Dog wallpaper for walls

You can provide us with a photo of your dog for your dog wallpaper for walls. A dog wallpaper for walls is the same as a dog mural made of wallpaper. In other words, all dog wallpaper for walls is dog murals, but not all dog murals are wallpaper. Because all our dog-themed wallpaper murals […]


You can provide us with a photo of your dog for your dog wallpaper for walls.

Happy white pit bull dog smiles outside in front of a green and yellow painted wallpaper mural.

A dog wallpaper for walls is the same as a dog mural made of wallpaper.

image of ancient hunters with a dog on the wall of the cave. ancient art, history, archeology.

In other words, all dog wallpaper for walls is dog murals, but not all dog murals are wallpaper.

beautiful night with huge moon, young woman and dog wallpaper for walls painting.

Because all our dog-themed wallpaper murals are custom-made.

German short hair pointer portraits dog wallpaper for walls.

So, if you own a dog why not have a picture of it on the wallpaper?

Playful happy pet dog puppy running in the grass photomural idea

But if you don’t own we will provide you with any breed dog-themed wallpaper mural you want.

Siberian husky caramel in the square

From Dalmatian print wallpaper to bulldogs, German shepherds, and puppies, we have it all at Wallpaper Kenya.

dog sits on a mountain at sunset wallpaper for walls

Dogs are man’s best friends and most trustworthy animals, who never betray their masters.

Owner girl and dog husky meeting boy with Doberman vector silhouette illustration isolated on background. Woman and man with dog on leash, outdoor friendship pet playing.

They are playful pets, sincere, and ready to offer love at any time.

Gym wild dog wallpaper for walls design. Body builder dog illustration, fitness mural art, pit bull dog, angry pit bull.

And dogs come with so many scientific benefits.

Dogs who love art on the beach

See which are the most beautiful dogs in the world you would like for your wallpaper mural.

Dog abstract murals

seamless print dog wallpaper with smiling dogs.

Abstract designs are also becoming increasingly popular in dog wallpaper designs.

Seamless pattern. Adorable beige Pug puppies and pink hearts on a black background. Textile composition, hand drawn style wallpaper mural. Vector illustration.

Abstract designs can be used to create a unique, one-of-a-kind look.

Vector clipart dog sticker. Dogs breed. EPS and JPG illustration. Funky doodle trendy print, colorful handdrawn childish cartoon art. Groovy fauve abstract collage decor elements in authors style.

These designs can be used to create a whimsical, playful atmosphere, or they can be used to create a more sophisticated, elegant look.

Pattern design with hearts, funny Dalmatian dogs doodles, and seamless pattern. Wallpaper, background graphic design with hearts, blue background.

Finally, paw prints are still a popular choice for dog wallpaper designs.

Seamless pattern of dogs in black and white use as background, wallpaper, card and wrap paper

Paw prints can be used to create a classic, timeless look, or they can be used to create a more modern, contemporary look.

Seamless pattern with dog paws. Vector illustration.

Paw prints can also be used to create a fun, playful atmosphere.

The dog’s nose is visible among multicolor blocks for children's games. The dog was lost in the details of the children's designer. Children play with a dog

One of the most popular trends in dog wallpaper designs is the use of bold, vibrant colors.

Background design of colorful dog portrait on the subject of wallpaper murals, imagination and creativity.

Bright, eye-catching colors such as red, orange, and yellow can be used to create a cheerful, energetic atmosphere in any room.

Seamless pattern with hand drawn greyhounds. Creative dog texture in Scandinavian style. Great for wallpaper mural.

For a more subtle look, muted tones such as blues and greens can be used to create a calming, peaceful atmosphere.

colorful sheltie dog isolated on geometric pop art wallpaper style.vector illustration .

No matter what style of dog wallpaper design you choose, it is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you look at it.

Sharpie dog wallpaper with leaves, palms, flowers, plants. Pastel green, pink, navy. Holiday abstract natural shapes. Seamless floral background with dogs, repeatable pattern.

With so many options available, you are sure to find the perfect design to suit your home and your pup.

Basset Hound. Adorable puppy dog. Watercolor illustration with color spots. All dog breeds

Creative ways to decorate with dog wallpaper

Adorable puppy dog wallpaper for walls. Watercolor illustration with color spots. All dog breeds.

Dog wallpaper is a great way to add a unique touch to your home décor or office. Whether you’re a dog lover or just looking for a fun and creative way to spruce up your walls, dog wallpaper is a great option.

french bulldog dog vector Seamless Pattern background wallpaper

Here are some creative ways to use dog wallpaper in your interior decoration.

Cute doodle french bulldog wall mural illustration

1. Accent Wall: Create a bold statement by using dog wallpaper to create an accent wall. Choose a wallpaper with a bold pattern or bright colors to make the wall stand out.

