Jungle mural wallpaper

With jungle mural wallpaper fill the walls of your house with calm and serenity. The definitive touch for the decoration of your living room! If you are interested in choosing a photograph to make a custom design jungle-themed mural click here. In your search for jungle mural images, you can also search for the term […]


With jungle mural wallpaper fill the walls of your house with calm and serenity.
Jungle mural wallpaper with tropical vegetation and giraffes, elephant and monkeys hidden in the foliage, colored vector illustration.
The definitive touch for the decoration of your living room!
orangutan monkey jungle mural wallpaper.
If you are interested in choosing a photograph to make a custom design jungle-themed mural click here.
Banana leaves. Seamless pattern Jungle mural wallpaper
In your search for jungle mural images, you can also search for the term “tropical rainforest.”
Tropical foliage art background vector. Digital print design with palm, floral and leaves with watercolor brush texture. Canvas art for wallpaper, and wall arts.
Because these terms are, as used here, synonymous.
Tropical vintage landscape, rock, trees, palms, bush floral seamless border. Jungle botanical mural.
To us, there is no agreement regarding when to speak of the forest and when of the jungle. 
Tiger standing among the grass, trees silhouettes, green jungles on background.
The thousands of jungle mural wallpaper images at your disposal are not only aesthetic but also fascinating.
Roaring tiger stands in the black jungle background vector.
They include tigers hunting, the largest flowers in the world, snakes, and all forms of life in the jungle.
Composition with tropical wallpaper, exotic leaves and hibiscus flowers, isolated elements.
The fascinating animal and plant world of the jungles explained painting, abstract art, and photography.
Deciduous forest. Silhouette. Mature, spreading trees. Thick thickets. Hills overgrown with plants. On the horizon there are mountains and ebo with the sunrise. Morning.
The Wildlife Library depicts jungle animals and plants from different regions of the world.
Beautiful hand drawn tropic vintage botanical landscape, coconut palm trees, banana trees, monstera, tropic plants. Floral seamless pattern on black background. Exotic green jungle peacock wallpaper.
And visually explains how each species adapts to life in its environment. 
Graphic illustration of a greenhouse. Floral wallpaper with exotic jungle leaves and water lilies. Abstract botanical design for photo wallpaper mural.
However, some people would like to differentiate between a forest and a jungle.
Tropical African savannah with lions, zebra, vulture, heron, hyena, common warthog, rhinoceros, cheetah, gazelle, monkey, ostrich and crowned crane.
And argue that there are some differences between these biomes.
Tropical vintage botanical landscape, pink palm tree, banana tree, blue plant, pink flamingo floral seamless border grey background. Exotic jungle animal wallpaper.
For example, the climate of the forest is not the same as the climate of the jungle.
Exotic jungle Floral seamless pattern with bright summer flowers and leaves Tropical vibe Black background Limited color palette Minimalism Boho Mural Design Trend
And the animals of the jungle are not the same as those of the forest.
Pastel color banana leaves, palms. Tropical seamless pattern. Hand-painted vintage 3D illustration. Bright glamorous floral background design. Luxury wallpaper mural.
But let us concern ourselves more with the aesthetics of jungle mural wallpaper, other than the differences.

Creative nature background. Gold and green tropical palm leaves. Minimal summer abstract jungle or forest pattern.


Jungle tree trunk with climbing Monstera (Monstera deliciosa), bird’s nest fern, philodendron and forest orchid green leaves tropical foliage plants isolated on white background with clipping path.

Creating the jungle atmosphere at home

How is the jungle mural wallpaper different from others, you may ask?

tropical trees and leaves wallpaper design in foggy forest

The longer you stay at home, the more you want to be at an exotic resort.

3d Wallpaper design with beach and palm trees for photomural

Contemplate palm trees, and white sand, and listen to the gentle whisper of the ocean.

Artistic seamless Summer island pattern Landscape with palm trees, beach ,mountain, waves and ocean vector hand drawn style on white color background.

Sunsets, smells of unusual flowers, and no problems.

Bay View Tree Silhouettes

Yes, it’s a tempting picture, but, unfortunately, it won’t become a reality for everyone in the near future.

Border with jungles trees,animals and islands. Trendy tropical print

I wish I had a magic wand to bring the tropics closer without leaving home!

