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Welcome to large wall art at Wallpaper Kenya. It’s no secret that today more and more homeowners and business organizations are turning their attention to decorating their interiors with modern large wall art and photo wallpapers. And this is completely justified. Large-format digital wall art allows you to seamlessly design extra-large surfaces, turning them into […]


Welcome to large wall art at Wallpaper Kenya.

Stylish interior of living room with beautiful extra-large flowers wall art.
It’s no secret that today more and more homeowners and business organizations are turning their attention to decorating their interiors with modern large wall art and photo wallpapers.

Coffee Shop Concept Photo Collage.

And this is completely justified.

Living room with wall mural, light interior design of flat or house. Large wall stylish painting inside apartments. Beautiful home wall art with animals.

Large-format digital wall art allows you to seamlessly design extra-large surfaces, turning them into stunning works of classical or avant-garde art.

Abstract watercolor texture. Modern wall painting. Colorful rainbow palette. Avant-garde art. Reminiscent of graffiti. Contemporary art. Stains, spray paint. Colorful streaks

Are you in search of an extra-large wall painting for a very large space?

Urban car on the background of the city. Megapolis landscape. Big city background. Urban style. Street style. Design for wallpaper, wall mural, card, postcard, photo wallpaper.

Our XL wall art collection has been selected to include ultra-high resolution images that maintain their magnificence and clarity on large walls measuring 3 meters high by any length or width.

3D rendering of a sofa in front a blue sky background

Whether you want your favorite cityscape or a giant beach artwork, our selection is sure to have what you’re looking for!

forest mural nature animal

Our selection of scenes, specially prepared for digital printing on high-tensile silk fabric, allows you to choose from thousands of original scenes designed to refresh and transform any room in your apartment house or workplace.

A landscape painting of pine trees, distant mountains, clouds and sunrise. Tthe Chinese painting style of ink and landscape.

Here are some of the artworks you will get from us:

Stylish interior of room with sofa and beautiful protea flower on wallpaper

  1. landscape
  2. for the bedroom
  3. for the living room
  4. for the staircase
  5. abstract
  6. fork and spoon decor
  7. extra large
  8. Ocean
  9. paintings
  10. elephant
  11. long wall
  12. for offices
  13. giant wall
  14. nature
  15. modern style
  16. religious
  17. black and white
  18. minimalist style
  19. horizontal wall decor
  20. graffiti
  21. vertical wall decor
  22. full wall art
  23. farmhouse decor
  24. scripture art
  25. oil painting
  26. floral canvas art
  27. neutral wall art
  28. contemporary style
  29. for the dining room
  30. rustic decor
  31.  vintage style
  32. Mandala
  33. African

3d Wallpaper Mural Feather Wallpaper Mural Popular Wall Mural Painting for Living Room Wall

A short history and evolution of large wall art

You know that today’s large wall art is indeed an evolution of cave wall painting.

image of an ancient hunt on a cave wall. history of antiquities, era, era.

But did you know that Cave wall paintings are the oldest known form of wall art?

Ancient rock paintings show primitive people hunting on animals vector illustration

These paintings were often used to depict animals, hunting scenes, and religious rituals.

3D art painting wallpaper beige landscape. tree, deer, birds, and moon in light background

But you can bet that over time, wall art evolved to include new materials and techniques.

graffiti with lion on the wall with splash color art

For example, the ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics to decorate the walls of their temples and tombs.

Popular for Living Room Home Décor High Quality HD

The ancient Greeks and Romans used mosaics to create elaborate murals in their homes and public buildings.

Green Citron color wall with black tree wall decal and wall clock

In the Middle Ages, Christian art became the dominant form of wall art. Churches were decorated with frescoes, stained glass windows, and tapestries.

Kids bedroom wall mockup, 3d rendered illustration with customizable background.

During the Renaissance, artists began to explore new subjects and styles.

