Kitchen wallpaper

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Many people choose the Kitchen wallpaper design, focusing on the original colors, and interesting patterns. Forgetting that some colors are more suitable for the kitchen than others. Orange, red, white, yellow, and green are amongst the best colors for the kitchen as per Vastu Shastra. They bring in a warm and welcoming vibe and are […]


Many people choose the Kitchen wallpaper design, focusing on the original colors, and interesting patterns.

Seamless background with herbs and spices, fine texture for kitchen wallpaper design

Forgetting that some colors are more suitable for the kitchen than others.

Seamless kitchen background of vegetables, wallpaper vector illustration in vintage style.

Orange, red, white, yellow, and green are amongst the best colors for the kitchen as per Vastu Shastra.

Artistic Wall Mix elements For Kitchen Tile. wall tiles for kitchen interior. good looking ceramic material. tea pot and cup with coffee.

They bring in a warm and welcoming vibe and are known as colors that stimulate appetite.

A seamless pattern with vintage kettles, teapots and bouquets of roses painted with watercolor. Tea time background for fabric, kitchen wallpapers, gift wrapping paper, scrapbooking.

But when choosing kitchen wallpaper designs, you should pay attention, first of all, to their practicality and reliability.

Seamless pattern with strawberries, cherries, lemons, oranges, avocado and pineapple. Vector fruity kitchen wallpaper. .

Durability, cleanability, and low maintenance should be your driving decision-makers.

Top view of a plate with white line and with blue and pink colors on a table of the same color

Wallpaper for the kitchen should be chosen for its moisture resistance and durability.

Kiwi, background, kiwi background, fruits, wallpaper, background, healthy

With the correct choice of wallpaper, you can simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth. And even use your choice of mild soap.

Beautiful 3D italian wall tile for kitchen and bath tile for print, brown and white abstract background, fabric textile pattern for wall decor, abstract home decorative ,mandala pattern.

Just be sure to pay careful attention to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions first.

Part of the interior of the living room with a wardrobe and kitchen in orange tones

Therefore look for wallpaper that you can easily wash with detergents.

Cutlery seamless pattern, abstract art background

Failure to comply with the requirements for kitchen interior decoration can lead to undesirable consequences.

Seamless pattern of decorative tableware items. Vintage ceramic kitchen utensils or crockery - cups, dishes, bowls, pitchers. Vector illustration in flat rustic style.

Materials that are not adapted to the effects of steam or ultraviolet rays can quickly become unusable.

3D Elevation tiles, ornaments, colorful wall tiles Décor For home , wall décor on brown beige marble, it also can be used for kitchen wallpaper, 3D wall décor.

And in a short period of time, the kitchen can lose its aesthetics and neatness.

Cute seamless texture with of kitchen utensils

Our high-tensile silk fabric is a natural, safe material. Custom-made silk fabric kitchen wallpapers are more reliable than wood and paper products.

wall tiles and kitchen wall tiles background

Because they “breathe“, and do not swell when moisture gets in. Our silk fabric wallpaper is air- and steam-permeable and can therefore also be used in damp areas and wet rooms.

Home Decorative 3d Grunge Kitchen Wallpaper design background.

These properties prevent mold in the kitchen and keep the room climate at a healthy level.

decorative kitchen background,ceramic wall tile,coffee times wallpaper.

And at the same time, they perfectly hide small cracks on the wall surface, adhere well, and cover the walls tightly.

Breakfast. Modern table and chair on bright floral background.

Wallpaper you should not choose for the kitchen

The regular paper preprinted wallpaper is not suitable for the kitchen walls.

Paintings.Watercolor flowers.Abstract bright colored decorative background.Can be used for interior design, country home, bedrooms,hall,bathroom,kitchen.As well as illustration for books,magazines,web

Because paper wallpapers exposed to heat and moisture fade quickly and absorb various odors.

Vignette of plates and bowls on two shelves

They are not moisture-resistant, they cannot be cleaned or washed. After 2-3 years, the finish needs to be changed.

digital colorful wall tile design for washroom and kitchen

Bamboo and cork are an exception. But Acrylic wallpaper with a relief image is often deformed, it can become covered with dust.

Colorful vintage ceramic tiles wall decoration/Digital tiles design

In the event that you have an open kitchen and living room combined, you can stick paper wallpapers in the living room and dining area.

Seamless kitchen background of vegetables, vector illustration in vintage style.

But the kitchen area can be finished with high-tensile silk fabric or other moisture-resistant products.

