Kitchen wall mural

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We have a kitchen wall mural you can apply to any flat surface such as walls, windows, kitchen furniture, and refrigerators. They are very resistant so you do not have to worry about the durability and maintenance of the murals. Just passing a damp cloth with soap is enough. Decorating a kitchen with wall murals […]


We have a kitchen wall mural you can apply to any flat surface such as walls, windows, kitchen furniture, and refrigerators.

Part of the interior of the living room with a wardrobe and kitchen wall mural in orange tones

They are very resistant so you do not have to worry about the durability and maintenance of the murals.

Onions background. Sliced onion cuts. Backlit photography. Light passes through the elements. Combination of colors and shapes that produce reactions in taste.

Just passing a damp cloth with soap is enough. Decorating a kitchen with wall murals depends a lot on your imagination and the decoration style of your house.

Frame made of fresh vegetables on white background. Ingredients for vegetable salad. Creative food concept kitchen wall mural. Flat lay, top view

For that, we offer a wide variety of decorative kitchen murals so that you can customize them to your liking.

Mockup background for food stylist presentation. Top view of empty plates with tableware setting on beige terracotta background. 3d render illustration. Clipping path of each element included.

Buying a mural for the kitchen has never been so easy and so cheap.

Minimalist wooden kitchen in white and green tones with appliances. Parquet floor, beams ceiling and bamboo wallpaper mural. Scandinavian interior design, 3d illustration

A mural on the wall of your kitchen will be unforgettable for anyone who visits it!

Modern kitchen with white and wood cupboards and steel hood

How to choose the right kitchen wall mural

The kitchen wall mural is one of the most effective ways to transform the monotony of the room.

Fast food restaurant chalkboard design, fast food wallpaper, 3d food kitchen wall mural

But how do you choose the right option? And what nuances should you consider before making a purchase?

Modern ideas in the design of any interior, 3d illustration

When choosing wallpaper for your kitchen mural, you should pay attention to two extremely important aspects: materials and design. They should be durable and washable.

The mosaic mural is my own design. Modern kitchen with a mural.

You must understand that we are talking about such a rather specific room as the kitchen.

Modern trendy kitchen wall mural and living room with wallpaper in white and orange tones. Wooden cabinets and fabric sofa. Minimalist farmhouse interior design, 3d illustration

And so you should be extremely careful in the selection process.

Modern ideas in the design of any kitchen interior, 3d illustration

The design should be selected taking into account individual preferences, as well as a given interior design style.

Tropical seamless pattern, beige background, green texture, wall art. Olives branches, berries. Luxury wallpaper, hand-painted watercolor 3d illustration. Premium paper design, textile, cloth, modern style

In our library, you will find flowers, vegetables and fruits, luxurious landscapes, urban photos, and canvases with a 3D effect.

Onions, lemons and oranges background. Sliced onion, lemons and oranges. Backlit photography. Light passes through the elements. Combination of colors and shapes that produce reactions in taste.

Among all these, as well as many other ideas, you will surely find one that you admire.

Seamless pattern of shiny green apples laid in rows. Vector design for paper & textile prints, wall murals, kitchen panels, laminate & glass splashbacks & worktop upstands.

If you want to choose wallpaper printing that will retain its color even over time, help hide minor wall imperfections, and be easy to clean, then be sure to pay attention to its base.

Food mural

High-tensile, washable, and durable kitchen wall mural

The most important feature of a kitchen wall mural is its durability and washability.

Custom-made kitchen wall mural in Europe

We offer washable wallpaper kitchen wall murals, being sure of the environmental friendliness, reliability, and durability of materials.

Images for modern ideas in the design of Scandinavian kitchen wall mural

Many designs from our catalog have been used more than once for the realization of original design projects of clients.

Images for modern ideas in the design of any interior wallpaper

There are other reasons to choose Wallpaper Kenya:

Spring floral summer afternoon tea time warm watercolor illustration seamless pattern

  • the widest possible range (the library is constantly expanded with options that meet the trends of interior design);
  • prompt delivery of goods within 36 hours (we will deliver the wallpaper at a convenient time for you in Nairobi).

Banner or poster around the theme of coffee with color elements and white line on a black chalkboard background.

We take care of you and adapt to your schedule – we work on any day of the week and time of day.

Digital Wall Tiles Decor For Interior Home Decoration, Wall Tile Design For Bathroom, Seamless marble turkish style, wallpaper, linoleum, textile, web page background.

