Gold wallpaper

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Luxury Gold wallpaper at Wallpaper Kenya is available in plain gold, light gold, metallic gold, white gold, and rose gold.  Plain gold as pictured above is the color of success, achievement, and triumph. As you know is gold a sign of distinction. And you also know it has always been a highly appreciated material in […]


3 d illustration. Openwork decorative gold lattice with a shadow in the form of an ornament in oriental style isolated on a white background. Gold lattice. Festive background. Geometric ornament. Gold wallpaper for walls.

Luxury Gold wallpaper at Wallpaper Kenya is available in plain gold, light gold, metallic gold, white gold, and rose gold

Gold damask floral seamless pattern. Golden flourish background wallpaper illustration with vintage 3d flowers, leaves and antique ornaments in Baroque Victorian style. Surface vector texture.

4K, gold texture, golden background, luxury backdrop, abstract design, 3D wallpaper, 3D illustration

Plain gold as pictured above is the color of success, achievement, and triumph.

Seamless tropical pattern, exotic background with palm tree branches, leaves,

As you know is gold a sign of distinction.

3d wallpaper, roses ornamental design.

And you also know it has always been a highly appreciated material in the world of interior decoration.

Buddha statue seamless background.

This is thanks to the brightness and luminosity it brings.

Mountain line art background, luxury gold wallpaper design for cover, invitation background, packaging design, wall art and print. Vector illustration.

The main advantage you will get from this wallpaper is its versatility since you can use it in a multitude of spaces.

The texture of black gold

Because Golden Wall’s interior décor creates a relaxing, cozy atmosphere in the room.

Luxury green abstract arts background vector. Gold and emerald line art design for wallpaper, wall arts, prints, cover, fabric and packaging background. vector illustration.


Pick this shade of gold to easily give your room a sophisticated design, bohemianism, and solemnity.

3d luxurious golden faux leather

And this, in turn, will fit into the concept of almost any stylistic trend.

Damask floral pattern. Royal wallpaper. Vector illustration. EPS 10. Gold leaf background

For instance, you can use gold wallpaper in a minimalist style space. But it also combines perfectly with industrial or modern, classic or youth aesthetic environments, among others.

Black Background with falling golden sparkles glitter. Christmas Background for decoration festive design. Vector illustration EPS10


It all depends on the type of effect you want and the colors and textures you combine.

3D render gold lattice modern

Color combinations of gold appear in mostly damask wallpaper designs. These are red & gold, black & gold, white, silver, cream & gold, and blue & gold.

Seamless pattern with gold leaf, autumn leaves background. Vector, EPS10.

And also pink & gold, purple & gold, brown & gold, and other combinations.

Golden murals as symbols of luxury and chic

Gold wallpaper in the interior is a symbol of luxury and chic. It seems that the space is flooded with sunlight. However, not everyone will agree that gold-colored wallpaper is appropriate in a home environment.

Geometric seamless pattern background. Simple graphic print. Vector repeating line texture. Modern swatch. Minimalistic shapes. Stylish monochrome trellis. Square grid. Trendy hipster sacred geometry

Because there is an opinion that excessive use of such shades will lead to a feeling of bad taste and shockingness in the interior.

Gold-black soccer Ball in the Goal Net under black-white lighting with dark black toned foggy smoke background. 3D illustration. 3D CG. High resolution.

Therefore, it is important you understand all the intricacies of using golden wallpaper and the features of this shade. The golden color belongs to the warm range.

Seamless pattern with banana and golden palm leaves in vector

This means it is intended to emphasize a cozy and warm home environment. And thanks to the shimmer on the surface of the wall coverings, you can enjoy the glare of the sun and bright light.

Seamless pattern with tropical leaf palm . Vector illustration.

Golden wallpaper for walls will help create accents, divide the room into zones, and hide imperfections in the walls.

Seamless pattern with a light gold Cherry flowers. Vector illustration.

But the positive effect of using such wallpaper will be if you do not overdo it with gold and choose the right color scheme for other details of decorating the space.

Abstract gold light threads background

Some tips on how not to overdo it:

– stick to a single style. Golden colors are characteristic of classic interiors, and such tones are also applicable in art deco, minimalism, oriental style;

Luxury golden wallpaper. Vintage wave pattern Vector background.

– combine colors and shades. Correctly selected combinations and contrasts are the basis of the entire design; gold wallpaper should look coherent with other shades.

Seamless pattern with image gold Hummingbird on a geometric background. Vector illustration.

The golden hue does not differ in variety, so the choice is usually made among ornaments and textures. Plain wallpaper will act as a background for furniture and will look good with textured curtains and stucco.

black marble background. Granite Marble natural pattern for background. high resolution marble. Modern floor or wall decoration.

But you shouldn’t decorate the whole room with gold wallpaper – choose an accent wall. And decorate the rest with more restrained options.

Gold metal pattern on paper backgrond (vintage collection)

Monochrome coverings are also appropriate for minimalism or high-tech style. Strict ornamentation is suitable for the Art Deco style, and bright wallpaper with large golden patterns is for oriental themes.