The collection of bouquet of flower in the teapot set. Graphic resource about flower with the teapot set for graphic, content , banner.

Moisture is typically unavoidable in kitchens due to steam, washing up, and general humidity.

Seamless floral pattern with roses. Vintage roses background. Floral texture. Menu design. Cup of tea vector

With a change in season, and temperatures heating and cooling quickly throughout the day and evening.

Modern kitchen with white and wood cupboards and steel hood

Consider how you will combat ongoing moisture issues in your kitchen.

Time for Tea

Many wallpapers in older kitchen designs can fall victim to moisture damage, in the form of bubbling, lifting, and warping.

The tiles are the good texture for the background artwork,interior decoration and architectural design material

Most kitchen wallpaper and interiors are at risk of moisture damage, as well as the interior of pantries, and the spaces in-between ovens, dishwashers, and skirting boards.

Vector set of kitchenware: pans, jars with jam and milk, grater, dishes, cup, teapot, kettle, kitchen scale, rolling pin, spoon, fork, knife, cutting board. Bright hand drawing elements for cooking.

It is often found around dishwashers with recessed handles to align with cabinetry, as there is no room for excess steam and humidity to escape.

Olive vintage branches, green leaves. Seamless surface pattern, tropical background, dark texture. Hand-painted 3d illustration. Mural, wallpaper, digital art, watercolor design, modern kitchen style

Luckily when you design your new kitchen with our wallpaper, we utilize an innovative product that keeps moisture at bay.

Kitchen vintage Design. Mom’s kitchen is Seasoned with love. Hand drawn lettering poster for home décor of restaurant advertising. Vector Illustration Symbol Icon Design.

And avoid any costly mistakes during your new kitchen renovation.

Choosing designs & colors of wallpaper for the kitchen

When choosing the color of the kitchen wallpaper, you need to be guided by some basic rules.

Restaurant and kitchen related symbols on tiled background 1 Silhouettes of kitchen objects on gray tiled wall.

Because the kitchen wallpaper plays a leading role in the house.

Seamless pattern with kitchen items. Stylish design elements. Food background.

An intense smell of coffee in the morning,

Watercolor still life, landscape. Be used for design books, album, postcards, invitations. The picturesque scenery quality of the image. Interior painting of a bedroom, bathroom, nursery,kitchen

long Saturday chats over a glass of wine,

Seamless Patterns with different tableware,flower, pot,cup and text. Ideal for printing onto fabric and paper or scrap booking.

and creativity sessions in which to experiment with new recipes and dishes that become displays of affection make this space a place to enjoy. of the small pleasures of life.

Texture background for Ceramic Wall and floor tiles.Use in bathroom tile, kitchen tiles, elevation tile, punch tile.Also use in wallpaper

Therefore, it is essential to design a space in which you feel comfortable. And where you can prepare the recipes that you like the most in a comfortable and relaxed way.

Images for modern ideas in the design of any interior wallpaper

Therefore, kitchen wallpaper is an ingredient that cannot be missing in the decoration of your home.

red plaid checkered gingham pattern

You need to build on the dimensions and size of the kitchen room and walls. And thus stick a light-colored wallpaper in a small room, and a dark one in a spacious one.

Kitchen utensils on shelves, sketch drawing seamless pattern

It is impossible to ignore the personal preferences of family members: the colors of the wallpaper should create coziness and a comfortable psychological atmosphere for each of them.

Digital tiles design. 3D render Colorful ceramic wall tiles decoration. Abstract damask patchwork pattern with geometric and floral ornaments, Vintage tiles intricate details

The color palette depends on the style of the kitchen room.

Baked cornstarch dough for alfajores

If it is a Scandinavian style, cold tones are acceptable. And if it is classic, then warm, but calm.

Digital colorful wall tile design for washroom and kitchen. Marble seamless background with geometric shapes, monogram floral ornament.

Hi-tech “loves” a dark, deep palette that creates a contrast with the light one.

Stylish and modern kitchen with chairs set at an island in the middle. There is flowered wallpaper on the wall. Horizontal shot.

Provence is a small ornament and a general light background.

Paint versus wallpaper for the kitchen?

Individual factors such as room layout, kitchen furniture, and personal preferences determine the design options for kitchen walls:

Watercolor seamless pattern of coconut and palm trees isolated on white background. Hand painted illustration for design kitchen, bio food, menu, healthy eating, textiles, market.

painted walls, designer wallpaper, or a combination of both.

