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You will find all types of landscape paintings for sale at Wallpaper Kenya. But they are all painted, or rather printed, on silk fabric. And you will all choose the custom size you want. So that you and I remain on the same script, we need to define our understanding of landscape painting. All and […]


You will find all types of landscape paintings for sale at Wallpaper Kenya. But they are all painted, or rather printed, on silk fabric. And you will all choose the custom size you want. So that you and I remain on the same script, we need to define our understanding of landscape painting.

Oil paintings landscape, river and trees, pond, art
Oil paintings of landscape, rivers and trees, ponds, art

All and any landscape painting at Wallpaper Kenya is mainly related to scenes of nature. And you will, therefore, in the natural landscapes category, find the subjects to be mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, forests, and oceans.

Forest waterfall landscape mural
Forest waterfall landscape mural

But the landscape art you will find here is not limited to nature scenes.  You are the one who will choose the elements that will be present in your landscape painting. Remember that for artistic expression there are no limits. And for that reason, your landscapes can be inspired by reality or by imaginary or dreamlike scenarios. We have hundreds of thousands of these paintings for you to choose from.

Abstract mountains mural for nursery walls
Mountains mural for nursery walls

Some of the landscape paintings you will find at Wallpaper Kenya include but are not limited to:


Waking up surrounded by Aberdare Ranges, breakfast against the backdrop of flowering seems that one can only dream of this.

The Aberdares are the third highest range of mountains in Kenya, reaching a summit of just over 4000m. This massive range is well known for its thick salient forests, and their prolific game.

However, with the help of landscape murals, you can actually “remove” the walls in your apartment. And fill it with fresh air, “grow” a whole forest or “fill in” with sea waves. You can’t even imagine what kind of effect such a finish has.

3d landscape wall mural

Landscape murals are not just beautiful and relevant at all times. They also produce a positive psychological effect, relaxation, and give a sense of harmony.

Choose landscapes by the style of the painting

The world of landscape painting is known for being a space where you can express what you seek to convey according to different techniques. In this way, you can say that the types of landscapes according to style refer to much more than the personal taste of the painter.

Vector illustration of beautiful landscape.

As artistic currents emerged over time, we used to see such or such types of landscapes. Do those wonderful paintings made entirely by dots sound familiar to you? It’s called pointillism!

Digital abstraction with particles dots and stars on horizon.
Digital abstraction with particles dots and stars on the horizon.

Let’s see how landscapes are classified according to some of the most relevant styles in art:

Realistic landscape painting

This is the simplest and most elemental landscape painting style. In realistic landscape paintings, artists focus on showing or depicting the landscapes as they were observed. And in the literal sense,  realism” is an artistic style that truthfully and objectively reproduces reality in all its details. 

Oil painting landscape - colorful autumn forest, beautiful river

The great achievement of this type of landscape is to make a painting compare with real life. And as you can imagine, it requires great skill with the technique to achieve textures, proportions and lighting just as we see it with our eyes.

Digital painting of sea landscape.
Digital painting of sea landscape.

In that sense, it is clear that in this type of landscape there is no place for fictitious scenarios. And no extraordinary colors, unrealistic filters, or effects. Just like looking at a photograph!

Photo mural
Photo mural
One factor in the development of realism was the advent of photography. Photography has since become an art form, claiming the complete truthfulness of the image.

Impressionist landscape

Impressionist landscape drawings are representations in which the artists show a scenario of reality through their interpretation. Where drawing a forest does not require precision or exact reproduction, since the artist tries to capture the moment in the way he appreciated it.

Watercolor landscape painting of hot air balloon on village

To achieve this type of landscape, different methods and techniques are used. Some of which are the application of atypical colors, lighting, shadows, and contrasts. Likewise, it is not expected to reach identical textures to those of the elements. But each artist achieves his figures in different ways.

Abstract landscape painting

With this type of landscape, the artist has the freedom to express their creativity without limits. Because they are free to alter the natural settings that exist, as well as to create their imaginary settings.

Sunsets of Never series. Landscape of virtual paint.

Abstract landscape art can be done without any symbolic meaning. However, there are also cases where the abstraction represents an idea or expresses the inner emotions of the artist.

Landscape Geometry. Seeing Never World series. Image of colors, textures and gradient clouds in conceptual relevance to inner life, drama, poetry, art and design

In this way, abstract landscape painting show landscapes intentionally different from those we can witness daily. They are intended to be impressive and make you question reality.

Acrylic yellow, orange, blue colored colorful Tuscan trees and cypresses

Therefore, to develop these types of landscapes, artists are free to use exaggerated forms, unrealistic colors, and textures. As well as any element that allows them to express and materialize their ideas.

Types of landscape paintings are determined by the elements

You already know the types of landscapes according to the artistic trend to which they belong! But as you can imagine, in each style of painting we can find different ways to compose a scene. And these components are also known as elements.