Watercolor realistic painting of elephants. Painting of beautiful image of a elephants in the forest.

They painted portraits, landscapes, and religious scenes in a realistic style.

Home Décor High-Quality Wallpaper with Flowers and different color squares. 3D rendering

The Baroque era brought with it a new emphasis on drama and movement in wall art. Artists used large-scale murals and paintings to create the illusion of space and depth.

Plaster background floral pattern

In the 18th and 19th centuries, large wall art became more diverse and eclectic.

Elegant and beautiful floral background in Art Nouveau style. Abstract retro decorative flower and plants design. 3D illustration.

Artists experimented with new styles, such as Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Art Nouveau.

Pastel tropical leaves in pink, blue, mint, turquoise, purple delicate color palette. Exotic seamless border, pattern background, texture. Watercolor 3d illustration, trendy art design. Luxury mural

In the 20th century, wall art continued to evolve. Abstract art, Pop Art, and Minimalism all challenged traditional notions of what wall art should be.

Modern abstract Chinese landscape art background. Stylish modern wall art, ink wash, golden mountains, scenery

Today, wall art is an important part of interior design. It can be used to add personality and style to any room in the home.

Original oil painting on canvas. Boats and sunset. Modern impressionism

Wall art can also be used to create a focal point in a room or to divide a space into different areas.

Large format silk fabric canvas wall art

Wallpaper Kenya’s method of large wall art is on silk fabric canvas.

Abstract contemporary art collage portrait of young woman with flowers on face hides her eyes

It is a type of wall art that is printed on canvas fabric and then lined on an adhesive-pasted wall.

Full moon and mountains mystic landscape, digital painting art. Stylish night mountains nature abstract background.

It is a popular choice for wall art because it is relatively affordable, durable, and can be printed in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Abtract Art. Full of color and life. The best choice for interior large wall painting. Eye-catching. Highlight of the house.

Advances in large-format canvas wall art include:

Abstract oil painting. Art painting, gold, horse, wall art, modern artwork, paint spots, paint strokes, knife painting. Large stroke oil painting, mural, art wall

  • New large-format printing technologies produce sharper, more vibrant images.
  • The use of new materials, such as metallic inks and silk fabric, to create unique and eye-catching effects.
  • The development of new printing techniques, such as hand-embellished canvas prints, gives the art a more personal and handcrafted touch.

Vector special abstract painting. Online doodle. Cool simple flower elements with creative background.

In addition, canvas wall art is now available in a wider range of sizes and styles than ever before.

Sunlight filtering through the branches full of white flowers of a large almond tree

This makes it easier to find the perfect piece of canvas art to complement any décor.

Moon light with tree and blue background modern art.oil painting .

Take advantage of these most recent advances in canvas wall art:

Abstract oil painting. Art painting, wall art, modern artwork, paint blobs, paint strokes, knife painting. Large stroke oil painting, wall art

  • You can customize canvas prints with your own photos or artwork.
  • And you can frame them in unique and stylish ways.
  • You can also have canvas prints designed to be hung as a set, creating a larger and more impactful display.
  • Canvas prints that are made from sustainable, high-tensile silk fabric materials.

Hand painted large size new Chinese landscape Feng Shui wall painting

Canvas wall art is a versatile and affordable way to add personality and style to your home décor.

Sofa in the corner of a living room and an abstract painting on the wall

Thanks to the recent advances in the field, you now have more choices than ever before.

African Large Original oil painting black art african art animals amazing Portrait wall art , decor , lion portrait

Advantages of large wall art

Large wall art that expands the space can work wonders for you.

3d illustration, white brick wall, large bright exotic feathers

And can radically change the visual perception of volumes and allow you to adjust the parameters of the walls and ceiling.

3D Underwater fishes living room 3d illustration for wall decoration High quality wall art.

Let us make a list to evaluate the pros and cons of large wall art.

