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Kitchen wall art is any decorative item displayed on the walls of your kitchen to enhance its aesthetics and create a specific mood or atmosphere. It can be anything from paintings and photographs to signs. But we as Wallpaper Kenya mainly deal in custom murals. You can therefore refer to our large kitchen wall art […]


Beige Wallpaper Kitchen Wall Art.

Kitchen wall art is any decorative item displayed on the walls of your kitchen to enhance its aesthetics and create a specific mood or atmosphere.

Food related typographic quote kitchen wall art. Food old logo design. Foodstuffs background printable. Vintage kitchen print element with fork and knife on grunge spot background

It can be anything from paintings and photographs to signs.

Set of abstract Citrus Fruits retro posters.

But we as Wallpaper Kenya mainly deal in custom murals.

Pomegranate Art Print, Fruit Watercolour Painting, Kitchen Wall art, Watercolour Fruit Print

You can therefore refer to our large kitchen wall art as kitchen murals. But here we are concerned more with the art.

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The content of the mural, the art, the kitchen wall art.

Vase of summer flowers still life on table with sunlight and shadows

There are a variety of design options available to suit your style and taste.

Kitchen doodle pattern, cafe template design. Sketchy food, kitchen wall art. Restaurant wall doodle. Vector food art.

Food and drink-themed art is a classic choice for kitchens and can include anything from still lifes of fruit and vegetables to paintings of iconic dishes.

Vintage food related typographic quotes

Inspirational quotes and sayings about food, family, or cooking can add a personal touch to your kitchen.

Part of the interior of the living room with a wardrobe and kitchen in orange tones

If you are a lover of nature, botanical prints, landscapes, and floral arrangements can bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your kitchen.

Coffee related inspirational quote. First I drink my coffee then I do the things. Typographical lettering for cafe advertising, prints, posters, chalkboard design. Vector vintage illustration.

When choosing kitchen wall art, it is important to consider the overall style of your kitchen, the size of the space, and the amount of natural light.

Hand drawn kitchen mural. Quotes and funny sayings about cooking food. Wall décor art prints collection. Kitchenware monochrome set. Vector vintage illustration.

You should also choose pieces that you love and that make you feel happy and inspired.

Wall sticker with slogans to kitchen

Bold colors and shapes in abstract wall art can add a touch of personality and energy to your kitchen.

Challenges of Kitchen wall art

Cooking with Love. Kitchen wall art. Kitchen wall décor, sign, quote. Poster for kitchen design, calligraphy lettering text Cooking with Love on white background. Vintage typography. Vector Illustration

The unique environment of a kitchen presents several challenges for wall art, regardless of the style (nature, geometric, or any other).

Dirty sink with kitchenware, utensil, dishes, dish detergent and a sponge. Flat style vector illustration.

Moisture and humidity

Damage to artwork

Kitchens are prone to high levels of moisture and humidity from cooking activities.

Kitchen sink with food waste disposer connected to electric socket realistic vector illustration

This can cause various problems with wall art, including warping, peeling, mold growth, and fading of colors.

Material limitations

Traditional canvas or paper-based artwork is particularly susceptible to moisture damage.

First we eat typography kitchen poster. Soup ladle with food related quote. Wall art cooking print. Vector vintage illustration.

Opting for materials like our high-tensile silk fabric, metal, acrylic glass, or waterproof fabric can be better choices for kitchen environments.

Heat and fumes

The heat generated from cooking appliances can cause discoloration or warping of certain materials used in artwork.

Wall sticker with slogans to kitchen

Choose heat-resistant materials like silk fabric to minimize this risk.

Fading and damage

Cooking fumes can contain grease and oil particles that can settle on the artwork, leading to fading and discoloration over time.

Creative background with Hands holding different organic food. Horizontal Cooking Pattern. Illustration on a Healthy eating theme. Vector illustration.

Regularly cleaning the artwork is crucial to minimize this effect.

Grease and grime

Difficult to clean Artwork with intricate details or porous surfaces can trap grease and grime, making cleaning difficult.

Decor messages and signs for wall decal

Opt for smooth, non-porous surfaces that can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth.

May the fork be with you. Kitchen and cooking food related minimalistic poster with lettering. Funny quote on grunge background. Vector vintage illustration.

Location matters. Avoid placing artwork directly above the stove or near other high-grease areas.

