals of beaches and seas in paradisiacal environments.

Nautical watercolor landscape. Adriatic seascape with sunset, mountain silhouettes, coastal sandy beach, stones. Hand drawn isolated illustration for your postcards, printing, poster, wallpaper design

Which will make you feel like the sea breeze is blowing through your windows and will remind you of your last vacation in Mombasa Kenya, Thailand, or the Maldives.

Digital painting Paradise art picture with summer theme. flowers, beach, palm very beautiful wall mural

And why don’t you use your own photographs?

3d render, futuristic landscape with cliffs and water. Modern minimal abstract background. Spiritual zen coastal wallpaper mural with sunset or sunrise light

You may be interested in our custom-made photomurals to add a touch of originality to the decoration of your home.

Coastal mural, mountain, city and sea view through an open window with shutters of the city of Positano on the Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy during summer.

Or find the perfect photo for your wall in the image search engine.

Aerial view of maine coastal harbor - drone picture of lobster boats with the ocean inside a marina sunset - kennebunk maine round pond maine coastal maine

Find a collection of beach murals at Wallpaper Kenya to decorate your home in an exclusive and original way.
Adolescence Summer Beach Party Outdoors Coastal mural Concept
With our coastal murals, you can now have beautiful views of the sea that will not leave you indifferent.
Empty tropical beach
Are you looking to decorate your house and you do not want to go into renovations, which cost so much time and money?
3d rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural with a palm beach
Now you can order one of our wonderful sea wall murals with which you will have a decoration that everyone will envy.
Sailboat in the sea in the evening sunlight over beautiful big mountains background, luxury summer adventure, active vacation in Mediterranean sea, Turkey

Decorate the house with a wonderful coastal wall mural

We have a wide catalog of coastal mural designs so you can choose your favorite and have a decoration that you like.

Traditional wooden dhow boats in Masirah Island in Sultanate of Oman

You are in charge of your decoration. And when you look at your wall you should not see a monochrome or white wall that only conveys boredom.

Panorama of idyllic tropical beach with palm trees, white sand and turquoise blue water coastal mural

Take a look at our collection, we have sea wallpaper with exclusive designs.

Beautiful view from the window to the sea and the blooming garden. Digital mural,3D rendering

Such as sea views with a window, which create an effect as if you could see the sea from your window.

View of the sea sunset from the hotel window

We also have views of fantastic paradise islands; beautiful sunsets at the sea; incredible sea shores; and many others that you can think of.

Coastal mural, Sunset on Lake Qarun, Fayoum, Egypt

Create a warm and more comfortable home with our giant sea wall murals which, in addition to being fantastic, are of top quality silk fabric base.

Chestnut horse galloping on shore, wall painting

You can wash them with a damp cloth, soap, and water, as many times as you need to enjoy them in perfect condition.

Italian traditional lake village. Italy, Europe. Digital mural. Digital fresco.

Your coastal mural will be perfectly integrated into your wall and you will be able to enjoy it for a long time in perfect condition.

Fisherman, ships, boat, sea landscape, oil wall painting

Personalized order and design

Order your favorite coastal mural and put it in the room of your house that you prefer, in the living room or in the bedroom.

An old house with columns on the cliff of the mountain. 3d murals. 3d image. Living room coastal wallpaper mural.

As you are in charge of your decoration, so you decide where it will look best.

Coastal landscape - view of the beach with beach furniture, palm trees and umbrellas, city of Varna, on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria

Ideal sea wallpaper that you can enjoy without having to leave your home since it will arrive at the address you indicate without you having to worry about your product.

Daytime seascape with clouds at Copacabana on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia.

At all times Wallpaper Kenya will keep you informed about the evolution of your sea photomural so that you do not have to have any kind of worry.

travel by plane all over the world, for your child's room

Our interior coastal wall murals are a perfect alternative to decorating your home in the way you want quickly and effectively.

Seamless pattern with sea creatures. Endless underwater life background. Fish, sea shell, corals, starfish. Ocean wallpaper, wall art, fabric print. Summer vacation. Coral reef vector illustration.

You will not regret your choice and you will be able to show off your home with all your visits.

