Fast food restaurant wallpaper

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  The design of the fast food restaurant wallpaper is created for fast food companies’ wall decoration, marketing, and expanding their networks. And is one of the dynamically developing sectors of the fast food café interior design sphere. Because the number of fast-food restaurants is constantly growing. Like any retail establishment, the design of your […]


Kenya's favorite fish and chips fast food restaurant wallpaper for walls.
Kenya’s favorite fish and chips fast food restaurant wallpaper for walls.
Vegetarian Burgers hand written fast food wallpaper lettering logo, label, badge, emblem. Vintage retro style. Isolated on white background. Vector illustration.
Vegetarian Burgers hand written fast food wallpaper lettering logo, label, badge, emblem. Vintage retro style. Isolated on white background. Vector illustration.


Abstract stamp or label with the text Kenyan Cuisine written inside, traditional vintage fast food restaurant wallpaper, vector illustration.

The design of the fast food restaurant wallpaper is created for fast food companies’ wall decoration, marketing, and expanding their networks.

Fast food restaurant wallpaper mural with beaf meat hamburger emblem vector illustration.

And is one of the dynamically developing sectors of the fast food café interior design sphere.

Vector hand drawn fish and chips seamless pattern fast food restaurant wallpaper. .

Because the number of fast-food restaurants is constantly growing.

Colored cartoon food wallpaper in pop art style with food and headline it s a fast food time vector illustration.

Like any retail establishment, the design of your fast food takeaway caféretail establishment should begin with a sign.

3D illustration, Wallpaper for restaurant and hotel wall

Choose fast-food wallpaper designs from the photo fast-food restaurant interior wall decoration review we present in our fast-food restaurant interior wall decoration review.

Seamless background with sketch fast food. Pattern with hand drawn elements on white background. Fast food restaurant, menu. Hot dog, sandwich, waffles, pizza, french fries, ice cream, donuts, burger

Passing by such a pavilion, most visitors make a spontaneous decision to enter it, appreciating your façade and shop window.

fast food wallpaper decor words for walls for restaurant and kitchen

The design of the fast food restaurant wallpaper is unity and harmony in everything related to the sale of takeaway food.

Seamless colorful pattern with fast food

I am sure you are aware, the exterior and interior of the café are the key points for the growth of attendance and the development of the trading business.

Fast Food Poster Set, Retro Restaurant Advertising Prints Style, Burger, Cold Drink Cup, Hot Dog, French Fries

The design of the fast food pavilion includes a planning solution.

Fast food restaurant colored menu with sketch dishes drinks and French text for enjoy your meal vector illustration

For this format, establishments use furniture made of high-quality materials but characterized by limited functionality.

top view fish chips with copy space variety sauces.
top view fish chips with copy space variety sauces.

So that the visitor does not linger and his visit lasts no more than half an hour.

Fast Food Background with Hot Dog, Ice Drink, Burger, Donut, Ice Cream, Pizza, French Fries, Fried Chicken. 3D Isometric Flat Vector Illustration.

Your selection of interior items and textiles, including the wallpaper, occurs after finishing these works.

Cafe bar fast food hamburger chips symbols seamless restaurant wallpaper pattern doodle sketch abstract illustration.

Without such trifles, the atmosphere inside your café will look incomplete.

Local (Kenyan) fast-food wallpaper

Kenya Emblem Fast Food Restaurant Wallpaper

A look at Kenyan restaurant fast food wallpaper is a look at a melting pot of various cultures and traditions.

Pakora or Bhajia indian Gujarati fast food wallpaper Vector.
Pakora or Bhajia Indian Gujarati fast food wallpaper Vector.

Reflected in the fast foods are the trade relations between the Kenyans and Arabs, the Portuguese colonization, and the British Rule.


Merchants from India, Persia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and other African countries; all have influenced the culture and food present in Kenya.


The bhajia are made with gram flour or besan and made into a smooth batter along with spices.

Indian Snacks - Bhajia, Wada, stuffed

It is a fritter originating from the Indian subcontinent.

Onion Pakora or Bhajia indian Street Food Vector

And they are sold by street vendors and served in fast-food restaurants in Kenya.

Bhajia fast food often consists of vegetables such as potatoes and onions, coated in seasoned gram flour batter and deep fried.


Chapati Kenyan street fast food. On a dark background in a plate. With sauce and curry. Vector illustration.

Chapati is also known as roti, rooti, rotli, rotta, safati, shabaati, phulka, chapo, poli, and roshi.

Indian village woman cooking food with traditional way of baking chapati on wood fire stove (chulha). Fast food restaurant wallpaper.

