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Wallpaper Kenya now brings you the best gaming wallpaper for walls. We want to keep you ahead. Because we understand that the video game market is an integral part of the wider entertainment sector. And that the right gaming wallpaper for walls will aid you in creating the right gaming atmosphere for your clients entertainment. […]


The Crew 2, Pagani Zonda, gaming wallpaper for walls decoration
The Crew 2, Pagani Zonda, gaming wallpaper for walls decoration

Wallpaper Kenya now brings you the best gaming wallpaper for walls. We want to keep you ahead.

 colorful wallpaper for our favorite video games

Because we understand that the video game market is an integral part of the wider entertainment sector. And that the right gaming wallpaper for walls will aid you in creating the right gaming atmosphere for your clients entertainment.

We are motivated by the fact that social/casual gaming is the segment of the Kenyan market to keep an eye on.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild's biggest and best secrets game wallpaper for walls
Zelda wall mural

Because according to the 2018-2022 Entertainment and Media Outlook by PwC, the video game industry grew at a rate of 21.2% in 2016 and is projected to grow at a rate of 13.2% CAGR (Constant Annual Growth Rate) between 2017 and 2022.

Assassins' Creed: Minimalist Gaming Wallpaper for walls
Assassins’ Creed: Minimalist Gaming Wallpaper for walls

And we don’t only focus on commercial gaming spaces only. If you are looking for a gamer bedroom wallpapers then you too are in the right please.

Overwatch: the best video games of 2016 wallpaper murals
Overwatch game wallpaper

And you have a big wild choice of both that can create a dark atmosphere as if it were from your favorite productions.  Or pick one to give a little light to the space, allowing game-weary eyes to rest.

 Fortnite Game room walls wallpaper mural
Fortnite Battle Royale Wallpaper

But if you are a parent looking for gaming wallpapers for a teenager’s room you should cho0se with him, arranging the space he likes. Single player wallpapers are generally decorations with graphics that relate to your favorite games, movies, or series.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, playable Game of Thrones Wallpaper

Custom made gaming wallpaper for walls

All our gaming wallpaper for walls are custom made. And please note the installation of a custom wallpaper is very simple and does not take much time. You can even do it yourself.

Bloodborne is my game of the year
Bloodborne wallpaper

Some players also like dark murals with themes of the cosmos, universe and stars. There are also people interested in more abstract motifs, usually incorporated into a darker style.

Destiny's creators made the gaming wallpaper for walls

However, there are also people for whom the wall in the room is a way to decrease the effect of darkness in the room. For example the graphic that refers to the snow-covered mountain landscape.

Video Game The Last of Us, Survival Favors the Man gaming wallpaper for walls

An important advantage of all these gaming wallpapers is the ability to adapt perfectly to the size of your wall.

Grand Theft Auto V gaming wallpaper for walls
Grand Theft Auto V gaming wallpaper for walls

Fortnite wallpaper for bedroom

Some of the most sort after gaming wallpaper for walls are the Fornite Video Game. Just give you a glimpse of why this is such a darling, here is the synopsis of the Fortnite Video Game and some of the wallpaper for wall.

Most sort out gaming wallpapers: Fortnite gaming wallpapers
Fortnite wallpaper for bedrooms

It is cooperative shooter-survival game for up to four players to fight off zombie-like husks, defend objects with fortifications you can build, and a Battle Royale mode where up to 100 players fight to be the last person standing.

Fortnite wallpaper for play room walls

From Epic Games is is a survival gaming in which you have complete freedom to build fortresses. The sole objective of which is progressing in the open world while defending yours against hordes of ferocious undead.

Fortnite: Battle Royale' Action Scene Wallpaper for Walls
Fortnite: Battle Royale’ Action Scene Wallpaper for Walls

To carry out this task, you will choose from a series of character classes with various specialties. And ranging from ninjas who are expert in melee to builders who can lift structures in a matter of seconds.

Fortnite a battle royale game misses the point - Gaming Wallpaper for Children's Bedrooms

While you explore and discover new areas in the game world, you will have to reduce anything you find to rubble. This in order to get yourself materials that allow you to improve your forts with new constructions.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Gamer wallpaper for bedroom walls

The role of gaming wallpaper for walls

If you have a large wall that needs some punch in your gaming room, consider adding a gaming wallpaper mural to the interior decoration.

Dishonored 2 video game wallpaper to bring color to the walls
Dishonored 2 video game wallpaper to bring color to the walls

With a gaming mural you can bring a room to life with color. And add a unique theme or tell a visual narrative with beautiful imagery.

