Large Wall Mural Wallpaper

Large wall mural wallpaper is printed on special order @ shillings 2000 per square meter supply and installation. All our large mural wallpaper is custom made. As the leading custom wallpaper large format printing company in Kenya, we’re passionate about beautiful Large mural wallpaper.   And believe that our high-quality large mural wallpaper is the […]


Large wall mural wallpaper is printed on special order @ shillings 2000 per square meter supply and installation. All our large mural wallpaper is custom made.

Animal kingdom kids nursery large wall mural

As the leading custom wallpaper large format printing company in Kenya, we’re passionate about beautiful Large mural wallpaper.

Large size ink landscape mural painting with Chinese style and elegant artistic conception


And believe that our high-quality large mural wallpaper is the best way you can bring together stunning imagery and design in creative interior spaces.

Lavender Purple Flower Full Wall Mural Wallpaper

The beauty of Large murals is that we print on very high-quality silk fabric that is removable and reusable. Above all wallpaper, printing is done on a continuous sheet of silk fabric as opposed to murals of small jointed pieces.

beibehang beautiful mood wallpaper bedroom living room TV wall sofa background wallpaper Seamless 3D stereoscopic large mural

Full murals are ideal for promotional and interior decoration purposes.

Nature Wallpaper - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Modern large murals can be abstract or 3d realistic and can be placed in public places. They work well too inside private homes and in outdoor rooms.

Large wall mural 3d illusion backdrop illustration for digital printing.


Foyers, hallways, children’s rooms, game rooms, basements, and bedrooms areas ideal to hang large murals.

2 Large Flowers with Circles wallpaper 3d

Make a permanent statement in your house with a large mural on the otherwise blank or unused walls.

Elephant breaks through a Large Wall Mural Wallpaper
Elephant breaks through a Large Wall Mural Wallpaper

Modern Large Wall Mural Wallpaper

Church Wall Murals Wallpaper - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

As throughout history, large wall murals represent a mighty tool of emancipation and freedom of expression. Today, mural art is used to speak and depict communities, nations, and cultures.

Ying Yang Tree Of Life Mural illustration for full wall printing.


At the same time, full wall mural wallpaper represents aesthetics that helps them integrate into their environments and turn them into true cultural artifacts.

3d wall murals for children's room visually expand the room

Apart from their well-defined meanings, full mural wallpaper is also created for other purposes.

3d Large Pink flowers on wooden background, 3d wallpaper mural rendering.


For instance as advertising or simply for the sake of a beautiful image on a wall. We do these on wall cloth that is removable and reusable.

Contemporary large murals printing techniques

Full wall mural - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

As large wall murals cover quite large surfaces that could be of different textures, constitutions, and attributes, we have developed several techniques adaptive to the “canvases”.

PCEA Church Large Photomural Wall Branding

More recently, artists and technology have introduced digital techniques of large mural printing, wallpapers. Large advertisements are printed out on wall cloth and then attached to a surface.

3D Wallpaper Design with geometric shapes and florals


All you have to do is to provide us with a high-resolution image and we will reproduce it in a day or two.

 Customized Alternative to Wall Art

Removable wall murals - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Digital print large wall mural wallpaper is frequently one-of-a-kind, dramatic, and eye-catching.  A unique better alternative to ordinary wallpaper or wall art. They become part of the room rather than something hung on the wall. Showcasing the room’s architectural features as well as your homeowner’s personality.

3d Giant Floral Wall Mural Wallpaper

Visit Wallpaper Kenya for large waterfalls murals for residential houses and hotels. Large Scenery murals for offices and real estate projects. And large nature murals for any space you like. The quality of our murals is a hundredfold better than paint.

Large red branch flowers with wave lines background 3d mural.

Unlike paint which gets dull with age, our murals do not oxidize and are therefore tenfold longer lasting, they are washable, waterproof, removable, reusable, anti-fade, and anti-fungal, and do not affect the wall coat when removed.

3d wallpaper illustration. Abstract hexagonal background with the effect of depth of field. A large number of marble hexagons. Cellular, marbled 3d panel. copy space Render.3d wall texture, hexagonal.


They are of beautiful scenery e.g. waterfall, sunset, beaches, mountains, patterns, etc., and are available in limitless designs and different textures. Hurry and get yours today!

waterfall and morning sun full wall mural.

Thank you to large format mural wallpaper printing technology you can now get this priceless imagery for say Kenya shillings per sq. meter. The freehand cost of the same would cost you hundreds of thousands of Kenya Shillings and a long time to achieve the same.