My kitchen my rules inspirational retro card with grunge and chalk effect. Motivational quote with kitchen supplies. Chalkboard design for promo, prints, flyers etc. Vector chalkboard illustration

Consider hanging it farther away from cooking zones to minimize exposure to grease splatter.

Doodle Food Banner. Vegan restaurant, cafe, home decor. Ready vector template.

Additional considerations

Choose artwork made from durable materials that can withstand frequent cleaning and potential accidental splashes.

Motivation words the Secret ingredient is always love. Happiness, family, home, cooking concept. Inspirational quote. Home decor wall art. Scandinavian style home interior decoration

Be prepared for regular cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen wall art to maintain its appearance and prevent damage.

The collection of bouquet of flower in the teapot set. Graphic resource about flower with the teapot set for graphic, content , banner, sticker label and wall art.

Addressing the challenges

Ensuring proper ventilation in your kitchen by using exhaust fans can help reduce moisture and heat, creating a more favorable environment for wall art.

Wine. Beautiful Grapes Collage

Applying a protective coating suitable for the artwork material can offer some additional defense against moisture, dust, and grease.

Vector set of fast food. Vector illustration in sketch style. Hand drawn design elements.

By understanding these challenges and taking appropriate measures, you can still enjoy the aesthetic benefits of wall art in your kitchen while minimizing the risk of damage.

Vector marble texture design with golden geometric lines, black and white marbling surface, modern luxurious background, vector illustration

Modern kitchen wall art & how to choose

Apple fruit seamless pattern, abstract kitchen wall art. Simple surface pattern design. Vector

Choosing the perfect kitchen wall art for your modern kitchen requires considering several factors to ensure it complements the clean lines, minimalist aesthetic, and functionality often associated with modern design.

Collection of Retro Kitchen wall art. Food Poster template. Interior posters set. Inspiration posters. Editable vector illustration.

Kitchen wall art styles

Geometric patterns

Geometric art can create a variety of effects on kitchen walls, depending on the specific style and implementation.

Digital colorful wall tile design for washroom and kitchen. Marble seamless background with geometric shapes, monogram floral ornament.

Opt for clean and simple geometric shapes in bold or neutral colors. These patterns create a sense of order and visual interest without overwhelming the space.

Image of Open kitchen wall mural geometric patterns

Abstract art

Abstration allows for more flexibility in terms of color and form. Choose abstract art pieces that use bold colors and textures for a modern and dynamic feel.

Decoration Kitchen Wall Sticker Vinyl Wall Art Murals Sticker Decor

However, ensure they maintain a sense of balance and avoid overwhelming the space with too much complexity.

Minimalist designs

Look for minimalist artwork with clean lines and negative space. This aligns perfectly with the modern aesthetic and emphasizes the spaciousness of an open kitchen.

Image of Open kitchen wall mural minimalist designs

Black and white or monochrome options

These classic palettes create a sophisticated and timeless look, perfectly complementing modern kitchens. Consider incorporating pops of color within the mural or through other kitchen elements for a touch of personality.

Image of Open kitchen wall mural black and white

Size and placement

Scale the mural appropriately

The size of the mural should be proportionate to the wall and the overall space. A large mural on a small wall can overwhelm the room.

Texture background for Ceramic Wall and floor tiles.Use in bathroom tile, kitchen tiles, elevation tile, punch tile.Also use in wallpaper

But a small mural on a large wall can appear insignificant.

Consider the traffic flow

Avoid placing the mural where it might obstruct movement or block access to appliances or cabinets.

Focal point or backdrop

Ceramic kitchenware on the wooden worktop. Modern kitchen wall art

Decide if you want the mural to be a focal point or a backdrop for other elements in the kitchen.

Owls silhouettes on branch on sunset, vector. Two owls silhouette on the tree, illustration isolated on white background. Cartoon illustration. Wall art, artwork, wall decals. Minimalist poster design

A large, statement mural can become the centerpiece, while a smaller, more subtle mural can complement other design features.

Durable and easy-to-clean materials

Cutlery seamless pattern, abstract art background

Choose materials such as vinyl or wipeable wallpaper that can withstand the potential for splashes and spills in a kitchen environment.

Funny Infantile Style Hand Drawn Rooster with a Large Red Comb and Wattles. Cute Vector Illustration with Big Chicken on a White Background. Farm Animal.

