living room brick wallpaper

The living room brick wallpaper can also be used in other spaces such as hotel lounges, offices, or even bedrooms as you like. Modern living rooms express the love and admiration of nature such as natural exposed brick. Before ordering the preprinted, please confirm stock. But for the custom-made, you may go ahead and order […]


3d living room brick wallpaper design background with Brooklyn bridge and classic car and brick wall for mural

The living room brick wallpaper can also be used in other spaces such as hotel lounges, offices, or even bedrooms as you like.

Concrete Living room brick wallpaper

Modern living rooms express the love and admiration of nature such as natural exposed brick.

stone wall lamp modern interior decoration empty living room. 3d rendering

Before ordering the preprinted, please confirm stock. But for the custom-made, you may go ahead and order

Green table with plant next to blue sofa and pink armchair with pillow against green wallpaper in living room

Exposed brick wallpaper designs reveal all the cool ways in which you can take advantage of wallpaper and turn it into beautiful interior design features.

 3d illustration. Abstract hexagonal background with the effect of depth of field. A large number of white hexagons. Cellular, white 3d panel. Render. 3d wall texture, hexagonal clusters

The major downside of real brick walls is that adding them to your living room requires a major renovation. With wallpaper, you can skip all that and get the look for a fraction of the cost.

home decorative 3d elevation wall tiles design, Seamless Ceramic Tiles Designs, Seamless Ceramic Wall tiles design Natural Stone Bricks wallpaper design Home decorative 3d elevation Background.

A wallpapered living room wall would be missing the texture and the dimensions of real bricks. But from an aesthetic point of view, it’s a major win with wallpaper.

Scandinavian brick living room wallpaper
We’re seeing a growth in the diverse use of brick wallpaper in living rooms.

3d wallpaper design and beautiful wall background

Where brick has historically been used for walls, wallpaper has now become a material architects and interior designers use to create design features that draw the eye to certain parts of the living room.

3d background wall illustration, Red bricks wall with branch and flowers

In other words, wallpaper is commonly used as an aesthetic cladding product for living rooms.

Use the living room brick wallpaper

Various designs at Wallpaper Kenya are perfect for living room brick wallpaper, alcoves, and chimney breasts to create feature walls. Or create an on-trend look in a small room such as the home office, or even a utility room.

stone walls on sepia tone.

A big trend for living room decorating is creating a brick effect with clever designs and adding textures to walls that are otherwise plain. Ask for the latest realistic brick-effect designs at Wallpaper Kenya and achieve the perfect pared-back industrial look.

Rustic brick wallpaper home interior decoration

In our bricks catalog are designs that you can use on all living room walls. The living room is the quintessential oasis. A corner in which to disconnect, spend time for oneself and chat. It is ideal to lose yourself in a book, admire a song with a good glass of wine, or watch a movie with the best company.

Interior of dark room with couch, shelving units and glowing lamps

The living room is a place that invites you to calm and enjoy yourself. Where feeling comfortable is the main premise.

Ceramic Wall Tiles Design For Bathroom Wall and Living Room Wall Tiles Design Concept High Lighter. You Can Use This Design as a, Room, Bathroom.

Thus, wallpaper for your living room must be taken care of in detail to achieve the perfect environment. An environment to which you will want to return every day after hard work.

3d wallpaper texture, cultivated flowers and butterflies on brickwork. 3D Effect wall murals

In this search for excellence, brick living room wallpaper is ideal to give your home the personal style that characterizes you so much.

Exclusive living room brick wallpaper designs

The designs of the living room brick wallpaper are so varied and admit so many possibilities. Brick wallpaper designs will give your house a unique look with its character.

3D Brick Wallpaper for Home Decoration

Likewise, you can hang brick wallpaper for living rooms on all the walls in the room. Or you can wallpaper one or several walls of the room to highlight certain areas that you want to enhance. You can also use a single decorative brick wallpaper design. Also, you can use two models to create attractive and original combinations of patterns, shades, and colors.

3d Photo Wallpaper Brick Stone Mural for Living Room Bedroom Home Wall Art. Drawing of Eiffel Tower on wall

As for the decorative style, brick wallpaper for living rooms offers endless opportunities. From retro, urban, or Nordic designs to modern, industrial, or vintage style motifs. So you will find one that is in line with your tastes and needs of your home.

