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Wallpaper Kenya knows that what you need is wallpaper gym murals not only for wall decoration but also to energize and motivate your fitness workouts. Undoubtedly wallpaper murals boost the energy of a fitness gym by adding dynamic visual interest.  Therefore we have selected for your fitness gym wallpaper murals that solve the issue of […]


Fitness Club Gym Wall Mural Custom made Wallpaper

Wallpaper Kenya knows that what you need is wallpaper gym murals not only for wall decoration but also to energize and motivate your fitness workouts.

The greatest boxing champion of all times; Muhammad Ali Motivational Quote Wall Mural

Jumping Jacks Home Man Workout Exercise Diagram. Star Jumps Fitness Vector Illustration. A Fitness Junkie Guy in Sportswear Does the Side Straddle Hop Sequentially Guidance To shed pounds.

Undoubtedly wallpaper murals boost the energy of a fitness gym by adding dynamic visual interest. 

To change your body you must first change your mind, inspirational motivational quote concept / Vector illustration design for t gym wall murals.

Athlete training gym wall mural. Strong man pumping muscles with big weight flat style design. Gymnasium interior with barbell and gymnastic rings. Healthy lifestyle concept

Therefore we have selected for your fitness gym wallpaper murals that solve the issue of decorating empty, unfriendly walls decoratively and practically.

Photo of attractive woman in fashionable sportswear gym wall mural

Wallpaper Kenya Gym Wall Murals is an exceptional category of wall cladding that will no doubt please all fitness enthusiasts.

Beautiful woman runner in silhouette on yellow: strength and motivation gym wall murals

Focused on body beauty and muscle strength or featuring workouts, such motifs can be found in our thematic classification.

Stylish Gym Wall Decoration Ideas

Inspirational, motivating, and eye-catching gym wall murals are the pinnacle of beauty and the easiest way – with wall décor – to create a stimulating atmosphere in your interior.

Order this strong athletic man sprinter in training mask, running, fitness and sport motivation gym wallpaper mural

Cute funny people practicing yoga together. Group of smiling active men and women performing gymnastic exercise. Aerobics class, training, sports activity. Flat cartoon colorful vector illustration.

Ask our graphics designer to assist you with thematic samples and motivating photos.

Street workout park with people training, exercising. Outdoor sports area with equipment, facilities for working out, stretching, cardio and strength physical activity. Gym wall mural illustration.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and remind you about the service of printing photo wallpapers from photos. 

Collage of a diverse group of young people in sportswear doing different exercises together in a gym with an overlay of the word fitness

Using this offer, you can create an individual pattern and place a cladding with a corporate logo.

People exercising in fitness gym. Room with sport equipment for workouts vector illustration. Woman and men training on treadmill, bike, lifting dumbbells. Healthy lifestyle.

Or a specified photo originating from outside our catalog on the club or gym wall.

Gym Athletic Wall Mural Woman Fitness Sport Home Art Interior Design Ideas

Customization of gym wall mural size & colors

Whether you’re looking to motivate your members or just add a bit of personality to your space, customizing your gym wall murals is a great way to do it.

Kids doing various sports in physical education school gym wall mural. Children with teacher doing exercise in PE vector illustration. Girl skipping, with hula hoop, boy climbing and hanging on bar.

Here are some creative ideas for customizing your gym wall murals:

1. Use motivational quotes.

Quotes are a great way to inspire and motivate your members.

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses. Gym Workout Motivation Quote Stamp Vector Design Element.

Choose quotes that are relevant to your gym and its mission.

2. Feature images of your members.

You Only Fail When You Stop Trying. Strong Rough Distressed Motivation Gym Mural Concept

Showcase your members’ successes by featuring images of them in action.

Faceless group of people on exercycles in spinning class. Colorful vector horizontal illustration for wallpaper printing.

This will help create a sense of community and pride in your gym.

3. Create a timeline.

Showcase the history of your gym by creating a timeline of its milestones.

your body can do it. It is time to convince your mind. Inspiring Sport Workout Typography Quote Banner On Textured Background. Gym Motivation Wall Print

This will help create a sense of nostalgia and pride in your gym.