Color coordination

Consider the existing color palette of your kitchen and choose mural colors that complement or contrast harmoniously.

Seamless kitchen background of vegetables, vector illustration in vintage style.

Use the color wheel to understand how different colors interact and create a pleasing visual experience.

Ramen noodles. Good for mural in japanese restaurant. Vector and JPEG included

Additional tips

Consider your style and preferences

Top view of a plate with white line and with blue and pink colors on a table of the same color

Ultimately, the mural should reflect your taste and create an atmosphere you enjoy in your kitchen.

Seek inspiration

Ceramic Digital Wall tiles 3d Kitchen set And Fruits Graphics Artefacts Background Décor Design 3d rendering and 3d illustration

Look online, browse magazines, or visit kitchen showrooms to get inspiration for mural ideas and see how they are incorporated into modern kitchens.

Ramen noodles. Good for mural in japanese restaurant. Vector and JPEG included

Consult with a professional

If you are unsure about choosing a mural, consider consulting with an interior designer or mural artist. They can offer expert advice and help you achieve the desired look and functionality for your modern kitchen.

Cute seamless texture with kitchen utensils wall art

By following these tips and letting your creativity flow, you can choose the perfect wall art that elevates your modern kitchen and creates a space that reflects your unique style and personality.

Food and drinks kitchen wall art

Food and drink wall art is a popular choice for kitchens, and for good reason! It can add a touch of personality, color, and conversation to your space.

3 highly detailed food borders

An open kitchen, also known as an open-concept kitchen, is a layout where the kitchen is not separated from other living areas, typically the dining room and living room, by walls or full-height partitions. This creates a single, large, and interconnected space.

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Murals are a great way to add personality and style to your open kitchen, while also offering some functional benefits.

Still-life kitchen wall art

Still-life paintings featuring fruits, vegetables, and other food items arranged in a visually pleasing way are one form of food wall art.

Image of Still life food themed kitchen wall art

Pop food and drinks wall art

And Pop art featuring bold colors and simple shapes, and can be a fun way to add a touch of personality to your kitchen walls.
Image of Pop art food themed kitchen wall art

Watercolor kitchen wall art

Watercolors can be used to create soft, ethereal paintings of food and drink, which can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Image of Watercolor food themed kitchen wall art

Photography wall art

Food photography can be a great way to add a touch of realism to your kitchen wall art.

Fresh mellow pink and green grapes in a clear glass bowl kitchen wall art

You can find photographs of food and drink in a variety of styles, from close-ups to still lifes and macro shots.

Translucent frozen grapes backlit by the setting sun. Orange sky in the background. Photo suitable as a mural for winemakers.

Vintage food wallpaper

These murals can add a touch of nostalgia and character to your kitchen. The wallpaper often features realistic or whimsical depictions of fruits and vegetables.

Seamless watercolour pattern of red tomatoes, garlic, onion. Vintage drawing of vegetables. For use on card, wallpaper, poster, banner, panel or frame. Vegetables tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, watercooler.

Sometimes scattered across the background or arranged in a neat grid. They evoke a sense of freshness and abundance and are perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, or even sunrooms.

Cooking flat horizontal seamless pattern. Kitchen utensil and appliance cartoon texture. Food preparation Scandinavian illustration. Kitchenware sketch clipart.

Most often they feature bold colors and simple graphics.

Image of Vintage food posters kitchen wall art

If you are a coffee or tea lover, kitchen wall art featuring vintage coffee mugs, teapots, and brewing equipment can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for you.

Botanical prints

Botanical prints of fruits, herbs, and vegetables can add a touch of nature and freshness to your kitchen.

Image of Botanical prints kitchen wall art

Coffee and tea-themed art

If you’re a coffee or tea lover, you can find a variety of art pieces that celebrate your favorite beverages.

Image of Coffee themed kitchen wall art
Image of Tea themed kitchen wall art

World cuisine art

If you love to travel or cook international cuisine, you can find art that reflects your favorite cultures and dishes.

Image of World cuisine art kitchen wall art

No matter what your style, there’s sure to be a food and drink-themed art piece that’s perfect for your kitchen.

Benefits from food & drinks-themed kitchen wall art?

