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The home mural has no design limitations A home mural is currently one of the greatest ways to decorate your own house. Do you know why? There is a world of difference between home murals and wallpaper. For example, try to find wallpapers that will depict waves of the sea illuminated by sunset rays.  Or […]


The home mural has no design limitations

A home mural is currently one of the greatest ways to decorate your own house.

3d rendering of a sofa in front of a living room home mural with a palm beach.

Do you know why? There is a world of difference between home murals and wallpaper.

Nature full wall home mural for any room
Nature murals for any room

For example, try to find wallpapers that will depict waves of the sea illuminated by sunset rays

A Single Bird Flies into the Sun Rays of a Colorful Ocean Sunset Sky Home Mural.

Or can you get the wallpaper of members of your family on a picnic? 

3D rendering of a living room sofa in front of a photo wall mural ocean sunset.

That is only possible with custom-made home murals and not regular wallpaper.

Colorful under the sea carton botanical home mural

Although strictly speaking wallpapers can be classified as murals, murals are more than wallpaper.

3d rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural in the living room.

And wallpaper is just but a subset of murals.

Flowers illustration on light concrete grunge wall. Loft, modern, classic, baroque, rococo design for interior project, phot mural, home décor.

Wallpapers have limitations that other murals don’t have.

Regular brick wallpaper with repeat patterns
A regular brick wallpaper with repeat patterns

Yes, impossible! After all, these wallpapers do not exist.

Home gym fitness quotes mural, workout motivation, health, goals, body transformation, inspiration and life.

And therefore custom-made home murals come to the rescue.

Beautiful view from the window to the sea and the blooming garden. Digital home mural, 3D rendering.

And you can transform your house exactly the way you would like it.

Watercolor white pumpkin autumn background with sunflower bouquet, Autumn arrangement, Farmhouse rustic wall décor

Because of custom murals, the price of which is affordable.

Custom-made 3d brick photomural
Custom-made 3d brick photomural

And there are an infinite number of designs for you to choose from for the different rooms and styles.

3D wallpaper background, High quality circles rendering decorative photomural wallpaper illustration, 3D flower Living room wallpaper.

These include but are not limited to:

living room murals

Photo Wallpaper Mural Feather Wallpaper Mural Popular Wall Mural Painting for Living Room Wall Art Home Décor High.

Home murals look very advantageous in the interior of the living room and you can combine them with any style.

Feature wall river bed sitting room home mural.

You just need to choose the right plot for the painting – still life, landscape, portrait, or abstraction. The main plus is unlimited space for creativity. The only frames are the walls and ceiling.

Digital illustration of a living room with a view from the window of skyscrapers in the clouds and a plane taking off. 3d photo wallpapers. 3d image.

The most common plot for the living room is landscape. It visually enlarges the space and is suitable for a recreation area. Ponds, lakes, and calm summer or autumn nature look best.

3d render, abstract fantastic background. Desert landscape with sand water and mirror arches under the clear blue sky

Next to the mural, you can place comfortable upholstered furniture, and put a table.

Large size ink landscape painting with Chinese style and elegant artistic conception

Portraits are rarely used. This is a difficult emotional decision, as the image in the living room will not be quickly replaced. It is better to choose small size of the picture and pay attention to the mood of the person in it.

Portrait of a beautiful, young, Caucasian woman in a casual and comfortable outfit. She is holding her laptop computer and is smiling as she basks in the sunlight and poses for her head shot.

If you portray a serious or sad person, you can create an unfriendly and gloomy atmosphere in the room.

Buddha meditating Sculpture beautiful lotus flower rendering, 3D illustration wallpaper, living room wall mural.

Still-life is suitable for living rooms combined with a kitchen. It is advantageous in the interior to look at paintings with expensive antique dishes, goblets, and glasses. You can depict the richness and abundance of mouth-watering fruits and vegetables in the kitchen area.

Large size ink landscape painting with Chinese style and elegant artistic conception

A win-win option is an ornament or a floral image. They look unobtrusive, and in combination with warm harmonious colors, they will create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the interior of the living room.

Park vintage botanical landscape, gallery, pergola, peacock bird, trees, bush, roses seamless border blue background. Garden mural.

Such a plot is suitable for all styles from strict classics and luxurious modern to multi-colored Boho and minimalist hi-tech.

Beautiful wallpaper with mountain landscape in empty spacious living room.

Home nursery murals

Home nursery mural Animal world map with cute characters.

Wallpaper Kenya invites you to order custom-made murals for a children’s room. Bright, colorful, naïve, and cheerful designs can decorate any space and please the baby.

