Forest mural wallpaper

The best forest mural wallpaper for walls is custom-made. And I will tell you why. For the simple reason that there is not a single tree in a forest that looks like another. For that reason, you simply can not possibly achieve a truly natural forest mural in regular wallpaper. There are many advantages you […]


Custom made 3D Forest Mural Wallpaper for walls
The best forest mural wallpaper for walls is custom-made. And I will tell you why.
Jungle wallpaper mural with trees and tropical plant. Vector.
For the simple reason that there is not a single tree in a forest that looks like another.
tropical trees and leaves wallpaper design in foggy forest - 3d wallpaper mural illustration.
For that reason, you simply can not possibly achieve a truly natural forest mural in regular wallpaper.
Sunny Forest mural wallpaper in the living room
There are many advantages you get from custom-made wallpaper murals. For one, you get to choose the exact forest-type image you want.
Tree by the lake. Misty landscape. Tree with birds in the Japanese garden. the mural, Wallpaper for interior printing.
You can choose a misty forest wallpaper, a rainforest, or even a black and white forest wallpaper.
 3d Nature forest wallpaper for living room
For the children’s bedroom, you can choose a unicorn forest or a fantasy forest wallpaper mural. There is no limit to the kind of forest you can choose at Wallpaper Kenya.
3D baby wallpaper vector with animals, forest for photomural.
Including misty forests, bamboo forests, enchanted forests, and birch forests
Forest Landscape
Any kind of forest you like is possible with custom made wallpaper. But regular wallpaper is very limited in design choices.
Jungle forest
Regular wallpaper for walls comes in a universal standard size roll 53 centimeters by 1o meter. And because it is so narrow, 53 centimeters wide, it is joined on the wall.
Night magical fantasy forest wallpaper for walls. Forest landscape, neon, magical lights in the forest. Fairy-tale atmosphere, fog in the forest, silhouettes of trees. 3D illustration.
Therefore, there is a joint after every 53 centimeters. This means you have a repeat pattern after every 53 centimeters.
Black and white photomural wallpaper
Such regular or standard-size wallpaper is okay and very good for such designs as brick wallpaper. Or for solid color wallpaper.
Illustration of the bamboo trees inside the forest
And they are also good for many other designs such as damask wallpaper.
3d modern Landscape art mural wallpaper with Christmas tree, golden lines, and mountain, white marble background.
But they can not make good 3d forest murals.
Spring forest wall mural

Different types of forest wallpaper

At Wallpaper Kenya you will find any kind of forest mural wallpaper you can think of. And looking at them you will realize that forests are biomes that contain different sets of ecosystems.

Watercolor autumn trees of yellow, red, orange color. Autumn forest,hill. Watercolor art background. Beautiful splash of paint. Abstract creative background. Country landscape, park. Eco poster

Therefore they have different climates and geology, as well as rich biotic elements or living beings, harboring great biodiversity.

vector silhouette of the deers in thick wood

Thus, there are various types of forested areas, such as temperate, boreal, or tropical forests, or deciduous or evergreen, among other possible classifications.

A leaf littered road leading into a decidous forest in early Spring on a fine day.

In this category is a wallpaper that is made up of a large number of trees, bushes, and other types of vegetation, as well as many animal species and living beings from other kingdoms of nature, such as the Animalia kingdom, the Plantae kingdom, the kingdom Fungi, the kingdom Protista and the kingdom Moneran.

Flamingo - Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Phoenicopteriformes Family: Phoenicopterid. Forest mural wallpaper.

The living beings or biotic elements that exist in the forests, as well as the composition of the abiotic elements, such as geology, can change extremely depending on the type of forest since we do not find the same thing in a boreal or taiga forest that in a tropical forest or jungle.

the diversity of living things in the forest

The classification of forest wallpaper is very complex since a great variety of parameters can be used to differentiate them.

vintage seamless texture of little birds. watercolor painting

For example, they can be classified according to their climate and latitude, but there are many more criteria.

Types of forest wallpaper according to their climate and latitude

Taking into account the criteria of latitude and the climate of the region in which a forest is located, we can define the following types of forest wallpapers:

boreal forest

Boreal forests are also known as taiga and are those found in the northern part of the planet (we can see it in blue on the map) and, specifically, they are mainly between 50º and 60º latitude.