Jungle in Brazil, Florianopolis, SC, acai, tropical print mural wallpaper

There is one way to create a heavenly mood without magic. A tropical print will help bring your dream closer.

Palm trees with coconuts at Mexico

One of the most popular colors of this year is the bright Tropicana.

Tropical vector background or wallpaper mural with palm treed and green leaves, watercolor realistic style

Let’s tell you in more detail about what these designs are, what to combine them with, and where to hang the murals.

8 bit pixel art, sunset beach landscape. Indie pixel game tropical nature screen wallpaper, 8bit arcade seascape vector background or 16 bit console sea sunset backdrop with palms and sail boat

Flowers and leaves: a print that is already half a century old

Yes, you are not the first to dream of exotic islands and distant countries with jungle forests.

A beautifull zebra sketch isolated with white background vector illustration.

The tropics attracted travelers with their nature and climate, which represents an eternal summer. The modern fashion for Safari began after World War II.

Mural illustration of full frame closeup shot of black and white texture of zebra skin in national park

In those years, the former colonies began to actively develop the resort business.

large Royal peacock mural with an open tail. Watercolor illustration of a hand painting

Names such as Masai Mara, Safari, Mombasa, or South Africa have become synonymous with a fantastic vacation on the ocean, surrounded by beautiful nature and attentive natives.

Banner panorama of Big Five and wild animals collage with african landscape at sunrise in Serengeti wildlife area, Tanzania, East Africa. Africa safari scene in savannah landscape.

Europeans who visited Africa brought back not only tans and shell jewelry but also popular colors. This is how colors in the form of parrots, flamingos, and palm leaves first appeared on the murals.

Group of giraffes in a National Park. Sunlight landscape.

They arose to amaze the imagination for the seventh decade in a row and remind us that there are many places in the world that are unlike the cities and towns we are used to.

The textured wallpaper with the image of a leopard background

The tropical pattern has become the official name, which combines motifs associated with summer and the sea: palm trees, sun, unusual flowers, vines, birds, and other inhabitants of exotic forests.

Portrait of beautiful big lion at safari park

At the same time, tropical print today is a much brighter and more interesting phenomenon, which has long been beyond the boundaries of beach style.

Two Plains (Burchells) Zebra stallions (Equus burchelli) fighting, Etosha National Park, Namibia

What to combine with jungle print?

If you are already at the beach, then this question is easy to answer. A tropical pattern means a tandem: “large details + bright colors.” This style is aggressive and deliberate, it seems to be “a little too much.”

Silhouette of African Jungle safari scene with animals and vehicle

So what do you do? Then you will have to work on an interesting image.

luxury mural art background with tropical leaves in blue and green lines


Floral seamless pink with golden begonia plant with vines on white background, pastel vintage theme

You need to be able to combine such murals with plain colors on the other walls, otherwise, there is a danger of going too far.

Modern exotic seamless pattern. Tropical leaves. Palm foliage. Print for luxury fashion fabric, clothes, wallpaper. Hand drawn collage style, warm earthy colors. Grunge texture.

The best advice you can give to a beginner is to combine floral and foliage patterns with a solid color on the other walls.


When combined with white, beige, light grey, or blue, discreet, pastel combinations are obtained.

Safari animals watercolor illustration with baby elephant, lion, zebra, giraffe, rhinoceros and tropical jungle foliage for nursery

They will fit well into a romantic look and will emphasize your calm character and relaxed mood.

Illustration of tropical wallpaper design with exotic banana leaves. Seamless texture. White background.

Try combining an exotic pattern on one wall with a primary color from a bright palette, and you will have a successful interior decor.

arch to the sea, see view, tropical leaves, wallpaper, mural

Juicy shades of tropical fruits (lemon, orange, cherry, green) and southern flowers (pink, purple, marsala) fit perfectly into a pattern dominated by flamingos or parrots.

Safari Wildlife Cheetah, Giraffe in Exotic African Plants Engraving Doodle Drawing, Tropical Wallpaper Mural Toile Seamless Pattern on Pink Background, Hand Drawn Lithograph Textile Summer African

It is noteworthy that in the new season, the tropical print is presented not only in classic colors, where green, white, and grey predominate. Designers placed it in atypical palettes and received original variations of all possible shades.