3D Wall design of Fish out from Aquarium

As the name implies, the living room is easily one of the most important rooms in our homes. Unlike basements, kitchens, or bathrooms, the living room is usually our first thought when it comes to decorating a new home. At the same time, living rooms need to be one of the most versatile spaces in your home. They take on several different roles which can make getting the décor just right, a bit of a challenge.

Wall mural, wallpaper, engraving on the wall, in the style of a loft. Flowers on a brick wall. Beautiful patterns on the wall. Mural design. Design loft, classic, modern.

For some, the living room is still a more formal space reserved primarily for entertaining guests; for others, it’s a very casual space. It’s where we kick back after a long day to rest and relax or where we wile away the hours during a long weekend enjoying leisure activities like watching TV and reading.

Wall mural, wallpaper design in the loft, classic and modern style. Engraving on the wall. Fresco with flowers on a brick wall.

Living room design ideas coming up these days keep in mind the requirements and needs of the people, so their investment is guaranteed to be in safe hands.

The latest in living room brick wallpaper

At Wallpaper Kenya we have a wide variety of living room brick wallpaper for sale. Therefore you can buy seasonal brick living room wallpaper at the best price.

3d brick wall with pink flower, blossoms, butterflies, birds. design for 3d wallpaper, wall murals, etc.

In our online store, you have at your disposal a great diversity of wallpaper for living room walls of a new collection designed by the best brands in the market. There you will find numerous ideas to inspire you when it comes to renovating the environment of your home.

abstraction, drawn contour animals on texture, photo wallpaper in the living room

Choose your favorite living room wallpaper now and decorate your home as you have always wanted.

red brick wallpaper

Red is not always the first color we turn to in the living room or the bedroom. But this is not the case with red brick wallpaper. As you can see in this picture, the hue is not so overwhelming. Decorating with red in an elegant, balanced fashion takes both skill and restraint. But when it comes to dining spaces, red is a perennial favorite in both homes and restaurants alike. A touch of red in the dining room is said to increase appetite and infuse the setting with liveliness.

grey brick wallpapers

Cozy armchair and houseplant on coffee table near grey brick wall. Banner for design

Grey living room brick wallpaper can introduce a range of intriguing effects to your living room, depending on the specific shade, pattern, and overall design of your space. Here are some possibilities:

Industrial vibes

Desaturated wall brick wall panoramic view of stone and bricks. Vintage brick matte Weathered texture of stained dark brown and red brick wall background, rusty blocks of stone. desaturated filter.

Grey brick, especially in darker shades, can lend an industrial edge to your living room. Think exposed beams, metal accents, and leather furniture for a cool, urban loft feel.

Modern rustic charm

Old vintage retro style bricks wall for abstract panorama brick background and texture.

Lighter grey brick tones, paired with natural wood elements and cozy textiles, can create a modern rustic aesthetic. This is a great choice for those who want a touch of industrial grit without too much harshness.

Sophisticated and edgy

Grey brick can bring a sense of sophistication and intrigue to your living room. Look for wallpapers with subtle variations in shade or distressed textures for added depth and visual interest.

Warm and inviting

Contrary to what you might think, grey brick can feel warm and inviting. Opt for warmer grey tones with hints of brown or red, and pair them with plush textures and soft lighting for a cozy atmosphere.

Focal point

Using grey brick wallpaper on a single accent wall can create a dramatic focal point in your living room. This is a great way to add character without committing to the look on all four walls.

white brick wallpaper

White brick wallpaper in the living room can be a versatile backdrop for a variety of design styles.

Modern Farmhouse

White brick pairs beautifully with the clean lines and natural textures of the modern farmhouse style. Think slip-covered sofas, chunky wood furniture, and pops of galvanized metal.

Scandinavian Minimalism

Keep things light and airy with Scandinavian minimalism. White brick provides a subtle texture against white walls and light wood furniture. Add pops of color with throw pillows and artwork.

background of White wall with peeling plaster, stone texture. Concrete loft style design ideas living home.

Industrial Chic

Embrace the raw beauty of exposed brick with industrial chic. Pair white brick with metal accents, leather furniture, and vintage rugs. Edison bulb lighting adds to the industrial vibe.

Shabby Chic

Create a romantic and whimsical atmosphere with shabby chic. White brick with distressed edges adds a touch of vintage charm. Layer on soft textiles, floral patterns, and pastel colors.

