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One of the universal options for decorating interiors in restrained, calm colors is grey 3D wallpaper. And this is a fashionable design move that is suitable for implementing modern, lofty, classic, or high-tech projects. Depending on the shade of grey, the wallpaper looks original and conveys different sensations. The color grey can be a great […]


One of the universal options for decorating interiors in restrained, calm colors is grey 3D wallpaper.

Art of lady, grey 3D wallpaper, gray color lady.

And this is a fashionable design move that is suitable for implementing modern, lofty, classic, or high-tech projects.

wallpaper 3d classic panel sofa gray . 3d illustration

Depending on the shade of grey, the wallpaper looks original and conveys different sensations.

wallpaper 3d classic wood black and marble . 3d illustration

The color grey can be a great backdrop for purple, turquoise, burgundy, and even yellow.

3D Wallpaper Design with Dark Florals

And a grey 3D wallpaper looks luxurious in modern interiors.

picture of flowers in the perspective of a gray tunnel for digital printing, custom design mural

You can use it to decorate any room in the apartment: bedroom, hallway, and living room.

picture flowers on a gray background for digital printing, custom design mural

For the kitchen, it is advisable to choose moisture-resistant wallpaper.

Golden strelitzia flowers. Mystic seamless pattern, premium dark background, luxury mural, royal texture, 3d wallpaper. Magic watercolour illustration. Digital art, poster, wall, paper, fabric, cloth

But in the nursery, you are allowed to stick even not very durable, but breathable paper wallpaper.

3d picture blue flowers in gray perspective for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

However, at Wallpaper Kenya we have both breathable and durable custom-made wallpaper.

Abstract artistic background. 3d, illustration, floral, golden brushstrokes. Texture, oil on canvas. modern Art. grey, wallpaper, poster, card, mural, print, wall art

Thanks to the endless variety of shades, grey 3D wallpaper for walls can be successfully combined with companions of warm and cold colors.

wallpaper wooden decor 3d model transformed . 3d illustration

Combining light shades of grey with pastel colors will help you add a feeling of freshness.

3d picture of pink roses on a brown background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

For rooms with grey walls, it is advisable to select furniture made of light wood.

3d illustration, gray marble with gold veins

3d optical illusion

Light grey 3D wallpaper with vertical stripes visually raises the ceiling and expands the room.

3d illustration of flowers, 3d background

The decoration of the office can be wallpaper with stylized brickwork.

3d illustration, silvery triangles on a wall background with a gray foggy mountain landscape

A combination of grey sheets with panels of contrasting shades greatly facilitates the zoning of large premises into several functional zones.

Black marble with veins, Emperador marbel texture with high resolution, The luxury of polished limestone background. Marble with Polygon Design 3D Wallpaper

The benefits of seeing optical illusions in 3D are the relaxing effect on your eyes and the education of your spatial perception capacity.

3D wall of gray triangles with gold edges in the loft style assembled in hexagons and seamless ornament. High quality seamless realistic texture.

After observing the image for a while, there is an acceleration of the perception process.

3d flowers, White lilies

The eye with less visual power is educated and stimulated in a fun and playing way.

3D Illustration - oil painting, grey texture wall background , dead tree with golden butterfly , two golden deer statue

Although each person has their own methods, never act by force. Take your time to get to see the images.

wallpaper 3d classic panel black gold line . 3d illustration

Relax, try not to think about anything, just observe the image and let the image exert its influence on you.

wall with a background of paper flowers handmade craft creative abstraction

Spatial perception appears suddenly and on its own.

3d illustration, gray bricks, peacocks, leaves and flowers, city background

Subtle shades of grey 3D wallpaper

Wallpaper Kenya offers you grey 3D wallpaper at the most affordable prices.

3D Wallpaper in the form of geometric panels of gray old metal with golden decorative elements. Flower of life. Realistic seamless texture of high quality.

Use the catalog and select the most suitable options for you for patterns, ornaments, or floral decorations.

3d background, abstract flowers, seamless

At Wallpaper Kenya you can order grey wallpaper from world-famous artists and designers at the price of direct delivery and installation without leaving your home.

3d Chinese landscape wallpaper. gray background with golden trees, deer, mountains, and white clouds. golden, black, turquoise stone in water.


The first and, perhaps, the most noticeable benefit: grey 3D wallpaper allows you to hide the imperfections of the composition.

3d mural wallpaper geometric shapes. goden, black and gray shapes. for modern home wall decor

This is especially valuable in a situation where there is no interior design, and the room is decorated spontaneously.