Abstract art tropical leaves background vector. Wallpaper design with watercolor art texture from palm leaves, Jungle leaves, monstera leaf, exotic botanical floral pattern.

All that remains is to choose a monochromatic component of a suitable color for them. The choice is yours!

Giraffe seamless pattern. Vector image.

Tropical rainforest jungle mural wallpaper

Tropical rainforests are the subject of the majority of jungle mural wallpaper.

Tropical vector background of autumn foliage. Natural shades exotic leaves, palm trees, grass. Artistic design for mural.

Because they contain great biodiversity and represent one of the largest biomes on Earth.

Inverted black and white close-up photography series of detail of tree fern leaves

As its name suggests, tropical forests are those located in the tropics.

Tropical botanical high landscape, monkey, sloth, elephant animals, palm leaves, palm trees floral frame black background. Exotic jungle night mural illustration.

Therefore throughout the year, it is hot, and the humidity is usually very high.

Tropical golden and emerald leaves seamless pattern jungle mural wallpaper

That is why tropical forests end up having vegetation and fauna similar to that of the jungle.

Asian tropical rainforest tunnel wallpaper idea.

With great biodiversity and richness.

Tropical flowers, palm leaves, jungle leaf, bird of paradise flower, hibiscus. Vector exotic illustrations, floral elements isolated, Hawaiian bouquet for wallpaper


Seamless pattern with banana and golden palm leaves in vector for digital wallpaper murals.

Tropical rainforest Jungle background wall mural.

Jungle animal murals

I guess you must have seen one of the ”Lion King of the Jungle mural wallpaper.”

animals on trees in the jungle mural wallpaper for children.

But do you know that lions do not live in the jungle?

The Lion King of the Jungle mural wallpaper mounted on the living room wall.

”The King of the Jungle” does not inhabit tropical forests but prefers the African savannahs for being open places.

Banner panorama of Big Five and wild animals collage with african landscape at sunrise in Serengeti wildlife area, Tanzania, East Africa. Africa safari scene in savannah landscape.

The lion is sociable by nature, and it lives in groups of young females with some bond.

Family of elephants. Safari mural wallpaper.

But let us treat both the forest and the jungle as the same.

Leopard. Rainforest, jungle. Watercolor illustration forest. Interior wallpaper mural.

Because we are more interested in the mood that our mural will create more than biological differences.

Macaw Amazon rainforest birds wallpaper.

Macaws make beautiful mural wallpaper. Because they are colorful, long-tailed members of the parrot family.

Close up of Scarlet macaw bird's feathers, exotic nature background and texture.

But more than their beauty, there is a lot to learn from them.

Two Scarlet Macaw parrots, flying just above the ground. Bright red and blue South American parrots, Ara Macao, flying with outstretched blue wings in a tropical rainforest, Costa Rica.

Macaws are very social and intelligent birds.

Parrot feathers yellow and blue exotic texture wallpaper mural

They gather in flocks of up to 30 birds and their distinctive calls and cries echo through the Amazon rainforest.

modern oil painting of parrots. cockatoo, macaw, toucan, hyacinth, artist collection of animal painting for decoration and interior, canvas art, abstract.

Once they choose a mate, macaws usually stay together for life. 

Group of wild Ara parrots, Ara macao and hybrids of Scarlet Macaw and Great green macaw, portrait photo of colorful amazonian parrots in a group, feeding on fruit. Costa rica

Furthermore, pairs spend much of their time together. Together they care for their young, share food, and groom each other.

Vector horizontal tropical rainforest Jungle background with animals

They can also be seen flying close to each other throughout the rainforest canopy.

Luxury Nature green background vector. Floral pattern, Golden split-leaf Philodendron plant with monstera plant line arts, Vector illustration.


Jungle Animal Murals Nursery

You will also find numerous jungle mural wallpaper designs for kids at Wallpaper Kenya.

Landscape with animals of the jungle mural wallpaper.

The wild animals of the jungle for children have been designed both for aesthetics and learning.

Beautiful seamless vector floral summer pattern background with parrot, palm leaves, plumeria. Perfect for wallpapers, web page backgrounds, surface textures, textile.

So that boys and girls from infants and first years of primary school can learn and work with the animals of the jungle by basics.

