The coffee shop lives not only on flavor, coffee house wall art also occupies a fundamental role.

Seamless pattern with cup of coffee, coffee machine and barista. Coffee shop, café-bar, drink concept. Vector illustration. Perfect for product design, wallpaper, wrapping paper.

And we are not referring only to food and drinks wall art. Keep in mind the color when choosing the logo of your coffee house.

coffee shop logo design for wall art. vector illustration.

But also the color of the wall, the tone of the tables, tablecloths, napkins or the menu. Because all these have to harmonize with the wall art.

Vector illustration with human hands holding coffee beans on a vintage watercolor background

As you now know, each color awakens a sensation in us. And what you want is for the customer see and be as pleasant as possible.

Coffee house wall art Vector illustration with cup and coffee beans on a vintage watercolor background

Researchers have scientifically proven something that we have been suspecting for a long time: it is enough for us to see a delicious-looking plate of food with appetizing colors to stimulate our voracity.

Coffee House. coffee beans vector. Hand drawn illustration.

Specifically, the image of food increases the blood concentration of the hormone ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone, responsible for appetite. 

Set of coffee beans and ground coffee in the shape of a world map. Top view. On a dark background. Coffee house wall art.

If we say that when cooking you have to take into account the sense of sight, we are not advancing anything new.

Coffee drinks word cloud in shape of World Map, concept background

But also, you have to take care of the color of the logo, in this case the place where we will taste the dish, since each hue awakens a sensation in us.

Floating astronaut and coffee mug at sunrise wallpaper mural. Coffee break and breakfast concept. 3D and photo illustration with analog film look, elements from NASA.

It will also affect customers, and all of this will convey a brand image that  will help diners feel more or less comfortable in our establishment.