4. Feature images of your gym equipment.

Three Women in Tracksuits Doing Exercises in Gym. Sports Equipment in Gym. Women Doing Squats at Gym. Fitness Class for Woman. Sports Training for Women. Vector Illustration. Healthy Lifestyle.

Showcase the equipment you have in your gym by featuring images of it on your wall murals.

Fitness concept illustration of young people doing workout with equipment. Flat design of guys and women training near big letters fitness. Sport banner for landing page or promotion

This will help create a sense of pride in your gym and its equipment.

5. Feature images of your staff.

Five male and female staff wearing name tags and blue polo shirts

Showcase the people who make your gym great by featuring images of them on your wall murals. This will help create a sense of community and pride in your gym.

Silhouette icon of male gymnast perform the flairs routine on the pommel horse appartus. Vector illustration.

These are just a few ideas for customizing your gym wall murals. With a bit of creativity, you can create a unique and inspiring atmosphere in your gym.

Consider the colors of your gym wall murals

Hand drawn barbell textured vector illustration and "No pain - no gain. Shut up and train" inspirational lettering.

Because gym wall colors have aspects that influence the physical functions of athletes and their mental state.

Woman doing fitness workout. Sport, Workout, Healthy lifestyle, Gym, Fitness, Flexibility, Training concept. Vector illustration for poster, banner, advertising, website.

Color and its placement play an important role in the function of a gym and in creating an effective workout environment.

Fitness center seamless pattern or background. Vector illustration. For design fitness centers, gyms. Girl running, girl workout with barbell and do deadlifts. Gym wallpaper.

And therefore understanding colors, their meanings, and how they affect mood can help you design a workout space that improves productivity and efficiency levels.

3D Custom Home Improvement Sports Fitness Club Gym Wall Mural

Let’s list, first of all, in what colors the murals in the hall should be, as well as equipment and inventory:

nostalgic graffiti wall mural for fitness club or home gym

  • walls – light green;
  • ceiling – matt white;
  • basketball backboards – white, boundary lines – black;
  • gymnastic benches, crossbar, balance beam, sticks, and racks – in red.

Success starts with discipline motivational gym quote wall murals

Choosing what color for fitness gym wall murals, inventory, and equipment, it is necessary to proceed with scientific data.

The importance of the atmosphere

Stop wishing. Start doing. Fitness workout gym wall murals motivation quote. Vector poster concept.

Market research has shown that one of the factors that most influence customer choice is the atmosphere within the club.

Tulip Golden Hotel Custom Gym Wall Mural Wallpaper by Wallpaper Kenya

And the main reason for fitness and gym wall murals is to create that atmosphere.

Inspirational motivational print design / Workout training gym fitness bodybuilding

Because psychophysical well-being is closely linked to ambient factors such as light, colors, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Incredible Hulk Breaks the Wall: Wallpaper Mural by Wallpaper Kenya

Whether it is for home gyms, corporate gyms, or even spas and medical centers, it is essential to create a relaxing and authentic environment, as welcoming as possible.

Football gym wall mural

An interior neat down to the last detail

Spaces must be intelligently designed so that users feel comfortable and enjoy exercising in them.

The Pain You Feel Today Is The Strength You Feel Tomorrow Gym Wallpaper Mural

And our wellness gym wall mural designs help you in this regard.
We can advise you on:

  • The color of the walls, according to the atmosphere you want to create
  • Custom colors that match your packaging equipment

Fitness club wallpaper logo.

Guide gym wallpaper mural size customization

At Wallpaper Kenya, we provide custom options for sizes, images, and personalization so you can truly make your mural, your way.

Young female characters doing squats, a gym group workout scene, sport outfit

Our Shutterstock library contains an array of images.

You dont find your self, you build yourself. Fitness Gym Muscle Workout Motivation Quote Poster Vector Concept. Creative Bold Inspiring Typography Illustration On Grunge Texture Rough Background

It has everything from photographs to classic artwork to graphic patterns.

Wall mural Vector illustration of a strict trainer bodybuilding and fitness

And if you can’t find an image that suits your fancy, create a one-of-a-kind wall mural with your own image for a personal touch.

Motivational Quotes Muhammad Ali Don't quit... Inspirational Living Room Bedroom Inspirational Wall Mural

It is recommended your order the wall mural slightly larger than the size of the wall. 

