Geometric black and white wallpaper

Geometric black and white wallpaper will never go out of style and fashion. The combination of black and white is classic and timeless. Black and white wallpaper colors are often called neutral colors. You will never tire of a black and white color scheme as will not clash with any other colors in the room. […]


Geometric black and white wallpaper will never go out of style and fashion.

Ornament with elements of black and white colors. Geometric wallpaper mural design.

The combination of black and white is classic and timeless. Black and white wallpaper colors are often called neutral colors.

Geometric abstraction of hexagons on a black and white relief background with gold elements. Mural for interior painting. Wall painting.

You will never tire of a black and white color scheme as will not clash with any other colors in the room.

Black & White stripes wallpaper
Black & White stripes wallpaper

Geometric black and white wallpaper give the environment an incredibly sophisticated modern look.

Abstract mountain landscape in black in white colors.

In interior design, the fusion of these two colors creates a dynamic impact and serves as a solid foundation for other colors.

Abstract noisy textured modern background.
Abstract noisy textured modern background

You will find this style of geometric decoration in other decorative elements to match your wallpaper.

Digital mural, geometric art Deco wallpaper in black and white colors.

Look out for cushions, rugs, quilts, lamps, or paintings that have drawings of geometric figures or the same shape of the decoration on the wallpaper.

black and white Abstract Bauhaus art style. Painting with black and white. Graphic and modern art for print

Also, you can find the wallpaper in any of the geometric shapes, be it a rhombus, with straight lines, circular, triangular, or hexagonal, among shapes.

Décor elements in geometric black and white

Living room interior with a white and black geometric pattern wall

You might find that not all black and white wallpaper designs will appeal to you, even though it is one of the biggest design trends.

Marble seamless pattern. Repeating white and black marble texture. Geometry floor. Mosaic background for design home print. Repeated elegant geometric pattern tile. View above laminate. Illustration

But—if you can execute it with sophistication and subtlety, such as in geometric, it can add a chic touch to pretty much any room in your home.

Abstract zigzag pattern monochrome wallpaper

With simple geometric patterns in white, black, and even grey colors, you can transform your rooms into dynamic spaces in the rooms.

 black and white traditional ornamental geometric wallpaper

If you can not imagine your house full of colors then you will prefer it sober in an elegant black and white taste. I promise you, with black and white, one is never wrong.

Spruce in monochrome pattern, geometric pattern, seamless vector background.

Although strictly speaking, black and white are not colors, it is always good to break the neutral tones a little.

art abstract geometric textured monochrome watercolor background in black and white colors, seamless tiles pattern

And if you ever get bored with time you can always add accessories, such as through pillows, in any color.

Black and white abstract op art graphic design
Black and white abstract op art graphic design

You probably know, from color psychology, that the main qualities of black in design focus on its elegance, sophistication, and sobriety.

Abstract geometric artistic pattern. Gray and white multicolored chaotic shapes. modern style background and wallpaper.

But as the darker color of the spectrum, it should be used sparingly and combined with others that provide something of light.

Tropic painting floral wallpaper. Red and pink hibiscus, plumeria and palm banana leaf. Vector geometric black and white background. Seamless pattern

Therefore provide the contrast and luminosity necessary to create serene and pleasant spaces, with a geometric black and white wallpaper.

Geometric wallpaper trend

While geometric wallpaper is a new trend, decoration geometry is not a new trend. Steel and metal are the most common materials for this style, in black, copper, or gold colors.

Chevron Zigzag Paint Brush Strokes Seamless pattern. Vector Abstract Grunge Colorful background

However, little by little, new alternatives including wallpaper, have appeared. These now allow you to take squares, triangles, and hexagons to your flat walls.

Vector Seamless Interlacing Lines Pattern. Modern Stylish Texture. Repeating Geometric Background With Hexagonal Lattice.

The use of geometric wallpaper is perfect if you want to achieve lightness in your on your walls. The straight geometric figures allow you to form amazing 3d optical illusion walls, modern and elegant.