Aerial view of boreal forest during winter, wallpaper

Due to this location, these are the coldest forested regions and their temperatures can oscillate, depending on the area and the season of the year, between the maximum temperature of 20ºC in summer and -60ºC in winter (in areas of Siberia and Extreme East). These are very large regions that occupy parts of various countries (Alaska, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Russia).

Photo mural wallpaper of a river winding through the boreal forest of Canada in Yukon Territory during winter season.

Among its vegetation, we find, mainly, pine and fir trees, and among the animals that inhabit these places, we can find a great variety of species, such as caribou or reindeer, moose, brown bears, boreal lynx, wolverines, boreal owl, and osprey.

Spring time coming back to life in the northern boreal forest of Canada, photo mural wallpaper image taken in May in Yukon Territory.

To expand this information, we recommend entering these other Green Ecology articles in which the topics of Boreal Forests: characteristics, flora and fauna and What is the taiga: definition and characteristics are discussed in detail.

temperate forest

Another type of forest depending on the climate and the latitude in which they are found in the temperate forest. These are the forested regions that are found in the part of the planet that has the most temperate or less extreme climate, which is why it is found in both hemispheres, although it is more abundant in the northern part (it is marked in green on the map).

Spectacular warm and bright autumn scenery in the thick forest, Leaves of a yellow color fall from the trees onto the road. Digital wallpaper art 3D illustration.

These are regions where there are moderate temperatures, there is usually abundant rainfall and there are animals that hibernate and others that migrate depending on the time of year. The soil in these areas is very rich and fertile, since, thanks to the very dense plant cover and humidity levels, and warm temperatures, organic matter known as humus is produced, which is a great fertilizer.

Spectacular warm and bright autumn scenery in the thick forest, Leaves of a yellow color fall from the trees onto the road. Digital art 3D illustration.

In this other post, you will be able to learn more details about the temperate forest: characteristics, flora, and fauna. Furthermore, the forests of the Mediterranean Sea area are good examples of these types of mild climate zones. Here you can discover everything about the Mediterranean Forest: characteristics, flora, and fauna.

Natural scenery of mountains and forests in Vietnam

To learn even more about these temperate biomes, we recommend this other post on What animals live in the temperate forest

subtropical forest

Subtropical forest wallpaper artworks are taken from areas close to the tropics (they are orange on the map) and their average temperature is 22ºC. In these regions with a subtropical climate, the vegetation tends to be large, with broad leaves.

Tropical Jungle at Day Anime Background Illustration Landscape

Although there is a lot of rain, the levels of rainfall are somewhat lower than those of the tropical forests and, in addition, the seasons of the year are very marked.

3d forest murals

Photomurals produce the best 3d forest mural wallpaper.
3d wallpaper design photo mural engraved trees sky blue
This realistic 3D nature and forest landscape mural are intended to give depth and life to walls.
tropical trees and leaves wallpaper mural design in foggy forest - 3D illustration.
Pick a design that has part of a dense forest and other more open parts to avoid the feeling of claustrophobia.
Custom made Removable & Reusable Wallpaper
And if you choose one with a lake or river, water transmits tranquility and gives the environment a contrast of turquoise and bluish colors.
Oriental style wallpaper illustration in high definition
The realistic 3D landscape mural effect will bring you closer to a window open to nature that we assume is a real and pleasant perception.
Full Wall Beach Nature Jungle Forest & River Mural Wallpaper


Based on transferring your life to increasingly rural environments and practices, you realize how little we see, city people, when we look around us outside the asphalt.

vintage wallpaper design, long twigs and sparrow background, retro style forest flowers oil painting effect.

When looking at a forest, we see the trees and their beauty, the animals and their magic. And we notice the harmony of the forest space and, at the same time, there is much more behind this beautiful wallpaper.

Seamless pattern with jungle animals, flowers and trees. Vector.

For instance, there is the specific location of these holm oaks and their shape, for the pruning that our ancestors did to them. And there are its leaves and the acorns over which the goats fight when grazing.

Pastel color banana leaves, palms. Tropical seamless pattern. Hand-painted vintage 3D illustration. Bright glamorous floral background design. Luxury wallpaper, cloth, fabric printing, digital paper

There are the boxwoods with which thousands of shepherds have made cooking spoons. As well as the flowers of hypericum with which many generations of women have made oils and ointments.

Woodland wildlife wallpaper. Illustration with owl, deer and rabbits. Watercolor animal and forest evergreen trees on white background.

And there are a thousand other indications of activities in the forest that are part of our culture and that, although they are in danger of extinction, are still life and work for many of us today.