Kids room wallpaper , Wallpaper design for world map digital printing

Coastal mural as the embodiment of freedom and limitlessness

For a long time, people have been attracted and fascinated by the view of the sea.

Sleeping underwater animals, vector hand drawn illustration for kid room coastal wall mural

The unpredictable beauty of its endless expanses inspired many ancient painters.

Sunshine State of Mind Embracing Summer Freedom Coastal Mural.

Hundreds of artists to this day embody in their creations the playful reflections and dark waves of the endless expanses of water.

Gold Misty coastal wall mural with small fishing boat. Traditional oriental ink painting sumi-e, u-sin, go-hua

The custom print mural is worth highlighting as a separate direction in Marinism.

Daytime seascape with clouds at Copacabana on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia.

Because, in terms of artistic expression, it is significantly superior to flat paintings and regular wallpapers.

 two art drawn whales that jump out of the clouds in the night sky, wall murals in a room or interior of a building, institution

The presence of a three-dimensional texture significantly increases the liveliness of any image, making it much more intimate and tangible.

Black and white landscape Mural wallpaper.

Choose among the many faux textures available for order.

You can choose exactly the solution that would most harmoniously fit into the individual ambiance of the interior of your apartment or studio.

3D Wall design of Fish out from Aquarium

As well as into the exterior features of the site of your private house, cottage, or country residence.

Order for custom-made beach and sea murals

At Wallpaper Kenya you will find bright, rich pictures or either beach or sea murals that will harmoniously complement your living space, making it individual and unique.

Beautiful wallpaper, photo wallpaper for a nursery, teenage room. Drawn plane in the sky, clouds, over the sea. Design for children, teenager.

Cutom-made wallpaper mural. Our catalog is convenient and comfortable for finding the required image.

zrisic 3D Wallpaper Garden Balcony Lake Scenery Building Photo Wall Murals Living Room Dining Room Waterproof Canvas

All pictures are of high quality, with excellent resolution and excellent detail.

3D Coastal Mural design of Fish out from Aquarium

You can buy Coastal murals at the best price in Kenya, and the East African region without leaving your home.

Vector illustration about beautiful landscape

Our selection of Marine murals will amaze you with its extraordinary assortment, environmental friendliness of materials, and beauty of images.

Panorama of the seaside from the coastal hills overgrown with vegetation, hills and meadows near the sea coast, summer countryside with green hills, rural landscape background

You can order the murals you like with delivery throughout Kenya or to any other East African Country.

Coastal landscape of Ndao Island (Pulau Ndao or Rai Dhao), East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia, wall mural.

We guarantee the quality of our products.

Coastal mural with palm trees on the shore portrayed in a vector engraving

So the image will not fade for a long time under the influence of direct sunlight and artificial lighting.

Coastal sports wallpaper

A coastal sports wallpaper mural is a type of wall art that depicts athletes participating in sports that are typically associated with the coast.

Coastal mural, surfboard and palm tree on beach with beach sign for surfing area. Travel adventure and water sport. relaxation and summer vacation concept. vintage color tone image.

For example such as surfing, swimming, sailing, and volleyball.

Vector illustration of surfer walking with surfboard in coastal landscape.

The sports wallpaper murals can be found in a variety of locations including businesses, and private homes.

Vector illustration of a cyclist riding along the ocean mountain road.

Coastal surfing wallpaper

One of the most popular types of coastal sports wallpaper is the surfing mural.

Tropical Hawaii Surf Beach Seamless Pattern illustration Vector On Pink Background Wallpaper, Palm Tree With Beach-men Playing Surf

Surfing wallpaper murals often depict surfers riding waves. They can be found in coastal towns all over the world.

Surf boards collection, surfing time. Hawaii seamless pattern design for fabric, wallpapers etc. Vector illustration

Surfing murals are often brightly colored and feature dynamic images of surfers in action.

Coastal Swimming Mural

Another popular type of coastal sports mural is the swimming mural. Swimming murals often depict swimmers diving into the water or swimming through the waves.

Ocean underwater landscape, seaweed and reef, fish school, whale silhouette. Sea bottom landscape, seafloor seascape vector background with ocean flora and fauna, corals, sea animal silhouettes

The murals can be found in a variety of locations, including public swimming pools and aquatic centers.