Coastal Cottage

Bring the beach indoors with a coastal cottage style. White brick provides a fresh backdrop for blue and white accents, natural wood accents, and nautical touches.

Mid-Century Modern

Channel the glamour of the 1950s with mid-century modern. White brick pairs well with sleek lines, bold colors, and geometric patterns. Add a statement armchair or vintage rug for a touch of personality.

3d brick wallpaper

3D effect brick wallpaper can work wonders in a living room, adding a touch of drama, intrigue, and visual interest that flat walls simply can’t match. Here’s a breakdown of its unique appeal:

Transformative effects

Industrial edge

Red brick wallpaper is a classic choice for injecting an industrial vibe into your living room. Think exposed beams, metal accents, and leather furniture for a cool, urban loft feel.

Rustic charm

Weathered grey brick tones, paired with natural wood elements and cozy textiles, can create a modern rustic aesthetic. This is a great choice for those who want a touch of industrial grit without too much harshness.

Sophisticated and edgy

Dark charcoal brick with subtle variations in shade or distressed textures can bring a sense of sophistication and intrigue to your living room.

Warm and inviting

Contrary to what you might think, warm grey or reddish brick tones can feel warm and inviting. Pair them with plush textures and soft lighting for a cozy atmosphere.

Create a focal point

A strategically placed 3D brick wallpaper accent wall can instantly draw the eye and become the centerpiece of your living room. Choose a bold pattern or a distressed brick accent for a real statement.

Enhance your design style

3D brick wallpaper comes in a vast array of styles and colors, making it easy to find one that complements your existing decor. Opt for traditional red brick for a classic look, white brick for a Scandinavian vibe, or even exposed concrete blocks for an industrial loft feel.

Add texture and dimension

3D brick wallpaper isn’t just a visual illusion; it can also introduce real texture to your walls. Choose a wallpaper with raised elements or a rough finish to create a unique and tactile experience. This can be especially effective in minimalist living rooms to add visual interest without cluttering the space.

Relatively easy to install and maintain

Many 3D brick wallpapers are pre-pasted and relatively easy to install, even for DIY enthusiasts.

3d brick wall with beautiful rose flowers and green leaves. design for wallpaper, wall mural, etc.

They’re also generally durable and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for a busy living space.

Point to Remember

  • When choosing 3D brick wallpaper, consider the scale of the pattern and the size of your living room. Large-scale patterns can overwhelm a small space.
  • Think about the lighting in your living room. Certain 3D brick patterns will look better in natural light, while others may benefit from strategic accent lighting.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment! 3D brick wallpaper is a great way to express your personality and create a truly unique space.

I hope this gives you a good overview of the appeal of 3D-effect brick wallpaper for your living room. With its versatility and transformative potential, it’s worth considering!

Living room brick wallpaper feature walls

Brick wallpaper can add a stunning and versatile feature wall to your living room, bringing a touch of texture, character, and warmth to the space. Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

Style Inspirations

Industrial Chic

Red brick wallpaper paired with exposed beams, metal accents, and leather furniture creates a cool, urban loft vibe.

Modern Rustic

Wall mural, wallpaper design in the loft and modern rustic style. Engraving on the wall. Fresco with flowers on a brick wall.

Weathered grey brick tones with natural wood elements and cozy textiles offer a modern take on rustic charm.

Sophisticated Edgy

Dark charcoal brick with subtle variations or distressed textures brings a sense of sophisticated intrigue.

living room wood log fireplace background

Warm and Inviting

empty background of wide cream living room wall texture. grunge beige textured, wallpaper of limestone. grid pattern of uneven interior rock stones. architectural wall design backdrop.

Lighter grey or reddish brick tones, plush textures, and soft lighting create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Accent Wall

3d living room wallpaper, columns, peacock and effect of quilted leather. The main features of classicism: restraint, aristocracy, sophistication.

Choose a single wall behind your sofa, TV, or fireplace for a dramatic focal point.

Moss covered bricks wallpaper, close up, dirty, background, asset, nature reclaimed

Reclaimed Brick Look

opt for wallpaper with distressed textures and variations for an authentic reclaimed brick feel.

Archway Illusion

Faux brick wall modern building with arch and windows. loft interior Architecture.

Create a faux brick archway over a doorway or window for an architectural interest.

Half-Wall Design

Brick wall in two colors. The upper part of the wall is white, the lower part of the wall is red

Cover the lower half of your wall with brick wallpaper for a unique and modern look.



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