Digital Print Extra Large Wall Mural Ideas

Photo mural wallpaper

You will find XXL-size large wall mural wallpaper truly impressive. And not only for their size, but also for the realism with which they are printed.

silhouettes of a lighthouse and dry trees on the shore by the sea against the background of the night starry sky with a large moon. night sea landscape. author's drawing. vector

Ordinary Wallpaper is always based on the repetition of a small motif, if not solid color. These could be, bricks, wood, some flowers or lines, or geometric shapes. But for custom large murals that I am talking about consist of decorating an entire wall with a large-format image.

Children's World Map Wallpaper with Animals

They are giant high-definition photos, artworks, or images printed on silk fabric. Here you will find any image you can imagine, like any city, of musical groups, landscapes with paradisiacal beaches; or comics that will make your wall much more fun.

Large Wood World Map Wallpaper Mural.

You will have the feeling of being transported to a heavenly place from the comfort of your living room.

 Extra Large Peonies on the wall Photo wallpaper mural, design for walls.

In other words, you will get the advantage of the wide variety of designs and images that exist. You can choose an animal, botanical, and nature scenes that will put a special touch on your home.

flower wallpaper decoration, mural wallpaper, design beautiful large 3d wall

Or decide on the image of a world map of the style that you like the most. Anything or idea you like is available.

Digitally Printed Extra Large Photo murals

New York City Photo Wallpaper

The photomurals are photographic representations or pictorial designs on digitally printed large custom large wall mural wallpaper for decorating walls. Also, there are models for room doors and windows.

3d wallpaper design with balcony terrace and sea for digital print mural

You will also find offices if you like, closets, murals for bathrooms, or living rooms. The great variety they offer allows you access to endless options to decorate your home originally.

The big five customized animal full wall mural

You should note that digital print photomural wallpaper is divided into categories. And that is, for instance, you can find both landscape murals within the nature sections.

Botanical nature hospital large wall mural wallpaper

In the 3d category, you will find such photographs of large cities. Provided that they have the visual effects that give the feeling of depth or expansion.

3D wallpaper design with a classic car jumping through a broken wall for digital print


Also in this category, you will find murals fictional doors, or window designs. And beautiful views of the sea. Other favorites of course are the forests or other incredible scenery.

Calm and soothing giant flo mural

At the same time, you can choose the image you want to capture in the mural by customizing it. Given all that endless choice, what more would you ask for?

Outer space whole wall wallpaper
Outer space whole wall wallpaper

Digital Printing of Extra Large Wall Mural Wallpaper

Do you know that our large format digital printing allows you Extra Large Wall Mural Wallpaper Printing? And that this is not possible with traditional standard size wallpaper. But to achieve a high-quality print you need to consider a few things.

Under the Ocean Scenery Extra-large Wallpaper Mural

The quality requirements of the photographs, artwork, or image

You will be able to use any photo for a large mural wallpaper as long as it has an adequate quality as you want to achieve.

Muhammed Ali the Greatest Large Wall Mural
It is recommended that the photograph have at least 700 pixels per meter of surface to be covered. Or what are the same 0.5 megapixels per m2?
Know that the higher the quality of the photo, the better the image print quality will look on your wall.

What is the quality of the wallpaper where the images are printed?

Soothing 3D Hospital Wallpaper Mural of Natural Landscape Forest

No other custom wallpaper printing company in Kenya uses a better material than Wallpaper. Which is why you need to come to us. The material we use for printing large wallpaper murals is not the same as that of conventional murals from other companies. But our silk fabric, is very resistant and washable, with excellent quality.

Incredible Hulk Gym Wallpaper

Therefore rest assured that the printing of your mural on the wallpaper is made by a specialized company. And with silk fabric, you will obtain the best results in the realization of murals.

3d circle background with flowers background wallpaper.


You can use a scanned image from a magazine or book.

As we previously advised, you can use a scanned image and enlarge it for your large mural. But it must have the resolution already indicated. On the other hand, the drawback is that the printed images are made up of millions of small dots of ink. And that means when enlarging this image these dots will increase in size.

flower wallpaper decoration, mural wallpaper, design beautiful large 3d wall prints.

But if you consider that this is not a problem, tell us.

Advantages of Large Wall Murals

With the extensive range of custom large wall murals, we offer you a varied selection of decoration possibilities. Because we have a theme for every special place where you want to have a unique air of relaxation and well-being. And it is only custom-made large mural wallpaper that can capture varied tastes and interests. 

World Map Extra Large Full Wall Mural Home Décor Wallpaper

With large murals everything is possible. From different designs of murals that have various elements related to relaxation in their photographs. Such as Zen murals of dandelions, white roses, stones, orchids, Zen sands, gardens, stones, bamboo, oils and salts, lakes, relaxing landscapes, and many more options of decorative wall designs.

Create a relaxing atmosphere

It is in this way that with this magnificent repertoire of relaxing large wall murals you will find decoration options with a relaxation theme in a very easy and accessible way.