You choose the delivery date yourself, and we guarantee the punctuality of our production – order the mural and see for yourself!

Festive retro small year welcome kitchen god mural cartoon comic banner

There are several types of photo wallpapers on the modern market: paper, self-adhesive film, vinyl, and non-woven.

Paradise bird flowers seamless pattern, tropical background, premium texture. Luxury hand-painted 3d illustration, watercolor art. Wallpaper, mural with hummingbirds, banana leaves in pastel colors

Let’s consider in more detail the features of each option.


Such wallpaper for the kitchen wall mural is far from ideal.

Seamless pattern with teacups, teapots, cakes and flowers

Because the service life of such a coating in bedrooms and living rooms is no more than a couple of years and even less in the kitchen.

Banner or poster illustrated with elements on the theme of tea time - color and white stroke on a black chalkboard background.

Alternatively, paper photo wallpapers can be used in fragments. 

Farmhouse wooden kitchen and dining room in white and orange tones. Cabinets and table with chair. Wallpaper mural and parquet floor. Wabi sabi interior design, 3d illustration

Paste them over a working apron, and cover them with a protective sealant on top.

An elegant house interior showcasing a grand piano, a mural, and kitchen and dining space at the background

Self-adhesive contact paper

This is a good option for the kitchen mural because it can be easily washed, thereby maintaining cleanliness.

Self-adhesive contact paper - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

And the contact paper does not necessarily requires a perfectly flat base. But they need to be glued very carefully, excluding the appearance of folds and bubbles on the surface.

Contact paper for cabinets - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Self-adhesive, peel-and-stick, contact paper is ideal for decorating kitchen facades, cabinet doors, and work aprons. If you use it on the wall, then only as a small panel.


They do not require special surface preparation. 

Breakfast seamless pattern kitchen wall mural. Vector illustration with text clouds and cups of coffee

Moreover, they are able to hide small wall defects well: cracks, bumps, etc. But they are limited in design and strictly speaking are not considered murals. 

silk fabric

This is one of the most expensive, and the best option. Silk fabric wallpaper kitchen wall murals are practically not subject to fading and abrasion.

Colorful digital wallpaper new flower design for bathroom and kitchen and also for home decor.3D illustration.

And they perfectly hide wall defects and are easy to clean.

Fast food restaurant chalkboard design, pizza fast food wallpaper, burger wallpaper mural posters

Glue is applied to the wall itself, which greatly simplifies the work of gluing.

decorative kitchen background,ceramic wall tile,coffee times wallpaper.

To maintain a presentable appearance of the kitchen wall mural for a long time, choose the silk fabric option.

Mural designs

Properly selected photo wallpaper kitchen wall mural according to the plot will help to give the interior depth and richness.

Colorful vintage ceramic tiles kitchen wall mural/Digital tiles design

Make the borders of the kitchen more blurred, and help to visually expand the space.

design ceramic tile for wall or floor

We offer you the widest collection of kitchen wallpaper murals with incredible designs.

Watercolor ripe strawberries, blueberry seamless pattern. Organic sweet, juicy food tile. Hand drawn summer fruit botanical background. Repeatable texture, kitchen wallpaper, fabric, textile, menu

With them, you can give depth and color to your kitchen walls and create a space made in your own style.

Seamless Pattern with cute lemons. Scandinavian Hand Drawn Style. Vector Illustration

You can spend hours and hours looking at your fantastic decoration and leave behind the classic, monotonous, and boring walls in one fell swoop.

fruits design ceramic tile for kitchen wall or floor

You will not have to carry out large reforms to have the kitchen you want. And nor will you have to make large financial sacrifices.

Seamless background with herbs and spices, fine texture for kitchen design

For a small price, you will have a decoration totally made to your style.

Seamless retro fruits and seeds kitchen wall mural illustration background pattern in vector

Complete with a kitchen mural and an environment that you want, that will transmit your lifestyle and your way of being.

kitchen interior with modern wallpaper

Now the time you spend in your kitchen can be better with one of our beautiful wallpaper mural designs for kitchen walls.

Texture background for Ceramic Wall and floor tiles.Use in bathroom tile, kitchen tiles, elevation tile, punch tile.Also use in wallpaper


Create the ultimate feature wall with a vibrant abstract wallpaper kitchen wall mural.

Grunge photo wallpaper with geometric abstraction on concrete kitchen background. Illustration for wallpaper, fresco, mural.