Seamless pattern purebred cute character portrait dogs wallpaper mural. Hand drawn vector wallpaper surface texture with small puppy Pomeranian, Papillon, Bolognese, Labradoodle. Friendly doggy endless background.

2. Feature Wall: Use dog wallpaper to create a feature wall in your living room or bedroom. Choose a wallpaper with a unique pattern or design to make the wall the focal point of the room.

vector illustration of a pug dog doing breakdancing, stickers and entertainment poster designs

3. Wallpaper Borders: Use dog wallpaper to create a border around the walls of your room.

Spring grass and flowers border. Woman is reading a book. Dog sleeps comfortably. Easter decoration element with spring grass and meadow. Easter greeting card decoration element. Frame design.

This is a great way to add a unique touch to the room without having to cover the entire wall.

Funny seamless pattern with cute dogs driving car, riding bike, scooter, motorcycle and skateboard.

4. Wallpaper Murals: Create a mural on your wall using dog wallpaper. Choose a wallpaper with a large pattern or design to create a stunning mural.

Vector hand-drawn vector seamless seamless repeating childish simple pattern with cute doggies, bones in the Scandinavian style on a white background. Baby pattern with dogs. Dogs print.

5. Wallpaper Accents: Use dog wallpaper to create accents on your walls. Choose a wallpaper with a small pattern or design to create a subtle accent.

cute dog seamless pattern wallpaper mural. French Bulldog. Watercolor puppy illustration. Fashion print. Sweet dessert background.

Using dog wallpaper in your home décor is a great way to add a unique touch to your walls. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement or a subtle accent, dog wallpaper is a great option.

Select your most beautiful dog wallpaper for the walls

My most beautiful dog wallpaper for walls might not necessarily be yours.

So we have selected many of the most beautiful dogs, according to the majority of people.

Cute dogs doodle vector set. Cartoon dog or puppy characters design collection with flat color in different poses. Set of funny pet animals isolated on white background.

The majority of people, all over the world, think that Doberman is the most beautiful dog.

the muzzle of a black Doberman wearing a collar with metal spikes
the muzzle of a black Doberman wearing a collar with metal spikes

Do you agree?


Maybe a Doberman, an extremely attentive dog, vigilant and devoted to his master, will catch your eye.

Vector seamless pattern with Doberman. Funny cartoon dog and bones, wallpaper.

It is a strong, intelligent quadruped that can be (Doberman) trained quickly and can be perfect for the family’s watchdog.

happy dog with sunglasses and floating ring

Anyone who deals with the character of the Doberman must know that dogs are among the most intelligent of their kind.

Silhouette of a dog. Vector illustration of Doberman pinscher.

Bright minds want or need to be employed so that their nature can develop as desired.

Vector Illustration Mystic Doberman Dog In Neon Light. Dog wallpaper mural.

Equipped with lightning-fast comprehension and a high willingness to learn, it is a good idea to work actively with the dog.

Dobermans in full growth in collars with spikes illustration

If he finds enough work and enjoys being close to his family, he is a fearless, cuddly, and loving fellow at home.

Girl walking with a dog on a leash. Silhouette on a white background. Wallpaper for walls.

However, these positive characteristics will only develop fully if the regular work with the dog that has already been described is carried out.

Doberman dog black and gold illustration

We recommend it for your consideration.

Illustration of a doberman dog anubis

But eventually, it is you to decide what dog mural wallpaper best suits you.

cute puppy Happy dog. smiling cute puppy dachshund. Funny and happy dog face. Female Hand Petting a Dog with a big smile. copys space for text. Image for wallpaper, desktop


The bullmastiff is a large, massive, fast, and agile dog.
Hungry bulldog sitting, holding a bowl in his teeth wallpaper for walls drawing.
He attaches very quickly to people, is permissive, especially with children, and is very careful to react immediately when needed.

Bullmastiff silhouette vintage and retro wallpaper design

He needs space to feel at ease and can keep uninvited guests away. Because he is also a good watchdog.

vector closeup serious domestic fawn dog breed Bullmastiff wallpaper for walls.

It’s a black mask and V-shaped ears that make his head look a bit square.

A detailed animal silhouette of a pet dog, mural.

A Bullmastiff’s forehead shows numerous wrinkles, especially when it is paying attention.

beware of dog sign, vector

And these wrinkles increase when there is danger or excitement.

Vector bull mastiff portrait lying

The neck of this dog breed is very muscular, similar in circumference to the head, and slightly curved.

Poster with hipster dog Bullmastiff breed as customer service, call center operator with phone headset. Dog wallpaper mural.