A world map as a wallpaper design for a children's room with space, astronauts, planets, rockets.

Due to their versatility, home nursery murals have gained popularity both among professional designers and parents who care about beauty and style.

Farm animals - cow, horse, sheep, pig, dog, cat, rooster and houses. Kid nursery mural wallpaper. Vector hand drawn illustrations.

At Wallpaper Kenya you will find a large selection of designs of different children’s themes and colors.

Childish seamless pattern with knight, dragon and castle. Perfect for kids design, wallpaper for walls.

Here, the desire for naturalism in the mural will be redundant. Because children need to develop their imagination. And children like to see unusual objects, “think out, ” and imagine.

Illustration of fantastic fairy tale bird foreshadowing storm. Symbolic representation of approaching danger. Abstract background. Vector drawing. Print for wallpaper, design.

In the nursery, you should use fairy tale themes. And therefore, for inspiration, you can use images from the paintings of modern science fiction artists, illustrations from children’s books, and classic films – fairy tales.

farmhouse murals

Seamless botanical background with summer autumn sunflowers and delicate small flowers in 70s retro vintage fabric style farmhouse mural.

Wallpaper Kenya offers you stunning custom-made mural designs for country houses and cottages.

The wall of a wooden house made of timber, processed in a vintage style. Wall mural.

In this category, we offer you some of the most modern, practical, and amazing design ideas for decorating your cottage or country residence – farmhouse murals.

Beautiful rural landscape. Houses with a garden, a fence are located on the hills near the river against the background of the forest, the sky with the sun, clouds, silhouettes of flying birds.

The versatility, durability, and beauty of the country home mural are incomparable to anything else. These are images with amazing clarity, brightness, and depth.

Bohemian wooden bathroom and bedroom in boho style in white and purple tones. Bathtub, bed and towel rack, potted plants. Tropical wallpaper. Country vintage interior design, 3d illustration

And the abundance of plots allows you to make a mural in a style that will not only emphasize your individuality and artistic taste but also correlate with your interior style.

home gym murals

Inspirational workout and fitness gym motivation Quotes home mural Illustration. Motivational quote. Wake up.

kitchen murals

Images for modern ideas in the design of any interior tapestry

dining room murals

3D wallpaper in bright white dining room

bedroom space murals

Interior of a cozy rustic room with a country mural background on the wall. 3d rendering.

Murals transform the interior of the bedroom and fill it with comfort and aesthetics.

Stylish bedroom with comfortable bed, tv, wood décor and nice wallpaper with moon.

When choosing a bedroom mural design, you should take several into account.

Stylish interior of bedroom with beautiful exotic flowers painting on wall.

The drawing should set you up for a comfortable sleep, and rest.

Design of the bedroom. Oak furniture, murals, panorama of the island.

Therefore choose a picture with calm colors and avoid sharp lines.

Mountain retreat calming small bedroom with mural in purple tones and white bedding.

Thanks to the various drawings in the Wallpaper Kenya library, you can choose the most attractive design that will delight you every day.

Motivational Quotes Muhammad Ali Don't quit... Inspirational Living Room Bedroom Inspirational Wall Mural.

murals for dining rooms

white furniture in the green home kitchen nature wall mural.

sunset mural bedroom murals

Cane bamboo leaves at the bottom of a mountain lake with delicate colors. With a heron against the background of the sunset. Home wall mural.

Evening sunset rays penetrating through the trees, bedroom home mural.

nature murals for home

Flower illustration on light concrete wall. Luxurious, modern, classic, baroque, rococo design for interior projects, tapestry, photo wallpaper, mural, poster, home décor.

window murals for home

Nice views from the window to the sea and the flowery garden. Digital mural, 3D rendering

master bedroom murals

Coral and orange striped headboard of master bed in luxurious French chateau castle

family tree murals

wall murals landscape forest.Nature forest and trees .Lanscape nature background.vector illustration

cottage murals

a two-storey country house with a garage, a fence, flower beds, a garden by the road with a green background, a coniferous forest, a sky with the sun, clouds, silhouettes of flying birds.

family room murals

Modern bedroom with night sky wallpaper background , vector , illustration

And endless other designs. So, welcome and let Wallpaper Kenya know what you have in mind.

Abstract mountains mural for nursery walls
Mountains mural for nursery walls

Modern-style home murals tend to be very abstract and colorful.

Custom wallpaper 3d photo home mural waterfall lake scenery living room bedroom TV background wallpaper.

