Corporate wall murals

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This product provides custom wall murals for corporate spaces, allowing businesses to create unique and inspiring environments.


Corporate wall murals artwork, global business structure of networking. Analysis and data exchange customer connection, HR recruitment and global outsourcing, Customer service, Teamwork, Strategy, Technology and social network.

Now that you are looking for Corporate Wall Murals, Wallpaper Kenya welcomes you.

Corporate wall murals design, Abstract shape logo emblem design elegant modern minimal style vector illustration. Premium business geometric logotype symbol for corporate identity.

And we assure you that we will give you exactly what you want.

Corporate wall murals design, Abstract image of many business people together in group on background of city view with office building showing partnership success of business deal. Concept of employee teamwork, trust and agreement

Why and how do you think we are able to offer you the best corporate wall murals?

Graphic illustration of a peacocks and trees. Design for interior project, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural, poster, home and office décor

It is because all our wall murals are custom-made. And also because we do it on high tensile silk fabric that is highly durable and suitable to high traffic areas.

Fly ALS Kenyan Airline wall mural
Fly ALS Kenyan Airline wall mural

First of all we have premium access to over 400,000,000 Shutterstock high resolution images for you to choose from.

Masai educational, Mpesa Foundation Academy wallpaper mural

And from which collection you are very likely to get suitable designs for your corporate wall murals.

Geometric coffee pattern design corporate wall mural. Pattern for designing a card, poster, banner, corporate identity. Coffee packaging design. Vector elements.

But incase you want something more particular to your organization, such as your corporate logo, no problem.

Custom-made by Wallpaper Kenya, Corporate Identity wall mural.

You are welcome.

Decorative corporate office wall mural

Wallpaper Kenya is in a position to work with any design that you select from us and/or you provide us.

wallpaper forest mural nature animal

But on one condition, that the artwork be of a high resolution.

Coffee house corporate wall murals.

But we also have some vector images that can be edited to suit your needs.

Children's dentistry wall mural

For you to come up with the best corporate wall murals for you organization we would like you to take your time choosing.

Magnetic compass and location marking with a pin on routes on world map. Adventure, discovery, navigation, communication, logistics, geography, transport and travel theme concept background.

And to help jog your mind, we want you to differentiate between corporate wall murals, company murals, and business murals.

Premium fruit beer with sliced lime and splashing drink in 3d illustration, modern design for advertising

And also think about the murals in restaurants, hospitals, swimming pools, the reception of hotels or leisure organizations such as gyms.

Italian restaurant food background with olives pasta garlic spaghetti illustration.

Again, the only limitation is your imagination.

Bar wall mural, Illustration 3d two glass for vine on a black background. realistic illustration of a pair of glasses for strong alcohol

With murals, you can create a surprising and unique entrance, recognizability, a certain atmosphere and the feeling of belonging.

stain remover ad corporate wall mural, with water washing a stained shirt, blue background 3d illustration

Corporate wall murals can of course also be used as a (subtle) advertising medium, where e.g. logo, service, product or house style is incorporated in a creative way.

The sun dusk and Tea plantation, suitable for Tea Factory Wall Murals.

Silk fabric murals adhere well on all kinds of wall surfaces

And it is able to properly adhere to any kind of industrial material wall including but not limited to:

  • Brick Wall. For the mural to adhere in the best wall brick walls need to be plastered smooth.
  • Stone Wall. And you need to prepare the stone for the mural in the same way as you do for painting. The wall mural is but just a better option to painting.
  • Glass Wall. You will be surprised at how well silk fabric murals adhere on a smooth glass surface.
  • Wood Wall.
  • Plywood Wall.
  • Cinder Blocks Wall.
  • Metal Sheet Wall.

Your roles in the production of the corporate wall mural

You want to make corporate wall murals?

Floral decorative kitchen wall mural.

Then there are a few things you can think about.

Like what is the purpose of the mural; is this commercial or just decorative? But the main is question; what do you want to show?

Geometric corporate wall mural with text.

Murals and murals are used more often and more widely than you may realize.

Freehand landscape corporate office wallpaper mural painting Chinese style ink background painting

The possibilities are therefore enormous.

Vector 3D realistic illustration, splashes of melted chocolate and milk with falling piece of chocolate bar and hazelnuts. Chocolate advertising wall mural for promotion.

