Full wall mural

Modern technology now affords you a realistic 3d full wall mural. As with recent advances in technology, it is no longer news of the use of 3D formats in various directions. Today, even in interior design, one of the trends in the use of digital 3D full wall mural wallpaper. This design of a flat […]


Trending 3D Big Flower Digital Full Wall Mural
Trending 3D Big Flower Digital Full Wall Mural

Modern technology now affords you a realistic 3d full wall mural.

Nelson Mandela Motivational Library Wallpaper Mural. African mural painting.

As with recent advances in technology, it is no longer news of the use of 3D formats in various directions.

Graffiti wall mural wallpaper

Today, even in interior design, one of the trends in the use of digital 3D full wall mural wallpaper.

 Entire wall digital 3d Nature forest wallpaper mural
Entire wall digital 3d Nature forest wallpaper mural

This design of a flat surface is 3d realistic and interestingly reflects the volumetric shapes or textures that we seem to be able to feel.

Galloping horses 3d wall paper mural.
Galloping horses 3d wall art

Displaying 3D formats gives us a fantastic impression and a sense of reality.

Full wall mural 3d illusion backdrop.

But it is a faux sense as if at arm’s length you can touch and feel what you see.

Personalized all walls full size wall murals
Personalized all walls full-size murals

And there are two broad categories of 3d murals at Wallpaper Kenya.

Custom mural at Shriners Hospital

One is digitally printed custom-made mural wallpaper.

3d illustration of flowers and butterflies indoor wall painting.

And the other one is ordinary or regular 3d wallpaper such as brick wallpaper.

3D realistic brown & white entire wall brick wallcovering
3D realistic brown & white entire wall brick wallcovering

What are the different types of murals

Generally, when looking for a full wall mural many people do not consider the fact that there are different types of murals.

3d illustration of leaves and deer full wall painting.

So just look for your options considering the design and dimensions you require.

African design. Beautiful ethnic women traditionally dancing. African full wall painting.

And judge which one is the best for you. 

3D Custom Fitness Club Gym Full Wall Mural

Well, before you make a choice, it is essential to know these different types.

3D illustration wallpaper design art mural background light

And each one of them has special features that you must take into account.

Illustration of beautiful pink flower 3D Wallpaper.

After you consider all of them, I have no doubt you will conclude that Silk Fabric Full Wall Murals, are in most cases, the best option.

Disney Frozen Custom Full Wall Mural for Girls Bedrooms

First of all, you should know that depending on the material with which the mural is made, three types can be found. These are:

Self-adhesive contact paper

Adhesive contact paper for decoration is perfect for creating new looks and repairing existing damaged surfaces.

Self-adhesive, waterproof bathroom full wall mural.

It is designed with a cut and measure grid that makes its adhesive cover easy to cut and apply to any size shelf, drawer, and cabinet.

Bathtub wall marble design 100% waterproof contact paper mural

Silk fabric or Canvas-like murals

This is our specialty and comes with a matte finish and a canvas-like texture.

Made to measure abstract black and white banana leaf wallpaper mural.
Made to measure abstract black and white banana leaf wallpaper mural.

That is why we recommend it for those murals that present a design with a recognized painting, picture, or image.

Green zigzags (spin illusion) full wall mural.

And it is because it gives a very original and natural print result.

Art Guitar Musical Instruments Wall Murals Wallpaper

These murals are printed on silk fabric and in turn use inks that have a high resistance to UV rays.

Dance school full wall music décor

This makes these types of murals very resistant and can last more than a lifetime.

Full wall black and white lines optical illusion horizontal background.

You know that silk murals are an option that can be washed with water and neutral soap.

Vinyl murals

This mural allows the impression or design that has been placed on it to be seen from both sides. It has a matte finish and is smooth. For this reason, it is indicated to install on glass. It is a very resistant mural that can be washed with water and mild soap and is resistant to breakage.

However, we at the moment don’t stock this. But you may ask as to refer you if you have some glass you want to decorate.

Custom made 3D full wall Mural

Custom 3D full wall mural wallpaper are printed and sold in Nairobi by Wallpaper Kenya.

3d Pink flowers on wooden background, 3d full wall mural.

Undoubtedly 3D murals are the best way to bring together stunning imagery to create interior spaces.

3D Avengers Hulk Custom Made Full Wall Mural

As Kenya’s leading wallpaper murals supplier, we’re passionate about beautiful 3d murals.

3d picture pink and purple dandelions on a white background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper.