3d Forest Waterfall Mural Wallpaper

View of high mountain with waterfall and birds at sunset 3d forest wall mural.

Prepare to impress! The breathtaking “waterfall in the 3d forest mural wallpaper” captures the largest sheet of falling water in the world.

Botanical garden with panoramic windows. Jungle and tropical plants outside the window. Beautiful design for picture, mural, wallpaper, photo wallpaper.

And that is Victoria Falls to help you relax as you admire the force of nature in all its might and beauty.

Bright colorful fairy forest with houses, hemp and mushrooms. Beautiful design for children's room wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural. Design for children, nursery, teenager room.

Because it is one of the best cool wallpapers with natural forest and water that will enchant you.

Personalized 3d Forest Waterfall Wallpaper

But there are scores of other forest waterfall mural wallpaper you can choose from.

3d wallpaper design with an amazing landscape view and trees flowers and mountains for photomural

It all depends on what image best suits your room to relieve stress or just relax.

Panoramic beautiful deep forest waterfall wallpaper mural.

Try a romantic “pond waterfall” or flower garden waterfall and impress your friends with some of the best in the market.

3d Wallpaper background design with natural landscape and waterfall for photomural.

Find lovely ” forest waterfall backgrounds” and you will be mesmerized by realistic 3d wallpaper effects.

Catalog of Forest Mural Wallpaper

At Wallpaper Kenya you will find an inexhaustible catalog of forest mural wallpaper.

tropical trees and leaves forest mural wallpaper design in foggy forest - 3D illustration.

And any kind of forest you can imagine is possible. Because all our murals are custom made.

Tropical palm leaves. Mural, Wallpaper for internal printing. 3D illustration

Here are some ideas for you to choose from:

Misty forest wallpaper

Misty forest bedroom mural wallpaper

Misty forest mural wallpaper is an ever-popular choice when looking to create a certain ambiance.

seamless pine forest watercolor illustration. owls and squirrels on the trees. wallpaper and mural art.

And it is because you can use the inspiring scenery to evoke a sense of exploration and adventure.

Misty Forest and Mountains in the Morning 3d Digital art

Also, at the same time, the natural tones of the landscape and the scale of the trees give your room height and depth, making any room feel bigger.

Park vintage botanical landscape, trees, bush floral seamless pattern grey background. Forest mural wallpaper.

These particular forest wallpapers have the added mystique of an enveloping mist.

beautiful green forest with many pink flowers and butterflies. design for 3d wallpaper, wall mural and etc.

That is not only atmospheric but also adds another more neutral color accent that makes for styling beautiful forest wallpaper.

Night forest mural wallpaper

The Night Forest is located near the town of Punta de Sable. And the Night Forest Mural Wallpaper depicts its lushness in that hardly any sunlight passes through the trees. The Night Forest is always dark as if it were night, which is why it is called the Night Forest. 

3d modern art mural wallpaper, night landscape, colorful mountains, trees, dark black background with stars and moon

This forest is spooky and always seems to have a light mist meandering through the trees.

3d Bamboo forest wallpaper

3D personalized bamboo forest mural wallpaper

With the bamboo forest wallpaper mural, you will create a feeling of relaxation in any environment.

Vector illustration of Green bamboo trees background inside the forest

Whether you hand it on home walls or in a professional setting such as a yoga or relaxation room.

tropical jungle background wall. green leaves bamboo trees forest in sunny day.

The raw material silk fabric provides greater resistance and facilitates the placement of the mural in one seamless piece.

Bamboo forest scenes with mist mural wallpaper illustration

This high-quality material is stronger than conventional wallpaper.

Black and white forest wallpaper

Charm your house or office walls with the elegance of these black and white forest mural wallpaper.

Brown trees with golden flowers and turquoise, black and gray mountains in light yellow background with white clouds and birds. 3d illustration wallpaper landscape art

We do not doubt that you will immediately charm everyone at the sight of this black and white wallpaper.

Mountain lake forest pine trees rock vector illustration.
Without a doubt, it is the winning combination of the timeless wall covering that is the tapestry, with the softness and elegance of black and white.

Seamless horizontal border with black and white tropical foliage. Hand drawn vector illustration isolated on white.

The combination of these two elements forms a breathtaking setting.

 Black silhouette of bare branches of trees on white background. Vector.
So, to install a chic and elegant atmosphere in a bedroom or any other room, you can bet on our custom wallpaper murals without any hesitation.