Here you find many options there are if you want to have a corporate wall mural done.

Cosmetics sunscreen product vector template design. Cosmetic sunblock products with tropical fruits like lemon and watermelon extract element for summer skin care ad promotion design.

You will see that you can go in many directions and that much is possible.

Aesthetic bamboo forest and green meadow grass with natural light in blur style. Bamboos green leaves and bamboo tree with bokeh in nature forest. Nature pattern view of leaf on blurred greenery corporate office wallpaper.

Fortunately, Wallpaper Kenya are good at advising you on your own custom-made wall decoration.

Magnificent panoramic view the coniferous forest on the mighty Carpathians Mountains and beautiful blue sky background. Beauty of wild virgin Ukrainian nature. Peacefulness.

Some action plan options available to your

You have several options to take in the production of your corporate wall murals.

OHR Human resources corporate wall mural.

You either have inhouse interior designers and or graphic designers or you don’t.

floral coffee house chain corporate wall murals

If you have then we will work with them and your role will be to finance the project.

Beautiful Landscape of mountain layer in morning sun ray and winter fog, wallpaper mural suitable for both corporate and residential walls.

But if you don’t have inhouse designers then you will either have to commission one or ask us to appoint for you.

sunset at coast of the lake. Nature landscape. Nature in northern Europe. reflection, blue sky and yellow sunlight. landscape wall mural during sunset.

Wallpaper Kenya are members of the Association of Designer of Kenya (ADKe). The professional association of interior designers and graphic designer of Kenya.

Children's hospital corporate wallpaper mural.

Alternatively you can go ahead and suggest the kind of murals you want and we will provide for your approval.

Under the sea themed wallpaper for children's hospital wall branding.

We have millions of mural artworks that might just work for you.

Hotels' Guest room interior with bright purple murals of mountains. Small, cozy and luxury.

And they fall in all imaginable categories such as nature designs, geometric artworks, abstracts, classic and so on.

The only problem with our providing you with artworks is that they more general rather than specific to your organization.

Coffee house wall art, wallpaper, Arabica coffee ads with a cup of beverage and beans in 3d illustration with retro ingredient plants and field scenery in etching shading style.

For example they may not have your logo, or specific corporate designs.

Difference between Business and Corporate Wall Murals

The difference between business murals and corporate wall murals is what they are meant for. Let me explain.

beach bar logo corporate wall mural illustration


All companies need strategies to achieve their goals and to be competitive and successful in their markets

Vintage theme Beer bar wall mural Typography Poster art wall décor.

Two widely used approaches are business strategies and corporate strategies.

Abstract horizontal corporate background designed with earth tone watercolor stains

These strategies are different from each other, but work together to increase productivity and make companies profitable. 

Make it concept wall graphics. Inspirational writing in conceptual typography design.

The corporate wall mural is one powerful tool, among others, incorporated in an organization’s corporate strategy.

Vases, pots with plants. Golden abstract shapes, decorative elements. Modern contemporary art set. Wall art design. Cover, poster, logo, branding concept. Hand drawn grunge texture.

A corporate strategy is a blueprint that helps an organization decide which markets it wants to enter and how. 

Composition with line art geometric forms and colorful blocks. Optic illusion. Endless knot, arc, waves, circles. Modern abstract composition for corporate wall design, poster, cover.

Companies often use corporate strategies when trying to diversify or enter a new market. 

creating a brand

This strategy determines the growth of the company. Corporate strategy usually includes:

  • What market does the organization want to compete in?

  • How different business units can add value to an organization

  • How entering a new market can make a company more competitive

  • Terms and rates of growth of the company.

Collage of strong powerful attractive young woman inside of word strong, strength exercises, weights, rope climbing

Corporate office wall decoration

You should take great care with your corporate office wall murals because the office is the face and image of any company.

Corporate office Wall Decals, Coffee and Friends, Cup of Coffee and Branch with Hearts Illustration, Wording, Lettering Design, Art Decor, isolated on white background

The interior of the office demonstrates the status of the company and emphasizes its own corporate style.

Teamwork word cloud template. Business concept vector background.

And this is why many organizations pay great attention to the design of their office space.

Collaboration, word cloud concept on white background.

In addition, psychologists have long noticed that the design of the walls and the interior environment in which people work has an impact on productivity. 

