There are hundreds of Lion King Wall Mural possibilities. Because the mural could be any one scene taken from the 1994 animated film Lion King directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff. The Lion King wall mural is a Disney Classics and one of children’s most favorite. It of one of the highest-selling murals worldwide and has […]


There are hundreds of Lion King Wall Mural possibilities.

Vector illustration of black silhouette of a snarling lion king wall mural. Against the background of the sunset. Lion King side view profile.

Because the mural could be any one scene taken from the 1994 animated film Lion King directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff.

The Lion King Wallpaper Mural

The Lion King wall mural is a Disney Classics and one of children’s most favorite.

New York - USA - 09-24-2018: Sign of Lion King musical live at Minskoff theater

It of one of the highest-selling murals worldwide and has been the highest-grossing traditional since 1994 to date.

Majestic lion on safari vector illustration. King of beasts lying and giraffes walking flat style concept. Wild picturesque savannah landscape on background. Wall mural.

And it will continue to be so as long as the film runs.

Young Simba Mural Wallpaper

Initially, most of the writers and designers at Walt Disney were unconvinced that the film could be successful.

Roaring silhouette of a lion king standing on a hill. Set of African animals. Vector illustration of a sunset.

Because among other things of being the first animated feature that did not adapt a story from a book.

A family of lions rests on the grass. Watercolor wall painting. Safari animals. A pride of lions. Lioness and cubs

But instead, the story originated from an original script.

Lion King Nursery Wall Mural

And there is also a Lion King Musical Play version. You might have watched either the movie or the stage show.

Remember who you are saying, wall mural.

If so, you will agree with me that the Musical show is just a thriller.

Disney Lion King Sunrise Wall Paper Mural

I first watched the stage show in one of what they call small theatres in Japan. But the theatre is a thousand seater.

set with cute lions imitation of Disney Lion King for wall mural.

At the time I watched the show had been running for 5 years continuously every day. And that shows you how popular Lion King is.

Pumba and Simba Wallpaper

The story is set in Kenya. And the script tells the story of Simba, a small lion son of the wise King Mufasa and his wife Sarabi.

animal lion against the background of dawn, king of beasts, art illustration painted with watercolors

Simba’s destiny is to one day reign in place of his father. Scar, the perfidious brother of King Mufasa, is not happy with this, and strongly desires to become king.

Lion portrait on savanna landscape background and Mount Kilimanjaro at sunset. Panoramic version. King of the jungle wallpaper mural.

And for this reason, he is jealous of his nephew Simba, who precludes him from taking the throne.

A Calm effect Lion King Children's Bedroom Wallpaper Mural

Dramatic scenes of lion king wall mural for nursery

You will find many dramatic scenes in the story for the Lion King wall mural suitable for nursery and children’s bedrooms.

Disney King of the Jungle

When Simba is now a curious little lion greedy for adventures, he lets himself be persuaded by the treacherous Uncle Scar to go with his best friend Nala to the elephant cemetery.


And this is disobeying his father’s recommendations.

Single lion standing proudly on a small hill wall painting.

Waiting for them in that forbidden and threatening place, are three hyenas ready to attack the two cubs. But they are rescued by Mufasa.

Wall mural

Scar is more and more obstinate in wanting to steal the throne from his brother.

Big lion lying on savannah grass. Landscape with characteristic trees on the plain and hills in the background.

Therefore he devises a new plan to get rid of the king and his nephew once and for all with the help of the hyenas.

Roaring lion against stormy sky. Lion King wall mural.

Scar manages to implement the tragic plan causing the death of Mufasa.

However, Simba is unaware that his uncle was the one who killed his father. Scar blames the cub for the king’s death.

Cartoon lion family in the jungle.

And, making him believe he would be hated by everyone, convinces him to escape as far as possible from the lands of the pack.

Lion lying in grass on savanna wallpaper mural illustration.

Why Disney Lion King is such an acclaimed and re-release-worthy movie?

We begin with the fact that it is the childhood of the majority of people who were born in the nineties.

A cute baby lion simba, design animal cartoon vector illustration

And who lived that story that taught, through impressive cartoons, different life lessons that make anyone who sees it reflect.

Hyenas in Lion King Mural reminds you to avoid hyenas in Life

There are at least 7 great life lessons to learn from The Lion King!

Cubs staying close to Lion King in the early morning sunrise wall mural

Simba, the little lion prince, is the protagonist of the film and is the son of Mufasa, the king of the African savannah.

Vector illustration adult lion and baby lion on a white background

At first, he grows up happily with his family. But that is until the day his ambitious uncle Scar murders Mufasa, to take his place on the throne.

Portrait of a Beautiful lion, furious lion in dark, wallpaper for walls.

It is then that an unforgettable story begins where Simba decides to escape to save his life. And he will meet new friends who will help him become a “LION KING”.

Scar Murders Musafa: A Lion King Mural

Now and without further announcements, with The Lion King you will see that:

1. You can live enslaved to the past, or learn from it to improve the present.

“The past can hurt, but the way I see it, you can run from it or learn from it.” – Rafiki.

Lion King Of African Jungle, Tanzania

Remember what mistakes you will always make, but you decide if they are your impulse to improve or your anchor to sink and stagnate.