It is an unleavened flatbread originating from the Indian subcontinent and staple in Kenya, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, East Africa, Arabian Peninsula, and the Caribbean.

Traditional Indian Food Chapati The Phooli Roti, Fulka, Indian Bread, Flatbread, Flat Bread, Chapathi, Wheaten Flat Bread, Chapatti or Chappathi Vector eps 10. Perfect for wallpaper or design elements


Ugali is prepared by mixing flour with hot water to achieve a stiff consistency.

African food clipart of a traditional dish of starch and vegetable soup or sauce, popular in many African countries. Garri, Pounded Yam, Eba, Ugali or Fufu dish symbol.

It’s most commonly made with maize, followed by cassava, sorghum, and then millet.

Beef stew served with the African ugali and kachumbari fried sukumawiki kales

However, it’s common to mix two or more flours like maize and millet or maize and sorghum to enhance its flavor and increase its nutritional value.

Nyama Choma

Roast leg of lamb with potatoes and rosemary on serving wooden board fast food wallpaper.

Nyama Choma is an East African delicacy that is gaining popularity worldwide. It is a staple meal and national dish in Kenya and Tanzania. Nyama Choma is a Swahili term that means grilled meat.

freshly grilled steak isolated on white background

You will find nyama choma in local joints, bars and restaurants and even in exotic hotels in the country.

BBQ party icons set, barbecue, grill or picnic. Grilled salmon, sausage, vegetables, meat steak and shrimp. Barbecue tools vector illustration

And you will find a countless number of Nyama Choma zones along streets in Nairobi, you will certainly be spoiled for choice. Some places are lined with endless row of vendors willing to break their necks in a bid to get you to settle for their dazzling goat thigh.

 Set of barbecue elements drawn in vector. For the design of the menu of cafes and restaurants, shop windows related to the theme of grilled food.

Greenspot comes alive especially on the Weekends when the meat vendors, dressed in their white aprons, dive into work as the place drowns in the smoke from the endless meat grills dotting the place.


Mshikaki refers to a popular East African dish made with marinated beef. Ginger, lemon, and hot peppers are used to season the meat which is skewered and grilled over charcoal.

Mshikaki, street food dish , skewered pieces of marinated meat such as beef, goat, or mutton, Tanzanian cuisine, Traditional assorted African dishes, Top view.

Mshikaki is often eaten as a snack, usually with roasted potatoes in a pairing commonly known as “chips mshikaki”.

Traditional assorted African dishes, Top view. Fast food restaurant and wallpaper.

It can also be enjoyed with smoked or roasted plantains and fried cassava.

Mshikaki, street food dish , skewered pieces of marinated meat such as beef, goat, or mutton, Tanzanian cuisine, Traditional assorted African dishes, Top view.

In the evening, Kenyan street food vendors will grill and sell mshikaki by the side of the road.

Tanzanian cuisine, Traditional assorted African fast food dishes.

It’s a hugely popular dish beloved by all age groups. You can find Kenyans enjoying mshikaki at groceries, bars, and music clubs, often with beer and other alcoholic drinks.


Mandazi is a form of fast food fried bread that originated on the Swahili Coast. It is also known as bofrot or puff puff in Western African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria.

Mandazi, also known as the dabo or South Sudanese Coconut Doughnut close-up in a basket on a table. horizontal top view from above

It is one of the principal dishes in the cuisine of the Swahili people who inhabit the Coastal Region of Kenya and Tanzania.

Masala Chips

banana chips, Potato slices turning into chips isolated, Crispy kela wafers, salted, masala (wafers), Tomato, namkeen, chips on golden bowl.


Pilaf, a dish of rice, chicken, carrots with spices and dried cranberries on a black plate on a dark wooden background. Eastern cuisine.

Get inspired by the top fast-food restaurants in the world

Take a look at the top 12 fast food restaurant wallpaper for your inspiration.

Enjoy your meal banner or poster template with serving western food vector illustration with text placement guide isolated on landscape wallpaper.

And these are leaders in terms of sales: not only large-scale but also popular with guests.

Drawing hot dog delicious fast food best choice poster template vector illustration

Like the Orange Chicken at Panda Express, every fast food restaurant has its most iconic and requested menu itemsOrange Chicken at Panda Express

Barbecue chicken wings on a yellow background. Seamless pattern design fast food restaurant wallpaper mural.

We will see what favorite food is sold in the top 10 popular chains.

The McDonald’s golden, crisp French fries are some of the best fries you can find at fast food restaurants and are the chain’s best-seller as Reader’s Digest shares.