3d illustration, white background, white and dark gray square frames, white orchids with green leaves

That is, furniture items are purchased at different times.

Melted iron metal. 4K liquid silver paint. Abstract texture of shiny grey liquid with reflections. Close up, macro 3d render of grey chrome. Abstract melted metal wallpaper. 3D rendering background.

This option for arranging a living space is widespread.

3d flowers, seamless

For example, old furniture may fail, and then it is replaced with a new one. But the interior is left the same.

3d wallpaper Gray background and golden flowers and butterflies

If there are more residents in the house – then you have to buy more furniture.

Volume realistic unreal texture, gray cubes, 3d geometric pattern, design vector background

With such purchases, there is a risk of not getting into the range.

Digital tiles design. 3D render Colorful ceramic wall tiles decoration. Abstract damask patchwork pattern with geometric and floral ornaments, Vintage tiles intricate details

Even if you always purchase products from the same company, problems may arise.

Abstract white black gray metal wall, 3D metal futuristic surface, modern building design

Grey wallpaper solves this issue: by creating a neutral background.

3d illustration, gray bricks, peacocks, leaves and flowers, city background

They smooth out contrasts and combine disparate elements into one composition.

Abstract decorative steel iron metal texture background. Artistic modern metallic surface design. 3D illustration.

Another interesting property of grey wallpaper is its ability to “adjust” to a different color.

Seamless pattern flower of life of gray color. High-quality 3d illustration.

For example, in a room with an abundance of blue decor, a grey wall will take on a warm orange tint.

A Beautiful Wall Art, 3d wall tiles design, Wallpaper Design from our Corporate Office Wallpaper collections for Your Home or Office Will Give Your Office Room a Refreshing Look.

And a yellow set will add purple tones to it. This allows you to play with the existing interior in a new way.

Brown trees with golden flowers and turquoise, black and gray mountains in light yellow background with white clouds and birds. 3d illustration wallpaper landscape art

Do you want more warmth? There is no need to make any repairs at all – just add blue elements.

3d wallpaper texture, white chrysanthemums on abstract canvas texture

Need rigor? Black and white will help. You can fantasize without fear.

3D multicolor wall tiles design, 3d wallpaper background used ceramic wall and floor tile design

Even if you overdo it with one shade or another, the composition will look pleasing to the eye.

Geometric composition with wavy elements, abstract background, 3d illustration


3D wallpaper is the ideal complement to use for covering your walls.

3d illustration, gray background consisting of triangles, large fabulous dandelions

It is a decorative trend that is applied at a commercial and residential level.

3d illustration, gray background, hexagons, golden birds, dark abstract deer, hexagonal frame with a landscape inside

Some of the advantages of wallpaper are that they are economical, hygienic, washable, and above all, it does not damage the materials with which your wall is built.

3d industrial seamless pattern

Their versatility, easy installation, durability, and easy maintenance make them ideal for renewing your decoration.

World political map 3D vector individual states separate

And one more advantage: practicality. Grey wallpaper is non-staining and minor stains are invisible on it.

3d illustration, light background, sunset, yellow waves, cut out world map, large white doves

There is no need for you to take care of them constantly, as is the case with white walls.

Wave Background wallpaper. Gray abstract sea

This feature is important for your living room, where there are a lot of people.

3d picture chrome perspective with balls background for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

And for the most polluted part of the house, the kitchen, where food is constantly being prepared.

Islamic pattern . Seamless arabic geometric pattern, east ornament, indian ornament, persian motif, 3D. Endless texture can be used for wallpaper, pattern fills, web page background .

As well as in any other room, wallpaper of a grey shade will show its best side.

3d black lattice tiles on gray concrete background. High quality seamless realistic texture.

The Impact of Grey Color

Despite all its advantages, grey 3D wallpaper is a controversial option.

Digital wall tiles design marble wall and floor for kitchen and bath tile, flower abstract texture background, fabric textile pattern for t-shirt design, interior wall poster - 3D Illustration

This is worth remembering if you are planning to decorate a room with their help.

Carving waves pattern on grunge background seamless texture, patchwork pattern, gray color, plaster wall texture, 3d illustration

The color grey is considered neutral. Its influence on the human psyche is insignificant.

3D texture of architectural modules is black with gold frayed edges and decorative inserts. Realistic seamless texture of high quality.

Because the brain perceives the shade as the absence of color.

3D Italian wall Decor,Digital Floor Tile Design, floor tiles Decor on Beige Colored Marble For Home Decoration,3D illustration can be used for wallpaper, textile, background.