Modern illustration in linocut style. Surreal colored faces with patches of yellow, red, white, blue and black. Stylish image for design.

I want to give you 5 reasons to make a decorative painting on the wall, instead of placing paper or vinyl.

3d modern minimalist illustration. Golden lines, circles in marble background. Interior bedroom home décor.

Many times we think of a solution to dress our walls or give that personal touch, a beautiful wallpaper or vinyl that is so fashionable.

A set of three large wall paintings, canvas for the living room. Poster element for interior design of a dining room, bedroom, office. Abstract floral background with abstract leaves. Home décor of the wall

This is fine, it is a good option, the only thing that before launching into the search or installation of these, keep certain issues in mind.

Elephant Art and stucco wall skilled natives in Thailand

1st Advantage. There are no joints

3D rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural Eibsee Zugspitze

The silk fabric raw material we use for full wall artwork comes in sizes 3 meters by 70 meters.

CIRCA MONTH YEAR: Illustration for International Nelson Mandela Day.

And therefore you only need one piece as long as your wall is of standard size which is less than 3 meters.

3D wallpaper , oil painting tree branch with flowers , oil painting two peacock with small and large butterflys

It is the complete piece, there are no cuts. In paper, no matter how well you place it, there will always be joints.

3d picture tiger emerges from the destroyed wall for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

Over time these joints are likely to lift in some areas, or in the case of vinyl, to peel off.

Interior of a boy's room in blue colors. Mountains are painted on a large wall, a white table stands nearby and a bookshelf hangs. A realistic example of do-it-yourself renovation in a children's room

2nd Advantage. The design and composition

In a large wall art on silk fabric, the elements or details that make it up are designed for your specific space.

watercolor illustration vector of graphic cute sleep elephant with cloud, start and moon, white background. fit good for children's book, wall decor, children's room decoration

That is, it is likely that you want one area to be loaded with more details.

Avant Gard modern vector seamless pattern. Yellow-grey palette. Contemporary art ornament.

And that another area is left clearer because you are interested in something, perhaps placing a piece of furniture in front of a lamp…

children's picture, animals on a wheel ride on a tightrope against the sky with balloons for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

The position of the drawings and the structure are designed for your specific space. It’s art, has movement, and fits with the rest of the objects.

Mountain Abstract backgrounds art Print. creative minimalist hand painted illustrations of Mid century modern Landscape Wall Art. vector illustration

On paper, the rapport of repetition or the details of it, touch where they touch.

African tribe pattern, wallpaper set vector illustration. Cartoon aborigine warrior character standing with spear, tribal abstract tattoo, ethnic mask for wall art decor, stories, poster template

3rd Advantage. Digitally printed wall art is forever

It will be there for a lifetime unless you get tired or a major accident occurs.

Pastel abstract in blue, yellow and green for background and huge wall art

You will always have it in perfect condition. It will pass from generation to generation.

Abstract contemporary poster, wall art design with beautiful black woman on neutral earthy colors background. Gorgeous African lady with exotic hairstyle and gold accessories vector bohemian art.

In the case of paper or vinyl, let’s say that it will last a few years.

Abstract oil paintings. Art painting, gold, forests, trees, wall art, modern art, paint, paint stroke, knife. Large stroke paintings, murals, wall art

And if we leave it for a few more years, it will be in irregular condition.

Botanical wall art retro prints set line drawing with abstract geometric shape. tropic Leaf Art design painting for cover, canvas wallpaper, scarf, curtain, rug, wall poster

4th Advantage. A work of wall art is exclusive

Soft color tropical leaf wallpaper design, banana trees, mural art, interior design.

There is no other like it. As I said when thinking about each space, for each personality there cannot be two alike.

Drawn exotic tropical leaves on bright wall. Floral background. Design for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural, card, postcard.

Details, composition, and design have a reason and it is a pleasure to discover that particularity that is part of that work.