A classical-style mural could be a painted scene; usually a landscape.

Tropical vintage botanical illustration, palm tree, plant floral border background. Exotic green jungle background and wallpaper wall mural, Forrest, Rainforest, Green Jungle Wallpaper, Natural Exotic

But also often includes animals or figures.

Personalized optical illusion forest path 3d wallpaper.
Personalized optical illusion forest path 3d wallpaper

You can draw inspiration from these types of murals and incorporate classic elements into your home to great effect.

Designs, colors, and emotions in the home mural

The colors in your home mural can induce moods and dictate powerful sensations.

Graphic exotic plants on a textured background. Beige background. Designed for photo wallpaper, photo wallpaper design, loft style photo wallpaper, classic, modern. wall murals in a room or home interior.

Colorful home mural wall painting techniques date back several thousand years.

nature wallpaper mural in the children's room
nature wallpaper mural in the children’s room

As early as the fifteenth century, artists used specific pigments to convey and evoke emotions.

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper landscape moon, colorful mountains.

Today, home murals’ artistic and aesthetic value is as great as it was several ages past.

3D wallpaper background, Metal High quality Hexagon rendering decorative Honeycomb mural wallpaper illustration, 3D flower Living room wallpaper.

But you no longer need to wait months for the master to hand-paint your walls. 

condo feature wall mural

Modern digital wallpaper mural technologies have simplified the process of creating home murals as much as possible and made it more automated.

wall mural 3d illusion backdrop

Now, this kind of art has become available to everyone who dreams of an exclusive luxurious interior.

Boys bedroom with a beautiful turquoise and grey mountain wall mural
Boys bedroom with beautiful turquoise and grey mountain mural

Color psychology is defined as the “study of nuances as a determinant of human behavior.”

Girl eating a Burger. A collection of women with Burgers in their hands. Abstract minimalist hand-drawn vector illustration for dining room mural.

This means that mural artists can analyze how the use of colors will make us feel and react.

Drawn exotic tropical leaves on concrete grunge wall. Floral background. Design for wallpaper, home mural.

Some of these color associations are so strong that they can stimulate behavior, actions, and even feelings in people.

Living room interior décor in orange tones landscape mural

And that is why certain colors are good for your dining room, to induce appetite.

Abstract fruit wallpaper design in flat cut out style. Cross section of peach with pit. Dining Room Mural.

While other colors are better for your bedroom to aid you in relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

bathroom sink inspiration with a white luxury minimalist design, with marble and ceramic granite accents, for home or hotel, mural flowers.

In art, we can use colors to express our emotions.

Fashionable Modern Sofa Texture Bedroom 3D Mural Design.
Fashionable Modern Sofa Texture Bedroom 3D Mural Design.

Likewise, we can intentionally use the home mural’s colors to provoke the desired emotions in the different rooms.

Living room home murals

The living room mural not only has to be functional but also effective. Because the living room is the heart of both a small house and a large home.

Images for modern ideas in the design of any interior wallpaper mural.

It is here where you spend the afternoons after work. And it is in the living room, you relax at night with a good movie.

3D wallpaper background, High quality circles rendering decorative photomural wallpaper illustration, 3D flower Living room wallpaper.

Or enjoy parties and important dates with your family.

Stylish interior of room with sofa and beautiful protea flower on wall

The living room has always been and continues to be the center of attraction for the family and guests.

Stylish interior of a living room with armchair and beautiful peony flowers mural.

Therefore, you should give the design of your living room mural the utmost thought to the smallest detail.

modern ideas in the design of any interior with 3d wall décor

That is why Wallpaper Kenya offers an infinite number of models: panoramas of cities, landscapes, abstract drawings, as well as living room murals that optically enlarge your room.

wall mural 3d illusion backdrop for home living-room wall décor..

You must remember that a mural for the living room with a universal motif, will give your interior space great beauty. And a new character that will not go out of style.

3d city landscape mural rendering behind a sofa in the living room
3d city landscape mural rendering behind a sofa in the living room

Contemporary, trendy murals for the living room can quickly bore you. Therefore it’s better to rely on your tastes.

3d mural wallpaper landscape with black winter background. golden, blue and colorful mountains, Christmas trees, and sky clouds. for home wall décor.

The landscape fits well in any home interior space. And it is one of the most popular and versatile subjects of a living room mural.

Magic abandoned city in a field of flowers landscape, murals of flowers on the sides of the abandoned buildings. Field big flowers. 3d illustration

You can safely choose this without fear of making a mistake with the design. Opposite the wall with this mural, you can put a large sofa set.