Dota 2 In 2020 First Impressions wallpaper
Dota 2 In 2020 First Impressions wallpaper

Gaming wallpaper murals can be abstract or realistic. Great spots for a gaming murals include not only game rooms but also foyers, hallways, children’s rooms, basements and bedrooms.

The Walking Dead gaming wallpaper for walls
The Walking Dead Wallpaper

Including gaming wallpaper  on a walls in your interior design is one way of making a permanent statement in the room. And you can use gaming murals can to fill large, otherwise blank or unused walls. Or to create focal points within a room.

Hotline Miami - filth, fetish wallpaper for bedroom walls
Hotline Miami Wallpaper

Gaming murals are frequently one-of-a-kind, dramatic and eye catching. And this makes them a unique alternative to standard wall paper or wall art.

Journey, an Indie Video Gaming Wall Mural for Children

They become part of the room itself, rather than something hung on it.

Gaming wall murals for children’s bedroom walls

A well-chosen gaming wallpaper for a child’s bedroom walls contributes to the correct development of the Child. And creates a special atmosphere in the room.

Portal 2 Review Digital Trends Wallpaper for Walls

Good taste is laid in childhood. Therefore your task is to create for the child the most harmonious space for life and development.

Minecraft Games Wallpaper

Since the child spends a huge part of the time in his room, pay primary attention to its design. Of course, every mother is concerned about the safety of all materials and objects, but it is important to pay attention to their aesthetics.  A wonderful solution has long been invented for decorating the walls – photo wallpaper

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Gaming Wallpaper for Walls

We figure out which wallpaper in the boy’s room will look best, and take inspiration from successful photo examples.


Choosing a wallpaper for a children’s room is far from the same as making a purchase for decorating a living room or bedroom.

Dark Souls Wallpaper for video gaming room walls

The advice of designers alone will not be enough – you also need to take into account the opinion of child psychologists who know how a particular color affects babies. The task of parents becomes many times more complicated, because when choosing, they have to take into account a lot of factors.

Buy StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty EU Battle Gaming Wallpaper for Walls

Start by checking the material and environmental safety, since photomural wallpaper, first of all, must be absolutely non-toxic.

You will of course be concerned about the price. Of course, high-quality photomural gaming wallpaper made with the use of good safe ink cannot be very cheap. But we hasten to please you – this is not a very expensive finish. Because almost everyone can afford it.

The right content of a child’s bedroom walls gaming wallpaper

  • Child’s age. Babies up to 3-5 years old, as a rule, practically do not care how their parents decorate the room. Such children will be equally happy with both the image of the train and the balloons. But as a parents of an older boy you will have to take into account the taste of the child. Therefore be sure to consult with him when choosing a finish;
  • Child’s preferences. When the boy has grown up and has his own opinion and his own taste, it is imperative to take into account his taste. Because it is stupid to glue a photo wallpaper with a picture of a ship if the kid is delighted with the theme of space games. Of course, it can happen that the child points to an image that is completely inappropriate from your point of view. In that case you have to make a compromise. Knowledge of child psychology, as well as ingenuity and cunning, should help you in this;
  • Durability and hygiene. In the room where the little fidget lives, all objects should be as resistant as possible to abrasion, shock, scratches and other mechanical influences. Our silk fabric photomural wallpaper, of course, is one of the most durable finishes. It high-quality material, a lot more durable than regular paper wallpaper. And it has been for many years was the preferred material for decorating children’s rooms;
  • Hygiene. Seasoned parents should not be told what can be seen on the walls of the room in which the child is left alone with a marker, pen or paints . High-quality photomural gaming wallpaper can be wet-cleaned, even using mild soap.

The Most Popular Video Games

It goes without saying the the most popular video games also call for the most popular gaming wallpaper for walls. You can understand that, can’t you?

An estimate was made by counting that more than half a billion people around the world play video games every day. And with about three billion hours of play per week. Thanks to gaming platforms like Steam, PCs are a widely used gaming platform, less than smartphones, but practically on par with gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

Among the main companies that develop and sell video games for PC, the number one is Electronic Arts. And some of its ranking titles, include” Apex Legends “, one of the most played shooter games that has surpassed even Fortnite.

The most played indie game (i.e. created by independent developers from large corporations) is Minecraft. You should know it is now owned by Microsoft. And the most played game in the world is the surprising Among Us.

The longest running series of PC games is still Call Of Duty, with new episodes and war campaigns that can also be played in multiplayer.

GTA 5 is instead the game, among those present in the ranking, more expensive in its development, practically like a Hollywood Colossal, costing as much as 265 million dollars (and also the one that has grossed the


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