Painting the kitchen walls

Painting the walls is generally the best option for kitchens where the wall surface has many windows, nooks, gaps, or bay windows.

Kitchen background

Wallpaper models are generally not suitable for these walls as their effect will be limited.

Isolated icon of coffee cup made from words

Unusual, or extravagant, kitchen cabinets with elaborately structured or highly designed fronts also call for a certain discretion when it comes to wallpaper choices.

Seamless pattern with branch olives, lemon slices and a glass bottle of premium virgin olive oil. Can be used like pattern for kitchen wallpaper, textile. Vector illustration.

These types of kitchens benefit from a smart choice of colors. Fruity, appetizing and fresh tones such as kiwi green, orange, raspberry red, chocolate brown, or caramel are great.

Cooking time background with kitchenware and cookware objects realistic vector illustration

The combination of two colors that match the kitchen furniture is another popular option. In terms of paint, the focus should be on non-toxic and washable products.

Vintage seamless pattern. Fruits apple, cherry, plum, black currant, strawberry, pear on white background. Realistic vector illustration. Hand drawing. Decoration for kitchen wallpaper design

Custom-made wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper can create a very special atmosphere in the room (eg themed-restaurant wallpaper).

fast food custom-made wallpaper décor words for walls for restaurant and kitchen

Graphic/geometric pattern wallpaper on all walls creates a farmhouse or Scandinavian look.

Texture background for Ceramic Wall and floor tiles.Use in bathroom tile, kitchen tiles, elevation tile, punch tile.Also use in wallpaper

Wood, stone, and tile patterns add to the authentic effects of various themes, such as an evocative Spanish kitchen.

Seamless pattern with tea pots and tea cups. Cute kitchen pattern. Vector Illustration

The most important factor for kitchen paint and wallpapers is washability.

Combine paint and custom-made wallpaper

white furniture and green kitchen wallpaper

Fresh and inspiring designs of wallpaper and matching paint are a great combination in the kitchen.

Texture background for Ceramic Wall and floor tiles.Use in bathroom tile, kitchen tiles, elevation tile, punch tile.Also use in wallpaper

A feature wall, perhaps with a large-scale statement pattern, is a great way to add interest and draw attention to a specific area.

Beige Wallpaper Kitchen Art

The space for cooking, a dining room, or a bar. The remaining walls can be painted in a matching or contrasting color. Ideally, a color present in the wallpaper design should be used.

Colorful digital wall tiles new design for bathroom and kitchen and also for home decor.

For each of your wallpaper models, we provide color codes for the matching wall paint.

Girl slicing courgette - Offset Collection

If you’re looking for a stunning design for your painted kitchen walls, how about replacing your tiled backsplash with an eye-catching (washable) designer wallpaper?

cabbage, eggplant, tomato and pepper - Vegetable seamless pattern

What colors are suitable for wall decoration in kitchens?

The colors for the kitchens must be fresh, fruity, appetizing, pleasant, and warm.

Fruits vector pattern

Having said that, a few items on the color scale are high on the list for creating a good atmosphere in the kitchen.


Green reminds us of healthy herbs, tasty vegetables, or delicious fruits.

Panoramic collection fresh fruits and vegetables on blurred green background.

This association with the countless ingredients of a balanced diet is reason enough to choose this color; for example, in shades like sage or lime green.

Retro mint and emerald vector pattern. Endless texture can be used for wallpaper, pattern fill, web page background, surface texture. Shabby vintage geometric ornament.

Green represents freshness and growth, encourages creativity, and at the same time creates a sense of balance.


Like the sun, yellow simply conveys happiness and joy.

yellow seamless pattern with vintage kitchen - vector illustration, eps

This attractive and cheerful color fills the kitchen with the fizz of a tasty lemon while adding warmth and comfort. Lighter shades of yellow create a spacious feeling and brighten up small kitchens.


The color of passion and love is perfect for kitchens with an atmosphere of pleasure and conviviality.

White ceramic tile with floral pattern for wall and floor decoration. Concrete stone surface background. Vintage texture with red flowers ornament for interior design project.

Appetizing tones such as tomato, cherry, burgundy, or red pepper transport us to the garden of culinary delights.

Cooking Seamless Pattern. Outline Cutlery Background. Trendy One Line Drawing. Isolated Kitchen Utensils. Cooking Design Poster. Vector illustration.

Creative cooks can explore their true potential in a kitchen adorned with red wall décor.