Core Values Word Cloud

So, non-standard and bright interior office solutions contribute to the generation of productive ideas. 

And also help in developing the creative abilities of employees. 

Business teamwork info-text graphics and arrangement concept (word cloud)

It is within the walls of the office that most meetings with partners are held and the most important deals are concluded.

Vector conceptual core values integrity ethics square concept word cloud isolated on background metaphor to honesty, quality, trust, statement, character, important, perseverance, respect trustworthy

In this regard, the interior of the office is very important for the image and efficiency of the company.

An image of a business man and a strategy text cloud on the wall

It is important to create a modern unique office interior that matches the general corporate style.

A welcome bar wall mural, the waitress beer on a tray pop art retro style. Beer festival or a restaurant. Alcoholic beverages. Would you like a beer?

To create a harmonious internal working atmosphere, it is absolutely not necessary to make repairs or repaint the walls in the office.

Corporate strategy: Mpesa Foundation Corporate wall mural

One of the greatest options to bring a touch of newness to the office is to use corporate wall murals.

Vector double cabin truck car with tread, used for automotive company logo

With our custom-made wall murals, you can place any inscription or slogan on the wall that will inspire employees to labor exploits.

Fitness center seamless pattern or background. Vector illustration. For corporate wall murals fitness centers, gyms. Girl running, girl workout with barbell and do deadlifts. Gym wallpaper.

Or bring a positive mood to the company.

Colors and design of corporate wall murals

Fitness quotes" if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you" for gym posters, goals, health, life and inspiration.

When it comes to choosing the right corporate wall murals, there are several factors to consider.

Inspiring Workout and Fitness Gym Motivation Quote Illustration Sign. Creative Strong Sport Vector Rough Typography Grunge Wallpaper Poster. Motivational Quote. Set of Poster Design.

First, you should consider the colors and design of the murals. The colors should complement the existing décor in the offices.

Poster or banner for pizza restaurant deliveries on a blackboard background.

And the design should be appropriate for the company’s brand and values. It is also important to consider the message that the mural conveys.

Interior photography of a small corporate office meeting room with a mural of the Sydney Australia skyline painted on the wall

Corporate wall murals should be professional and appropriate for the office environment.

chocolate flavor sandwich cookie company corporate wall mural ad with packaging and wheat elements, 3d illustration.

Second, you should consider the size of the wall mural.

Colorful abstract neoplasticism and cubism art style. Painting with primary color in Mondrian style with abstract people. Modern art for print and wall art

It is important to choose a mural that is the right size for the wall it will be placed on.

Travel to World. Road trip. Big set of famous landmarks of the world. Corporate wall murals concept. Vector illustration. Web banner. Modern flat design. #5

If the mural is too small, it will not make an impact, and if it is too large, it may overwhelm the space.

lemon honey flavor throat drops with leaves and honeycomb elements, corporate product advertising wall mural, 3d illustration

Third, you should consider the materials used to create the mural.

Abstract colorful wall mural art painting. Abstract art vector design illustration. Surreal collage art design.

The materials should be of high quality and durable, so that the mural will last for many years.

Insurance wall mural concept and customer care and support concepts. Businessman representing company helps (support) customer (client) to overcome an obstacle. Problem solving with smart and simple solutions.

Additionally, the materials should be easy to clean and maintain.

Businessman's Hand Attracting Red Team With Horseshoe Magnet On White Background

Finally, you should consider the cost of the mural. It is important to choose a mural that fits within your budget.

Silhouette of the team on the mountain. Leadership Concept

You should also consider the installation costs, as this can add to the overall cost of the mural.


Giving color to the your industrial warehouse, or to that of our corporate offices, will make distinguish yourselves from the rest.

A lake in the shape of the world's continents in the middle of untouched nature. A metaphor for ecological travel, conservation, climate change, global warming and the fragility of nature.3d wall mural rendering.

Frequently, in the streets only homogeneous and muted tones are found.

Illustration of a plane taking off through a hole in a broken wall. The departure of the plane into the room. 3d image. 3d Aviation photo wallpapers.

Giving color to our business will capture attention, generating an attractive and original first impression. 

park in lujiazui financial centre, Shanghai, China

Therefore, it is essential to take good care of the details of the corporate wall mural in the making. Always seek to stand out.