Animals of Africa and a domestic cat leave the heat. 3D rendering.


Therefore count on us for any setting options for all the special places that you want to decorate. And especially those where that is difficult to find such as the walls of Spas, aesthetic and beauty centers. Other themes you will find are meditation centers, waiting rooms, medical offices, home spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. And all those places where You want to have a more relaxing and peaceful environment.

3d Wallpaper design with beach and palm trees for photomural

With this wonderful assortment of relaxation and yoga large murals, your walls will get a unique and very original style. So you can forget about the classic decorative objects and delve into these fantastic murals that will enchant you for their incredible decoration and simplicity.

Cement background with large beautiful feathers wallpaper.


In addition, so that your experience is more comfortable and easy at Wallpaper Kenya we allow you to configure their design according to your interests. Thus achieving an ideal decoration adjusted to your spaces and needs. Because you can select the measurements, color, and finishes you want. 


One of the advantages of the large wall mural wallpapers that convinces us the most is that each allows you to create a unique and exclusive decorative combination. Something that does not happen with paint. Because paint limits you to certain colors and shades available.

Tiger Coming out from the breaking walls, Tiger 3D Wallpaper


The possibilities offered by a decorative large mural wallpaper are innumerable. One is you find the one that best suits you and the rest of the decoration. In addition, the image reproduction of a quality wallpaper mural is unmatched. Which allows the creation of optical and decorative effects capable of making a difference.

3D Flex Wallpaper, beige background with large Flower embossing, zed sign adv, Wallpaper background, 3D Background, Mural Wallpaper

We can say that wallpapers have become one of the most popular decorative options today.

Among the main reasons, the enormous leap in quality that they have taken in recent years with the arrival of new technologies stands out.

Likewise, the accent should be placed on the use of better materials that offer greater durability and a more attractive image, and the enormous variety of designs with different textures and finishes.

Ease of Installation of large mural wallpaper

You can install our large mural wallpaper without professional assistance. If, until now, one of the main drawbacks that wallpaper presented concerning painting was its installation difficulty, this will no longer have to worry you. The placement of large murals has become an advantage.

Animals in the sky. Planes and balloons in the sky.


Yes, and it is that large murals have advanced so much that today they are very easy to put on and also to remove and reuse. You can install them yourself easily and without complications, achieving a perfect finish.

3d full wall mural wallpaper. Modern wall décor abstract, golden lines, and marble and wooden and black shapes


Regarding the installation, large murals are the best option for doing it yourself. And it will be enough for you to glue the wall and apply the silk fabric wallpaper on top. In addition, the day you want to renew it, removing it will not take you more than five minutes.

Ideal nursery schools and children’s spaces

The large mural wallpaper is an ideal choice for decorating children ‘s spaces, and you can go far beyond conventional colors, decorating a bedroom in an original and fun way.

3d McQueen children's full wall mural

At Wallpaper Kenya we have a huge variety of children’s wallpapers, with models for all ages and tastes that will adapt perfectly to what you are looking for.

Custom 3D home nursery cartoon large wall mural

We have baby wallpapers, toddler models, and a wide selection of youth wallpapers. Take a look at them and choose the one you like best to decorate the bedroom of the little one in the house. Oh, and don’t lose sight of our borders and Disney papers catalog.

Create 3d and other important optical effects

If you are willing to give a twist to the decoration, few other than large mural wallpaper does that. But now you will be able to create important optical effects that will not go unnoticed.

Yellow and purple background with moving sphere. Full wall Spin illusion.


Customization of a large mural has come a long way and has not been anchored in conventional designs and patterns only. But has evolved and has left us very innovative suggestions and surprising textures that stand out above the rest of the decorative options.

Abstract striped spheres background. Black and white Vector illustration.


Bet on realistic wallpapers, and you will see how you can create a simply spectacular optical effect.

In a nutshell

Extra large pink, white and green floral wall mural

As you can see, betting on large mural wallpaper for decoration is a safe bet. Because with it you will enjoy all these advantages. As well as many others that you will be checking from the moment you have it installed on your wall.

Multicolor background, texture. Green fresh leaves, jungle, hawaii. Tropical seamless pattern. Hand-drawn premium 3d illustration. Luxury wallpaper, mural, cloth, fabric printing, scrapbooking, poster

If you have finally convinced yourself, do not hesitate to order for today. As you will find endless models that will be perfect in your home and will fit in with the idea you had in mind.

3d wallpaper design with an amazing landscape view and large trees flowers and mountains for photomural printing.

If you have any questions, we offer you multiple ideas that will help you achieve the best results. And if you want, you can contact us without any problem. We will be delighted to assist you! Call us on 0720271544. Or visit us at Wallpaper Kenya, Mazeras Centre, Langata Road, directly opposite Nairobi West Shell Petrol Station.


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