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Wallpaper Kenya both custom wall wrap as well as standard size wall wraps. It is obvious that different people might mean different things by the term. It is also true that language is dynamic. For that reason I will start by defining the term as it relates a lay Kenyan and to our products. It […]


Wallpaper Kenya both custom wall wrap as well as standard size wall wraps. It is obvious that different people might mean different things by the term. It is also true that language is dynamic. For that reason I will start by defining the term as it relates a lay Kenyan and to our products. It is something that wraps the wall.Kenya Breweries Custom Graphic Wall Wrap
First and foremost please note that my definition of any kind of both wall wraps for home and wall wraps for office or business does disregard the physical material it is made of. Therefore my definition is about the what a wrap does, and not what it is made from.
Custom Graphic Wall Wrap at Golden Tulip Hotel
In other words, if you thought, like many people do, that wall wraps refer to only vinyl graphics then we are not quite synchronized. Otherwise vinyl graphics are just one kind of wall wraps.
Our custom wall wraps are made of silk fabric while our ordinary wall wraps are the ones made of vinyl.
In other words, they are synonymous with our wall murals and wallpaper respectively.
Weight Lifting Gym Custom Graphic Wallpaper Mural
If you are familiar with the vinyl wallpaper category, this is where you will mostly find a wide variety of brick wall wraps and a small number of wall wrap graphics. Otherwise you will soon here learn why a vast or endless variety of wall wrap graphics are custom wall wraps.
Customized Church Wall Wrapping
So what do I mean by wall wraps? It is a wall covering with wall graphics, or murals, that can be installed on just about any surface. And it can feature any message or information you desire. They can be customized to fit your preferences regarding the size, the design, colors, message, etc.
wall wraps for home.

Benefits of Custom Wall Wrapping

Informational cusmtom fast foods wall wrap

You can use custom wall wrap for information dissemination and economic needs (in other words, advertising). But also wall wraps are a situation in you can aesthetically and artistically decorate your home, office or business premises in an extremely unique way. Sure, every project we do involves making stuff look good, but wall wraps can truly beautify a space.

Creative Business words on office wall branding wallpaper design

I can not think of a better way you can make your space more enjoyable by decorating your walls. Furthermore you will save money, find them highly durable and easy to install. Which makes them adaptable to almost any space, while maintaining the warmth and style of office, business, or home environments as they custom made.

Wall wraps are a cost-efficient way to give visual interest. Whether to a retail business or an office space or a residence. While wall wraps can certainly go around corners, the wrap part certainly isn’t necessary. However, they are an excellent option on curved partitions.

Informational Wall Graphics

Motivational Hotel Gym Full Wall Wrap

You can use custom wall wraps for your businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations, churches, and many similar institutions for the following for informational purposes. For instance transform a boring hallway is with a timeline graphic highlighting the history of your business.

These wall wraps also work great in conference rooms, auditoriums, and workshop stations. Or explaining what your products are made of. And what your services include to make a big difference on audience or public perception about your business.

Haven’t you seen big, bold custom wall wrap near a reception area displaying how their products are made or how their services are delivered?

It is cheaper than commissioning a Muralist

A free hand custom paint and brush job mural can be very nice, but cost you a hundred times the cost of a custom wall wrap. We do appreciate local artists who offer full-wall mural painting and make a living out of it. But such murals can be expensive, putting them out of many business’ budgets. Unfortunately, they also take a lot of time not to mention the paint smell that some people are allergic to. If you can’t get the custom job you’ve been looking for, wall wraps are an excellent low-cost option.

They’re an excellent option for offices, retail stores, and even homes to create mood and an inviting space. If you’re looking for a great way to enliven your space in a one-of-a-kind way, why not digitally wrap the wall? We’ll help you get something that looks absolutely amazing for only Kenya Shilling 2000 per square meter. This cost however does not include your cost of obtaining the artwork, which in most cases if free anyway.

Interior wall wraps maximizes walls potential

A fake window custom wall wrap with a view of nature

Custom wall wraps are the best to capture soothing elements of nature and incorporate them into gorgeous interior wall decoration. For instance photomurals of rich natural forests, and botanical gardens.

These kind of interior wall wraps spreading a visual that depicts some element of the natural world is a great way to create an intriguing and relaxing atmosphere.

Benefits of vinyl wallcovering

A22-20P01 Embossed Brick Wallpaper - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

When we talk about custom wall wrap, we refer to the installation of a covering that protects, isolates noise and of course, gives an excellent appearance to the workspace. These are a wide variety of designs for you to choose from. And are suitable for bonding to different industrial materials such as wood, concrete, plaster, and more.


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