From monochrome optical illusions to color explosions in digital designs, there’s an abstract mural to suit every room.

composite illustration of cooking tools and appliances for food preparation. Retro culinary theme vector illustration for artwork, decor, social media, banners

Choose from murals that add depth and adventure, or patterns.

African Seamless Pattern. Geo Mixes Repeat. Colorful Tapestry Pattern. Abstract Kitchen Design. Flowers Geo Shapes. Fractal Fabric Background. Marrakech Kaleidoscope.

They will add a sense of texture and create a stunning focal point in your kitchen.

composite illustration of cooking tools and appliances for food preparation. Retro culinary theme vector illustration for artwork, decor, social media, banners

Do you want to create an accent wall or add color to your kitchen?

3d abstraction background wallpaper for walls. 3d wood texture and flower yellow and golden tone

You are sure to find an abstract design in our extensive collection.

3D wallpaper murals flower and buttefly and deer with background

Just tell us the dimensions of your wall and we will send you thousands of designs to choose from.

Floral kitchen wall mural

Kitchen wall mural coverings with photographs of plants and flowers are especially today. This is a fairly neutral solution that fits perfectly into any interior design style.

Seamless floral pattern with roses. Vintage roses background. Floral texture. Menu design. Cup of tea vector

In modern designs, the image of one bright large flower on a laconic black and white background will look very impressive. This will give the setting a stylish look.

The collection of bouquet of flower in the teapot set. Graphic resource about flower with the teapot set for graphic, kitchen wall mural , banner, and sticker label.

For classical interiors, images of a flower meadow, arbors entwined with plants, as well as small compositions with flowers in vases are suitable.

Seamless background with cups of tea, pots and flowers in vintage style.

Photos of bright green vegetation and flowers will help relieve nervous tension after a hard day’s work, calm your nerves, and contribute to achieving harmony with the outside world.

Watercolor seamless pattern of coconut and palm trees isolated on white background. Hand painted illustration for design kitchen, bio food, menu, healthy eating, textiles, market.

Vegetables and fruits

These beautiful wallpaper kitchen wall mural decorations are colorful and would add lovely attention to the kitchen place.

Vintage seamless pattern. Fruits apple, cherry, plum, black currant, strawberry, pear on white background. Realistic vector illustration. Hand drawing. Decoration for kitchen wall mural design, food packaging.

Pictures of vegetables and fruits are also a worthy solution for decorating one wall of the kitchen. Moreover, only for this room, the theme of food will be relevant.

Hand drawn seamless kitchen wall mural pattern of plant oats, grain. illustration on white background. sketch. vector. Elements in graphic style label, card, sticker, menu, package.

It is well decorated with different fruits and vegetables in an elegant way, which makes it perfect to give a fresh and natural touch to the environment.

Seamless pattern for hot dog diner. Black print on white backdrop

It is easy to apply on the wall with the use of a few tools that can also be purchased from the website.

Vector pattern of vegetables. Organic fruits and vegetables advertising kitchen wall mural.

In addition, this kitchen vinyl wallpaper is made of top-quality material, which guarantees its durability and resistance over time.

Fresh tomatoes, hand drawn seamless pattern. Overlapping background, vegetables vector. Colorful illustration with food. Decorative wallpaper, good for printing kitchen wall mural. Design backdrop, tomato

If you want to create a tonic effect, give preference to images of citrus fruits.

Abstract Elegance food background kitchen wall mural, vector illustration with juicy fruit.

A slice of lemon, bright orange, ripe berries, or fruits can harmoniously fit into the interior of even a small kitchen, saturating it with colors and making it fresh.

Seamless Creative Pattern with Fruits, Vegetables and Seeds. Healthy Food Background isolated on white. Super food. Vector illustration.

Liven up your kitchen with a fruity wallpaper mural. The cheerful colors of strawberries, kiwis, pineapples, and lemons will brighten up any kitchen interior.

Seamless vector background with different fruits and vegetables. Great for restaurant menu kitchen wall mural, healthy food concept, juice bar illustration. Vegetarian colorful texture. Great summer tile.

Choose a blueberry wallpaper mural in the kitchen and combine it with blue accessories.

black and white

Black and white wallpaper kitchen wall mural is often associated with retro style.

Seamless dandelion pattern, horizontal background with hand drawn plants with seeds. Vector illustration for banner, kitchen wall mural design

Luxurious presentable cars, a garden frozen in anticipation of winter, megacities flooded with lights – all can be recreated on the wall of your kitchen.