Coastal mural underwater coral reef landscape background in the deep blue ocean with colorful fish and marine life

Swimming murals often serene and calming atmosphere. And they can help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Diving center vintage flyer colorful an invitation to attend lessons of professional instructors in water dipping with octopus vector illustration

Sailing wallpaper

The sailing wallpaper murals are another popular type of coastal sports mural.

Beautiful tropical vintage seamless pattern with palm trees, Asian pavilions, hibiscus, mountains and cheetah floral seamless summer pattern isolated on white background. Exotic jungle wallpaper mural.

The murals often depict sailboats racing across the water or sailing through the sunset.

Anchor seamless pattern. Anchors texture. Repeat background boat, ship or sails. Repeated marine pattern. Nautical design prints. Maritime sailing patern. Repeating sea backdrop. Vector illustration

Sailing murals can be found in a variety of locations, including marinas and yacht clubs.

Reto Marine nautical hand drawn seamless vector pattern, Sailboat vector, Anchor and palm trees y illustrator ,Design for fashion , fabric, textile, coastal mural, wrapping and all prints

Sailing murals are often elegant and sophisticated, and they can help to create a nautical atmosphere.

Caribbean sailing cruises nautical elements collage grunge marine wallpaper vector seamless pattern

Volleyball wallpaper

Coastal volleyball wallpaper murals are another popular type of coastal sports mural.

Los Angeles, California - December 29, 2022: Serene Empty Volleyball Court at Venice Beach against Vast Blue Sky

Volleyball murals often depict volleyball players spiking the ball or diving to save a dig.

Tall palm trees, parking lot, beachfront homes on the Strand, and people playing beach volleyball in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, California. Travel, urban living, active lifestyle and sports concept

The murals can be found in a variety of locations, including public beaches and volleyball courts.

Cartoon red hot chilli pepper playing with ball on beach during summer vacation. Isolated vector guindilla personage enjoying volleyball outdoor sparetime activities at coastal resort or sea holidays

Volleyball murals are often fun and energetic, and they can help to create a lively atmosphere.

beach volleyball by the sea side coastal mural

Coastal sports murals can be a great way to add color and excitement to any space.

Coastal Harmony Music and Waves in Perfect Summer Sync.

They can also be a great way to show your support for your favorite coastal sports.

Coastal Cuisines Indulging in Summer Beach Flavors.

If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching piece of wall art, consider a coastal sports mural.

Coastal Mural Sun-Drenched Journeys Exploring Coastal Charms.

Under the sea wallpaper

First-class quality coastal murals with a marine theme transform the room beyond recognition.

illustration of treasure chest with pirate ship under the sea

They will look very impressive on the walls of the kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

Turtle and fish under the sea

When selecting an image for printing, you need to start with the style of the interior.

under a light blue sky with sun and clouds, a red-black icebreaker swims across the ocean, breaking ice and leaves behind a waterway with floating ice floes. arctic banner. flat art wallpaper. author'

Marine wallpaper on the wall is in high demand in the following interior spaces:

In the kitchen

Coastal murals in the form of a terrace overlooking the sea are popular in modern dining rooms and kitchens.

the silhouettes of the shores with palm trees and bushes are reflected in the water of the bay under the evening sky with a large setting sun and stars. marine tropical banner. vector

Soothing tones can create a soft atmosphere for a family dinner or lunch.

Professional male swimmer practicing underwater swimming in pool

In addition, it has been proven that the turquoise color perfectly whets the appetite.

Coast Mural of Women Taking Part in High Diving Competition Race. Cartoon Female Diver Swimmer in Swimsuit Jumping from Trampoline, Board, Podium. Summer Individual Water Sport. Vector Flat Illustration

So in the kitchen, on the wall of which there is a mural with a marine plot or landscape, any food will always seem tastier.

Coastal seamless repeat pattern with fish, corals, jellyfish and starfish in sophisticated colors

In the bedroom

Sleep is an uncompromising physiological and psychological need.

Night sea resort landscaper coastal mural. The yacht is reflected in the water of the bay among the islands with palm trees under the night starry sky with the moon.

