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The hotel murals are an important component of a modern hotel wall. Flying has been proven to cause stress. And this condition is aggravated by the unfamiliar atmosphere of the hotel room.  Therefore, many owners of hotels and hotel managers are trying to do everything possible to make the guests feel at home and even […]


The hotel murals are an important component of a modern hotel wall. Flying has been proven to cause stress.

bathroom sink inspiration with a white luxury minimalist design, with marble and ceramic granite accents, for home or hotel murals with flowers.

And this condition is aggravated by the unfamiliar atmosphere of the hotel room. 

Seven horses wallpaper mural at Golf hotel lounge- ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Therefore, many owners of hotels and hotel managers are trying to do everything possible to make the guests feel at home and even better.

Modern bright interior . 3D render

And one of the best ways to do this is by using appropriate hotel murals.

Guest room interior with bright purple murals of mountains, beige carpet and white make up desk. Small, cozy and luxury.

To create an expressive and impressive design in a hotel, you should correctly select color and lighting solutions for it. 

Geometric wallpaper at Golden Tulip Hotel, Nairobi - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Also important are the materials used for the decoration of hotel premises. 

Gold, metal chair in a soft, hotel suite interior with a mountains wallpaper, pastel pink and blue bedding and pillows.

That is why professional designers, decorating halls and hotel rooms, pay attention primarily to the decoration of ceilings and walls.

Presidential suite wallpaper

But also their harmonious and effective combination with the rest of the design too.

Stylish interior, lovely and bright space to read books or to study magazines. Floral pattern wallpaper and design, and armchair.

The successful functioning of the hotel largely depends not only on the location of the building and the creation of a hotel service quality system.

Map of the world wallpaper mural - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

But also on a thoughtful, beautiful interior.

Interior of cozy hotel suite in bright violet tones. Large mirrored wardrobe. Wall-papers on a wall.

The modern hotel design is to provide the visitor with both a comfortable place to spend the night and several additional services.

interior of room, nobody, indoor

According to the functional purpose, there are a group of premises that can be distinguished.

Incredible Hulk Hotel Gym wallpaper - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

A lobby, a residential area, restaurants for catering guests, and commercial and consumer services.

White dream in black, wall mural.

Others are halls for sports, business and entertainment, service, and technical premises.

Tiger walking full body realistic watercolor drawing on white background high quality hand painted on paper, artistic presize realist clean simple colorful graphic of african wildlife

As a rule, interior decoration begins with the ceiling, followed by the walls.  Walls in hotel rooms should be attractive, non-marking, and practical for a long time.

art seamless vector pattern background with love to Moscow, Paris, Milan, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Barcelona, Prague, Brussels, Amsterdam, Havana, Madrid, New York

Therefore, the columns and panels decorating the foyers and lobbies of such hotels are often lined with natural stone.

Seamless wallpaper mural pattern

For interior decoration of residential premises of hotels, wallpaper hotel murals are also used to decorate the walls in the rooms. 

Hotel murals: designs, styles, and ideas

There are a lot of design ideas for hotel murals you can choose from. Because reputable hotels do not just decorate rooms in the same style.

Wallpaper Kenya Personalized Gym Wallpaper at Tulip Hotel, Nairobi, Westland's.

But you should try to make each of them completely special. And that is why you need custom-made wallpaper murals. 

A tree on the background of a Japanese landscape with flying bluebirds. Art for interior wall mural printing.

If the hotel is located in the city’s historical center or an old building, then the classic art murals look the most harmonious.

Abstract black and white botanical wallpaper at a County Hotel Reception.

And if it is a mini-hotel in the area of ​​skyscrapers, it is more appropriate to make a more modern interior.

Safari Panorama Landscape Seamless Border, Wildlife and Forest African Nature, Giraffe, Leopard, Antelopes, Zebra Animals Print, Realistic drawing Mural Wallpaper

Rooms for guests, decorated in modern murals, as a rule, occupy a significant part of the area of ​​hotels.

Blue Diamonds Rings 3D Mural Backgrounds

Such rooms are characterized by minimalist design, high functionality, and the use of natural designs in wall decoration.

3d wallpaper design with vintage florals on grunge wall for photomural

But quite often, the hotel’s location dictates the style of the design of the rooms and hotel murals.

wall mural backdrop 3d background

And the design of hotel murals in different styles, even within the same network, can vary dramatically.

