Large Wall Mural Wallpaper

Large wall mural wallpaper are printed on special order @ shillings 2000 per square meter supply and installation. All our large wall mural wallpaper are custom made. As the leading custom wallpaper printing company in Kenya, we’re passionate about beautiful Large wall mural wallpaper. And believe that our high quality large wall mural wallpaper are […]


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Large wall mural wallpaper are printed on special order @ shillings 2000 per square meter supply and installation. All our large wall mural wallpaper are custom made. As the leading custom wallpaper printing company in Kenya, we’re passionate about beautiful Large wall mural wallpaper. And believe that our high quality large wall mural wallpaper are the best way you can bring together stunning imagery and design in creative interior spaces.

Lavender Purple Flower Full Wall Mural Wallpaper

The beauty of Large wall murals is that we print on very high quality silk fabric that is removable and reusable. Above all wallpaper printing is done a continuous sheet of silk fabric as opposed to wall murals of small jointed pieces. Full wall murals are the ideal for promotional and interior decoration purposes.

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Modern large wall murals can be abstract or 3d realistic and can be placed in public places. They work well too inside private homes and in outdoor rooms. Foyers, hallways, children’s rooms, game rooms, basements and bedrooms areas ideal to hang large wall murals. Make a permanent statement in you house with a large wall mural on the otherwise blank or unused walls.

Modern Mural Wallpaper

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As throughout history, large wall murals represent a mighty tool of emancipation and freedom of expression. Today, mural art is used to speak and depict communities, nations and cultures. At the same time, full wall mural wallpaper represent an aesthetics which helps them integrate into their environments and turns them into true cultural artifacts.

3d wall murals for children's room visually expand the room

Apart from their well-defined meanings, full wall mural wallpaper are also created with other purposes. For instance as advertising or simply for the sake of a beautiful image on a wall. We do these on wall cloth that is removable and reusable.

Contemporary mural wallpaper printing techniques

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As murals cover quite large surfaces that could be of different texture, constitution and attributes, we have developed several techniques adaptive to the “canvases”.

PCEA Church Large Photomural Wall Branding

More recently, artists and technology have introduced digital techniques of large wall mural printing, wallpapers. Large advertisements are printed out on wall cloth and then attached to a surface. All you have to do is to provide us with a high resolution image and we will reproduce it in a day or two.

 Customized Alternative to Wall Art

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Digital print large wall mural wallpaper are frequently one-of-a-kind, dramatic and eye catching.  A unique better alternative to ordinary wallpaper or wall art. They become part of the room rather than something hung on the wall. Showcasing the room’s architectural features as well as your homeowner’s personality.

3d Giant Floral Wall Mural Wallpaper

Visit Wallpaper Kenya for large water falls murals for residential houses and hotels. Large Scenery murals for offices and real estate projects. And large nature wall murals for any space you like. The quality of our murals is a hundredfold better than paint.

Unlike paint which gets dull with age our murals do not oxidize and are therefore tenfold longer lasting, they are washable, waterproof, removable, reusable, anti fade and anti fungal and does not affect the wall coat when removed. They are of beautiful scenery e.g. waterfall, sunset, beaches, mountains, patterns etc. and are available in limitless designs and in different textures. Hurry and get yours Today!

Lion vs Elephant Real Fight Full Wall Mural

Thank you to large format mural wallpaper printing technology you can now get these priceless imagery for say Kenya shillings per sq. meter. Free hand cost of the same would cost you hundreds of thousands of Kenya Shillings and a long time to achieve the same.

Digital Print Extra Large Wall Mural Ideas

Photo mural wallpaper

You will find XXL-size wall murals truly impressive. And not only for their size, but also for the realism with which they are printed. Ordinary Wallpaper is always based on the repetition of a small motif, if not solid color. These could be, bricks, wood, some flowers or lines or geometric shapes. But custom large murals that I am talking about consist of decorating an entire wall with a large-format image.

Children's World Map Wallpaper with Animals

They are giant high definition photos, artworks, or images printed on silk fabric. Here you will find any image you can imagine, like any city, of musical groups, landscapes with paradisiacal beaches; or comics that will make your wall much more fun. You will have the feeling of being transported to a heavenly place from the comfort of your living room.

 Extra Large Peonies on the wall Photo wallpaper mural, design for walls.

In other words, you will get the advantage of the wide variety of designs and images that exist. You can choose wildlife, botanical and nature scenes that will put a special touch in your home. Or decide on the image of a world map of the style that you like the most. Anything or idea you like is available.

Digitally Print Extra Large Photomurals

New York City Photo Wallpaper

The photomurals are photographic representations or pictorial designs on digitally printed large custom wallpaper for decorating walls. Also, there are models for room doors and window. You will also find for offices if you like, or for closets, murals for bathrooms or living rooms. The great variety they offer allows you access to endless options to decorate your home in an original way.

The big five customized animal full wall mural

You should note that digital print photomural wallpaper are divided into categories. And that is, for instance, you can find both landscape murals within the nature sections.

In the 3d category you will find such photographs of as large cities. Provided that they have the visual effects that give the feeling of depth or expansion. Also in this category you will find murals fictional doors or window designs. And beautiful views of the sea. Other favorites of course are the forests or other incredible scenery.

At the same time, you can choose the image you want to capture in the mural by customizing it. Given all that endless choice, what more would you ask for?

Digital Printing of Extra Large Wallpaper Murals

Do you know that our large format digital printing allows you Extra Large Wall Mural Wallpaper Printing? And that this is not possible with traditional standard size wallpaper. But to achieve a high quality print you need to take a few things into consideration.

The quality requirements of the photographs, artwork or image

You will be able to use any photo as long as it has an adequate quality as you want to achieve.
It is recommended that the photograph have at least 700 pixels per meter of surface to be covered. Or what is the same 0.5 megapixels per m2.
Know that the higher the quality of the photo, the better the image print quality will look on your wall.

What is the quality of the wallpaper where the images are printed?

No other custom wallpaper printing company in Kenya uses a better material than Wallpaper. Which is why you need to come to us. The material we use for printing large wallpaper murals this is not the same as that of conventional wall murals from other companies. But our silk fabric, very resistant and washable, with an excellent quality.

Therefore rest assured that the printing of your mural on the wallpaper is made by a specialized company. And with silk fabric you will obtains the best results in the realization of murals.

You can use a scanned image from a magazine or book.

As we previously advised, you can use a scanned image but it must have the resolution already indicated. On the other hand, the drawback is that the printed images are made up of millions of small dots of ink. And that means when enlarging this image these dots will increase in size. But if you consider that this is not a problem, tell us.


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