We believe that our high-quality customized 3D wall murals are your best bet for the perfect picture mural.

Mountains full wall mural
Mountains full wall mural

With Wallpaper Kenya’s quick and simple ordering process, it has never been easier and faster to getting a customized photo full mural of your dreams.

A tree in the fog with a crane flying. For interior wall printing.

If you can’t provide us with the right high-resolution image, get in touch with our designers and we’ll give you a helping hand.

Modern full wall geometric removable and reusable silk fabric wallcovering..

Better still, if you are in Nairobi, visit us.

3D wallpaper design with a classic car jumping through a broken wall for digital print.

Or contact us through email wallpaperkenya.co.ke or telephone 0720271544.

3d background wallpaper design with natural objects and landscape mural.

In days gone by full wall murals cost a fortune, hundreds of thousands of Kenya Shilling.

Restaurant wallpaper for walls with African woman holding cup of hot cocoa.

But now you can have the perfect 3d full wall mural for only 2000 shilling per square meter. That is about 20000 for a standard size wall.

It is simple. You choose the image you want for your 3d full wall mural. Then provide us with the dimensions of the wall. That is the height and width of the wall. And in a couple of days, we will have reproduced the picture and hung it up for you.

We use the latest large format printing that allows us to cover the entire wall. From corner to corner. And from the floor skirting to the ceiling.

Skyline city view with reflections on water abstract painting full wall mural

The entire vertical distance from the finished floor surface to the ceiling above it. This is also known as floor-to-ceiling height. Few other technologies can do that. Not even vertical wall printing.

Get the mural for all kinds of different walls

Church Wall Murals - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

We assure you that our silk fabric full wall murals will adhere to any kind of industrial wall material.

World map Livingroom wallpaper mural
World map Livingroom wallpaper mural.

Provided it is smooth and flat plane. Be it glass, brick, stone, concrete, mud, gypsum or wood.

Gaming interior décor full wall wallpaper murals

In construction, walls are used as elements to delimit or divide spaces. These can be built with many different materials.

World Map Travel Office Full Wallpaper Mural

However, currently the most commonly used materials are brick and cardboard and plaster. The other material, being less frequent, is the wood and its derivatives.

Botanical nature hospital photo wall mural wallpaper

Although in certain less developed rural areas of Kenya, ancestral techniques such mud and stone walls are still being used. In other milder climates parts of the world, the walls can take on lighter aspects, and be made up of all kinds of plants (such as bamboo ).

Black and white custom full wall wallpaper mural

It doesn’t matter what kind of material you build your wall with, wall silk wall mural will adhere. Just make sure that the wall is smooth and flat. And also, before you install the mural, you need to check the wall and prepare it.

Clean and prep the wall for the mural

Before installation of the mural clean the wall. And also make sure it is not suffering from any moisture damage or structural problems. Check and even out such problems as dents and cracks. If you notice cracks, spackle them. But be aware that there may be an underlying structural issue that could eventually cause cracks across your mural.

Examine the wall closely for signs of mold, dirt, wax, oil or grease. If you find any, clean it off thoroughly. And be aware that mold or mildew may return unless the underlying cause has been rectified. When the wall looks clean, it’s a good idea to wash it anyway with a mild soapy solution, to ensure that you are starting with as clean a slate as possible.

3D Full Wall Murals

Scenery Wall Mural Wallpaper

3D wall murals are impressive, high-quality images that will help you personalize your home. Our 3D murals will completely change the face of your home, because when applied they create an optical illusion to whoever is looking at them.

With this wallpaper murals you will fool your visitors visual system, from the eye to the brain, And lead them to perceive reality in a distorted way.

This is a natural phenomenal. The human visual system has a tendency to compensate for slow variations in brightness. And to perceive the mural tones and colors in correspondence with its surroundings.

These wall murals add depth and modernity to any room. Exclusive designs with 3D shapes and designs that will transform your home into an unforgettable place. Find the 3D mural that most identifies with your home in our store and surprise your loved ones.

What 3D wall murals will you find?

3d Forest Full Wall Mural

You will find 3D murals that will totally transform your home, office, establishment or any room. Because the feeling of depth, and the high quality of the images, will become a real attraction.

3d white chaotic polygons full wall geometric digital wallpaper murals

The variety in 3D murals is almost endless. And you will find exclusive designs and a huge variety of shapes and textures that satisfy all preferences, regardless of age. Completely changing a space and giving it your personal touch is much easier with 3D wallpapers.