While primarily decorative, food and drink-themed kitchen wall art can offer some surprising functional benefits,


This kitchen is full of happiness, full of love, full of memories, vector. Scandinavian minimalist wall art design. Three pieces poster design. Fork, spoon and wine glass illustration. Wall artwork

Beautiful and mouthwatering depictions of food can spark culinary creativity. Looking at these images might inspire you to try new recipes, explore different cuisines, or experiment with exciting plating techniques.

Conversation Starter

Female in pink holding yellow piece of cake

Food is a universal topic of interest. And having food-themed art in your kitchen can be a great conversation starter with guests.

white furniture at the green kitchen

It can also create a warm and inviting atmosphere for shared meals and gatherings.

Organization and Planning

Happy home recipe. Recipe written using kitchen ingredients on black background. Decorative handwriting, recipe for happiness.

Certain types of food and drink art can serve a functional purpose in your kitchen.

These include the following:

Herb charts

These can help you identify and learn about different herbs to enhance your cooking.

Image of Herb chart kitchen wall art

Coffee and tea station art

This can help you organize and display your coffee and tea supplies, making it easier to grab your favorite beverage in the morning.
Image of Coffee station art kitchen wall art

Memory trigger food and drinks kitchen wall art

Food and drink art can serve as a visual reminder of happy memories and traditions associated with food.

 kitchen wall tiles new consept,flowers ,coffee, art pic

This could be a picture of your family’s signature dish, a painting of a specific ingredient you associate with a special occasion, or artwork from a memorable trip abroad.

designs Ceramic for kitchen and bathroom tiles

While not strictly “functional” in a practical sense, these benefits highlight how food and drink-themed art can enhance your overall experience in the kitchen.

Other popular kitchen wall designs

Happiness is licking the spoon - Commercial Kitchen wall art Quote typographical Background in realistic square black frame on the brick wall background. Vector EPS10 illustration.

While food and drink are popular choices for kitchen wall art, there are many other exciting designs you can explore to create a unique and personal space.

Coffee to go cup with text: Life begins after coffee. Motivational quote vector design for kitchen wall art, sticker, coffee shop sign. Calligraphy quote with coffee cup black ink illustration

Here are a few ideas:

Nature-inspired wall art

Nature scenes, like landscapes, flowers, or forests, can bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the kitchen, a space often associated with activity and potential mess.

Panoramic collection fresh fruits and vegetables on blurred green background.

This can make the kitchen feel more relaxing and enjoyable to be in.

Seamless Pattern of Kitchen utensil in Retro-Styled

Plus nature art adds color and vibrancy. Kitchens can sometimes be dominated by neutral tones, especially with white appliances and countertops.

Colourful digital mural design for kitchen, design set of elegant and traditional teapot white blue gold coffee Tea cup on cup's plate beside the hot tea pot, 3d wallpaper and kitchen.

Nature murals can introduce vibrant colors and patterns, making the space feel more lively and interesting.

Spring floral summer afternoon tea time warm watercolor illustration seamless pattern

Complement other design elements with nature wall art. Because nature themes can easily complement various kitchen styles, whether it’s farmhouse, rustic, modern, or minimalist.

Ceramic Digital Wall Art 3d Kitchen set And Fruits Graphics Artefacts Background Décor Design 3d rendering and 3d illustration

For example, a farmhouse kitchen might benefit from a mural depicting a barn and rolling hills, while a modern kitchen could feature a close-up of colorful flowers.

Botanical prints

Featuring leaves, flowers, or herbs, these can bring a touch of freshness and peace to your kitchen.

Image of Kitchen wall art botanical prints


Create a serene atmosphere with calming landscapes like rolling hills, serene beaches, or lush forests.

Image of Kitchen wall art landscape


Bring a touch of whimsy with animal prints, especially those associated with kitchens like chickens, roosters, or owls.

Image of Kitchen wall art animals

Bold colors and shapes

Add a touch of energy and personality with abstract art pieces that complement your existing color scheme.

Image of Kitchen wall art abstract

Minimalist designs

Pattern made from cooking utensil set. Silicone kitchen tools with wooden handle on beige background. Top view Flat lay.

Simple lines and muted tones create a clean and sophisticated look that complements modern kitchens.

Image of Kitchen wall art minimalist

Family photos or artwork:

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with family photos or artwork that reflects your style and memories.

Image of Kitchen wall art family photos


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