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All our murals are digital art mural designs. This type of art is relatively new. And it can be said that today digital art is still in full development. Art is any form of human activity as a censure or exaltation of his inventive talent and expressive ability. The features of all art also no […]


3d tunnel black and white digital art mural

All our murals are digital art mural designs.

Mona Lisa abstract graffiti colorful digital art mural.

This type of art is relatively new.

Pink tree and pond in the forest at night. Photomanipulation.

And it can be said that today digital art is still in full development.

Digital art mural painting of elephant portrait

Art is any form of human activity as a censure or exaltation of his inventive talent and expressive ability.

Savannah wildlife digital wallpaper mural.

The features of all art also no doubt refer to the flair of digital wall art too.

3d mural wallpaper for canvas for frames digital graphic like the impression of drawing. colorful tree digital landscape

And this is despite digital wall art being too often criticized for using technological tools.

3d wall décor. art mural wallpaper with marble background, golden, trees, colorful wooden circles, and deer. For canvas frame on walls.

The reason why, in the opinion of the most skeptical, make it easier to perceive, compared to more traditional artistic expressions.

3D Flower wall tiles design for bathroom decoration. High quality seamless digital art 3d mural illustration.

But why are all our murals digital? Why is digital wall painting gaining popularity?

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper landscape moon, golden trees and ginko leaves with colorful mountains

And why is it in demand? Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of this new form of wall art.

3d art mural wallpaper landscape, light background, colorful golden mountains, birds, trees and moon, and clouds in the sky

It is because digital mural art opens up so many possibilities for illustrators and muralists.

shells and butterfly and flower on the beach

You can take paper sketches, paintings, found images, photographs, stills from movies and video games, and photocopy scans and turn them into digital art murals.

3d art mural wallpaper Chinese landscape, light background, colorful golden stones, birds, trees and moon, and clouds in the sky

 Artificial intelligence art mural vs digital art mural

What is the difference between an AI art mural and a digital art mural?

whale background anime digital art mural illustration paint background wallpaper

Artificial intelligence art murals are created using artificial intelligence algorithms that are trained on a dataset of images.

Vector digital abstract colorful mosaic portrait of woman. Renaissance portrait flat style famous Leonardo da Vinci, vector portrait Mona Lisa Style graphic design, pixel art

The algorithms learn the patterns and styles of the images in the dataset and use this knowledge to create new images.

Scene of a couple looking at heart-shaped clouds, fantasy, romantic bedroom digital art mural, Illustration for wall painting.

These murals can be created using a variety of techniques such as neural style transfer, generative adversarial networks (GANs), and deep learning.

Cats. Wall sticker. Color, graphic portrait of three cute kittens on a white background in watercolor style. Digital Vector Graphics. Individual layers

Digital art murals, on the other hand, are created using digital tools such as graphic design software.

3D rendering of Michelangelo's David head in pixel art 8-bit style. Concept of Academic art and classical fine arts in modern contemporary stylization.

They can be created using a variety of techniques such as vector graphics, raster graphics, and 3D modeling.

Multi-colored blue palms trees. Digital art Vector illustration

While both AI art and digital art involve the use of technology, AI art is characterized by its use of generative algorithms and deep learning techniques.

Chinese Style Mountains Waters painting. SpitPaint. Concept Art. Fast Drawings. Sketch Paint. Realistic Style. Video Game Digital CG Artwork, Concept Illustration, Realistic Cartoon Style Scene Design

That autonomously produces art without direct input from human artists.

hexagonal abstract 3d background

Digital mural artwork

A computer or digital art mural is a creative activity that is based on the use of computer (information) technologies.

A tree on the background of a landscape with mountains. For wall decoration, textiles and interior.

The results of this are works of art presented in digital form. And then transferred to a wall by digital printing.

3d modern art mural wallpaper night landscape with a dark background. Golden Christmas tree, mountain, golden deer, light moon golden, and black waves. for wall decoration

The term digital art mural can be applied to works of art that were originally created using other scanned images or media.

Digital geometric painting illustration of abstract art mural concept design. Album art digital illustration.

At present, the term “computer or digital art mural” includes possible new types of artistic works, the basis of which is the computer environment.

Flowering tree with willow branches. For interior printing, mural art.

And also works of traditional art that are transferred to a new environment, created on a digital basis.

Big white magnolia flowers on beige background, green leaves, beautiful tropical butterflies. Watercolor 3d illustration, hand-drawn. luxury wallpaper, cloth, textile

An example is a digital or scanned photograph or an object originally created using a computer.

3d modern Landscape wallpaper. Trees, golden lines, colorful triangles, and mountains, and birds on light white background.

A feature of this art from typical forms of visual art is the algorithmization of the creative process and technicality.

Panoramic tropical trees and leaves for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper - 3D illustration

The computer creates the image and space with the help of software.