Athletic young woman showing muscles on her back and arms. Low polygonal isolated vector illustration, geometric drawing from triangles. Fitness mural.

Adding an extra 5 centimeters or so to the width and height of the wall to allow for a margin when hanging the mural.

Football player under water Wall Mural Wallpaper

Alternatively, you can order the mural in a smaller size and install it in the center of the wall.

Young girl with dumbbells and taut buttocks. Vector illustration

This leaves the wall visible to create a border around the giant image.

Sport people vs lazy people design concept gym wallpaper mural

Photo Murals are designed to be viewed from over 1 meter for the best effect.

Overweigh and getting loose concept. Young smiling fit slim woman and depressed over weight fat woman standing towards each other feeling different vector illustration, gym wallpaper.

Color Psychology in wallpaper interior decoration

Muhammad Ali boxing gym wall mural wallpaper.

Do you want wall murals to make you tense and create a business atmosphere?

Workout mural. Fitness, Aerobic and workout exercise in gym. Vector set of workout logo isolated on white background.

Then yellow with a slight shade of orange. But If you want to calm down – blue is the color.

Handsome boxer throwing a right cross in 3d gym wall mural illustration, grey and red tone

On the other hand, if you want to give confidence in your abilities, to demonstrate stability green is fit for that.

Fat overweight man exercising on treadmill, flat cartoon vector illustration isolated on white background. Fat burnout cardio workout and run on treadmill gym wall mural wallpaper.

And of course, you know a predominately white wall mural – will give you a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness.

Gym t-shirt design, Workout t-shirt design, Vintage workout gym t-shirt design, Typography gym workout t-shirt design

Consider this when choosing a color for interior details and when ordering murals for utility rooms: changing rooms, showers, etc.

Fitness club logo with exercising athletic man and woman isolated on white, vector illustration

And additionally research for information about intermediate colors and shades – how they affect the subconscious.

Vector Illustration of Workout, Exercise

There is one more thing that is important for you to decide.

Sweat Is Just Fat Crying. Workout and Fitness Motivation Quote. Creative Vector Typography Grunge Poster Concept

And that is, do you want your gym wall murals to influence athletes or coaches, sponsors, or fans?

Muhammed Ali Motivational Boxing Gym Wall Mural

If you have too hot fans and constant competition in this room, then you definitely make the wall murals blue!

Happy emoji emoticon skipping with a jump rope

If there is only one workout – then yellow with an orange tint and red décor details!

Discipline is doing what needs to be done,3D Motivational Gym Wall Mural

But the locker rooms should definitely be green or even blue with white interior details (handles, doors, windows, etc.)


Yellow evokes feelings of happiness.

Sweat Off The Stress gym wall murals. Inspiring Sport Workout Typography Quote Banner On Textured Background. Gym Motivation Print

Partly due to its association with the sun, yellow will create feelings of warmth, cheerfulness and happiness to any space.

Healthy woman breaking the word fat with punching. Conceptual illustration about workout for reduce fat.

Yellow stimulates mental activity and energizes.

Two silhouettes of people exercising in a gym, wallpaper mural.

However, be wary of using too much yellow.

Excuses don't burn calories fitness quotes. Fitness & Diet Daily Fitness Sheets Gym Physical Activity Training Quote wallpaper Design Template.

Because an overabundance of the warm hue can lead to anxiety and increase people’s temper.

Pop Art sporty winking woman. Girl power advertising mural. Comic woman showing her biceps. We Can Do It. Fitness. Gym wallpaper.

It’s best to use it as an accent color or in high-energy, workout gym.


The color red also stimulates and excites.

Yoga Colorful Wallpaper Fitness Concept. Sport women. Vector illustration.

As your gym involves physical activity, red will help productivity.

Sport exercises set. Workout gym wallpaper. Body health, healthy lifestyle. Woman doing fitness activities and yoga. Flat style. Modern design. Cute pretty female character. Vector illustration eps10.

It has been shown to increase heart rate, blood flow, and also raise emotion and passion.

Let's get fight boxing course ads with 3d illustration handsome boxer. Gym wallpaper mural.

If you want to bring attention to a certain area within your workout space, decorating it with red shades and hues will do the trick.

