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There are different kinds of full-wall stickers. Also known as Decal. Some of which we have and some of which we don’t. But the one we have and recommend is the silk fabric wall sticker. And we recommend it for good reasons. For one it comes in one piece. And therefore you will have no […]


There are different kinds of full-wall stickers. Also known as Decal. Some of which we have and some of which we don’t. But the one we have and recommend is the silk fabric wall sticker.

And we recommend it for good reasons. For one it comes in one piece. And therefore you will have no ugly joints on the wall. Most other stickers can not match this.

Interior full wall stickers are decorative stickers for walls, furniture, and appliances.

Wall stickers can range from simple small wall borders and cutouts to more complex murals covering entire walls.

They may feature words, pictures, and designs. The most common are vinyl wall decals that come in various shapes and sizes. They can be as small or as large as necessary.

But here we will focus more on silk fabric full wall stickers. Or rather full wall murals. And we will let you know why we choose to do it on silk fabric.

Silk fabric wall stickers can be made in any size you choose and serve as decor not only for walls but also for floors, and ceilings.

And this is as opposed to vinyl plain stickers that are preprinted colored film stickers.

But our type is a custom-made silk fabric sticker. These are stickers that are printed on order on white silk fabric.

Silk fabric custom-made interior stickers do not lose their appearance for decades, provided that they are not constantly exposed to sunlight.

Silk fabric interior wall stickers do not lose their appearance for decades, provided that they are not constantly exposed to sunlight.

How to choose full wall stickers

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing full-wall stickers is the overall design and decoration of a particular room. In addition, you need to decide what theme will be in a particular room.

The choice is dictated by the color scheme of the room, its functional purpose (bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.), the area of ​​the room, the number of walls, as well as the type of furniture, lighting, taking into account the personal tastes of the person who lives in this room.

In a word, wall decorations should be a reflection of the space and character of this person. If you want to be more personal and professional, you can order custom decals, although this greatly increases the cost of decorating.

If you plan to include a full wall sticker in an already thought-out and finalized interior, consider its range. And this is why we recommend custom-made silk fabric. Because you can move in two directions.

The first is to choose the decor to match the main palette. And the second is to play on the contrast. True, it is important to correctly select a contrasting color that will set off, and not lubricate the main tones of the range.

If the interior is at the planning stage, do not forget the main rule: to make the sticker look organic, focus only on it. The rest of the walls should remain neutral in tone and texture.

Washable peel and sticker wallpaper for kitchen and bathrooms

We offer washable full-wall stickers for the kitchen and bathroom. And which have moisture-resistant properties and can withstand cleaning with water without loss of quality. 

The peel-and-stick contact paper and 3d foam types of finishing materials differ from the rest in the presence of a protective layer of vinyl or acrylic.

Despite the use of a base in the form of textiles or non-woven fabric, the front layer protects the coating from the negative effects of moisture and improves performance.

For the kitchen, you can use both options. But most often you will prefer contact paper, which you can even use for the work area.

In the kitchen you can use the peel-and-stick contact in the following ways:

  • to decorate the work area where the countertop, floor cabinets, or wall cabinets are located. It is recommended you protect the surface near the sink and stove with a special screen. But there are no special restrictions on the rest;
  • for complete decor of the room with the creation of a certain atmosphere and mood;
  • when finishing the space near the dining table, highlight the dining room.

Features of silk fabric wall stickers

The benefits of our silk fabric full wall sticker are best illustrated in their features. And far outweighs any shortcomings.

One of the shortcomings is that only a smooth surface is suitable, ideal for glass, furniture, and plain painted walls. They do not like the relief and begin to act up, 

But on the other hand:

  • The raw material we use comes in size 3 meters by 70 meters. And therefore in most cases, your mural will be done on one seamless piece, without any ugly joints.
  • They are custom-made, and you get to choose the most appropriate designs.
  • The terms of production are as you desire but in most cases, we are able to deliver within 24 hours.
  • These are removable and reusable stickers that do not spoil any coating.
  • They do not stretch, do not tear, or wrinkle
  • And can be glued on top of each other and then re-pasted without fear that they will stick together forever.