Abstract art tropical leaves background vector. Wallpaper design with watercolor art texture from palm leaves, Jungle leaves, monstera leaf, exotic botanical floral pattern.

The difference is in the details.

5th Advantage. Artistic connotation

Not the least important. Digital lartge wall painting, a Trompe l’oeil, or trompe-l’oeil has anartistic connotation that the other option lacks.

3d modern art mural wallpaper night landscape with black Jungle , forest background . golden tree and wavy mountains, moon with black birds. canvas art frame for wall decor

Seeing a direct brushstroke on the wall is magical, it has nothing to do with it, it’s Art.

What kind of wall art visually enlarges space?

Let’s talk about wall artwork. In fact, any plot in which there is volume, perspective, and shadows can be called expanding space.

painting a tiger on the wall

The main thing is to fit it correctly into the room.

  • 3D effect. The illusion of maximum volume and presence. Landscapes and abstractions, geometric figures floating in the air, imitation stucco. 3D photo wallpapers that expand the space are suitable for any room from the bedroom to the bathroom.
  • City panoramas, bird’s eye views. Highways, skyscrapers, endless lights – these scenes are a reflection of our city life. Suitable for the modern interiors of those people who can no longer imagine their lives without the urban bustle and, on the contrary, only dream of moving to a big city.
  • Nature. Dense forest and endless fields, waterfalls, mountain peaks, and sea horizons. Even if such wallpaper does not decorate the wall entirely, but only partially, the expanding effect of them will be very noticeable.

3d illustration.Abstract background. Volumetric geometry. White large rectangles with gold embossing. Texture with an openwork pattern of gold lines. Background, wallpaper. Render. Postcard, poster.

Full wall art that expands space is a modern interior solution for you who want to make your space not only beautiful but also as harmonious and proportional as possible.

Abstract Industrial Background

Wallpaper Kenya is pleased to offer you a large catalog of wall artworks in which you will definitely find your own three-dimensional story.

Abstract oil paintings. Art painting, gold, forests, trees, wall art, modern art, paint, paint stroke, knife. Large stroke paintings, murals, wall art

Full 3D wall art in small rooms

3D full wall art for small rooms can be a real salvation and a lifesaver. Experienced interior designers often use this technique.

Abstract oil painting. Art painting, wall art, modern artwork, paint blobs, paint strokes, knife painting. Large stroke oil painting, wall art

Because three-dimensional art on the walls can visually compensate for the lack of space and give the space more harmonious proportions.

3d wallpaper design and beautiful wall brick background

Our perception is influenced by absolutely everything – the surface topography, the plot, and the prevailing color scheme.

3D Depth illustration background wallpaper for walls.

When choosing artwork for small rooms, you need to consider the following points:

  • Dark shades visually steal precious square meters and make the room more intimate. And so choose light shades, to fill your space with light and air;
  • The geometry of the pattern is of great importance. Horizontal volumetric plots can make your room look wider, while vertical ones visually raise the ceiling;
  • The smooth, slightly glossy surface of the canvas reflects light better, which means the plot of such wall art looks more voluminous;
  • If you decide to use photo artwork in the interior to expand the space, please note that the floor and ceiling should be made in the most neutral, monochromatic shades.

3d drawing abstract marble art wallpaper for wall decor.Resin geode functional, like watercolor geode painting. golden, black, white, and gray background

Important point! To ensure that the wall on which you have the mural that expands the space does not lose its illusion effect, you should not block it with massive furniture (cabinets, shelving), furniture with active colors, and decor.

3D Wallpaper, Floral background on wood panels with peacock

It is also recommended not to get carried away by the shelves, photographs, and paintings on this wall.

3d mural wallpaper with simple floral painting background . drawing modern flowers in simple wall

In which rooms can you use 3D full wall art to increase space

Before we talk about 3D full wall art in rooms with a specific purpose, let’s pay attention to the areas in which the three-dimensional picture will be placed.