Red Hot Chili Peppers with herbs and spices over wooden background - cooking or spicy food concept

As long as the chosen hue isn’t too intense.

Seamless watercolor pattern of red tomatoes,garlic, onion. Vintage drawing of vegetables. For used on card, wallpaper, poster, banner, panel or frame. Vegetables tomatoes,cherry tomatoes, watercolor.


The color of the sea adds a Mediterranean touch to the kitchen and creates a vacation atmosphere.

Vintage vegetables seamless pattern

Friends of international cuisine will enjoy shades of blue as the color creates the perfect setting for trying exotic dishes. Additionally, blue has a calming and cooling effect, a great asset in hot kitchens.


Grey, often paired with white, black, and chrome, is an all-time classic for a clean, modern look in the kitchen.

Seamless kitchen background

It also makes any bright color stand out.

Vector hand drawn seamless pattern background kitchen utensils in grey color

Sober, elegant, neutral, or deep, depending on the degree of brightness and the context, grey can give rise to a lot of effects. As well as unique interior design ideas in the kitchen.


Orange is an incredibly popular color for the kitchen, as it represents enjoyment and pleasure.

Creative flat layout of fruit, top view. Sliced orange, lemon, persimmon, tangerine, green leaves isolated on white background. Food wallpaper, composition pattern of fresh fruits.

It is lively, fruity, and sweet, and demonstrates a penchant for unconventional whimsy.

Seamless french farmhouse chicken milk jug pattern. Provence linen shabby chic style. Hand drawn rustic texture background. Country style wallpaper home deco swatch. Farm pitcher textile allover print

Orange wallpaper designs encourage appetite as well as open and positive communication; they are the perfect backdrop for a hearty meal, a delicious snack, or a colorful cocktail.

Lettering coffee seamless pattern. Vector illustration.

Photo wallpapers in the interior

Kitchen wallpaper photo murals are a unique way to transform the room.

Seamless retro kitchen pattern.

Photo wallpapers for the kitchen most often contain fruit and berry motifs.

Background with Organic Food. Pattern with Vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood. Continuous drawing style. Vector illustration.

Large images are not recommended to be glued to all the walls, because the room will look smaller than it actually is.

But Pastels, such as pale blue, green, or pink, and other light shades can also help to make a small room look more spacious.

Different kinds of fresh bread as background, top view

It is recommended to use the panel in the working area of ​​the kitchen.

Modern trendy kitchen and living room with wallpaper in white and orange tones. Wooden cabinets and fabric sofa. Minimalist farmhouse interior design, 3d illustration

Other walls are best glued with plain or less busy wallpaper designs.

Autumn leaves seamless pattern. Fall floral background. Rowan berry seamless texture.

Photo wallpaper murals in the kitchen have the following advantages:

  • transform the room;
  • increase the visual space of the room;
  • has a long service life.

Photo wallpapers, which are stylized as paintings, look realistic and spectacular.

The tiles are the good texture for the background artwork,interior decoration and architectural design material

Textured models that resemble stone, brickwork in the loft, and country style will emphasize the style of the room.

Modern-style wallpaper for the kitchen

If you see a clear and concise kitchen wallpaper design, then it is most likely modern-style interior decor wallpaper.

Lattice geometric seamless pattern vector design, trendy retro style minimal grid tiling, monochrome net linear art.

Our modern kitchens have become the flagship and hub of the house. It is now not just the place you cook in, but you also dine in the modern kitchen.

Beige seamless patterns with coffee set, heart, flower and text. Ideal for printing onto fabric and paper or scrap booking.

To maintain the interior of the kitchen in a modern style, it is advisable you paste over the walls with plain wallpaper in discreet colors: white, gray, black, beige, or light blue.

Fast food restaurant chalkboard design, fast food wallpaper, 3d food wallpaper mural posters

Photo wallpapers, discreet monochrome drawings, alternating glossy and matte textures, and the effect of polished stone, wood, and metallic luster are also acceptable.

digital wall tiles kitchen on white background , 3d illustration , 3d rendering

Wallpaper for the kitchen in a classic style

Silk-fabric wallpapers are perfect for a classic-style kitchen. Mother-of-pearl patterns, shimmering silver, and gold will create a unique harmony between the walls, appliances, and facades of the suite.

tea cups and birds. seamless pattern

To give the interior more luxury, the finish can be supplemented with decorative columns, plinths, frames, or cornices in the form of plaster moldings.

Scandinavian-style kitchen 

The cool freshness of the Nordic design will be provided by the walls, the colors and textures of which are designed in the palette of the winter landscapes of Norway, Sweden, or Denmark.