With Wallpaper Kenya Full Wall 3d Murals you will transforms your ordinary walls into abstract three-dimensional shapes. You will find so powerful optical illusions to turn the walls into twisted structures that look more like giant sculptures protruding from the walls.  All these is achieved through shapes and colors.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Are large full wall murals printed as one entire piece of fabric?

Yes and No. The fabric for full wall murals comes in 80 meters long rolls of 3 meters width.

Wall murals for full length corridors

The standard height of the areas usually fitted with the full wall mural is between 2.5 meters and 2.8 meters. It is therefore possible and practiced to full wall mural on one sheet of fabric for standard height walls.

Arabian Islamic Full wall Murals
Arabian Islamic Full wall Murals

The larger than standard height full wall murals are usually printed in panels that will combine two or more to form the full wall murals in their entirety.

2. Can I install full wall murals by myself?

3d Hulk Full Wall Mural

Yes you too can install your full wall murals by yourself. However, Wallpaper Kenya offers free installation in Nairobi of full wall murals bought from us. You will find it better to let us hang the wall mural for you.

Custom 3D giant panda bamboo landscape living room mural

For one your only other cost for those outside Nairobi is transport and accommodation of the murals fundis. Think also of the potential degree of difficulty that full wall murals pose during hanging. All things considered, we highly recommend having your full wall murals professionally installed by Wallpaper Kenya.

Regular wallpaper mural
Regular wallpaper mural

Can I order my own picture? What are the requirements for this?

Yes, it is possible to make your full wall mural with the image you provide. There is only one condition – the quality of the picture. The image you provide has to be of a high resolution. You need this parameter to be about 100–150 dpi.

100% personalized entire wallcovering
100% personalized entire wallcovering

It is very difficult for you as a layman to independently assess whether an image is suitable for printing. To do this, you need to know graphic programs. So you should send the picture to us and experts will assess and prepare a layout according to the specified dimensions.

Motivational gym wallpaper murals - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

The quality of photos is constantly improving. So it is easy to use almost any image for making wallpaper. Even one you obtain with a mobile phone.

Wallpaper Kenya Full Wall Murals Are The Best

Business words on office wall branding

Generally when you are looking for a wall mural you may not know that there are different types of murals. Well, before making your choice, it is essential to know these different types. And each of them has special features that must be taken into account.

Custom-made religious full wall murals
Custom-made religious full wall murals

First of all, you should know that depending on the material with which the mural is made, many types can be found.

Traditional paint and brush wall mural

3d modern art full wall mural painting

Many people like to express their individuality by commissioning an artist to paint a mural on a wall. This is not an activity exclusively for owners of large house walls. A mural artist is only limited by the fee and therefore the time spent on the painting; dictating the level of detail; a simple mural can be added to the smallest of walls.

To begin with, you can find the traditional direct painting on the wall. This kind of mural is the best for outdoor. In fact, when it comes to murals for outdoor wall, Wallpaper Kenya kind of mural will not work.

Giant custom made mural wallpaper

But for interior partition full wall murals, it is also good but good be a hundred times more expensive than Wallpaper Kenya digit printing. Painting also has many other limitations. For instance, you can not use it for a photo wall mural. And for many other kind of images, such as you can download or buy online.

Planets in the outer space 3d full wall mural
Planets in the outer space 3d full wall mural

But if you want to express your individuality in this way you can still commissioning our artist to paint a mural inside your home. This is not an activity exclusively for owners of large houses. However you might find this a lot more expensive. Because we will charge you a fee depending on the time spent on the painting. As this dictates the level of details.

3d Peacock Large Living Room Wall Mural Wallpaper

Why paper wall murals may not work for you

There are also the paper full wall murals. Like the name implies, these are not as resistant as Wallpaper Kenya Silk fabric Raw Material that we print on. The installation of paper wall murals is delicate and must be done with great care and precision. Because it is more fragile to breaks and bends.

Calm effect 3d under the sea entire wall mural
Calm effect 3d under the sea entire wall mural

Remember, when it comes to moving house you will have no problem removing the paper wall mural.  But, you can not reuse it.

Transparent full wall murals

Translucent Large Wall Mural

Now let us give credit where it is due. You will find transparent vinyl wall murals the best for glass partitions. These murals allows the impression or design that has been placed on it to be appreciated from both sides. And it has a matte finish and is smooth. For this reason, you might not want anything less to install on your glass partition.

It is a very resistant wall mural that can be washed with mild soap and water and is resistant to breakage.


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