If you use only grey wallpaper for decoration, without complementing it with any decor, this can provoke a feeling of uncertainty and implicit tension.

3d illustration, abstract gray background with vertical lines, curved pine tree, golden birds

A person prone to melancholy can easily develop a depressed state of mind and depression.

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper with black trees and light gray background. golden and black mountains, white sun with birds. For use as a frame on walls .

That’s why it’s worth adding decorative elements when you use plain grey wallpaper.

Lattice 3d white silver grey Gold Pattern geometric modules 3d rendering. High quality seamless realistic texture

Framed photographs, paintings, flowers, handmade items – anything.

Beautiful abstract background with volume elements, balls, texture, lines. 3d illustration, 3d rendering.

Please note: do not get too carried away with black decor.

Marble texture. Black and white design for tiles, T shirt, bed sheet, table cloth, curtains and fabric print. 3d Textile art. Best wallpaper. Marble design. Wall tile. Abstract art. Black marble.

These two colors together, without additional accents, have a negative effect on a person.

3D render lattice gold

The importance of the 3D effect on grey wallpaper

If you don’t want to use decor at all, you can order wallpaper with a 3D effect or another pattern.

3d tiles silver chrome metallic tiles with gold elements.High quality seamless realistic texture.

Another good option is grey walls combined with furniture of a different color.

3d tiles old gray relief hexagons with golden edges. High quality seamless realistic texture.

The main thing is to choose the right balance of tones.

3d old black and old white solid tiles.High quality seamless realistic texture.

Here are some of the best color combination options:

Grey + white + black:

looks fresh and pleasant, not boring.

The texture of black and white marble with gold veins. Natural pattern. Abstract 3D illustration of marble surface for backgrounds, wallpapers, photo wallpapers, murals, posters.

Wallpaper with such a pattern and a combination of wallpaper looks good.

grey 3d background texture and wall paper

For example, three grey walls and one, accent wall, black and white.

Abstract retro pattern of geometric shapes. Colorful yellow grey black white mosaic backdrop. Geometric hipster triangular background, vector
Beige and Grey.

A classic combination that suits any style.

Blue vintage tropical leaves in seamless border design. Premium wallpaper, luxury silver grey background, texture, mural art. 3d dark watercolor floral illustration. Golden, beige, subdued pink colors

You can use not beige itself, but variations: creamy, caramel, coffee with milk, etc.

3d illustration landscape art golden tree deer and sun in light background with colorful stone
Grey and blue.

A good solution, since from a perceptual point of view these two colors are close to each other.

3d art wallpaper. blue, turquoise, and red leaves, deer, golden tree, white clouds and feathers in gray background

The composition has a relaxing effect. If you want to make it more energetic, add pink details.

Yellow and Grey:

3d chinese landscape. gray background golden tree and birds , mountains and white clouds. stone in water. for canvas art print

A juicy combination that allows you to create an unusual interior.

Elegant dark grey interior with bright yellow armchairs, colors of the year 2021, 3d render

It looks lively and energetic, but if you don’t like brightness, it can quickly get boring.

3D wallpaper of golden metal foliage tiles on gray concrete background. High quality seamless realistic texture.
Where to use grey 3D wallpaper?

Grey 3D wallpaper design is suitable for any room.

3d wallpaper texture, red butterfly, leaf, rain drops on canvas textures. 3D illustration

But there are nuances that you should keep in mind.

Wood walnut eco 3d panels with gray skin elements and gold decor. Material wood walnut. High quality seamless realistic texture.

It looks elegant in the kitchen. In addition, they are practical: marks on them will not be noticeable.

3d illustration, Beautiful digital art, Ink art on grey background

However, if the room is poorly lit, you should not choose this option.

Black and white design for tiles, bed sheet, table cloth, carpet, curtains, and fabric print. 3d Textile art. Best wallpaper for interior decoration. Popular marble design. Wall tile.

Despite all its advantages: the grey color will visually compress the space, and the kitchen will seem cramped.

3d, White background, floral wallpaper, abstract flowers , seamless

Designers also recommend avoiding grey wallpaper in long, narrow kitchens with a lot of furniture.

In the bedroom

Grey wallpaper in the bedroom is what you need for relaxation.

3D illustration of decorative elements assembled in a geometric composition of gray scratched metal material..Realistic seamless texture of high quality.

But you should be careful with the shade because too dark walls will oppress and depress.

Gray skyscrapers on a gray background, bottom view, yellow spots

It’s better to stick to light colors.