Oil painting of river in the spring forest with sunset

Now, if you are wondering how landscapes are classified according to the elements that compose them, take note of the following types of landscapes:

Nature landscape painting

In this type of landscape, the leading role is played by the natural setting. The objective is that the artists, thanks to a previous observation process, reproduce or interpret the beauty of nature.

Fine art, landscape, river, oil paintings

The most used natural landscape elements are forests, jungles, and deserts. The naturalistic landscape is one of the types of landscapes that focus on representing an abundant, great and wild nature.

Urban landscape or city landscape

Urban landscape full wall painting behind a sofa in the living room
Urban landscape full wall painting behind a sofa in the living room

As we have seen, landscape art is usually related only to scenes of nature.  And the artist can show the scenes that most excite him.

Nairobi Kenya skyline at white background. Flat realistic style with famous landmarks and modern scraper buildings. Vector illustration for web or print production.

Taking this into account, it is clear that urban and everyday landscapes are valid. These focus on the settings, environments, and elements of cities, such as people, buildings, cars, and lights.

Kenya, Nairobi City Skyline Vector Illustration

Of course, these are loaded with the messages that the artist wants to convey.

Rural landscape

In this type of landscape, the typical scenarios of the development of agricultural activity are shown. Where crops, fruit trees, cattle, and rustic houses can be seen.

Hand Drawing of Beautiful Safari Park Background, Take for Postcard or Note Paper

And therefore this variety of landscapes is usually loaded with a lot of nature. But it concentrates more on portraying the life of people in the countryside.


This kind of landscape is also known as a cosmic landscape and it is a fantastic, magical, and unreal landscape. The dreamscape combines imaginary or dream scenarios with elements of reality, such as forests or cities.

Original illustration of a surreal landscape merged with a beautiful woman

In addition, in dreamscape drawings, it is common to see themes related to space, as well as supernatural elements.

River landscape

Do you like rivers or lakes and have you thought about portraying them? Great! River landscape art is for you, as it focuses on portraying the following bodies of water: rivers, lakes, waterfalls, or aquifers. Without a doubt, it is a spectacular work!

Winter landscape with the river.Original oil painting.

Some artists also highlight the sky and its various shades to add more beauty to their work.

Oil paintings landscape, river and trees, pond, art
Oil paintings of landscape, rivers and trees, ponds, art

Seascape – coastal 

In this type of landscape, everything related to marine life is given prominence: oceans, beaches, and seas. Also, in this type of landscape, artists can take advantage of colors, tones, and textures to represent the majesty of marine life.

Colorful oil painting on canvas texture. Impressionism image of seascape paintings with sunlight background. Modern art oil paintings with boat, sail on sea. Abstract contemporary art for background

Some artists also highlight the sky and its various shades to add more beauty to their work.

Desert landscape painting

Among the types of landscapes in the art that are classified by their structure or elements, we find the desert landscape. These paintings are characterized by portraying arid and mostly sunny climate environments.

Beautiful sunset over the sand dunes in the Arabian Empty Quarter Desert, UAE. Rub' al Khali

The main characteristic of this type of landscape is the presence of large masses of sand that change color in different shades according to the time of day that is sought to be represented.

Arizona Desert Landscape

The paintings that reflect desert landscapes generally have sparse vegetation, with a slight or moderate presence of prickly pears and cardoons, also known as cacti. In some of these types of landscapes, you can also find dromedary animals.

The landscape of savannah and plains

Safari truck in African savannah landscape painting
Safari truck in African savannah landscape painting

Surely you have seen this type of landscape in more than one movie. But it is also very common in mural paintings.

Illustration of animals in savannah vector

They are characterized by the presence of a large horizon made up of sparse vegetation (at ground level), some trees, and the presence of lagoons.

Digital painting of the African Savannah in a summer morning with lonely tree on background. Panorama.

In the case of plains and savannah landscapes, their elements will depend exclusively on the season that is sought to be portrayed. Since in summer, the droughts are long and dye everything in yellow and orange colors due to the lack of water. In the winter, on the contrary, some foliage turns green.

Traditional landscape painting

When we talk about types of traditional landscape painting, we are no longer interested in the environment itself. But rather the main elements of the painting are the characters that materialize a custom or tradition of a time or society.

Landscape with mountains, birds and fog in monochrom painted in watercolor in vector

Of course, the environment is part of the meaning of this type of landscape. But what you must seek as a final objective is to transmit culture. In this way, you will see traditional architecture, native vegetation, and people carrying out activities that today we consider part of the tradition of the place.

Ethereal landscape painting

We are coming to the end of our count of types of landscapes, and we cannot fail to mention a very particular style of painting. We understand the ethereal landscape as those paintings that seem to be made from the air. Whoever admires this landscape takes advantage of a privileged view.

Ethereal Chinese style blue ink landscape

Very well! Now you have learned about the types of landscapes that exist. As you must have gathered above, the painting is not a whim of the author but is part of large social movements.


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