Glass globe in the in nature concept for environment and conservation

But always making sure to offer sensations that are pleasing to the eye.

hand opens empty room door to nature and mountains, corporate wall murals concept.

Playing with colors and shapes will help us achieve a feeling of greater space, in the event that our workplace is smaller.

Environment conservation concept. Close up of glass globe in the forest with copy space

Or make us feel warmer, if it is the case of a larger space. It all depends on the goals you  want your mural to achieve.

Green volume waves abstract wall mural, nature eco wallpaper or presentation backdrop, abstract.

In either case, you will be able to create a unique and personal environment that will help your organization make a difference and be easily remembered.

Abstract wall art nature background vector. Modern shape line art wallpaper. Boho foliage botanical tropical leaves and floral pattern design for summer sale banner , wall art, prints and fabrics.

This can be a fundamental aspect when customers choose your products and services, as well as facilitating expansion through word of mouth.

Corporate branding

The foremost use of corporate wall murals is corporate branding. Because nothing does it better than wall murals.

Letter S Floral Nature Spa Logo Design Vector illustration template

Corporate identity is a set of visual elements that distinguish a brand or company from others.

Set of Earth Day posters with green backgrounds, liquid shapes, leaves and elements. Layouts for banners design. Corporate Eco concepts. Vector illustration

It helps to form the image of the company, the idea of ​​it, to make it memorable. 

Motivational Inspirational Business Quote Wallpaper Mural Design for office/ Give them quality that is the best kind of advertising.

Corporate identity can and should be used everywhere: in the design of business cards, product packaging, corporate documents, and most especially on corporate wall murals.

Nature landscape stairwell corporate aesthetics wall murals.

Corporate colors, fonts, logo – all this can become the basis of a corporate wall mural.

The formation of a powerful, memorable image of an organization.

Interior photography detail of a contemporary design corporate office break out area with a cheerful motivational quote mural

This is in order to increase the trust of consumers, partners, as well as create a business reputation.

Nature wall mural designs for corporate, business, home, school, hospital, or any other wall, in any room.

And to create loyalty on the part of customers and employees.

Escape The Ordinary, marine life illustration, motivational wall murals.

Corporate branding is an indispensable, powerful tool for creating an impression and conveying the company’s philosophy, its objectives, and values.

Hipster modern geometric abstract wall mural. Bright yellow wallpaper with blue stripes stripes, textured background. Corporate template for a bright color. Realistic stripes background.

With the right approach to creating creating corporate wall murals, you will create a memorable, vivid image of the enterprise in the mind of the consumer.

Modern abstract art with circle shapes in harmonious layout. Modern scandinavian art for print, wall art, poster, card and art product.

At the initial stage of corporate wall branding, it is necessary to conduct a market analysis.

Abstract vertical wallpaper background nordic art. Modern fashionable artwork in cold colors. For wall print, poster.

To find out the characteristics of competitors. And to find out who the target audience of the brand is.

Modern Scandinavian artwork with overlapping shape in cool and forest tones with rock texture. For print, wall murals, and art product.

Based on the needs and desires of the target audience, you can develop a successful and unique corporate brand promotion strategy.

The power of imagery in corporate wall murals

Branded corporate wall murals are not only sets of visual elements. They also consist of the images and impressions that the institution evokes in visitors.

cute bird silhouette landscape graphic suitable for aesthetic corporate wall murals

When branding, it is important to use the emotional component.

polka-dot ethnic pattern. african motive

To keep old and attract new customers, you need to offer what they really need.

sunset and airship,Is the best time

Misunderstanding the desires of your audience can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Elephant herd. Visible noise at 100%. Tourism and wildlife industries corporate wall murals design.

For example, Burger King began to lose popularity and customers.

Corporate wall mural, Burger King sign in Don Mueang International Airport on Dec 18, 13 in Bangkok. It is considered to be one of the worlds oldest international airports.

In order to attract new consumers in 2013, Burger King decided to refocus the brand.

Colorful abstract wallpaper with emoticons. A beautiful illustration for wall murals, interior decoration, corporate designs, blogs, postcards, posters and your other projects.

Instead of the usual burger, French fries were supposed to be the new symbol of the company.