Vector dark damask seamless pattern element. Elegant luxury texture for wallpapers, backgrounds and page fill. 3D elements with shadows and highlights. Paper cut.

And if you want to add dark, you can cover the wall behind the bed with wallpaper in the color of anthracite or wet asphalt.

3d illustration, gray background, triangles and circles of different textures and colors

In the nursery?

For a child’s room, grey wallpaper should be used with great care.

Monochrome Checkered 3D Stairs Vector Seamless Pattern Background

They are believed to suppress imagination, slow development, and reduce empathy.

Abstract cubic seamless background, vector illustration, eps10

But, firstly, everything is personal: if this color is close to a child, why not choose it?

Seamless pattern of white and blue striped circles with drop shadows. Vector illustration

Secondly, grey goes well with bright colors.

Elephant out of the jungle. Wallpaper for wall. 3D illustration.

And thus you can create a positive, life-affirming composition.

3d illustration wallpaper landscape art. brown trees with golden flowers and turquoise mountains in light gray background with white clouds.

Grey 3D wallpaper in the hallway

A grey wallpaper in the hallway is also a controversial decision. On the one hand, this is practical.

White 3D panels geometric knot with gold decor stripes and silver element. Shaded geometric modules. High quality seamless texture.

But a small room decorated in 3D grey wallpaper can visually shrink even more.

3d glossy golden lattice grid on gray concrete background. High quality seamless realistic texture.

To avoid this, choose light shades of grey and preferably wallpaper without patterns.

Checkered black and white tunnel.

Bright tiles on the floor and light furniture with minimal decor will help to visually expand the space.

Grey is good and not boring

An elegant interior is always attractive, and grey 3D wallpaper will help you create a very stylish space.

3d wallpaper, daisies on concrete wall textured background. Black and white. The fresco effect, silk effect.

A grey wallpaper is absolutely not boring. The main thing is to choose the right shades, and accessories not forget about the right lighting,

3d wallpaper, 3d background, 3d wall, 3d pattern, seamless

With little help, you will get an expressive space. In modern design, graphite, platinum, and steel shades are very popular, acting as contrasts for subsequent furniture and decor.

3D black iron lattice loft panels on gray stucco with gold facets. High quality seamless design texture

Grey wallpaper looks very stylish in combination with other tones.

Wallpaper for small rooms

Light grey wallpaper is recommended for use in small spaces, as coatings can visually expand them.

Vector ball with shadow on background

Dark grey shades will fit perfectly into an interior that contains light furniture, bright textiles, and decorative elements.

3d illustration, White and golden beautiful roses and jewelry papers, grey and gold background.

On rich grey wallpaper, small floristry or geometric patterns look great, both white and in bright colors, such as fuchsia or turquoise.

Steel metal plate background or texture

Grey 3D wallpaper for a high-tech style

For the loft, high-tech style, both matte plain textured wallpaper and silver-plated canvases are suitable.

Abstract business background grey, vector

But for vintage Provence or country, you can choose wall coverings with a floral theme or stripes.

Abstract composition, 3d render, abstract blue layered background. isolated on gray background, modern minimal wallpaper

For a classic style, a combination of dark and light shades, and ornaments in the form of monograms, damasks, stripes, and plain companions is appropriate.

White marble with veins, Emperador marbel texture with high resolution, The luxury of polished limestone background. Marbl with Polygon Design 3D Wallpaper

The combination of dark grey wallpaper with light furniture is a universal technique in the Scandinavian style.

Solid color wallpaper

Plain wallpaper in a deep grey shade is an excellent backdrop for bright paintings, mirrors, and stucco decor.

wall background. background texture. wall with textured hexagons. the diamonds on the wall. white wall

This is a canvas that acts as a backdrop for creativity, while it looks even more interesting than the same “mission” of white walls.

Vector damask seamless pattern background. Elegant luxury texture for wallpapers, backgrounds and page fill. 3D elements with shadows and highlights.

Grey, like white, is a basic shade. So absolutely everything goes with it and it is designed to highlight all the necessary accents.

Wallpaper of grey solid marble hexagon tiles with gray seams. High quality seamless realistic texture.

Experiment with textures, look through the catalog with geometry or colors – you will definitely find “your” grey.

Modern geometric marble design with square shapes. Fashion background for banner, graphic poster, art, flyer, poster, wedding invitation, card - 3D Illustration

By periodically changing or complementing the bright decor in the room, you will create a completely new space without re-pasting the wallpaper.


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