Abstract decorative golden metal texture background. Artistic modern elegant luxury design surface. 3D illustration.

Gold wallpaper is suitable for decorating inserts on walls, niches, ledges, and fireplace areas.

Roses, flowers, leaves, branches and berries of dog rose. Floral vintage seamless pattern. Gold, lack and white. Oriental style. Vector illustration art. For design textiles, paper, wallpaper.

Contrasting dark wallpaper with a gold pattern is needed to accentuate attention and they often decorate not even the entire wall, but only part of it.

Gold 3D panels geometric knot with golden decor stripes and precious wood element. Shaded geometric modules. High quality seamless texture.

By using golden decor in doses, you will be able to focus on the true value of this noble metal.

Seamless pattern of decorative gold floral element.

In our library of designs, you will find the necessary golden shades. You can look through the catalog on Shutterstock.

Gold Wallpaper Keeps shining for decades

3D grey panels with gold wallpaper décor. Patination elements. Shaded and glossy geometric modules. High quality seamless design texture

When it comes to adding gold and glitz, the power of the overall effect is in the placement. Don’t overdo it. Although a symbol of luxury and glamour, golden wallpaper is a metallic tone with which you should be careful.

Leaves abstract background vector. Luxury black wallpaper design with leaves line art. vector illustrations

Its proximity to yellow, the brightest of all tones, can give off excessive warmth and light. Therefore do use too much of it in one room.

gold abstract painting of cheetah. The texture of the oriental style of gray and gold canvas with an abstract pattern. artist collection for decoration and interior, canvas art.

Wallpaper Kenya recommends you use it in small proportions and opt for “champagne” tones rather than pure solid gold.

Abstract 3d rendering of gold surface. Futuristic background with lines and low poly shape.

Purposefully placed gold accent pieces throughout the house will deliver the sleek and subtle glamour your home deserves. Our wallpaper is more or less a treasure really like gold. Real gold does not rust.

golden beaautiful triangle abstract background for your design

Likewise, unlike paint, our wallpaper will not change color in decades due to oxidation. It does not oxidize. Just like real gold does not corrode.

Vector gold mosaic background

And so it became a symbol of immortality and power in many cultures. So does our wallpaper. The wallpaper’s rarity and aesthetic qualities make it ideal for you to demonstrate power and good taste.

3D wall white panels with gold decor. Shaded geometric modules. High quality seamless 3d illustration.

Not only gold but also other metallic wallpaper are all currently trending hot. And this looks set to continue long into the future. Look and see how gold accents fashion is gleaming on the catwalks.

Creative nature background. Gold and green tropical Monstera and palm leaves. Minimal summer abstract jungle or forest pattern.

And the same way now we’re dressing our homes to impress with this rich luster. Just as we can adorn any type of outfit with rich trims, gold wallpaper has become a go-to accent for every room of the home. From living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms.

How to choose gold wallpaper with taste

You have probably heard more than once from others that the presence of gold in the interior is considered bad tone and taste.

3D printable interior wallpaper with golden beautiful flowers, swan, abstract texture background for wall

But oddly enough, a reasonable amount of gold color will make the interior aristocratic and noble with a subtle hint of stability and wealth.

Abstract luxury marble background. Digital art marbling texture. Blue, gold and white colors

Maybe someone thinks that the fashion for the “Baroque” and “era of objection” styles with incredible amounts of gold has passed. It’s a delusion!

PEARL RIVER, GOLD. Very beautiful transparent creativity. Abstract artwork. Ink colors are amazingly bright, luminous, translucent, free-flowing. Masterpiece of designing art.

Now a similar style is coming back again, but with a completely different design approach – for example, gold wallpaper in the interior.

Incredible facts

The color gold in Ancient Egypt was the connecting thread between the sun god Ra and this world.

Luxury gold floral background vector. Golden gradient Roses and peonies flower line art wallpaper design for prints, cover, wall arts, greeting card, wedding cards, invitation.

The Greeks believed that the color of ash would bring immortality and intelligence. And in India, they believe that gold is a symbol of truth.

Luxury golden emerald wallpaper. Abstract gold line arts texture with green emerald background design for cover, invitation background, packaging design, fabric, and print. Vector illustration.

For China, gold is enlightenment. For Christians, gold borders on divine revelation. And on modern computer monitors, the gold color looks unrealistic, since for web colors mechanisms have not yet been found that could convey the metallic sheen that is inherent in gold.

Golden decor

Gold wallpaper looks good in the interior of any room. The golden reflection, reflecting the light, visually enlarges the room and at the same time fills it with light.

closeup nature view of gold and green tropical monstera and palm leaves. Creative nature pattern background. Flat lay.

This color belongs to warm shades and goes well with brown, orange, red, and purple colors. To make your interior stylish and glamorous, add black or turquoise and your room will be transformed.

Luxurious gold Lotus flowers line arts background design for wallpaper, natural wall arts, banner, prints, invitation and packaging design. vector illustration.