Tropical vintage botanical illustration, palm tree, plant floral border background. Exotic green jungle background and wallpaper wall mural, Forrest, Rainforest, Green Jungle Wallpaper, Natural Exotic

For example, the design of hotel murals on the seashore is unlikely to be similar to those of a hotel in the center of a metropolis.

Silent night under the moon

High-level hotels in the center of large cities necessarily have several presidential suites and deluxe rooms.

The sun dusk and Tea plantation view from Aberdare Cottages, wallpaper mural.

Here, wall décor, furniture, and accessories are often used in golden or other “rich” colors – for example, purple.

travel by plane all over the world, wall mural for your hotel's room.

At the same time, “rooms for the elite” lift the veil of historical reconstruction – here you can feel like you are in another century.

Moon on the small island wall mural design for home, office, hotel.

These luxury apartments may contain several bedrooms, a spacious living room with a fireplace, several bathrooms, and, of course, a picturesque view of the city.

Nature murals

If the hotel industry is about hospitality, then nature-painting hotel murals are some of the best. Because nature is the best healer.

sunset at coast of the lake. Nature landscape. Nature in northern Europe. reflection, blue sky and yellow sunlight. landscape during sunset.

Murals on this subject have the ability to soothe, tune in a lyrical mood, and improve mood.

Unique Wallpaper for Studio Walls - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

They are perfect for any room – from the reception to the guest rooms, dining rooms, offices, and even kitchens.

Fishing boat at sunset time. Le Morn Brabant on background. Mauritius. Panorama landscape

Our library of nature murals is a great way to choose the right option for your interior.

Junior Suite Wallpaper - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Images of natural details and components fit perfectly into modern design, giving apartments and houses a spectacular look.

Wall Décor for interior hotel wall decoration, Ceramic Tile Design For Bathroom. it can be used for ceramic tile, wallpaper, linoleum, textile, web page background.

Pictures of nature have always been fashionable for decorating. Picturesque landscapes have been used to decorate the premises since ancient times.

Lion King of the Jungle bedroom wallpaper.

And the latest technologies and techniques have made it possible to create canvases that would seem fantastic to the best artists of the past.

3d illustration of picture wall murals of colorful feathers

Many tourist senior citizens spend a significant part of their time at work and only at hotels they can relax and gain energy for the season.

Tropical vintage landscape, rock, trees, palms, bush floral seamless border. Jungle botanical mural.

The hotel walls made of the “nature” photo mural help in this.

Mysterious forest in the fog with a view of the lake, digital mural, photo wallpaper forest landscape

Due to the increasing demand for this type of surface wall finish, there are various mural design options, which allow the material to be used to decorate a hotel in various interior styles, from the usual classic to hi-tech.

Floral style

It is rather difficult to call floral mural compositions a universal solution. Despite this, murals with a floral theme will fit well into any hotel’s interior.

3d Floral wallpaper for any room- ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

If the choice of the owner of the hotel fell on such nature wallpaper murals, then different types of images should be used in different rooms.

Digital illustration of a blooming white Lotus flowers with green leaves on a background of beige walls in the loft. Wallpapers and murals for interior printing.

For example, for finishing the walls of the kitchen, designs with yellow or orange flowers (sunflowers or dandelions) are suitable.

Abstract art tropical leaves background vector. Wallpaper design with watercolor art texture from palm leaves, Jungle leaves, monstera leaf, exotic botanical floral pattern.

Tip: when decorating a bedroom, choose mural designs with romantic shades (roses can be an example). Inconspicuous or neutral photo wallpaper murals of nature are suitable for the hotel lounge.

Forest murals

Many people like photo murals with a forest. But finishing with similar designs has its characteristics. The fact is that designs of this type are not suitable for small rooms or rooms with low walls.

Woodland wildlife wallpaper. Illustration with owl, deer and rabbits. Watercolor animal and forest evergreen trees on white background.

And especially when there is insufficient natural light. Such recommendations apply to canvases on which free-standing trees are applied. But the forest theme will fit perfectly into the interior of a spacious country hotel.

Mountain ranges

The type of photo mural in question will fit perfectly into the interior of the hall. Also, beautiful mountain peaks, overgrown with forest, will decorate the hotel offices.

Mural with landscape view of mountains with texture grange structure

Small hills, falls, or sloping slopes are ideal for decorating guestroom walls. And mural with snow-capped mountain peaks has an impressive effect.

3d modern Landscape art mural wallpaper with Christmas tree, golden lines, and mountain, white marble background.

Such pictures are usually dominated by white and blue colors, which allow you to expand the space.