Bright colorful striped background. A beautiful panel for interior decoration, corporate designs, blogs, postcards, posters and your other projects. Vector.

The new Fries King logo and name did not sit well with consumers.

Motley colorful geometric background with 3D effect. A beautiful illustration for interior decoration, corporate designs, blogs, postcards, posters and your other projects.

The changes caused a wave of indignation. The company abandoned the idea of ​​renaming and returned to the old concept.

Japanese background with hand drawn wave vector suitable for corporate wall murals. Abstract template with line pattern. Mountain layout design in oriental style.

Murals that transmit messages and values

lawyer office wallpaper mural

A blank wall, seen by the right eyes, is a canvas on which to pour creativity. In this regard, in the case of companies and offices, murals are excellent options in every way.

electric storm, abstract photography of the deserts of Africa from the air. aerial view of desert landscapes, Genre: Abstract Naturalism, from the abstract to the figurative, contemporary photo art

And it is that, on the one hand, they allow the management of the company to transmit in a visual, intuitive and cheerful way all the information that is of interest to its workersThat way, just by reaching out to them, they can get the answers they need.

Attorney, Word cloud art wallpaper. Law firm corporate wall mural.

On the other hand, by including bright colors to highlight what is truly important, geometric shapes and different types of calligraphy, the content becomes much more interesting

Abstract Mountain Wall Mural is a trendy take on traditional camouflage design pop abstract wallpaper

Undoubtedly, these are elements capable of stimulating whoever sees them both for their message and for their coloring, which is the essential basis from which to attract attention.

Brown trees with golden flowers and turquoise, black and gray mountains in light yellow background with white clouds and birds. 3d illustration landscape art suitable for corporate wall murals.

Thanks to them, transforming boring and bland spaces  into places that invite you to spend time in them is a possibility within the reach of any company.

Advertising murals

Large white letters spelling the word sale on large mural at indoor shopping mall

Creating an eye-catching advertising corporate wall murals can be a great way to draw attention to your business or product.

Vector illustration design of two chairs suitable for corporate wallpaper mural advertising references.

A wall mural based on a large image of a a new cellphone model, sports or other brand.  These are corporate wall murals that tend towards advertisement.

Vector background abstract colorful shapes wallpaper mural. Trendy neon lines and circles wall mural in a modern corporate design style.

However, they often have a long shelf life. When you create a design for a mural, always include the immediate environment in the whole.

Abstract background with geometric pattern. Eps10 Vector illustration with space for your corporate text message.

And by that we mean: What kind of structures surround it, what does the environment or neighborhood look like, and how does the mural best fit into this.

Horizontal banner template for business. Editable modern banner with blue circle shape and place for the photo. Usable for corporate murals, and banner.

This prevents it from becoming a loud noise that completely detonates with the immediate environment.

Abstract technological background with various technological elements. Structure pattern technology backdrop. Vector

Murals are also used by shopping malls, sometimes also supported by ground murals to get people to shop.

illustration of business word cloud with human icon at top

Often the intended action is to enter a particular store or introduce a new product or service.

A world map background global business or technology abstract wall murals concept

Advertising corporate wall murals are thus created on the basis of a product, service, brand, slogan, event or logo.

Create better work environment

It may seem inconsequential, but it has been proven that corporate wall murals do a lot to create a better work environment in corporate offices.

In fact, most employees, when it comes to saying what most influences the productivity of their task, usually refer to the space in which they perform it. 

Therefore, getting through these elements to convey inspiration and ‘feeling’ is essential.

For its part, the limits to this type of artistic creation are set by the imagination.

And it is that, thanks to the use of the best tools and mural creation and editing software that we use today.

We can carry out practically anything design you can imagine.

In this sense, with just a conversation between the designer and the representative  of the company.

And it is possible to determine some guidelines that, later, together with the creativity of the expert, give rise to an effective, colorful and very interesting mural.

If you are looking for a graphic design studio in Kenya that produces those corporate murals that your company requires, you have come to the right place.

Wallpaper Kenya will help you to promote communication between your different strata and, incidentally, add color and values ​​to your corporate message.

Currently, we are one of the most prestigious printing studios in this type of task.  And as founding members of the Association of Designers of Kenya (ADKe) we have a wide variety of specialized professionals.

In short, Wallpaper Kenya is waiting for you  to capture your ideas.


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