Beautiful fantasy digital art 3d illustration of imaginary world landscape silhouette scenery

And therefore frees the artist from physical media, and provides the dynamics of the virtual environment.

Elegant colorful 3d flowers with leaves on a tree illustration background. 3d abstraction wallpaper for Interior mural painting wall art decor. Tree branches leaves with flowers hanging on wall.

One of the types of computer art is digital painting.

Tropical palm leaves. Mural, Wallpaper for internal printing. 3D illustration

Mural digital painting

Digital painting is the creation of electronic images, which is carried out through the use of human-computer tools of the artist.

Art mural wallpaper with golden Jungle, forest dark blue background. christmas trees, mountains, golden deer, birds. canvas wall frame

It is much easier to use the tools and materials of digital painting than in traditional wall painting.

Sea landscape paintings, fisherman, boats, ships, art, digital oil paint.

For one, “digital paints” do not smell.

3d modern art mural wallpaper, night landscape, colorful mountains, trees, dark black background with stars and moon

And the mural artist does not need to wait for a certain layer of color to dry on the wall.

Digital illustration of a blooming white Lotus flowers with green leaves on a background of beige walls in the loft. Wallpapers and murals for interior printing.

Also, upon completion of the work, the artist will not get sick and the remains of the paint on his hands and clothes.

beautiful fantasy amazing digital art 3d illustration background scenery silhouette wallpaper

Professional digital mural artists

Digital artists, most of whom have a traditional art education, are deeply versed in graphic programs and computer technology.

the deer standing on a giant branch that resembles an animal's horns against sunset sky, digital art style, illustration painting

For creativity, they use graphics packages, digital pen tablets, and digital video cameras.

Beautiful fantasy anime digital art 3d illustration landscape background silhouette wallpaper

In fact, there is no specific list of what a digital artist should be able to do. 

Panorama of pink flamingos on a bright pink background and sunset. Digital art mural illustration.

Much depends on the chosen direction. 

Sea landscape paintings, fisherman, boats, ships, art, digital oil paint.

You can start, for example, with vector graphics, then study digital painting, and then master 3D graphics.

Abstract luxury marble background. Digital art marbling texture. Gold and white colors

And all this will require different programs and technologies.

Digital watercolor painting of Tiger. Digital art mural. Digital watercolor painting of Beautiful image of a Tiger King relaxing on a warm day. Isolated painting of Cute Tiger. Abstract Animal Wallpaper

The difference between a graphics designer and a digital mural artist

A digital artist is not the same as a graphic designerThere is a difference between digital art and graphic design professions.

Antique illustration. Hand drawing wallpaper. The Amazing fabric Abstract Background, Halftone Flowers Bouquet, Floral illustration.

Initially, graphic designers worked on print publications.

modern couple kissing on Valentines day under the beautiful sky in the city with buildings in background anime digital art illustration paint background wallpaper

But when computers appeared, they transferred the work to digital form. 

fantasy world scenery showing a boy rowing a boat in the land of volcanic, digital art style, illustration painting

But the meaning of their work has not changed.

Hand drawn oil painting. Abstract art background. Oil painting on canvas. Color texture. Fragment of artwork. Spots of paint. Brushstrokes of paint. Modern art. Contemporary art. Colorful canvas.

Graphic designers must convey certain messages through static images and create them according to certain rules.

Decorative yellow and black abstract collage with typo and geometrical elements

But digital mural artists do not convey a message, such as advertising or social.

Spectacular archway covered with vine in the middle of fantasy fairy tale forest landscape, misty on spring time. Digital art 3D illustration. 3D Illustration

They express themselves through creativity but with the use of computer technology.

Beautiful Autumn landscape with ancient pagoda, lake and waterfall. Fantasy ancient Chinese village. Chinese temple in the mountains. Trees. Digital painting illustration. 3d vector

What is digital wall art? or digital art mural

Digital wall painting is the creation of a digital art mural design on a computer and then printing it on the wall.

Beautiful illustration of magic tree of life, sacred symbol. Personal individuality, prosperity and growth concept. Retro vintage style digital art.

To draw or paint such a picture, you need to install a special program or download an application that imitates the artist’s brushes.

Modern Abstract Template Design. Contemporary Style Graphic. Creative Cover Design for Advertise. Premium Template for Business and Corporate. Dynamic Social Media Post. Royal Elegant Invitation.

This does not mean that you can create a work of art at the touch of a button.

Astronaut couple holding each other's hands on space sky background, digital art style, illustration painting

Because digital painting also requires knowledge of the techniques and basics of composition and color.

Abstract green particle background. Flow wave with dot landscape. Digital data structure. Future mesh or sound grid. Pattern point visualization. Technology vector illustration.