Simple Black and White Geometric Polka Dot Wallpaper
Simple Black and White Geometric Polka Dot Wallpaper

Geometric elements in black and white wallpaper can be a great focus of attention. Therefore it is important to find balance with the rest of the decorative objects.

Vector seamless zigzag line pattern. Abstract stylish geometric background. Repeating monochrome lattice background

Try not to compete with each other in terms of sizes and shapes.

The color psychology of black and white

In color psychology white represents goodness, purity, and innocence. Therefore white symbolizes peace, humility, and love.

White geometric wallpaper

On the other hand, black is the favorite color of power, violence, and the universe. It is also a favorite in some professions. Black also symbolizes denial, but also elegance. Thus it transmits nobility and elegance.

White is a feminine and noble color, but it is also weak, and in this sense, it is the opposite color of black, which is the color of power and strength.

The contrast of black and white in interior decoration

3d Color contrast symmetrical line patterns.

The beginning is white and this is reflected in religious symbolism: when God created the world, the first thing he commanded was let there be light’.

Abstract ornate textured background. Seamless pattern. Vector.

In many languages, black and white were the first words that designated the difference between light and dark, between day and night, which is the most fundamental difference in the world of color.

 Black And White Square Modern Geometric Wallpaper
Black And White Square Modern Geometric Wallpaper

The white egg is a symbol of the beginning. According to a widespread myth, the world was born from an egg, which in Christianity is also a  symbol of the resurrection: Christ rises at Easter and that is why there are Easter eggs.

Black and white trellis modern geometric wallpaper
Black and white trellis modern geometric wallpaper

Milk, the first food that human beings receive after birth, is white. In the history of the creation of Hinduism, the world is born from a sea of ​​milk.

Luxury hexagonal abstract black metal background with golden light lines

In most representations of the risen Christ, he wears a white robe. And in general, the resurrected ones appear before God dressed in this white.

Seamless pattern of black and white circles with drop shadows. Vector illustration

WHITE COLOR – means “Righteousness of God, we received by faith. When God tells us something, and we believe Him, He then counts us as righteous, that is the meaning of white color in Holy Ghost School dreams. And children usually wear white when they are baptized, at which point their Christian life begins.

Mural collage, graphics pattern made with abstract forms and generative geometric shapes. Mosaic background in Bauhaus style. Useful for banner, cover, poster. Vector

Resurrection Sunday is White Sunday, which for Catholic children is the day of their first communion. The same death wears white when God sends it and black when the Devil sends it.

You can see the color white represents the opposite side of everything we associate with black. And this offers an interesting concept which is an element of beauty in interior decoration: Contrast.

A living room in black and white wallpaper

Black and white wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 Wallpaper Kenya.

The black and white wallpaper is a sure bet for you to give your living room an elegant touch. If your living room has a low ceiling, then go to vertical stripes to give it an illusion of added height. You can play with patterns depending on the layout of your living room. It is the color combination that matters. The color psychology. This combination of colors, both smooth and in patterns, is an inexhaustible source of elegance and distinction. For this reason, at Wallpaper Kenya we suggest that you dress your walls in black and white wallpaper for a timeless elegant décor.

set 3 black and white geometric illustrations vector

Black and white wallpaper: depending on the characteristics of your living room such as the entrance of light, you can place the black and white wallpaper on one or more walls.

Seamless geometric pattern. Geometric simple fashion fabric print. Vector repeating tile texture. Roof tiling or fish squama shapes motif. Single color, black and white. Usable for fabric, wallpaper

If your living room is small, try to make the amount of white on the walls greater than that of black. White reflects light and will give your living room an illusion of a larger room. This way, it will seem more spacious. But if you have a large living room, you are at liberty to decorate your walls in darker tones.

3d black art wallpaper mural. golden lines, black wood and golden ginko leaves. interior wall decor

Silver decoration: silver colored accessories go perfectly well with black and white walls. Look for decorative elements such as silver frames or candle holders, they will be the perfect complement to your black and white wallpaper!

Vector image of ancient american pattern on white

Rugs: To give your space a warm touch, choose rugs in neutral tones such as gray, black, or white. The final touch for your elegant living room!


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