Desert area

The use of desert mural designs in the interior will allow your hotel guests and staff to enjoy the endless desert expanses of Africa and the American prairie. To obtain these mural designs, realistic photographs taken in the Gobi or Sahara desert are often used.

Old eastern biblical rural scenic view with stone wall and edifice. Freehand outline ink hand drawn picture sketch in art retro engraved graphic style pen on paper and space for text on sky background

There are dunes with camel designs, sand-filled oases, and Egyptian pyramids. Along with the sand in the drawings, you can see huge stones of bizarre shapes of various shades, which are perfectly combined. 

Hut in a red sand desert near Al ain .Jabel Hafeet in background.This is the real color of sand here

This type of photo mural of “nature” on the wall can be of considerable size or used to decorate a small section of the walls.

Baroque style

If it is necessary to emphasize the status and high level of your hotel, it is worth making the interior in the baroque palace style – luxurious, aristocratic, and even a little theatrical.

Vintage textures: old wallpaper, peeling paint, brick wall and layers of different colorful backgrounds.

In Baroque interior decoration, valuable materials are used, gilding abounds, expensive fabrics, ornate wood carvings, and art objects are present in large numbers.

Baroque Rococo style wall mural design, European hotel background pattern.

In the interiors, bizarre curves of lines and shapes are noticeable. A baroque hotel room is a witness to the status of not only the institution but also the guests.

Damask seamless pattern element. Vector classical luxury old fashioned damask ornament, royal victorian seamless texture for wallpapers, textile, wrapping. Vintage exquisite floral baroque template.

The palace baroque-style hotel mural prefers royal colors – burgundy and deep blue. As well as brown, terracotta, white, and muted green, as more suitable for decorating hotel room walls.

Classic style

The classic style combines unobtrusive luxury and conciseness, which is why it is often used as the main design direction for many hotel rooms.

Design in the loft, classic, modern style. Graphic geometry on concrete grunge background. Light, delicate hotel wall murals.

As in the baroque, natural premium materials predominate in the classical style. But they are presented more modestly, and the space is freed from excess décor.

Leather sofa in interior with black and white decoration wallpaper that never goes out of style

Less gilding, gypsum moldings, and columns are acceptable, and decorative plaster or silk wallpaper mural is used for walls.

Classic paisley and fine lace pattern, Persian pattern suitable for hotel wall mural design

The classic style hotel murals are characterized by a neutral color scheme – these are brown, beige, milky, and olive shades.

Art deco hotel murals

This interior style combines the past and the future, aristocracy and new technologies, luxury, and practicality.

Colorful tropical leaves, jungle. Seamless pattern, luxury mural, wallpapers. Exotic vintage 3d digital illustration, dark watercolor background. Modern printable art, fabric, tapestry, poster, paper

In addition to natural wood and stone tiles, Art Deco includes leather, glass, and stainless steel. 

3d bedroom wallpaper - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Characterized by an abundance of reflective glossy surfaces, which is a new way to emphasize the status of the interior.

Golden Ginkgo leaves background vector. Luxury Floral art deco. Gold natural pattern design Vector illustration.

Art Deco mural colors are still natural: grey, brown, and beige, as well as natural shades of metal, wood, and leather.

Provence-style hotel murals

The famous style of the French countryside is a fashionable interpretation of the country, which is perfect for a country family hotel.

Bohemian wooden bedroom and bathroom in boho style in white and green tones. Bed, bathtub and washbasins, potted plants. Window with shutters. Farmhouse vintage interior design, 3d illustration

Provence is characterized by simplicity, lightness, softness of forms, naturalness, and homeliness. For this, natural materials, textiles with floral and floral ornaments, and textured and aged surfaces are used.

Country wooden bedroom close up in boho style in white and beige tones. Bed, hanging chair and potted plants. Window with shutters and wallpaper. Bohemian vintage interior design, 3d illustration

For example, the decoration of the walls in a hotel room is ideal with floral silk fabric wallpaper murals, which gives the interior the proper warmth. And on the painted furniture there should be traces of time, making the room habitable.

Wall of lavender flowers , artificial flowers , volumetric light , general views, live background, good texture. Hotel murals design.

Calm mural colors are the visiting card of the style. Provence is dominated by the delicate colors of French nature – white, blue, sand, and lavender. Pink and green are excluded.

Sea ​​style

Marine style is the most obvious solution for a coastal hotel. It can be realized using different materials, so the marine style is found in hotels and hostels of different levels.