On the other hand, the tail is high and strong at the base, while the tip is progressively thinner and carried in a bow or straight.

The Bullmastiff portrait. Hand painted, isolated on white background watercolor dog portrait

And the Bullmastiff’s limbs are strong and muscular.

Siberian Husky

If you want a dog that makes friends very quickly with everyone, for your wallpaper, the Husky is the one.
siberian puppy lovely face. Lovely Puppy of husky. Puppy Dog. Wallpaper With Puppy. Pet animal photography
They are loving, playful, and eager to receive attention.
Husky Siberian portrait of a wolf head on a black background
Husky is a fast, medium-sized dog, not at all capricious or aggressive.
Husky dog head wallpaper for walls.
Overall, a purebred Siberian Husky is strongly reminiscent of a wolf in terms of appearance and physique.
Siberian husky poses, coat colors set. Vector illustration mural design.
With a height at the withers of 50 to 60 centimeters and a weight of around 15.5 to 28 kilograms, the dogs are relatively slim.
husky dog cartoon set
All colors from black to white are allowed. Its coat structure with a very dense undercoat and fur-like top coat is striking.
Hand drawn siberian husky with heart shape baloon. Vector Valentine day greeting card. Cute colorful dog wears glasses and bandana. Romantic design. Lovely pet portrait. Poster, banner. Spread love.
Dogs’ eyes are almond-shaped and slightly slanted and can be blue, brown, or mixed colors.
Seamless pattern with Siberian Husky dog in hat and scarf with snowflakes. Excellent design for packaging, wrapping paper, textile etc.
The triangular ears sit high on the head and are close together.
Portrait of gorgeous Siberian Husky dog standing in the bright enchanting fall forest.
And huskies have a white, dense undercoat, whereby the top coat can take on all colors from white to red and gray to black.
Siberian Husky. Dog. Winter.
The fur on the back is usually brightly colored and becomes weaker and weaker over the sides towards the belly.
Three of Siberian Husky dog running in the snowy forest

German Shepherd

Shepherd in leaves in autumn wallpaper mural

The German Shepherd is a massive dog ideal for protection and guard, also commonly used by police forces.
Dog- German Shepherd geometric design, low poly vector illustration for wallpaper for walls.
But he is also very loving and loyal. You can even train to take into account all your rules.
Wallpaper for walls Portrait of German Shepherd running dog vector illustration isolated.
It attaches very quickly to family members and is very protective of children.
Vector illustration funny dog thoroughbred on a white background. Dog wallpaper mural.

His well-proportioned body reflects his life as a working utility dog.


German Shepherd, wolfhound, lying resting with red roses in mouth drawing vector illustration dog police

However, he always looks athletic and agile. Any tendency to sluggishness is rejected.

Drawing German Shepherd Dog, portrait oil painting on a green background. Dog wallpaper mural.

He has an expansive and powerful gait that shows enormous endurance. 

Breed dogs

The wedge-shaped head is in a harmonious relationship with the body.

set with dog breeds, illustration isolated on white background

It ends with a straight nose bridge and an always black nose.

A detailed animal silhouette of a pet dog

Last but not least, he impresses his opponent with a complete scissor bite of 42 teeth.

vector portrait of two dog German shepherd breed sitting and smile with his tongue hanging out

Its erect, forward-pointing ears and its dark, slightly slanted eyes give the German Shepherd an always alert and attentive expression.

Cat and dog mural

If you also love cats, go for cat and dog wallpaper for walls.

Funny 3d grey kitten and smiling dog wallpaper for walls

Cats and dogs wallpaper murals are ideal for you to change the face of your interior if you love both pets.

Cute dogs doodle vector set. Cartoon dog or puppy characters design collection with flat color in different poses. Set of funny pet animals isolated on white background wallpaper for walls.

Because the expressive colors in cat and dog wallpaper murals make each decoration a modern decorative accent.

the dog chased the cat on a walk and dragged the host boy behind it.

At Wallpaper Keya you have a choice of thousands of cats and dogs wallpaper for walls and other categories.

Portraits of beautiful lovely cat and dog pets

Cats and dogs are so cute, and the fur helps make these friends even more irresistible! 

Cute dogs doodle vector set. Cartoon dog or puppy characters design collection with flat color in different poses. Set of funny pet animals isolated on white background.

This is one of the reasons that cats and dogs wallpaper murals and are also irresistible.

Burmese cat and Staffordshire Terrier portrait on white background

They come in different sizes and shapes: long, short, straight, wavy, colorful, black, white… All of them make the puppies even more charming.

Portrait of a border collie a cat and a Papillion dog wallpaper for walls

Thanks to the diversity of nature, there are many types of coats for dogs and cats. 

seamless doodle dogs and cats faces colorful background

Each one brings the originality of the breed, making tutors even more passionate about the unique beauty of their pets.