Seamless pattern design with Mediterranean traditional food - olive oil, vegetables, cheese, herbs and seafood. Black and white kitchen wall mural vector illustration

If you want something special yet highly adaptable, our black and white wallpaper may be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Fresh lemons background, hand drawn icons. Colorful wallpaper vector. Seamless pattern with fresh fruits collection. Decorative illustration, good for printing. Symbol of summer

An unbeatable color composition, appreciated by stylists, architects, and fashion designers around the world.

Seamless pattern with kitchen items in black and white.

Pure happiness for all lovers of graphics and art. 

Minimalist architect designer concept, table desk and chair, kitchen or office with lamps on floral wallpaper mural background, white interior design idea with copy space, 3d illustration

Black and white is ageless, and it is sophisticated. Use it as a mural in the kitchen or dining room for a crisp, clear graphic effect and create great contrast.

Pineapples seamless pattern kitchen wall mural.

What is your favorite black-and-white design? Is it the beautiful cityscape of the New York Skyline? Perhaps an exquisite marble design? Find what you like best and take it to your walls.

Seamless lemon pattern on striped black white background with bright fruits. Trendy summmer exotic pattern for textile. Ready for print endless fabric backdrop

If you really want to create a creative interior, then black and white photo wallpapers are perfect for this.

Modern small room with kitchen area and wooden floor

This design for the kitchen, in a retro style, will be especially successful. In addition, using a black-and-white image, you can adjust the entire interior of the kitchen.

Slices of watermelon isolated on white background. Seamless pattern. Realistic fruits in technique vintage engraving. Black and white. Vector illustration kitchen wall art. Hand drawing. Kitchen design with food.

But at the same time, you need to remember that for a small kitchen, an excess of black is unacceptable.

Vector seamless pattern of hand drawn fresh vegetables with titles on white background. Background for use in small kitchen mural design, web site, packing, textile, fabric

Since such a kitchen will seem just tiny. But the use of white color will visually make the room more spacious and airy.

Nice teapot. Vector seamless pattern in Scandinavian style kitchen wall mural.

Unique decoration with black and white contrast kitchen wall mural 

Create a captivating and extraordinary atmosphere in your home with one of our black and white wall murals.

Baking utensil and baking ingredient on clean white background. Flay lay overhead view image. Modern design bakery poster wallpaper.

In a world full of colors, black and white are unique. White creates a refreshing, clean look in your home, while black adds elegance and a bold look. 

kitchen wall mural background with place for text

The classic black and white color scheme makes any room, from bathrooms to bedrooms, refined, elegant, and timeless.

fast food wallpaper decor words for walls for restaurant and kitchen

From horizontal stripes to graphic tiles, from zebra patterns to classic black-and-white movie scenes.

Background Kitchen wall mural, seamless

And from minimalist to romantic, black-and-white murals come in many different designs and styles.

Assorted Vegetables

Find your black-and-white wall mural and add that extra touch of personality to your home kitchen!

3d wallpaper kitchen wall murals

3D wallpaper for the kitchen wall mural is a good solution, it is interesting to solve the issue of bare walls.

Vegetable seamless background 3d kitchen wall mural.

If you want to decorate your kitchen with moisture-resistant silk fabric photo wallpapers, you are in the right place.

Digital colorful wall tile design for washroom and kitchen. Marble seamless background with geometric shapes, monogram floral ornament.

Stylish wallpaper with 3D images is the perfect decoration for the kitchen. Such an interior will delight households and acquaintances.

3d Seamless Ceramic Wall tiles design Texture Wallpaper design Pattern Graphics design Art Background. Ceramic Floor Tiles And Wall Tiles Natural Marble High Resolution Granite Surface Design

Wallpaper Kenya offers you beautiful 3D wallpapers for the kitchen that correspond to modern trends.

3d wallpaper coffee and wood background kitchen wall mural

Original stereoscopic pictures create a positive aura that creates a good mood and well-being. 

3d Seamless Ceramic Wall tiles design Texture Wallpaper design Pattern Graphics design Art Background. Ceramic Floor Tiles And Wall Tiles Natural Marble High Resolution Granite Surface Design

A well-chosen drawing corrects the shortcomings of the premises. The photo zone can resemble an old fresco, oil painting, or watercolor.

digital wall tiles kitchen on white background , 3d illustration , 3d rendering

3D wallpapers for the kitchen are printed on a paper, non-woven, vinyl base. 

Digital colorful wall tile design for washroom and kitchen wall mural. Marble seamless background with geometric shapes, monogram floral ornament.