Jungle animals frame design for kids, African baby zoo banner in tropical forest. Many adorable safari or zoo animals in nature. Horizontal panorama for kids and children, vector art illustration.

So let your children learn through their cartoon murals that Jungles are home to a large number of species.

Safari landscape, palm trees, plant, parrot bird, rhino animal summer floral seamless border. Exotic jungle mural.

The animals that you will find in our children’s jungle library include gorillas, African monkeys, African buffalo, African elephants, and toucans.

Giraffe animl with tropical palm leaves. Cartoon exotic seamless illustration repeating pattern on white background. Floral wallpaper.

You will also find the parrot, the common hippopotamus, the rhinoceros, the lion, the giraffe, the hyena, the gazelle, the tiger, the leopard, the cheetah, the Panther, and many more.

Wildlife African Animals Background/Cute cartoon wild animals from African savannah, with lion, gorilla, elephant, giraffe, gazelle, gorilla monkey, hippo, ape and zebra on wide jungle background.


Cartoon cheetah running mural for nursery walls.

Panther. Rainforest, jungle. Watercolor illustration forest. Interior Wallpaper. Mural for the walls, fresco for the room, interior.

tropical animals. giraffe and monkeys with palms and banana trees. cartoon illustration for murals and wallpapers.

Vector children hand drawn mountain and cute dinosaurs illustration in scandinavian style. Mountain landscape, clouds. Children's tropical wallpaper. Mountain-scape, children's room design, wall décor.


The forest animals’ jungle mural 

Here life of animals in the tropical zone is illustrated with photographs of tropical forest animals and jungle mural wallpaper.

Large group of African safari animals wallpaper composited together in a scene of the grasslands of Kenya.

Most of the African forests are located between two tropics: the North (Tropic of Cancer) and the South (Tropic of Capricorn).

Animals in savannah forest

In this part of the earth, all the seasons are alike; throughout the year, the average temperature and the amount of rainfall are almost unchanged.

African jungle landscape wallpaper mural with elephant in the night

Therefore, almost all animals of this zone lead a sedentary lifestyle – because, unlike the inhabitants of the temperate and cold climatic zones, they do not need to make seasonal migrations in search of suitable places for life.

Watercolor wallpaper mural illustration of African Animals: lemur, flamingo and giraffe, toucan and rhino, and elephant isolated white background. Safari savannah animals.

African Jungle Wall Murals with animals are a simple opportunity to create an unusual themed interior. Transform and diversify a boring atmosphere, surprise the inhabitants and guests of your home.

Large group of African safari animals. Wildlife conservation interior wall décor concept

Plots with exotic, wild, or domestic animals are a universal option for decorating bedrooms, living rooms children’s rooms, themed salons, and shops.

African safari animal. Hand drawn wallpaper mural set.

And African Jungle Animals wallpaper murals are with animals a good idea for a modern wall decoration in any room.

background elephant

  • exotic animals – lemurs, baboons, pandas, peacocks make the room cheerful, perky and lively;

A beautiful peacock in the wilderness. Dense green jungle in the background with amazing lighting and view.

  • wild birds and animals – create a feeling of traveling through countries with unusual nature. Connoisseurs of monochrome indoors should definitely look at the images of penguins, zebras, polar bears, panthers;

Panda and animals in the jungle forest, landscape watercolor wallpaper mural painting.

  • birds – patterns with birds are widely in demand in various styles: Provence, modern, eco;

Beautiful seamless vector floral summer pattern background with hummingbird, palm leaves, butterflies, tropical flowers. Perfect for wallpaper murals.

Black and white jungle mural wallpaper

Why would anyone want a Jungle mural wallpaper in black and white? you may wonder.

Seamless pattern with black and white tropical leaves and golden elements. Vector.

The difference between black and white and color jungle mural is not only that one photo contains different colors, while the other has a minimal amount of them.

Tropical palm leaves seamless vector floral jungle pattern background

But it turns out that this confrontation of opposite colors, black and white, is one of the most expressive in the visual arts.

Toucan, exotic birds, tropical flowers, palm leaves, jungle leaf, bird of paradise flower seamless vector floral pattern. Tropic monochrome background

In black and white the essence of the jungle mural is revealed more deeply.