Oil painting,3d red tree art wallpaper background.

Due to the fact that 3D wall art is a fairly active method of decorative finishing, it should be used in moderation in the interior.

Galloping horses 3d wall mural.

As a rule, in one room, one or a maximum of two adjacent walls are decorated with large wall art.

3D print design for interior, wall, wallpaper, canvas. 3d gold leopard on black beautiful texture background. Beautiful animal leopard oil canvas frame painting. Oil texture canvas. Golden texture.

Too large an area with a plot can create an effect that is not expanding, but rather piling up.

3d buddha wallpaper , Abstract art decorative background. Yellow tree and deer on the mountain. Digital painting art.

With one or two accent walls, the others should be done in neutral, inactive colors and finishes.

Abstract oil painting art. Flowers, leaves. Sprinkle paint on paper. Shiny golden texture. Prints, wallpaper, posters, cards, murals, rugs, hangings, wall art, art posters.

A rather interesting effect can be achieved if you paint a wall with a perspective with a door, thereby masking it.

beibehang Custom wallpaper 3D mural photo HD waterfall lake scenery living room bedroom TV background wall Papel de parede

A rectangular door leaf will harmoniously merge with the wall, enhance the effect of presence and visually expand the wall.

JEJU, SOUTH KOREA - NOV 29, 2015 : Photo of 3D Wall Painting of Falling Airplane drove out of stone brick wall

The living room

You will not be mistaken if you say that the living room is the most suitable room for bold, creative large wall art.

3D Mural background, High quality rendering living room

In most modern layouts, the living room is allocated the largest area. Because this is the place where you and your family spend leisure time, large and small companies, and guests gather.

Business success, businesswoman breaks the wall. Retro style pop art

With bright colors, and a wide variety of subjects, you can decorate not one, but two walls with a pattern.

Smiling male professional with laptop sitting on seat in office

There are practically no restrictions in this space. Full wall art that expands the space in the living room interior can be hung in the TV area, placing emphasis on it.

Animals world map for kids wallpaper design

If you don’t want the theme 3D art to be constantly in your area of ​​attention, you can paste it behind the sofa.

Comfortable armchair near wall with floral wallpaper. Stylish living room interior

Sometimes in the living room, you can find a working “office” area or a dining room.

Bright flat with white brick wall and monstera leaves wallpaper in botanic living room

In these cases, full wall art performs not only a decorative function but also a zoning one.


Large wall art for the kitchen, expanding the space, will be a good finishing option. The smaller the kitchen, the lighter the color scheme of the room should be, including the theme of the artwork.

kitchen interior with modern wall art

A beautiful panel depicting landscapes, terraces, and cafes will fit perfectly into the dining space.

Seamless background with herbs and spices, fine texture for kitchen design

Wall art can also decorate the work area or apron area. In this case, the artwork or painting is sealed with epoxy to protect it from dirt. And to be able to wash this wall at any moment.


The bedroom is a place of relaxation and rest. The central object that attracts attention in this room, of course, is the bed.

Romantic Couple Bedroom Art. Silhouette Couple, Full Moon for Couple Bedroom Scalable Ready to Print Vector

It can also occupy a large area of ​​space, making it less free. In this case, wall art that expands the space in the bedroom will allow you to visually adjust the proportions of the room. And make the space more harmonious and spacious.

Failure, Leadership, Success. Inspiring positive quote. Frame workplace decoration. Triptych inspirational quotes. Black color motivational poster canvas.

You can decorate the wall at the head of the bed or opposite it with an interesting artwork.

Arabic calligraphy from the Quran calligraphy Translation v'' Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the Daybreak '' . Beautiful vintage Arabic islamic script from the Quran. Digital abstract art on canvas

This technique will allow you to enjoy the image, take your mind off the hustle and bustle, and plunge into the mysterious world of dreams.

Arabic colorful calligraphy poster Machallah.