French Fries (Large) Compostable Packaging

These fries, chicken nuggets, quarter pounders, and Big Mac with cheese are McDonald’s fan-favorite menu items.

Popular fast food restaurant Subway is renowned for its freshly produced, customized sandwiches that double as the best options for a quick, easy, and filling meal on the road.

Delicious submarine ads with flying vegetables on nature bokeh background in 3d illustration

As one of the restaurant’s original sandwiches, the Italian B.M.T. (Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest) sandwich has been a staple on the Subway menu.

Delicious Double Beef Burger consists of Bun Bread Patty Pickle Onion Mayonaisse Ketchup Cheddar Cheese and lettuce in a yellow background

Miss u so much Wendy's

mexican food tacos isolated on white background

Notes that Chick-fil-A Nuggets topped the list of most popular orders in 2020 and have been the most popular entrée anywhere for three years in a row.

Chicken Nuggets

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA - JULY 13, 2014: Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant Sign. It is a fast food restaurant chain headquartered in United States specialized in chicken products.

Lots of KFC chicken hot wings in bucket of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) fast food wallpaper.

Chicken burritos on the wooden background
Chicken burritos on the wooden background

The chicken burrito bowl with white rice and black beans is the most requested at Chipotle.

Homemade Mexican chicken burrito bowl with rice, beans, corn, tomato, avocado, spinach. Taco salad lunch bowl fast food wallpaper.

Breakfast wallpaper or banner. Graphic element for fast food restaurant wall mural, template, layout and mock up. Avocado, apple, bacon sandwiches and tea. Comfort and coziness in apartment. Cartoon flat vector illustration.

It is best known for its menu items such as “extra-long cheese cones” and “toaster sandwiches” as well as freshly made meals and carhop service.

Minneapolis, MN/USA April 3, 2018. Brick wall with a Dairy Queen sign including the slogan "Grill & Chill."

look at the most popular first food wallpaper items:

Just like fast food restaurant wallpaper for walls can become addictive, fast food can become addictive because of its enhanced flavor.

3D hamburger on beige background with beef patty and vegetables, horizontal poster with product advertising vector illustration

The mixture of flavors and textures can produce effects in the brain like that of a drug.

Vector hand drawn coffee seamless pattern. Background for fast food design. Useful for restaurant identity, packaging, menu design and interior decorating.

Many people at this time have been craving a hamburger, pizza, or, tacos. Fast food is a big part of the food industry.

freshly baked pizza background, top view

It comes from different parts of the world including Italy, the United States, Mexico, Asia, the United Kingdom, etc. Each country has its touch.

Vintage Tacos Bar wallpaper sign.

These types of foods can become addictive due to their intense flavor, scientists believe that they can produce effects in the body similar to those of cocaine in the brain.

collage of various fast food products. Wallpaper for walls.

In some countries, this type of food is consumed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for economic convenience.

The top 5 most consumed fast foods in the world


The Pizza originates from Italy, where it was customary to cook the bread in a circular shape and then cut it into portions like pizzas today.

fast food pizza concept - close up of fast food snacks and cola drink on wooden table

fried chicken 

Breaded or fried chicken became so popular because of its different forms of preparation.

fried chicken with French fries and nuggets meal - fast food wallpaper for walls.

In the United States, it became the cheapest animal protein.


Hamburgers have become popular in the 20th century along with the concept of fast food.

French fries, humburger and soda takeaway vector background. Fast food flat design

And have also become an important part of fast food in the United States.

i lover hamburger, fast food wallpaper.

Hamburgers are sandwich-shaped processed foods.

Hot dog 

Fast food 3d realistic render vector icon set. Pizza, taco, hamburger, fries potatoes, ramen noodle soup, hot dog, popcorn, chicken leg

Or hot dogs are usually consumed in greater quantities in the summer.


Cut single French Tacos on slate

The tacos consist of wrapping a filling, and they are prepared in the Mexican way, white tortillas are the most appreciated for tacos.

Attract & retain customers with fast-food wallpaper

Studies show that fast food restaurant wallpaper interior is one of the factors influencing customer satisfaction and behavior.

Thai style homemade deep fried chicken wings on white plate served with barbecue dipping sauce or tomato sauce(ketchup) so delicious and crispy. Street food wallpaper.

The success of a fast food restaurant depends mainly on the wallpaper and customer service it provides.

Set of 3d realistic render fast food elements icon set. Pizza slice, burger, french fries, coffee cup, hot dog, ketchup bottle isolated on white background. Vector illustration

And therefore, what attracts your customers to your restaurant and which ones you retain will depend not only on the food. But also on the interior design of your restaurant.