Woman fitness workout gym wall mural wallpaper. Hand written motivation phrase. Sport, Workout, Healthy lifestyle, Gym, Fitness, Flexibility, Training concept. Vector illustration for poster, banner, card, postcard.

Whether it’s beautiful artwork or photographs, or incorporating the right color, a wall mural can effectively improve your workout space.

Single continuous line drawing of young woman wushu fighter, kung fu master in uniform train with long staff at dojo center. Fighting contest concept. Trendy one line draw design vector illustration

And inspire your exercisers and making them happier and more productive.

Fitness typographic gym wallpaper murals. You are stronger than you think. Motivational and inspirational illustration. Lettering. For logo, T-shirt design, banner, stamp, poster, bodybuilding or fitness club.

Fitness Wallpaper Murals for professional gyms

“Fitness Wallpaper” are custom made gym wall murals showing athletes in the process of training.

Young sports sexy fitness woman body gym wall murals

These murals will give you aesthetic pleasure from the sight of young people with beautiful bodies.

Colorful happy group people jump gym wallpaper illustration silhouette. Cheerful man and woman isolated. Jumping fun friends background. Expressive dance dancing, jazz, funk, hip-hop hands up.

And the motivated heroes of the pictures will become a clear example to follow.

Muscular man and woman stand against to each other.

The semantic load of the wallpaper “Fitness”

In order to create an appropriate mood in a sports club, interior designers often use the “Fitness” photo wallpaper.

Strong bodybuilder man with perfect abs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest.

Novice athletes or those who lead a healthy lifestyle will be inspired by portraits of pumped-up guys and girls with ideal forms.

fitness sports background, man and woman with dumbbells. Pop art retro wallpaper for walls illustration.

In a room decorated with such photographs, participants in aerobics, yoga, Pilates or stretching classes are encouraged to take a responsible approach to improving their own body.

Fitness couple on a black background gym wall mural

The pictures used to create the “Fitness” wallpaper – girls and guys in excellent physical shape, depicted during sports.

Vector conceptual motivational wallpaper for a fitness center in the grunge style. Excellent advertisement for the gym.

The portraits of fit guys act as a catalyst for visitors to sports clubs and health centers.

Bodybuilder touches girl flexing bicep photo gym wallpaper mural

Have you decided to add these paintings to the interior of a mini-hall in a private house?

No goal was met without a little sweat - typography, typography vector lettering about the workout, fitness, gym, inspiration to lose weight, brochures, fitness, gym, inspiration to lose weight,

You can be sure that physical activity in a room decorated with such inspiring wallpaper will bring only joy and speedy results.

The girl does yoga on a plate with useful products gym wall mural. A fun illustration for the good habits tracker. Eat more healthy foods and do yoga. The concept of a healthy lifestyle.


Home gym wallpaper murals

Wallpaper Kenya home gym wall murals are all about you getting motivated while getting in shape.

vector illustration of a girl in a sports uniform (leggings and a sports bra) is engaged in yoga, fitness, sports, exercises isolated on a white gym wallpaper mural. useful for fitness centers, yoga sections.

Custom-made fitness wallpaper murals transform a home gym workout space into one that evokes health and fitness and inspire you to reach your goals.

A strong athletic, women sprinter, fitness and sport motivation gym wall mural

Choose from motivational word clouds, mountain scenery, roads, and paths for your home gym wallpaper.

silhouettes strong rolling people set girl and man sport fitness gymnastics wallpaper murals

And the same is also ideal to place not only at home but also at any a space to keep fit.

Bright watercolor silhouette of a women with a barbell. Vector sport illustration. Graphic figure of the athlete. Active people. Recreation lifestyle. Women. I love sport.

Especially if you have a business dedicated to sports.

Therefore if you own a gym, surprise your customers with these incredible decorative sports wall murals. They will serve to create a modern environment away from the most monotonous.

Beauty Woman in sportswear runner, jogging, workout everyday, gym wall mural.

And your customers will appreciate it and so will you because you will be much more comfortable while you get in shape. Do not miss them!

Inspirational and encouraging quote vector design

Get Your Walls in Shape with Fitness Wallpaper Murals

Today Beginning Improvement Inspiration Gym Wallpaper Mural

Get the motivation you need to get in shape. Wall murals are an inspirational, stylish way to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re a runner, yogi, weightlifter, or anything in-between, there’s a wallpaper mural to encourage you to go the extra mile.