The Rafiki Lion King Wall Mural emphasis good relationships

2. You are the person you think you are, not the person others say you are.

Look at Simba, a puppy who was left alone and unprotected after his father died, whom his uncle wanted to convince him guilty and that he did not feel like a worthy suitor for Nala.

Male lion looking out atop rocky outcrop. Lion King wall mural.

But as he grew up and lived the stages of life with his great friends Timon and Pumbaa, put insecurities aside to discover that strong and confident version that he always had inside of him.

The Lion King Simba Timon And Pumbaa Wallpaper Mural

3. HAKUNA MATATA !: Don’t worry.

No matter how cool a situation you are going through may be, you have to know that calm will always come after the storm and everyone has their refuge; You can see this in many parts of the Lion King movie.

Cool moments in The Lion King

4. True friendship is an invaluable treasure.

We could think of this theory that without the friendship of Rafiki, Timon, and Pumbaa, (And with the responsibility of retaking the kingdom from Scar’s hands) it would have been very difficult for Simba to move on, perhaps impossible.

animal lion against the background of dawn, king of beasts, art illustration painted with watercolors.

And there you see that true, unconditional and benign friendship was a key part of obtaining power.


5. To make a decision, you don’t just think about yourself, but also about all those who will be involved in that decision or who depend on you.

In this case, all Simba had to think about was the African savannah that was under the rule of Scar and his minions.

Lion, the King of beasts and the most dangerous animal of the world wall painting.

Surely that gave him the determination to decide to return and face to recover what he lost.

A scene from the Lion King: Custom Wall Murals

6. All are part (and super necessary parts) of balance in the complex and beautiful cycle of life.

Life Lessons from The Lion King Wall Murals

You look at it most of all in the first minutes of the film, how it is seen that the ecosystem is maintained thanks to a balance, roles, instinct …

lion cartoon, king of the jungle, wall mural design vector illustration

Nobody underestimates which piece is of that puzzle of the life cycle, because without a piece, already the puzzle doesn’t work.

Roaring Male Lion with impressive Mane wall mural.

That is why when that balance is interrupted (and unfortunately we humans enter there), the disasters seen in the world and the film result …


This is an old lesson, respect and estimation of the value of the other always have to be in every civilization.

7. The values ​​instilled by parents are real treasures that you never have to forget.

Musafa advising young Simba in Lion King

In short, there are almost no times that parents are not right; His wisdom, experience, love, and desire for us to do well are the source of his advice and stories.

African lion roaring with sunset silhouette of savanna with giraffes in background wallpaper for walls.

Remember Mufasa when he advised little Simba, those were words that followed him all his life; but most importantly, he put them into practice. In short, few things are as valuable as the admonitions of your parents, they are priceless.

lion king wallpaper for bedroom

Wall Mural of Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King

While Simba escapes, Scar instructs the hyenas to kill him. But then Simba nevertheless manages to escape the attack of the hyenas.

lion king in cosmic space. Lion on cosmic background wallpaper for walls. .

Thus finding himself in lands that are now very distant. The escape, however, will make him meet two nice friends, Timon and Pumbaa. These friends take the little lion with them to take care of him.

Lion King Musafa and Nala Wallpaper Mural

Simba will grow up with this strange couple of friends, who teach him to live like them, under the banner of Hakuna Matata, “without worries”.

African lion and night savannah in Africa. Moonlight landscape with flying butterflies, king of animals. Proud dreaming fantasy lion in savanna looking on stars. Majestic dramatic starry sky mural

Years pass and Simba becomes a young and strong lion. But when the memories resurface, he will have to overcome the obstacle of pain and guilt to regain his place as the rightful king.

The Kenyan connection to Disney’s Lion King

If you love Lion King Wall Murals you may also be interested in other scenery and wildlife wallpaper murals.

Science of Lion face and lion claw, feet page for kids. Vector illustration for children. Vector illustration of Lion face and lion claw, feet page on white background.

The animators of Disney’s The Lion King traveled to a park with dramatic landscapes in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley to get a feel for, as Mufasa puts it, the great circle of life.

Elephant wildlife wallpaper mural

When you visit Hell’s Gate National Park and reach the sweeping cliffs carved by a prehistoric lake that gives the park its name, you’ll discover that Pride Rock’s real-life inspiration is no less majestic.

Safari Animal set elephant, giraffe, lion, hippo, zebra in 3d style. Isolated vector illustration

The fact that you won’t see Simba (which means lion in Swahili) is the park’s secret advantage.

lion king wall mural design illustration.

But the lack of predators means you can take in savannas and come face to face with giraffes, zebras, antelopes, and warthogs on your own two feet.

Lioness mother with her cubs sitting on a rock at sunset

Take pictures of this landscape and wildlife for custom photo murals.

African lion and night in Africa. African savannah moonlight landscape, king of animals. Proud dreaming fantasy lion in savanna looking forward on stars. Majestic dramatic deep starry sky.

Hell’s Gate is one of the only places in East Africa where you can hike the totality of a park.

Lion against stormy sky, wall mural.

You can even go on a biking safari—a far cry from peeping animals through a safari vehicle’s roof. (Walt Disney Company is the  majority owner of National Geographic Partners.)


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