Tropical rainforest wallpaper for walls

Tropical rainforest wall décor

3d Forest scene wallpaper

3d Dense Tropical Forest Jungle Wallpaper

Enchanted forest mural wallpaper

enchanted forest wallpaper

Photo wallpaper forest

Forest and Trees photo wallpaper murals are an ideal decoration for you if you want to change the appearance of your home.

Photo wallpapers. Digital mural. Bears at the old castle with forest waterfalls.

Because the dimensions and expressive colors in Forest and Tree’s photomural make each decoration an attractive unique decorative wallpaper accent.

Fairy forest wallpaper

Save trees and forest protection for sustainable future tiny person concept. Environment care and preservation from deforestation vector illustration. Nature friendly resource and biodiversity support. Fairly forest wallpaper mural.


Birch forest wallpaper

Birch Tree Forest Bedroom Wallpaper

Woodland mural


white forest wallpaper

Winter scenery wallpaper

People today strive to be closer to nature since life in a metropolis is full of bustle, noise, and various annoying factors.

Seamless pattern with foggy spruce forest. Fir trees isolated on white background.

Someone who moves to the suburbs buys private houses, but not everyone has such an opportunity.

Design of children's wallpaper with jungle and cute animals, tiger, monkey, parrot.

Fortunately, there is an easier way out – you can use natural materials right in your apartment.

Birch grove. Black and white vector background of birch trunks. Realistic illustration of a birch forest.

For example, wood – such products in the interior almost always look advantageous.

Summer forest landscape with glade, green grass and trees. Vector cartoon illustration of deep woods scene with trees, bushes, stones and sunlight. Spring woodland or nature park panorama

If it is not possible to use natural materials, you can limit yourself to imitating them.

trees climbing liants, leaves, nature, photo wallpapers in the room

Wood-like wallpaper for walls is an option that should be considered when forming an interior. With the help of this finishing material, the space will surely acquire a noble look.

Watercolor Woodland animals seamless pattern. Fabric wallpaper background with Owl, hedgehog, fox and butterfly, Bunny forest squirrel and chipmunk, bear and bird baby animal, Scandinavian Nursery

And if there is a fireplace or a cozy home staircase nearby, these canvases are definitely worth using.

Where are forest mural wallpapers used?

Forest mural wallpaper looks appropriate in almost any room. Designers have long been delighted with landscape and woody subjects.

Colorful cartoon forest wallpaper mural. Digital creative designer art. Abstract surreal illustration. 3d render

There is a simple explanation for this.  Trees easily and gracefully fit even into modern interiors, not to mention traditional ones.

Watercolor composition with African animals and natural elements. Lion, zebra, monkeys, parrots, palm trees, flowers. Safari wild creatures. Jungle, tropical illustration for nursery wallpaper.

When choosing, it is imperative to consider various flowers, and color shades to harmonize with the other colors in your room.

pink tree wallpaper, beautiful forest

If we talk about fashion, then recently there has been such a trend: more and more accent walls decorated with 3d forest murals or simply artificially aged wood are found.

Safari boys with animals in the forest

Whitewashed surfaces or some glossy attributes made of exotic species will also be appropriate here.

Surreal red fantasy landscape at tropical jungle forest

Where can you buy forest murals today, how do it correctly, and is such a design expensive? Natural trees-look wallpaper is the perfect compromise for any home.

Pattern with jungle animals, flowers and trees. Vector

The abundance of forest and tree types, and colors – all this will pleasantly surprise even a sophisticated person

Wallpaper Woodland stories watercolor illustration

There are endless varieties of design choices, they differ in types and styles. And that means each person in the house will be able to choose exactly what is right for them.

Vector seamless pattern with gold and black tropical leaves on dark background. Exotic botanical background design for cosmetics, spa, textile, Hawaiian style shirt. Best as wrapping paper, wallpaper for walls.

The most popular at the moment are the following forest wallpaper for walls:

  1. In grey;
  2. In brown;
  3. The noble red shade is in demand;
  4. Shades of pink or reddish brown are also worth considering when ordering.

Mystical brown forest sunbeams between the trees.

Forest wallpaper murals are a choice that you definitely will not have to regret.

Beautiful forest in spring with bright sun shining through the trees

Thanks to the wide assortment, you will be able to create a really warm, cozy atmosphere on your premises. In addition, this is a unique custom-made and will look original – especially today, when hi-tech prevails almost everywhere.


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