Delicious homemade burger with chili and BBQ grill fire, food ad banner in 3d illustration

Wallpaper is a good idea to create an atmosphere that puts your customers at ease while they enjoy the most fantastic dining experience.

Potato chips texture background. Crispy corrugated potato snack pattern, fast food snacks wallpaper top view

A great fast-food restaurant interior design provides a cozy atmosphere for your customers and makes them enjoy their meals.

Pizza Art Collage. Eyes mouth pizza closeup. Collage of modern art paintings. Crazy mouth screaming for a pizza lover. Fashionable yellow color.

With the ever-increasing competition in the restaurant space, unique, custom-made wallpaper, eye-catching interiors, and ambiance play a critical role in attracting customers.

Restaurant Interior Design Tips: 

Establishments often become customer favorites just because of their fast food restaurant wallpaper interior decoration.

Concept of mock up burger, potatoes, sauce, chicken nuggets and drink on red background. Copy space for text and logo.

Therefore, every fast-food restaurant owner should plan to include unique and attractive interior design ideas for their restaurant.

Vector simple flat food logo. Restaurant, cafe, catering insignia. Food icon. Running man with dish icon isolated on white background. Fast food, waiter icon, running man silhouette, figure.

And these will positively influence your customers even before they taste your food.

Design concept of mockup burger and coffee set isolated on white background. Copy space for text and logo. Clipping Path included isolated on white background.

Remember that, even before talking to an employee or looking at the menu, the visitor observes the environment and the characteristics of the place.

Coffee to go regular pattern made of photo on a coral pink color background. Kraft paper cups with black lids and natural bright sun shadows. Lifestyle take away hot drinks. Trendy flatlay, top view.

Often, the interior design of the restaurant becomes its unique selling proposition.

Set of traditional food icons.

And your fast food restaurant wallpaper can become the main reason customers come back to visit your restaurant.

Let's EAT! fast food store logo display on white brick wall with the light from ceiling.

Because fast food customers these days are always looking for new experiences. And a cool and quirky restaurant interior design catches their eye.

Food service vector logo. Fast food, burger and restaurant logo. design template

After including distinct and remarkable designs related to medieval themes or associated with some famous series, your customers will not only come to your restaurant for the food.

Seamless background with fastfood symbols. Menu pattern. Vector Illustration with funny food lettering and labels on white. Decorative elements for your packing design. Multicolor decor.

But also for the ambiance and visual appeal.

traditional american fastfood emblem for your logo, banner or flyer template

In the age of social media, where customers take photos of food before eating, an eye-catching interior becomes one of your fast food restaurant’s top USPs.

Choose the best colors for your fast-food restaurant wallpaper

Fast food restaurant wallpaper colors can affect customers’ food choices and the amount of money they spend at a fast food restaurant.

Fast food delivery man with red uniform driving scooter on paper map with red and blue location pin.

Since color perception is related to emotions, color plays an important role in the happiness of your customers.

'Speedy Fork' iconic logo design template for food delivery service of fast food restaurant | vector illustration of flying reactive fork isolated on white background

Different colors stimulate different emotions and can profoundly affect customers’ feelings of hunger and thirst. Colors also influence people’s attitudes toward their environment.

Fast food cartoon icon set. Hamburger, hot dog, shawarma, wok noodles, pizza and others for takeaway cafe design. Vector illustration of street food flat style.

Modern fast-food restaurant interior design goes far beyond the stereotypical black-and-white color scheme. Stark contrasts are an important part of contemporary interior design, giving it a stunning and elegant look. 

Flat fast food colorful illustrations

A modern fast-food restaurant should have a color scheme that includes one or two dominant colors. And one with pops of contrasting color to add interest to the décor and overall space.

Retro emblem

For example, you can go for a combination of red and white that adds a flavor of black in between a few places. You could give your restaurant a sober look with an exciting mix of dark green and pale yellow.

Banner with 3d realistic render burger and coffee cup, fries potatoes, ketchup isolated on red background. Vector illustration

Each color influences our minds.

Warm colors awaken feelings of euphoria and agitation, including hunger.

Have innovative walls and ceilings

The ceiling of your large or small fast-food restaurant should reflect the same luxurious aspect of the place.

colour burger and french fries hand drawing sketch engraving illustration style

Contemporary restaurants have an appetite for modern design with different types of impressive and attractive light effects that go well with the softness of symphonic music. 

Fast food logos, labels, icons. Collection of 6 fast food logotypes designed for food establishments. Pizza, fried chicken, hot dog, kebab, burgers and tacos logos. Vector illustration.