Benefits of silk fabric full wall stickers in the interior

There are many benefits you will find with our full wall stickers, both at home and for business.

Many buyers visit supermarkets not only to purchase the necessary goods. But also to get acquainted with various new products.

The main task of sales consultants is to provide the consumer with detailed information about the benefits of a particular product.

In addition, many companies, in order to attract the attention of consumers, use advertising and informational wall stickers.

Looking at the walls of an apartment with an already bored interior, we offer you a full wall stickers solution.

Maybe you want to replace the wallpaper or update the ceiling, or maybe take on a full renovation? Wallpaper Kenya is up to the task.

With full wall stickers, you will quickly change the wall decors, without mountains of garbage and large financial investments.

Their main advantages:

  • they will quickly and easily change the appearance of the premises. Allow you to renovate an office or a hall without high repair costs, And also allow you to quickly brand temporary premises or area at an industry exhibition;
  • are made in a wide variety of colors and designs, allowing businesses to choose the option that best suits their brand and image;
  • are easily removed, which can be useful if a business owner wants to change the design of the room in the future. Stickers do not spoil the walls where they were mounted;
  • Vinyl decals are a relatively inexpensive way to enhance the look of a space, which can be especially attractive to small businesses with limited advertising budgets.

Looking to add some personality or branding to your space? Decorative vinyl wall stickers are a great choice!


One of the undoubted advantages you will find with our full wall stickers is their variety and visual appeal:

stunning cityscapes

3d mural

exotic mandala

fantasy tree with photo frames.

They certainly create a mood and emphasize the design of the room.

Of course, an important advantage of silk fabric wall stickers is their affordability. Even a huge sticker with a map of the world or mountain peaks almost 2.5 meters wide will not cost much.

But how a room with a similar decor will change?

Eco-friendly and easy care

Today, the problem of environmental safety is more relevant than ever, and first of all, it is important for the objects around us all the time. Silk fabric wall stickers are made of nature fiber, which is safe for human health.

They can decorate children’s rooms without fear. Funny bees and bears on the wall or hopscotch on the floor will delight your child without having to worry about whether it’s safe.

If we talk about the children’s room, then an important quality of the situation is the ability to wash and clean, without prejudice to things.

So the wall stickers can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. This is especially true for stickers that are applied in home nurseries, bathrooms, and kitchens – because it needs to be washed often.

The fact that the stickers are not afraid of moisture makes them indispensable in the design of the bathroom.

This is one of the most expensive in terms of remodeling the premises in the apartment. And so the use of silk fabric full wall stickers justifies itself here.

A turtle, a school of fish, or dolphins will emphasize the purpose of the room and make the decor unique.

Ease of installation

A significant advantage of interior stickers is their easy installation without the use of glue and other compounds that damage the surface.

The sticker adhesive has a special composition that securely fixes the mural on walls and ceilings, glass, and other surfaces.

It is important that even after removing the sticker, no traces remain.

And of course, you will note the time savings. You can order to make a full wall sticker in one day. And even in a few hours if you are in a hurry.

A decorative wall sticker is a great option for decorating a ceremony due to its speed.

Flowers or hearts for a wedding hall, a girl with balloons or butterflies for a children’s birthday – you can decorate a room in a matter of hours.

Ways to use stickers for business promotion

It is better for you to use full-wall stickers to grab the attention of prospective customers.

Because obviously, small stickers placed on doors or showcases are only able to attract the attention of visitors for a short time.

And most buyers find it much more convenient to find out all the necessary information from large stickers on the full wall.

In addition, large enough wall stickers can be printed with a full-color image of the product or your business logo.

Also, the main task of large wall stickers is to provide customers with complete information about the technical characteristics and capabilities of your product.

Most travel agency offices are equipped with large wall stickers on the walls depicting seascapes and other exotic things to improve the company’s image in the eyes of customers and business partners. Also, you can decorate a nightclub or a restaurant with decorative wall stickers.

Of course, the main purpose of such full wall stickers or decorative stickers is to create a holiday or relaxed mood for your customers.


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