Watercolor mottled texture background. Hand drawn irregular abstract seamless pattern. Modern linen textile for spring summer home decor. Decorative scandi doodle style colorful all over print

It can be the sparkling purity of virgin snow, the mysterious depth of lakes and rivers, the smoky airiness of the sky, or the mystical play of sunset.

Vector seamless pattern in Scandinavian style. Fork and Spoon. Minimalism. Cartoon print, poster

You can add warm notes to the interior of the kitchen using the textures of bleached oak, coarse wool knitting, as well as dark red ethnic patterns on a linen background.

Kitchen ceiling wallpaper

Ceiling wallpaper for the kitchen occupies a leading position among modern types of wall finishes.

Digital kitchen ceiling wallpaper design. 3D render. Abstract damask patchwork pattern with geometric and floral ornaments, Vintage tiles intricate details

Kitchen ceiling designs have managed to become popular, as it has been used in decor for a long time.

Seamless Pattern of Kitchen utensil in Retro-Styled

Thanks to the chic choice of colors and textures, such ceiling wallpapers can be used in the design of any room.

set of different berry, on a wicker natural wood background. Wallpaper.

They allow you to create not only an atmosphere of comfort but also visually improve the perception of space, making it voluminous and unusual.

High-tech kitchen

Wallpaper for a high-tech kitchen, you can choose white, gray, black, blue, or coffee colors.

Cute seamless Shabby Chic pattern with roses and stripes ideal for kitchen textile or bed linen fabric, curtains or interior wallpaper design, can be used for scrap booking paper etc

They must be uniform and glossy.

Checkerboard background alternating dark-light in beige-brown tones. for wallpaper, web design, template, card, decoration

In extreme cases, it is possible to imitate iridescent mosaic tiles, silicate brickwork, and wood polished to a shine.

Beautiful grunge texture 3d background matt kitchen wallpaper design.

Wallpaper colors, and textures combination

In interior design, kitchen wallpaper can be chosen in such a way that they blend harmoniously with furniture and household appliances.

vintage porcelain cups and birds

For example, vertical stripes increase the space of the room. And the transverse strip helps to “expand” the walls.

Fork spoon knife seamless

For striped walls, you can choose options with a calm image, where the shades gently blend into each other.

Set of breakfast food. Vector hand drawn illustration. Used for kitchen, cafe stuff, wallpaper, pattern fills, web page background, surface textures.

Combining two designs of wallpaper, it is recommended to select wallpapers from the same line.

Farmhouse wooden kitchen and dining room in white and orange tones. Cabinets and table with chair. Wallpaper and parquet floor. Wabi sabi interior design, 3d illustration

In the event that the windows of the room face north or west, warm colors (yellow, cream, peach, apricot, orange, brown) will do.

Seamless pattern in retro style with kitchen and baking items.

If to the south, then blue, light green, blue, and silver products are best suited.

Wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen will look great if combined with various textures and shades.

Other suitable kitchen wallpaper designs

Coffee beans kitchen wallpaper designs are some of our nature-themed wallpaper. Our other designs include bakery confectionery wallpaper suitable for dining rooms, coffee shops, and hotels.

3D Seamless Ceramic Wall tiles design Texture Wallpaper design Pattern Graphics design Art Background. Ceramic Floor Tiles And Wall Tiles Natural Marble High Resolution Granite Surface Design

Occasionally we get people asking for kitchen wallpaper while what they really are looking for is 3d form wallpaper.

Seamless background with roses blooming, hand-drawing. Vector illustration.

So-called because it is waterproof and fire resistant making it quite suitable as kitchen wallpaper.

design ceramic tile for wall or floor

However, the most recent innovation in wallpaper is contact paper which is also suitable for the bathroom as well as kitchen wallpaper.

Pepper salt pattern. Vector food illustration. Sketch spice seamless background. Hand drawn garlic, pepper shaker, olive, bay leaf. Vintage kitchen cooking restaurant pattern. Herb isolated wallpaper

Ordinary vinyl wallpaper will work very well in the kitchen on areas traditionally painted.

Seamless pattern multicolored pumpkins in rows kitchen wallpaper.

But 3d foam and contact paper will work well on the wet areas as well.

Colourful digital wall tiles new flower design for bathroom and kitchen and also for home decor.3D illustration 3D rendering

However 3d foam and contact paper are more expensive. For that reason, it is better to use two or all three, where possible. Each has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.