Décor Ideas for Home Gyms & Workout Spaces

A wallpaper mural will help you to get the most out of your workout while adding style.

Plus size girls do yoga, work out training and stretching wall mural

  • Get motivated with encouraging words and inspirational quotes.
  • Create a calming space while practicing yoga with nature Zen-themed wallpaper murals.
  • Incorporate scenic views of an open road or forest to amplify a cardio workout.
  • Wake up your walls with a bold pattern or splash of color.
  • Add inspiration with a fitness silhouette or favorite adventure sport.

The immense benefits of gym wall walls

One of the primary benefits of using gym wall murals is that they can help to create a more motivating atmosphere.

Sporty young woman doing yoga practice gym wall mural - concept of healthy life and natural balance between body and mental development

By adding a visually stimulating backdrop to the room, it can help to inspire and motivate you to push yourself further during their workouts.

Set of diverse people training with sports equipment vector flat illustration. Collection of man, woman and couples doing exercises with dumbbell, squat, practice yoga and cycling isolated on white

This can be especially beneficial for those who are struggling to stay motivated and need a little extra encouragement.

Portrait of gorgeous young woman practicing yoga indoor. Beautiful girl practice cobra asana in gym class. Calmness and relax, female happiness.Horizontal, blurred background

Gym wall murals can also help to create a more calming and relaxing atmosphere.  And this can be especially beneficial for those who are looking to practice yoga or meditation in the gym.

Vector set. Young women sitting in various poses and practice deep breathing and yoga. Multiracial women dressed in lingerie isolated characters. Happy girls. Body positive. Love your body gym wall murals.

The calming visuals of the mural can help to create a more peaceful and tranquil environment, which can be beneficial for those looking to relax and unwind after a long day.

Fitness in gym wall mural, sport and healthy lifestyle concept. Couple of athletic man and woman showing their trained bodies on dark background. Two bodybuilder models standing and demonstrating tight muscles.

In addition to providing a more motivating and calming atmosphere, gym wall murals can also help to reduce the amount of noise in the room.

Body Toning Workout Set. Women doing fitness and yoga exercises. Lunges, Pushups, Squats, Dumbbell rows, Burpees, Side planks, Situps, Glute bridge, Leg Raise, Russian Twist, Side Crunch .etc

Because by covering up the walls with a mural, it can help to absorb some of the sound and reduce the amount of noise that is bouncing around the room.

Cross Sport workout wall mural illustration. Strong sportsman on training with squatting lifting tire at gym. Fitness bodybuilding motivation design. Healthy lifestyle concept

This can be especially beneficial for those who are looking to focus on their workout without being distracted by the noise of the gym.

beautiful athletic couple in sportswear stands in the gym in the morning, fitness girl and coach man in training in bright room, copy space

Finally, gym wall murals can also help to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

A fit girl in a top and leggings is doing yoga on a gym ball. Upward Facing Two-Foot Staff Pose (Dvi Pada Viparita Dandasana). 3D rendering

Adding a unique and visually stimulating backdrop to the room can help to make the space look more inviting and attractive.

Hand sketch of a man with a barbell. Vector sport illustration. Watercolor silhouette of the athlete with thematic words. Text graphics, lettering.

This can be beneficial for those who are looking to create a more inviting atmosphere in the gym.

Motivational inspirational quote text break the rules / Vector illustration design for fashion prints, t shirt graphics, posters, stickers, cards and etc
urban slogan on ripped paper graphic illustration
Never stop dreaming. Modern lettering calligraphy. Creative typographic card on grunge background.
Chalk written work hard dream big phrase on blackboard. Vector illustration
Chalk written work hard dream big phrase on blackboard. illustrationGet The Party Started! (Brush Lettering Vector Illustration Design Template)
Creative vector abstract for Black Friday Offer or Sale with nice and creative design illustration in a background.

Vector illustration on the theme of New York, Brooklyn. Grunge background. Typography, t-shirt graphics, poster, banner, print, postcard

Break the Rules - Inspiring and motivating words. Gym and workout poster design. Typographic concept. Modern poster design
have a scary night halloween saying poster background or wallpaper grunge vector design. eps10


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