Black and white dog wallpaper for walls

One of the most demanded murals is a black and white dog wallpaper for walls.

 Fox. Graphic, sketch, black and white, hand-drawn portrait of a Fox's head on a white background.

The stylish black and white walls are perfect for young people who keep up with the times.

Group dogs seamless pattern gray scale. Crowd dogs in wallpaper. Monochrome vector illustration. EPS 8.

And you will find the classic range, that gives the design a sophisticated look, at Wallpaper Kenya.

Animal footprints seamless pattern. Paws on a black background. Vector print

Take your pick from a wide variety of patterns.

Seamless pattern with dogs. Dog breeds. Labrador Retriever, zinenhund. Drawing by hand in vintage style.

Choose from dog footprints, dog bone pirate skull seamless patterns, to dog paws on a black background.

Dog Quotes Vector Design high resolution vector files

The most impressive black and white dog wallpapers look good on walls in:

  • living room;
  • office;
  • library;
  • hallway;
  • bedroom.

To prevent the design from looking monotonous, you can add color accents in the form of decorative elements in yellow, green, orange, red, or blue.

Sitting dog. Cute beagle dog in a sitting position black outline isolated on white background.

The balance of monochrome and color solutions will be the key to a harmonious interior.

Customization of wallpaper for walls

Custom design dog wallpaper for walls of a dog with glasses and serious look.

To give you a unique dog wallpaper mural, we combine what belongs together: Art + Unique Animal Motifs, with our unique art prints.

Simple modern pattern with dogs in the style of Memphis. Pattern with geometric shapes of the 80s

Because we want to inspire you and provide the best possible support in setting up your own oasis of well-being!

Cute Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever dog hand drawn vector set. Cartoon dog or puppy characters design collection with flat color in different poses.

The combination of unique animal motifs, a special artistic presentation, and high-quality fabric is a form of expression that will make your home shine.

Golden retriever dogs in a seamless pattern wallpaper background illustration. Yellow doggies on a black background in an adorable animal print art. Fun graphic drawing texture featuring a pure breed.

Whether it’s a motivating German Shepherd picture or a funny panda picture, our canvas pictures reflect your attitude to life and help you to get through everyday life more relaxed!

Belgian shepherd, Belgian malinois dog playing in the water, happy dog training outdoors, splashy and funny mood. High quality photo

The ingenious wall decoration for breeders of any dog breed, is a great animal wallpaper mural for your home, the gift idea for dog fans.

Bichon Frize. Adorable puppy dog. Watercolor illustration with color spots. All dog breeds

The dog wallpaper for walls is intended for indoor use.

Set of colorful vector portraits of dog breeds isolated on white background. Dog wallpaper for walls.

And are always individually handcrafted for you in your desired, specific size and selected variant when you place your order.

 Special hobbies that you would like for wallpaper

Have your favorite snapshot of your dog wallpaper doing his hobby. Agility, dog dance, flyball, man trailing or just throwing balls? 

Cute red-haired girl walking many dogs of different breeds. Vector illustration of dog walker, wallpaper for walls.

There are numerous employment opportunities that are offered for dog wallpaper murals. Just like many dog ​​​​owners are concerned about how they can offer their furry friends an exciting everyday life.

Shetland sheepdog, Shiba-inu and cat stand on hind legs on a white background

Clearly, a dog that is physically and mentally engaged and does a fair amount of nose work will be happier and less silly than a bored dog.

Dog catching a ball in mid-air

How much exercise a dog needs depends on the breed, age, state of health, and personal temperament of the animal.

Icon with girl and dog. Vector illustration with dancing woman and dog. Pictogram for cytological sports and activity as heelwork to music, freestyle, dog training, obedience. Simply wallpaper design element.

Not every Labrador is enthusiastic about retrieving, and there are certainly jovial Jack Russell Terriers too. 

fitness dog lifting a heavy big dumbbell

Joint sports such as dog dancing or flyball keep you fit and strengthen the bond between dog and owner because they require cooperation. 

Dog with flying disk

However, it does not necessarily have to be a fancy sport. Many employment exercises can also be easily integrated into everyday life.

Dog in a jogging suit running

You can teach your dog household tricks, such as emptying the laundry basket or closing a door. 

Cute dogs doodle vector set. Cartoon dog or puppy characters design collection with flat color in different poses. Set of funny pet animals isolated on white background.

And if you hide the morning dry food portion in the garden or in the apartment instead of simply filling it in the bowl, the dog will be busy for a while with sniffing. 

Labrador Retriever, Happy dog swimming, Dog smiling

And what could be a more meaningful activity for a dog than foraging for food?


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