 Stereoscopic wall murals for the kitchen are very popular, expanding the space, masking niches and ledges. 

3d Ceramic wall tile Design, Digital Wall Tile Decor For interior Home or Ceramic wall tile Design, Heavily Mixed Wall Art Decor For Home, wallpaper, linoleum, background

Optical illusions “raise” the ceiling, and “push” the walls. This is the perfect solution for a small kitchen. Volumetric textures imitate the folds of silk, velvet, leather, and canvas.

Farmhouse wooden kitchen and dining room in white and orange tones. Cabinets and table with chair. Wallpaper and parquet floor. Wabi sabi interior design, 3d illustration

Murals with 3D effects are at the peak of popularity today. They will make the interior more realistic and textured: from the effect of real brick and wood to geometric patterns that change before our eyes.

Landscape wall mural

For a landscape kitchen mural, it is best to choose a calm color. For example, white, yellow, brown, blue, and light purple.

Watercolor still life, landscape. Be used for design books, album, postcards, invitations. The picturesque scenery quality of the image. Interior painting of a bedroom, bathroom, nursery, kitchen wall mural.

Such colors will create an atmosphere of calm and comfort. But if the kitchen is already decorated in calm colors, then you can choose bright shades.

clumsy character causing chaos in a kitchen while trying to cook, with exaggerated facial expressions

In moderation, red or another bright tone will do. To get the perfect combination of shades, bright shades can be combined with a calmer color. For example, a red flower, on a juicy green stem.

young chef in training wearing a chef's hat and apron passionately cooking up a storm in a bustling kitchen wall mural

Important! When choosing photo wallpapers, you need to remember that they will become the dominant elements in any design. The rest of the concepts will be adjusted to them.

Bright, watercolor pattern with orange pumpkins, farmhouses, garden tools and flowers on a white background. Seamless background, hand-drawn watercolor illustration.

If there is a sofa or kitchen corner in the kitchen, then the wall behind this furniture can also be beautifully decorated.

Enjoy your meal kitchen wall mural or poster template with serving western food vector illustration with text placement guide isolated on landscape wallpaper.

It is very important that the color fits into the overall design of the entire room. You can make the area around the sofa really cozy if you choose an image with a floral print, a beautiful natural landscape, or an interesting attraction.

Scenic landscape with old olive trees in sunny summer morning in Provence, France. Provence travel tourism destination with famous kitchen and exceptional olive oil. Wallpaper with olives. Agriculture

Ecology and respect for nature is a topic that will be actively discussed in the coming years. 

3D wall tiles design, 3d wallpaper background used ceramic wall and floor tile design

This trend can also be seen in the interiors: designs with lush vegetation, tropical motifs, animals, and birds are increasingly being used – from realistic to primitive images.

Open window wallpaper mural

If you buy photo wallpaper for your kitchen wall mural, with the image of an open window, then you can visually expand the room.

3d window view. Autumn landscape. Appetising colors kitchen wall mural

And make it more interesting, spacious, and comfortable. Cramped walls will not put pressure on you morally.

Beautiful view of sea from the window.

Often a small kitchen does not suit the hostess. However, there is nowhere to go and you have to be content with what you have, always dreaming of the best.

Abstract View of Urban Scene and Skyscrapers kitchen wall mural

Do not despair and put an end to it, believing that nothing can be done with a small kitchen and an exclusive interior for this room is just a fantasy. It is not right.

3D wonderful landscape of beautiful window with flowers around it and wonderful brick background

And the view from the open window, for example, of a birch grove, a path that goes far into the distance or on the ocean coast, will create a feeling of infinity of space.

Natural window view of the river flowing calmly across dense green tropic forest

Visually, the walls of a cramped kitchen will move apart, the room will seem more spacious, free, and comfortable.

Facing the river, view from the window. 3d Kitchen wall mural. Wallpaper, painting window outdoors landscape woods river.

Why limit your kitchen to four walls if you can get bright, juicy photo wallpapers that show an open window framed by cotton curtains fluttering in the wind?

vintage kitchen wall mural with porcelain cups and birds

Photo wallpaper with picturesque views from an open window is an interesting, creative solution, ideal for small kitchen spaces that radically do not suit the hostess in size.

Palm leaves pattern. Adult zentangle coloring page. Banana palms leaf tree vector seamless wallpapers. Abstract south tropical plants botanical illustration.

The views from the window will “breathe” into the cramped kitchen. 


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