So today more and more people prefer decorating their bedrooms in the gentle “Marina” style.

the military ship is reflected in the water of the bay against the background of the shores, under the sky with the sun, clouds and silhouettes of flying seagulls. flat design seascape.

Just imagine how nice it is to stretch before going to bed and dream a little while enjoying the view of the mural, sea, and mountains in warm colors!

beautiful natural mountain landscape. lonely dry tree on a cliff against the background of the sea, coast, hills, mountains, sky with the moon and stars. stylization under the picture on canvas.

For a children’s room

especially if its main inhabitant is a mischievous little boy who dreams of pirate exploits and long, exciting journeys.

Pirate ship at the open sea at the sunset coastal mural

Fierce water battles, warships, and frigates led by Jack Sparrow, depicted in a textured naval-themed mural, will greatly contribute to the development of creative thinking and imagination.

Old battleship fleet in the sea . This is a 3d render illustration.

Which your child will definitely need in adulthood.

Hall or hallway

The “Sea” or “Ocean” mural also looks great in the hallway.

ship boat coastal wallpaper mural illustration vector designs

Old fishing boats swaying on the water instantly inspire trust in guests and indicate your simplicity, kindness, and openness.

Boat on sea shore hand drawing. Empty beach and idyllic sea view

Seascape-style murals in the pool look especially impressive

The attractive look of the water sheet can dramatically expand the sensations of swimming in warm, pleasant water.

modern painting of golden sunset seascape. The texture of the oriental style of gray and gold canvas with an abstract pattern. artist collection of animal painting for decoration and interior, boat

A sunny beach with palm trees and bright fruits depicted on a moisture-resistant mural will create the impression of a truly heavenly place that you absolutely don’t want to leave!

Chairs And Umbrella In Palm Beach - Tropical Holiday Coastal Mural

These are not all examples of the use of marine murals.

3d Vector Beach Chair, Yellow Umbrella and Ball, Summer holiday, Time to travel concept. Eps 10 Vector.

Because with the proper approach, they can extremely successfully act as an excellent thematic addition to the interior of absolutely any, both quiet and crowded places, looking interesting and unusual.

Island palm tree sea sand beach. Panoramic beach landscape. Inspire tropical beach seascape horizon. Orange and golden sunset sky calmness tranquil relaxing summer mood. Vacation travel holiday banner

Indomitably attracting admiring glances: spacious halls, seething metro visitors, modest cozy cafes, gourmet restaurants, youth clubs, hairdressers, shops, salons, and water parks.

Landscape view of an empty water park with fun water slides and an outdoor swimming pool. Family vacation at a resort with an aqua park. Kids recreation in the summer. Cartoon vector illustration

3d coastal mural

Using 3D nature wallpaper such as a coastal mural to decorate your home or office is an excellent option to give your space a unique and modern style without losing natural beauty.

Summer sea, beach and mountains on the horizon with pine trees in the foreground 3d wallpaper

There are several types of wall designs that fit your tastes.

Coastal landscape with palms Computer generated 3D illustration

From 3D designs that will give depth to your rooms.

Serene outdoor setting with vibrant orange chairs, a sleek table, all complemented by cascading greenery and sunlit walls. 3d rendering. High quality 3d illustration. 3D Illustration

To designs with palm trees that will transport you to the middle of nature and give freshness to your home.

Creative 3d photo artwork graphics collage painting of happy lady talking gadget sun tanning isolated drawing background

Using 3D coastal murals to decorate your walls can be a great improvement for any space, whether it is your home or your office.

Full moon over green trees landscape. 3D rendering

These benefits can vary depending on the type of wallpaper in question. They can include saving time and costs.

Farmhouse nature outdoor living area with boho wicker wooden armchair and concrete floor. Panoramic sky view with green plants. Mockup empty rustic balcony. 3d rendering. High quality. 3D Illustration

And you could also achieve the results you want with ease. Some of the benefits include:

  • You can change the color and texture of the wall with ease
  • It is an economical way to decorate your home
  • Allows you to create creative and unique environments
  • It is a quick and easy solution to cover wall defects, from marks to cracks
  • Wallpaper Kenya’s high-tensile silk fabric mural is a very resistant decoration
  • It is practically unchanged over time


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