But it is important to remember moderation when working with gold. To prevent the apartment from turning into a pompous palace, it is worth observing the proportions, usually one to three. Also, for your first experiments, you can choose wallpaper with a small gold pattern located on a neutral background.

Seamless pattern with gold tropical leaves. Hand drawing 3d botanical background. Suitable for making wallpaper, printing on fabric, wrapping paper, fabric, notebook cover

If you are not sure that you can handle this, it is better to “play” with gold accessories. For example, use gilded frames for mirrors and paintings or textiles in gold tones (curtains, pillows, bedspreads, bed linen).

3d illustration, tiled background, large gold feathers

This finish demonstrates two radically opposite directions. This is expressive brightness, unbridled luxury, and shocking or elegant classics, verified to the smallest detail.

Luxury gold Ginkgo line art background vector. Abstract art design wallpaper.

Pure gold is the color of antiquity, appropriate in modern palace interpretations. When creating a modern interior based on golden canvases, choose canvases with a pronounced pattern. But it’s better to use dark gold in moderation when decorating – you can use it to create a spectacular panel by highlighting the wallpaper insert with a border.

Luxury gold and silver leaf background vector. Tropical pattern design for packaging, wallpaper and print. Vector illustration.

This shade, symbolizing prosperity, belongs to the group of yellow colors – positive and warm. You need to add gold to a limited extent, and not use it to decorate wall panels throughout the room.

It is golden texture pattern design.

In order to provide that unsurpassed visual effect, gold wallpaper, the price of which remains affordable despite all the luxury of the material, is included in the decoration in a ratio of 1:3, absolutely all surfaces are taken into account – walls and furniture, and accessories.

Gold 3d wave on black background. Futuristic abstract metal gold gradient wave line. Luxury Golden flow background. Abstract dynamic 3d flow effect. Metallic gold shiny design texture.Vector EPS 10.

Place your order online and the managers of the online store “Oboi-Store” will help you with advice and tips in choosing wall decor

Colors that go well with gold

Gold wallpaper in wavy pattern. Luxurious golden linear ornament. Premium design for wallpapers, silk textiles and jewelry. Vector illustration.

Wallpaper in plain gold casts a warm glow. Pairing gold with a hot-temp color that neighbors it on the color wheel makes a fantastic partner for all shades of reds, rusty oranges, and red-tone yellows. Especially in rooms with formal features. For instance, if you have plain gold wallpaper in your bedrooms, golden silk pillows popping off a ruby red bedspread will do you great décor service.

3d illustration. Gold and white background with a shadow. Background with 3d effect. Decorative panel

In the right amount, golden wallpaper combines perfectly well with any color. And provides exactly that clean and attractive brushstroke to any object it covers. So go ahead and combine it with colors such as off-white, beige, chocolate brown, black, or dark grey. You will find it harmonizes perfectly with these colors.  And to bring a more exotic touch combine it with orange, pink, and purple tones. Blue, green, or lilac achieve the perfect color balance when paired with gold.

Shining golden mosaic glass background

You can pair Gold quite well with pretty much anything. It is kind of metallic neutral. But you should avoid mixing two metallic wallpapers, like silver or rose gold with gold.

Curtains that Go with Gold Walls

The trick with using gold wallpaper and other metallic designs is to mix them with different, softer textures. Such as in curtains to balance out the color scheme.

Seamless pattern with image gold Hummingbird on a geometric background. Vector illustration.

Decorating walls with yellow gold can give the space a warm, bright feel. Such a bold wall color, however, can make it difficult to choose the right shades for the room’s accessories, including its curtains.

Pyramids of Giza in the sandy desert. Artistic work on the theme of ancient architecture

First, we need to know or decide how subtle or dramatic a look you prefer. Then we can help you select curtains that create the ideal color combination with your yellow-gold walls.

Neutral color curtains

Tropical golden and emerald leaves seamless pattern border frame with vector image

When your wallpaper is yellow-gold, choosing a neutral shade for the curtains is usually your safest bet. Because neutral colors don’t lean cool or warm, they won’t clash or compete with the warm gold wallpaper.

3d render, abstract background with white paper flowers and golden leaves, floral botanical wallpaper

And also neutral curtains can tone down too bright gold walls, and balance the room’s design. White drapes give the space a fresh, airy look, but if white seems too stark, ivory, cream, and beige are softer options.

Luxurious gold Lotus flowers line arts background design for wallpaper, natural wall arts, banner, prints, invitation and packaging design. vector illustration.

Gray and tan curtains also work well with gold wallpaper. On the other hand black, charcoal, or brown curtains offer a sophisticated alternative.


You don’t have to opt for neutral curtains just to achieve an understated look for a room with yellow-gold wallpaper.

African geometric pattern; vector seamless background.

You could go with a monochromatic design by choosing another yellow shade for your window curtains.

Flowers in the style of watercolor art. Luxurious floral elements, botanical background or wallpaper design, prints and invitations, postcards. Beautiful delicate flowers 3D illustration

Try a set of light butter-yellow curtains to help soften the rich look of the wallpaper. If you want to play up the warmth of your golden wallpaper, a set of orange-yellow curtains can be a striking option.


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