Underwater fish Aquarium illustration background

In any interpretation of it, there are white and blue (blue) stripes, natural wood elements, as well as symbols of the sea – starfish, shells, and lifebuoys. You can add an adventurous spirit to the interior using binoculars, maps, globes, and other attributes.

For a nautical style, the base colors are blue and white, and they should always be the center of attention.

Ethnic style

This is the direction of the interior with a pronounced national character, usually, its choice is determined by the location of the hotel.

Ethnic pattern

Ethnic can be considered as an exotic Indian style, Swahili, Arabic, as well as Old English or Italian. In all directions, natural materials and recognizable details of national color are used on murals.

Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style helps to create coziness and comfort in a hotel of any level. But it shows itself especially well in guest sleeping areas.

Stockholm, Sweden - May 28th, 2021: Blue and tropical style bedroom with decorative pillows and a oak dresser with Vienna caned straw texture

The main principles are simplicity, comfort, functionality, and reasonable minimalism.

Tropical wallpaper mural with palm leaves on grunge background. Design for Scandinavian-style hotel wallpaper.

Typical colors of the murals are white, beige, brown, grey, and dark green.

Loft-style hotel murals

Do the windows of your hotel “look” at the industrial area?

art drawn delicate birds in a nest in the leaves in light gentle colors loft-style wallpaper mural in the interior of a hotel

In this case, the most suitable solution would be a loft-style interior, which manifests itself especially organically in rooms where there used to be a warehouse or a production workshop.

Rust powder is on wall which is divided as rectangle. Chemical is added to oxidise surface finishing to imitate real rust on iron. There're Green, Brown, Orange and Black on interior & exterior wall.

The loft-style interior is loved by the youth audience and creative people with non-standard views on life. It is characterized by open space, undisguised communications, and rough textures like raw concrete and brickwork.

 columns in the tropics on a textured background in a watercolor style photo wallpaper in the interior

The mural color scheme is predominantly shades of brown, grey, white, and brick red.

High tech

The modern high-tech style is most often used for business-class hotels. In this direction, the emphasis is on the latest achievements of science and technology.

Corrugated metal walls of industrial building. Pitched roof. Abstract modern architecture in minimal style. Material geometric pattern with triangles, polygons, angular structure and parallel lines. Modern hi tech murals suitable for hotel walls.

The basic principle is minimalism. And so there should be nothing superfluous in a high-tech interior. Characteristic materials – glass, metal, plastic.

Animals of Africa and a domestic cat leave the heat. 3D rendering.

You can also use silk fabric wallpaper murals in combination with wood panels. And they will help bring a little home comfort to the severity of high-tech.

Chinese style Abstract gilt landscape painting

The mural color scheme is restrained: white, black, and metallic.

Advantages of photomurals for hotels

Just because of their large size, silk fabric custom-made hotel murals make the message that you want to display stand out above everything else.

Gdansk, Poland: Floral mural and furniture inside a hotel.

Murals are eye-catchers and say more than a thousand words!

For this reason, their main advantage is the attention they get, both from new and old customers. But it is not the only thing!

Hand drawn set of coffee words Lettering for hotel dining room wallpaper

  • positive impression.
    If a good design is chosen for the photomural, you will be able to make a good impression of your hotel.

Modern Bedroom Interior Design with Classic Elements Gray Walls White Furniture and Floral Wallpaper. 3d illustration.

  • Transmission of values ​​or style.
    It is important that the photo or image is consistent with the brand image and manages to identify with your hotel business. In this way, it will transmit exactly what you want.

Watercolor Africa scene. African animals illustration. Safari design for hotel mural, wall art.

  • Encourage sales and customer entry.
    The colors and design of your wallpaper mural can affect emotions and drive sales.

Girl eating a Burger. A collection of women with Burgers in their hands. Abstract minimalist hand-drawn vector illustration for restaurant wallpaper for walls.

          A large image will invite people in, engage their emotions, and direct them to stay and spend.

  • They work anywhere.
    A hotel photomural will not only be useful in the reception area or commercial premises. They are also ideal for decorating a conference room, guest room, teamwork space, or reception area to enhance the hotel’s brand image.

Oil Painting, summer in London. gentle city landscape. flower rose and leaf. View from above balcony. Big Ben, England, wallpaper. watercolor modern art. Red. black and white

  • Decorative element of great weight.
    Photomurals decorate any type of room by themselves. And so they are perfect for decorating large spaces to which you want to give a more original touch.
Animal skin wallpaper
Animal skin wallpaper


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