Features and benefits of digital wall murals

Many interior designers are turning to digital art mural as it is cheaper and a necessity in the world of animation, and illustration.

Abstract technology background with blue and white tones

It also has other benefits:

Abstract woman hands playing music notes on dark background, music concept

  • There is no mess in the form of spilled paint and stains, so digital painting can be done in any room and environment.
  • No need to wait for the paint to dry – this greatly speeds up the workflow.

Powerful digital tools appear at the disposal of the artist: layers, various brush effects, filters, and corrections. All this opens up new creative ways of working.

  • Provides the ability to alter, redo, or completely remove a part.

About this last interesting possibility, professor Felo Lira tells us:

“One of the great advantages of illustration and digital art, in general, corresponds to everything that has to do with editing and post-production: something that every artist will appreciate in their work process.

This is because it is possible to change colors, alter shapes, move objects, or even try a whole new composition, no matter how advanced the project is. What without a doubt would be extremely laborious, would take more time and in some cases would be impossible, to opt for a traditional format such as drawing on paper, painting on canvas, etc.”

Unicorn Print Unicorn Nursery Wall Art Nursery Print Nursery Girls Kids Room Decor Baby Print Poster Baby Shower Gift Unicorn

What are the different types of digital wall painting?

There are different types of digital art murals.

Spectacular eco-futuristic cityscape full with greenery, skyscrapers, parks, and other manmade green spaces in urban area. Green garden in modern city. Digital art mural 3D illustration.

Some of the most common types of computer-generated digital art come in the form of still images, both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional.

Abstract grunge background with random pixel noise. Dark VHS retro screen with flickering.

2D still images (aka 2D computer graphics) are created by combining text, 2D geometric models (vector graphics), mathematical equations, digital images (raster graphics), and so on.

Ancient scene with earthquake dragon, 3D illustration.

The wide possibilities of digital graphics allow artists to pay more attention to developing their own style and creating new types of fine art.

Autumn trees on a suburban street background, Concept Art. Digital Illustration

Therefore, unlike traditional wall painting, there is no such clear division into types.

Graphic wildflowers painted on concrete grunge wall. Floral background in loft, modern style. Design for wall mural, card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper.

And rather, we can talk about a combination of different techniques. Consider the main types:

Imitation of traditional wall painting

Freedom and hope concept, imagination of surreal scene a young woman riding giant white bird in the sky, fantasy digital artwork, illustration

This includes all forms of traditional fine art: painting from life, portrait, landscape, and still life.

Digital paintings sea landscape, sailing boat on the sea. Fine art.

Photomural, artwork based on photography

You can combine several photos or their individual elements, mix photos and three-dimensional objects, and draw and combine them into one finished fragment (photo bashing).

3D and HD lobby room Wallpaper with luxury Texture and wood

The latter is often used by game concept artists to speed up their workflow and achieve a higher level of detail and more realistic work.

Yellow trees in a Spring Grove, Digital Concept Art

For example, when working with real-life places or objects.

creature with branch head playing magic banjo string instrument with glowing butterflies, digital art style, illustration painting

Now that you know what a digital art mural is in terms of the concept and its characteristics, surely you already identify some of the types and examples of digital art murals that you have come across so far.

a ballerina dancing with fireflies against the crescent moon, digital art style, illustration painting

In any case, we bring them to you below along with their main characteristics.

Vector art

If you wonder what vector art is, you should know that it is a modality based on figures, points, and lines called vector graphics.

3D and HD lobby room Wallpaper with luxury Texture and wood

These make it easy to manipulate shapes and figures, without compromising image quality. 

Flowers seamless pattern. Floral nature decorative background. Digital painting raster bitmap illustration. Graphic design art.

The digital mural artist uses vector drawing software to create images in a completely virtual environment.

Organic geometric abstract art, texture, geometric shapes, beige, brown, yellow, black, perfect combination and trend decorate your home or office

Vector paintings include shapes and straight lines that can be represented in geometric formulas and filled with a variety of colors and patterns.

seven horse digital art mural painting . Significance Of Seven Horse Painting In VaastuHorses, specifically seven galloping horses, have a great significance in Vaastu. Horse, in Vaastu, symbolizes success and power.

After that, the artist can easily manage and change shadows, transparency, groups, and so on.

dynamic paintings

digital photography

raster painting

integrated art

mixed media

computer-generated digital painting

Silk fabric murals versus vertical wall printing

Whereas a silk fabric digital art mural is removable and reusable, vertical wall printing is done directly on the wall.

boy rowing a boat in the sea of the starry night with mysterious light, digital art style, illustration painting

The Wall printer is a kind of vertical inkjet printer that can print large format full-color images in a vertical direction.

Tropical sunset. Digital art of sunset on the beach. Seaside, sea view of the sun with palm trees and a sandy beach. Colorful painting with red, orange clouds. Simple minimal art. Sunset illustration.