Tropical card with palm trees and banana leaves. Black and white. Hand drawn vector illustration.

Because attention is focused on the most interesting and important details.

Vector Tropical palm leaves seamless pattern. Jungle mural wallpaper floral ornamental background.

In black & white mural wallpaper, shapes and lines are more visible. Great emphasis is placed on rhythm, chiaroscuro, and structure.

Creative seamless pattern with monkeys in tropical forest. Black White summer animal print for any purposes. Trendy style.

If we talk about black and white jungle mural wallpaper, then in the first place here are personal impressions and emotions.

Monochrome seamless tropical pattern - black and white banana leaves

Contrast is a fundamental element not only in black-and-white wall art but in all interior design.

How to use jungle mural wallpaper

To make the room original and sparkle with jungle mural wallpaper and new colors, you must follow some rules.

Animals in the forest, watercolor paintings landscape, jungle. Fine art, wallpaper mural artwork

Wallpaper murals with animals create a stunning effect of their presence.

tropical trees and leaves for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper - 3D illustration

Animal print requires good lighting.

Colored Palm leaves, parrot, butterfly tropical background, watercolor painting. Seamless pattern, jungle wallpaper

In Provence and country styles, it is better to use pictures of pets, and in modern, classic, and minimalism, you can use any.

tropical trees and leaves in foggy forest wallpaper design - 3D illustration

3D  wallpaper will make the room a real nature reserve.

Features of choosing jungle wallpaper with animals

When choosing a jungle mural wallpaper, be sure to consider the style of the room. The color scheme of the walls has a different effect on the visual perception of the room and the mood of people.

Tropical watercolor birds hummingbird, monkey and jaguar, exotic jungle plants leaves flowers, flamingo pastel color seamless fabric background.

Designers note that prints with safari and wild animals are suitable even for small rooms. Light colors do not visually reduce the room.

Tropical vintage bird, parrot, crane, toucan, palm tree, banana tree and plant floral seamless border ivory background. Exotic jungle wallpaper.

But, for example, wallpaper with the image of bears can cause discomfort in a small room due to the abundance of dark shades.

Watercolor painting of elaphant. Painting of beautiful image of a elephant in the forest.

When choosing wallpaper with animal print, always consider the level of lighting. It is better to glue the wallpaper on the wall near the window or to provide a good flow of artificial light.

Optimal wallpaper designs with jungle animals in the interior

Different rooms perform their functions, and therefore you need to carefully select your jungle mural wallpaper with animals.

leopard heart pattern. grunge abstract textured background with lettering and color

As a rule, more often these wallpapers are found in living rooms and halls, where they provide an original atmosphere.

Tropical vintage botanical landscape, palm tree, banana tree, plant floral seamless border white background. Exotic night jungle wallpaper.

An oriental-style room is perfectly complemented by wallpaper models with lions and tigers. They will perfectly complement the interior. Fans of African interior motifs will definitely opt for images of elephants and leopards. They will definitely make a strong impression on those present!

Modern geometrical jungle flowers print. Collage contemporary seamless pattern. Fashionable template for design.

If you want to use animal wallpaper in the bedroom, choose a pattern that will help you relax and enjoy the peace at the end of the day. Images of animals in light colors with calm plots are suitable. Cute cats and faithful dogs will add coziness and comfort to the bedroom. Be sure to choose gentle and soft colors and an interesting plot.

Palm tree silhouette background. California sunset landscape with exotic plants on horizon. Tropical forest and mountains. Scenic night sky. Nature panorama. Vector hot coast wallpaper

Recently, the use of wallpaper with animals in the nursery has become fashionable. Drawn or realistic pictures are suitable for a child’s room of different ages. Cats, dogs, elephants, and monkeys will look harmonious in the room.

tropical trees and leaves in foggy forest wallpaper design - 3D illustration

The office and home office can be decorated with images that help achieve the goal. Energetic people will like wallpaper with wolves, and powerful and strong leaders – lions or tigers.

Baby bright colorful nature, jungle with exotic tropical plants, flowers and leaves. Drawn children's book illustration, card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural. Design for children room

The theme of wallpaper with fauna is always relevant for kitchens. You can choose any plot, the main thing is that it helps to create a friendly and cozy atmosphere conducive to communication.


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