For the bedroom, a calm color scheme without bright active details is best suited – beige, cream, and pastel colors.

Abstract oil painting. Flowers, leaves. Sprinkle paint on paper. Shiny golden texture.

Don’t forget that the environment in the bedroom should above all be soothing.

Children’s room

Full wall art for children’s rooms is becoming increasingly popular. Large hand-painted paintings are created on the most interesting themes for children.

Princess Castle. Magic Pink Castle in the clouds. Fantasy world. Fairytale landscape. Cartoon Castle in the blue sky. Pink Balloons. Kingdom. Magic tower. Fairy city. Illustration for children Mural

They include such as castles, fantasy or fairy tale motifs, sports images, and much more.

Hand Drawn Set In Neutral Colors With Cute Bears Flying In Hot Air Balloon And Inspirational Quote ”Dream Big” Hand Lettering Graphic. Ideal For Nursery Wall Art.

There are also ready-made artworks, often drawn by talented artists, on various topics for children.

Unicorn Print Unicorn Nursery Wall Art Nursery Print Nursery Girls Kids Room Decor Baby Print Poster Baby Shower Gift Unicorn

Printing large wall art with latex ink is a quick, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly way to reveal a theme or make a room more vibrant and interesting.

a fairy tale, a small town with cute paths and a big magic tree

Color palette

A colorful palette has a beneficial effect on their emotional background; sometimes it seems that they need the richness of the world’s shades like air.

Cute baby seamless pattern toy cars, road signs and traffic lights. Kids hand drawn background with vehicles in Scandinavian style. Design kids nursery. Wall art decor print. Vector illustration.

And it is in the design of personal space that child psychologists recommend paying attention to color accents.

illustration of treasure chest with pirate ship under the sea

Children’s photo wallpapers will enliven the colors of the interior and fill the room with a fabulous atmosphere.

Colorfull wall art mixed digital tiles design for interior home or ceramic tiles design.

Is your child once again watching his favorite cartoon, joyfully celebrating the victories of his favorite characters? And enthusiastically watching their adventures on the screen?

Cute animals with watercolor effect

Give an extravaganza of positive emotions – place cartoon characters on the wallpaper in the nursery.

Halloween pirate ship drawing with pumpkins and bat, full moon

Your girls will be delighted to see cute princesses from the magical world.

Underwater treasures. Kid nursery mural wallpaper. Vector hand drawn illustrations with pirate theme

And your mischievous boys who love adventure will be delighted to see brave heroes, sea pirates, and heroes on the walls.

Thematic illustrations

Popular photo wall art for children’s rooms with cars unites the sympathies of both boys and girls. This art will help to stylize the nursery for children of different sexes and make a real surprise.

Autumn forest , orange leaves.Original landscape painting with oil paints.

Wall art for children with thematic illustrations will tell interesting stories from the life of cars. Here you will meet the brave McQueen, who really rushes like lightning along the track, justifying the title of one of the leaders of the Big Piston Cup.

Madrid, Spain; 06-26-2023: Toy car named Lightning McQueen from the famous Pixar Cars franchise

The resourceful and restless Meter, the sensible Doc Hudson, and the charming Sally make up friendly company for the main character on the panel in the nursery.

Cute dinosaur alphabet. Each dinosaur is for each lettern for English Alphabet ABC. Kids poster Nursery wall art. Children play room decor. Dinosaurs are herbivores. A3 size. Vegetarians. Vector

An educational series of wall art for children – colorful scenes on the theme of the surrounding world and outer space.

Planets in the outer space wall mural

The riches of, the planets of the solar system and distant galaxies, the world of technology and transport, the intricacies of the exact sciences – visualize the interests and hobbies of the child.

Children graphic illustration for nursery, wall, book cover, textile, cards. Interior design for kids room. Vector illustration with space theme

And such compositions will play the role of colorful, aesthetic, educational decor.


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