Moisture, Grime & Cooking Odors Concern with Kitchen Wallpaper

There are moisture, grime, and cooking odors concerns when hanging wallpaper in your kitchen.

Image result for Marble kitchen countertop contact paper

 While you’re trying frying eggs and bacon in a pan, grease is splattering all over the walls and everywhere.

design ceramic tile for wall or floor

Over time, grease splatters build up and leave a residue over all your kitchen surfaces. Ordinary wallpaper cannot withstand this. The solution that makes cleanup as easy as wiping, washing, rinsing, and done is kitchen contact paper.

100% marble Illusion kitchen contact wallpaper

Unlike ordinary wallpaper that is textured and will collect grime and absorb cooking odors, contact paper is smooth. Few other materials withstand behind cooking areas possibility of stains from cooking spatters and other damage.

Marble Contact Paper for Kitchen Cabinet, Shelf

Moisture around sinks can not cause contact paper to come loose like it would with ordinary wallpaper.

Beautiful white 3d flowers on white marble relief wallpaper

When kitchen wallpaper is installed correctly, you can look forward to many years of easy-to-clean, good-looking walls.

Digital wall tiles design marble wall and floor for kitchen and bath tile, flower abstract texture background, fabric textile pattern for t-shirt design, interior wall poster - 3D Illustration

Marble Contact Paper Kitchen Countertops

Replace timeworn ordinary kitchen wallpaper or bathroom tiles with peel-and-stick marble contact paper. Marble contact paper is so versatile it will even work on kitchen countertops.

real marble texture with real veins

These lightweight, self-adhesive kitchen wallpaper need no tile cutters or messy grout. And they stick to drywall or existing tile. Marble contact paper comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and sheen. They’re perfect for anything from a multicolored mosaic kitchen backsplash to a black-and-white kitchen sink surround.

Marble Pattern Self Adhesive Waterproof Vinyl Film PVC Wallpaper for Walls, Countertops, Bathroom Kitchen

You will use marble kitchen contact paper in a multitude of ways. One transforms your coffee table using stylish marble contact paper and your whole living room will look different. That way you make it elegant, chic, and refined.

Self-adhesive waterproof and heat resistant contact paper

Use marble kitchen wallpaper or any other contact paper on kitchen walls. Whether or not there’s a lot of kitchen wall space, you’ll want your walls to attract. When decorating you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much of an improvement new marble kitchen wallpaper will make.

Peel and stick kitchen countertop contact papers

Coordinate your kitchen wallpaper color with your kitchen cabinets. Or, if you are not replacing your kitchen cabinets, consider cladding them with matching contact paper.

3D Panels as Kitchen Wallpaper

What makes the 3d panels suitable for use in the kitchen? The answer is, it is an insulation panel with in-built antimicrobial, waterproof, and flame-retardant properties.

Therefore, It is safe to use and the nature of the material provides thermal resistance and soundproofing properties too.

The 3d foam comes with pre-coated adhesive backing. This makes installation easy and fast. You can even replace your wall panel design after a period of time without messy work.

Features & Benefits of the 3d panels are many:

  1. VOC free:

    A small excerpt from Wikipedia will shed light on the advantage of 3d panels as kitchen wallpaper free of VOC. “Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. Their high vapor pressure results from a low boiling point, which causes large numbers of molecules to evaporate or sublimate from the liquid or solid form of the compound and enter the surrounding air, a trait known as volatility. For example, formaldehyde, which evaporates from paint and releases materials like resin, has a boiling point of only –19 °C (–2 °F).

    VOCs are numerous, varied, and ubiquitous. They include both human-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds. Most scents or odors are of VOCs.”

  2.  3D Effects:

    There are many ways to make your kitchen walls very eye-catching. One of the coolest and most eye-catching is 3D wall panels or 3d form. Because these are perhaps the most chic and bold ones. They refresh and totally change any space where they are used, and they are sure to blow your mind!

    Most 3d panels are geometric, so you will have a wide range to choose from. Brick effects, Squares, circles, triangles, honeycombs, and other patterns of all kinds in different sizes. And looks will refresh any kitchen and make it more modern.

  3. Lightweight

  4. Durable

  5. DIY concept Fast & easy installation

  6. Thermal insulation

  7. Soundproofing

  8. Flame retardant

  9. Excellent waterproof

  10. Antimicrobial

  11. Non-hazardous

  12. Low maintenance

  13. Excellent design flexibility

  14. Child safety

  15. Cleanable.

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