A digital inkjet wall printer can convert pictures into machine language through professional RIP software.

Underwater Scenery with Fish 3D Wallpaper Mural.

And the control system will control the print nozzle to quantitatively eject ink droplets to Substrates.

Colorfull wall art mixed digital tiles design for interior home decor or ceramic 3d tiles design.

The Wall Printer’s vertical printing technology allows for the electronic painting of large digital graphic files.

3D Underwater fishes living room wallpaper, 3d illustration for wall decoration High quality digital art.

And you can print photos, artworks, murals, or text signage onto virtually any interior or exterior surface.

Autumn tree in storm, digital fantasy painting

And that is about the only advantage you get from vertical wall printing.

abstract home decorative digital art oil paint wall tiles design pattern background,

Because silk fabric murals are intended for interior walls only. And you can not hang them outdoors.

Cute anime girl with glasses fantasy digital art landscape 3D Illustration wallpaper 2022

Their machines are designed to print on numerous surfaces including plaster, sheetrock, glass, steel, brick, concrete, vinyl, and wood.

Beautiful fantasy silhouette background landscape digital art 3d illustration

In less than three years, The Wall Printer has already sold its machines to over 40 businesses throughout North and South America, and the UK.

Magnolia flowers, floral background, tropical seamless pattern, luxury wallpaper. Green leaves. Dark vintage hand-painted watercolor 3d illustration. Printable modern art, stylish hd mural, tapestry

Vertical printers offer countless creative, practical, and fun uses that translate into real business opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs that adopt them.

Luxury seamless floral background with golden monstera leaves digital art mural. Romantic pattern template for wall decor.

Issues with the wall printers technology

However, Wall Printers are not a mature technology and have only been around for a few years since their creation.

the boy holding glowing moon standing against hanging stars in the beautiful sky, digital art style, illustration painting

For a highly sophisticated technology product with hundreds of components, engineers need to spend hours assembling, debugging, and testing the machine to make sure it can print accurately.

cute couple on beach anime digital art illustration paint background wallpaper

And you need hours of professional training to master the basics of operating the machine.

cute anime girl walking alone in the beach digital art mural, painting, 3d illustration

Wall printers with hundreds of parts are assembled by engineers with precision assembly processes that allow them to work together to create a beautiful image.

wall mural 3d illusion backdrop

However, if poor-quality parts are used, there will be undesirable consequences for the printer.

young woman facing the giant elephant with glowing green tusks, digital art mural, illustration painting

Such as poor printing accuracy, unstable printing process, high failure rate but difficulty to troubleshoot, clogged printheads, etc.

Funny monkey in a Mexican traditional dress playing guitar. Digital art. Digital painting.

Another issue you will find is that the color of the image printed on the wall differs greatly from the image on the computer screen.

Fantasy Swamp in the Forest Moring, Video Game's Digital CG Artwork, Concept Illustration, Realistic Cartoon Style Background

First, the image on the wall is imaged by ink (CMYK 4 inks), while the image on the screen is imaged by RGB.

Luxury gold floral background vector. Golden gradient Roses and peonies flower line art wallpaper design for prints, cover, wall art.

It is normal for the difference in color to occur because of the different imaging methods.

Benefits of digital art murals

You learn with every new experience, and traditional art will teach you a lot that digital art mural painting can’t.

 Kids graphic illustration. Using for print on the wall, pillows, decoration kids interior, baby wear and shirts, greeting card, vector and other

But one of the many advantages of digital art mural is that it tends to be faster and cheaper. Even if you are a very detailed artist or just paint slowly.

Luxurious gold and green flowers of tropical leaves on a dark background. Botanical beauty, modern art, floral art banner in gold color

Because there is no need to wait for the drawing to dry and there is no risk that something will fall on your painting and ruin it.

Digital art is more forgiving.

Unlike traditional art, when painting digitally, you can easily change your mind or correct your mistakes.

“Ctrl-Z” is my best friend, in my sketchbook.  If you draw a line that doesn’t suit you, you unconsciously try to use “Ctrl-Z” in real life!

Drawing digitally also makes it easy to select colors and change them with a single click.

You can always go back, erase some fragments or make the desired changes. Whereas with traditional drawing, if you screw up too much, it won’t be easy to fix!

In short, digital art allows you to modify your murals without ruining them.

Digital art can be cheaper.

Traditional mural art can be very expensive.

Even if you can buy materials in the budget range, chances are they aren’t that good.

And even if they are, you’ll run out of them. As for digital art, there are many free programs for it.

With digital art, you have endless possibilities to play with styles and techniques.

Modern digital art murals allow you to have an infinite number of styles and skills to play with.  All with just one computer, software, and drawing board!


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