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We have leopard print wallpaper for walls, in the universal standard size 53 centimeters by 9.5 meters preprinted. But you can also get a customized leopard wallpaper mural. Just like in the clothing fashion industry the leopard print pattern has endured as being beautiful while others fade away. You have seen the array of animal […]


We have leopard print wallpaper for walls, in the universal standard size 53 centimeters by 9.5 meters preprinted. But you can also get a customized leopard wallpaper mural.

Leopard and peonies. Seamless floral pattern with animals and garden flowers. Modern decor Beast style. Vector illustration. Template for paper, textile, wallpaper. Black, white and gold foil.Just like in the clothing fashion industry the leopard print pattern has endured as being beautiful while others fade away.
Colorful gradient leopard print pattern.Modern fashion prints.Textile illustration render.Textile fabric pattern.New fashion pattern print.Creative colorful gradient.Colorful leopard skin design
You have seen the array of animal prints that come in and out of fashion. But ultimately leopard print beats them all.
Custom 3d Leopard Print Wallpaper for Restaurants and Clubs
Fashion designer Oleg Cassini designed a real leopard-skin coat for Jackie Kennedy and later wrote that his design started a fashion trend that ended up being responsible for over 250,000 leopards being killed in a decade.
Dress print pattern.Modern fashion prints.Textile illustration render.Abstract geometric swirl fractal.Fabric digital print.Textile fabric print pattern.Leopard print pattern
Killed just for their beauty, just for their skins, just for our vanity.
antique drawing illustration of leopard isolated on white background

With wallpaper, you don’t have to kill leopards to make your looks wild and striking with animal prints such as the leopard print.

Pink leopard sin pattern

The Leopard wallpaper is classic fashion and is available in numerous variations if you go for customization. What a beautiful way to pair your leopard print with plain leather seats or a trendy wild look.

Abstract animal skin leopard seamless pattern design. Jaguar, leopard, cheetah, panther fur. Black and white seamless camouflage background.

These harmonies particularly well with the exciting animal skin look.

Customized animal Wallpaper: Mural

You can have an animal wallpaper customized for you. It is easy.

customized animals Leopard Wallpaper for walls

Just download an HD image or the animal you desire to adorn your walls. We will use it to reproduce a full mural for KS 2000 per square meter. But that does not include the cost of obtaining the artwork.

Purple leopard skin print wallpaper

On the other hand, you can take amateur photographs of a leopard or leopards for wallpaper customization. Found in regions all across Kenya, the leopard is the smallest of the big cats.

close up portrait of a hunting leopard in the African grassland.

Even so, they are still one of the major predators of the Savannah grasslands. A male can weigh approximately 100 lbs., which is substantially smaller than a lion.

Leopard effect fabric pattern wallpaper sample texture background effect animal textile design leopard skin seamless jaguar cheetah camouflage décor, fabric print. Jaguar skin background.

 By the way, for customized wallpaper leopard prints don’t just go with shades of brown or black. With bright colors like pink or orange, the leopard print wallpaper works at least as well and gets a modern touch.

Abstract leopard prints wallpaper for walls

You can do without a mix of patterns with this striking print depending on the mood you want to create.

Differing Leopard print colors and other animals

The colors of your leopard print wallpaper can be manipulated in any way you like. Because it is a work of art. But in real life, if you look closely at different leopards, or even people around you will notice that we are all of different colors.

Leopard, jaguar, cheetah, tiger big cat wallpaper with animal skin print background.

That is. we differ from each other not only in the shape of the nose and the shape of the eyes, but also in the color of the skin. And the same applies to leopard prints from which we draw wallpaper design inspirations.

Fashionable Leopard Seamless Pattern. Stylized Spotted Leopard Skin Background with Golden Glitter for Fashion, Print, Wallpaper, Fabric. Vector illustration

Pigments are responsible for the color of leopard skin. In healthy skin, a different combination of the main skin pigments is assumed: melanin (brown pigment), carotene (yellow), oxyhemoglobin (red) and deoxyhemoglobin (blue).

Seamless beautiful abstract tiger print pattern on cream background

When the amount of any of them is not enough (or it is completely absent), or, conversely, when it is overabundant, pigment spots of various colors and sizes form on the skin.

leopard's head surrounded by orchids, gold chain and animal texture. Wild animal skin seamless pattern. Illustration of tropical nature.

Melanism in leopard prints

The pigment melanin is responsible for skin color in animals. If the process of its production by the body of a leopard is normal, then the leopard print is of uniform color intensity.

Leopard Pattern, Leopard Print, Animal print,

In addition to natural pigmentation, under the influence of various causes, in some areas of the leopard  skin there is an excess or lack of melanin pigment – this leads to local hyperpigmentation.

Leopard print pattern.Gradient design.Fabric fashion print pattern.Modern fashion prints.Textile illustration.Fractal colorful pattern.Print pattern illustration.New season fabric print.

Hyperpigmentation can be congenital (birthmarks, nevi, lentigo, etc.) or acquired (chiliasm, melasma, linear pigmentation). Acquired hyperpigmentation is usually triggered by various chemical and physical factors or diseases, such as improper metabolism.

seamless belt and chain print Leopard skin print pattern .colorful square. elegance pattern

Melanism is certainly one of the most well-known pigmentary changes. Animals are called melanistic when melanin (specifically, eumelanin) is excessively produced by the body, darkening the color of eyes and skin and hair.

Chain seamless pattern with belt, zebra and leopard skin elements. Animal print. Baroque trend. Vector illustration

A classic example of animal melanism is what happens mainly in leopards and jaguars , where melanic individuals are nicknamed “panthers”. So every animal called a “panther” will be a jaguar or a melanic leopard – making the term “black panther” redundant.


Leopard skin pattern texture; Fashionable print wallpaper for walls.

The leopard print is primarily use for camouflage. Leopard is a mammal of the cat family. It has a coat that varies from light yellow to reddish-orange and is full of black spots, called rosettes. There are several separate reasons why animals evolved colors. Camouflage allows an animal to remain hidden.

baroque leopard background. Leopard print wallpaper for walls.

Melanism is thought to provide additional camouflage in these habitats, giving these predators an advantage in hunting,


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