Stairwell and staircase murals

Stairs and their stairwells have a specific functional role. But don’t forget that these structures can be decorated with amazing designs with the help of a very beautiful mural. Just like the rest of the house.

Stairwell regular wallpaper mural
Stairwell regular wallpaper mural

We have a variety of styles you can embody in a beautiful and durable photo mural. And thus capture the enthusiastic eyes of your guests with depth, volume, and expressiveness.

Custom-made home stairwell full wall mural

Having a strong photo mural can boast great versatility, flexibility, and elasticity. And this allows you to glue the mural on surfaces of any geometry – in niches, openings, ledges, or on stair columns, stringers, and stands.

Mural with stairs

You have many options to decorate the stairs in your house. One of them is to use paper decorations: flags, multi-colored garlands, bright turntables, etc. To do this, you need to stock up on materials and patience.

However, not only owners of luxurious mansions and high-rise private houses can enjoy the beautiful stairs going up.

View from the balcony on the coast of Italy and a beautiful gazebo on the mountain. Digital mural. Wallpaper.

A mural with the image of a staircase on the wall can miraculously expand the space of a small living room, corridor, nursery, hall, hallway, or bedroom.

Digital mural. Stairs leading to heaven. 3d image. 3d photo wallpapers.

Drawings are applied not only with the help of  3d printing. Washable wallpaper is used for facing the stairs. But not that ordinary paper variations will not withstand constant mechanical stress in combination with wet cleaning.

Beautiful collage with stairs access to the sea. Digital collage, home mural. Wallpaper design.

There are many ideas on how to decorate the stairs. Everything will depend on the style you prefer.

Home bedroom mural

For a home bedroom mural, you should choose floral designs, nature motifs, and picturesque landscapes. And romantic scenes in pastel colors.

Home kids bedroom mural

It is better to avoid bright active designs, as they will interfere with relaxation.

Kitchen Mural

Floral motifs, still life, Provence-style plots, and patchwork will be the perfect solution for a home kitchen mural.

Abstract collage of kitchen tools for food preparation. Includes whiskey, frying pan, baked skewer and spatula. Modern culinary theme vector illustration for artwork, decoration, social media, banners.

Plots that expand the space and create an additional perspective are suitable for an interior with a combined dining and living area.

Children’s Room Murals

When choosing a home mural in the baby’s nursery, you should choose neutral designs that will be relevant for the child for several years.

Classic home nursery wall paper mural

To create a comfortable atmosphere, consider the interests and character of the baby. We recommend choosing calm scenes and colors for hyperactive children who lack perseverance and concentration.

Illustration of Cinderella runs, Castle home mural for girls' nursery.

Many girls dream of living in a fairy-tale castle, and boys want to become outstanding racers or astronauts.

Farmhouse Mural

Do not limit your imagination when choosing a home mural for a farmhouse, do not limit your imagination.

Panorama view of spring village with green meadow on hills with blue sky, Vector cartoon Spring or Summer landscape, Panoramic countryside landscape mountains with wild flowers fields

If you have a special sense of style, we are pleased to offer you our designs, developed by considering the most obvious trends in murals.

Farmhouse nature wall mural in a private home
A modern farmhouse nature mural in a private home

A modern farmhouse mural is made using the latest technology.

3d modern art mural wallpaper with dark blue background. golden feathers and colorful marbled mountains, white moon. dark landscape background with clouds. for home wall decoration

As well as the use of various materials and textures, which ultimately make the picture flat or voluminous.

A distant barn on the lush green meadows with mountains and a road

With the help of the 3d effect, the mural is given a natural and lively look. And the paints we use are resistant to moisture and direct sunlight.

Traditional preprinted regular brick wallpaper design
Traditional preprinted regular brick wallpaper design

3d photo murals in the interior of a country house can radically transform and enliven the living space. Give it a lasting shade of your personality and reveal your artistic preferences.

Modern art wallpaper. Surreal illustration of fantasy tiger from eastern legend. The magnificent luxury decoration. beautiful background. Design for interiors, photo wallpaper, cards, posters.

Different styles and design options for private houses differ. First of all, in the use of various design ideas and approaches to decorating walls, ceilings, niches, as well as external facades, and gables.

3d wood effects wallpaper
Feature wall 3d wood effects wallpaper

The versatility of photo murals allows you to enrich homes of any orientation with fresh stories. Conservative homeowners prefer austere classicism, rich renaissance, or heavy baroque. And others love the light rustic romance or the melodic country style.


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