Wallpaper patterns on the ceiling can be arranged in an informal pattern with a combination of contrasting colors such as white-pink, blue-white, and pink-purple.

Creative fast food concept. Close-up, hands reaching for a box of nuggets. Studio photo on a green background.

In the coming years, restaurants will focus on creating custom art-inspired designs on fast-food restaurant walls to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Fast food logo. Sandwich, steak, chicken, french fries, tacos, sausages, pizza. 3d vector icon, realism style

Wallpaper Kenya can make you a unique one to your restaurant that cannot be easily replicated by your competitors. Call us for the details.


Before investing in the design of the fast food restaurant wallpaper, it is necessary to know your target audience.

Vector hand drawn fast food Illustration. Vintage style. Retro food background. Sketch

Information such as age range, consumption habits, and length of stay, for example, will guide various decisions, such as style. Many entrepreneurs choose to create themed spaces to stand out from the competition and attract a specific clientele.

Fast food, hamburger, sandwich, fries, pizza. Price tag or poster design. Set of vector illustrations. Typography. Vintage pencil sketch. Engraving style. Labels, cover, t-shirt print, painting.

In this sense, the concept must be explored in every detail. 

These elements must be in harmony and convey your brand identity while providing comfort and hospitality for tasting the dishes.

Retro vintage style fast food designs. Set of Calligraphic titles and symbols for foods. Pizza, Sandwich, Hot Dog, French Fries, Hamburger, Cheeseburger and Drumstick realistic illustrations.

After identifying your target audience and defining your establishment’s style, you need to plan the decoration details to convey these concepts and the brand’s visual identity. For this, choose the colors, shapes, and textures that best suit the defined style.

Scooter express delivery service. Yellow motor bike with delivery bag on yellow background. 3d illustration

If you want to create a more rustic environment, for example, colors like brown, black, gray, and wood and leather textures will match your location and contribute to the customer’s complete immersion.

fried chicken text effect template design use for business brand and logo

On the other hand, a restaurant or snack bar with a modern style can combine different colors and decorative objects such as pictures, plants, lamps, and furniture with a simple design.

Benefits of fast food restaurant wallpaper

One major advantage of fast food restaurant wallpaper is in marketing. Do not look only for cons in fast food. There is also the other side of the coin.

Fast food. Vector illustration of fast food. Cute best friends picture with the image of fast food. Image fast food in vintage style. Children's picture.

Interestingly, the majority of visitors to fast food restaurants are men. Because they like high-calorie food for little money.

Italian pizza design template. Pizza Margherita slice in hand drawn sketch style and pizza ingredients in flat modern style. Best for flyers, menu designs, banners, packages and other.

But the beautiful half of humanity, on the contrary, visits establishments of this type because of the pleasant dynamic atmosphere. And there is no better way to enhance this atmosphere than with wallpaper. 

Happy men friends. Guys with slices of pizza in cafe or restaurant. Students rest and eat fast food, entertainment for weekend. Communication and discussion. Cartoon flat vector illustration

Fast food chains offer comfort food, they are very affordable, and you can find them everywhere, so everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy these dishes. People prefer to eat fast food during their business, such as while working, driving, or watching a movie.

Remarkable Fast Food wording in comic bubble speech in pop art style

The fast food menu items will satisfy your cravings and tastes without any effort in cooking, preparing, and serving food. Fast food chains are economical. If you live alone, you will buy food from fast food outlets.

Vector illustration. Fast food

You can capture all these ideas on your fast-food restaurant wallpaper.

And there are many other advantages:

It is cheaper to buy food in the supermarket than to cook it at home. Some fast foods like French fries and hamburgers are pretty cheap. And they don’t cause health issues, you can find some options on the restaurant’s fast food menu which might be healthier.

Corn food set, vector isolated illustration. Realistic boiled sweet corn cobs on plate and fork, hot cornmeal porridge in bowl.

  1. Fast food intake (on average 15-25 minutes);
  2. Quality service, competent staff;
  3. Acceptable cost;
  4. Cleanliness of counters, kitchens, equipment, and food storage facilities;
  5. Use of quality products in the menu (90% of meat, bakery products, vegetables);

Of course, the best option is a measured meal with classic homemade food with three traditional courses (first, second, and compote).

Vintage Sandwiches Poster. Vector illustration.

But sometimes, if you really, then you can order fast food with delivery. And there will be no particular harm to the body. Because a portion of the hormones of joy received from delicious food compensates for all the disadvantages of fast food (if you are not too lazy to go for a run or just go to the mountains).


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