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What colors and images should your lounge wallpaper have? When starting to decorate, and even more so when choosing wallpaper for the lounge, you will be faced with the following dilemma. On the one hand, this is a family recreation area. And on the other, an area for receiving guests or friendly gatherings. Sometimes also […]


What colors and images should your lounge wallpaper have?

Turquoise lounge wallpaper with pink blanket and pillows standing in stylish apartment interior.

When starting to decorate, and even more so when choosing wallpaper for the lounge, you will be faced with the following dilemma. On the one hand, this is a family recreation area. And on the other, an area for receiving guests or friendly gatherings.

Grey lounge with patterned cushion in real photo of dark living room interior with floral wallpaper, molding on the wall and gold lamp

Sometimes also known as the living room, this is a multifunctional space and if it is properly organized, a person feels comfortable. A calm mood is created by a certain color scheme.

Comfortable armchair near wall with floral wallpaper. Stylish living room interior

The leading role in the lounge is played by wall decoration and furniture.

Landscape art background with sun, mountains and hills and golden waves in line art style. Oriental watercolor banner for interior decoration design, design, print, packaging, wallpaper

For example, red in the lounge wallpaper in large quantities becomes intrusive and begins to tire. Orange has a softer effect and creates a mood of cheerfulness and communication.

Mt Fuji in the early morning with reflection on the lake kawaguchiko

Based on these considerations, let us formulate the properties of wall coverings for the lounge:

  • maintain a calm, good mood;
  • correspond to the design style;
  • match the color with the floor, furniture, and curtains;
  • do not cause negative emotions, do not bother;
  • do not fade, easy to clean.

For a large, sunny lounge there are almost no restrictions on colors and patterns.

But if the size of the room is small, then it is better to choose a small pattern on the wallpaper. A large pattern visually reduces the size of the walls and room. If the windows face south, then light, cool shades will add space.

When the living room is oriented north, light shades of warm colors are chosen for comfort. Vertical elements on the wallpaper increase the height, while horizontal elements will make the ceiling lower.

The chosen colors should be in harmony with the floor, furniture, and curtains.

If you have decided on the color and pattern, then you need to choose the type of wallpaper.

Hotel Lounge Wallpaper

We also offer hotel lounge wallpaper. As well as custom-made wallpaper for any kind of lounge.

A lounge can have several meanings depending on the context.

A luxury private jet airplane overflying cloudy skies at sunset, airport lounge wallpaper.

In public buildings like theatres, hotels, airports, or train stations, a lounge is a designated room with comfortable seating for people to wait or relax. They often have amenities like restrooms and sometimes concessions for food and drinks. Think of them as oases of calm amidst the hustle and bustle.

In a house or apartment, particularly in British English, a lounge refers to the main living room where people gather to relax, socialize, or watch TV. In American English, this space might be called a living room or family room.

But less commonly, lounge can be used as a verb to describe the act of relaxing in a lazy or leisurely way. This could mean sprawling on the couch, reading a book by the pool, or basking in the sun.

Origin of the Word Lounge

The word “lounge” comes from the French verb “s’allonger” which means “to lie at full length” or “to lounge about.” This connection to relaxation and reclining is evident in all its meanings.

Watercolor art background with mountains and lake in winter. Landscape lounge wallpaper in blue tones for art decorations, print for interior décor

A hotel lounge is a public area in a hotel that serves multiple purposes for guests.

Compare it with an airport lounge which is a special area within an airport that offers enhanced comforts and amenities for selected passengers. It’s a haven compared to the busy general waiting areas of the airport terminal.

Location and Ambiance

Located typically near the lobby, it offers a comfortable and inviting space for guests to relax, socialize, or work.

Golden butterfly glows in the sun at sunset, macro. Wild grass on a meadow in the summer in the rays of the golden sun. Romantic gentle artistic image of living wildlife

It can be used for casual meetings, catching up with friends or family staying at the hotel, or simply unwinding after a day of sightseeing or business.

Food and Drinks Wallpaper

Some hotel lounges may have a bar or offer light refreshments, snacks, or even breakfast in the mornings.

Food and drinks wallpaper can set the mood and create a welcoming atmosphere in such a hotel lounge.

For instance, a watercolor design featuring coffee mugs, cocktails, or pastries adds a touch of whimsy and sophistication without being overwhelming.

And, a repeated pattern of coffee or teacups in neutral tones creates a sense of relaxation and is perfect for a lounge where guests might enjoy a morning beverage.

Types of Lounges & Wallpaper

There are two main categories of lounges.

Standard Lounge is a general-access lounge open to all hotel guests. The standard lounge prioritizes comfort and creating a welcoming environment for guests. The wallpaper choices typically reflect this by using patterns and colors that are inviting and promote relaxation.

But a club Lounge is a more exclusive lounge with limited access. And it is typically for guests who book specific rooms or hold elite status in the hotel’s loyalty program.

Club lounges often offer additional perks like complimentary snacks, drinks, and even access to meeting spaces.

For a touch of luxury, consider a wallpaper that replicates the look and feel of leather. This adds a rich and inviting feel to the space.

How to choose wallpaper for the lounge

Choosing wallpaper is one of the important stages of decorating the lounge. Proper wall decoration helps create the right mood in the room, harmonizes the interior, and also hides some flaws in the previous stages of renovation work.

bright interior design of modern living room with white armchairs, table and beautiful flowers, 3d render

The wallpaper decoration of a lounge is of vital importance since it can be considered the central point of any home. And can define the style and be the starting point for the interior design of all the other spaces that make it up.

We design spaces where human relationships are encouraged and enjoyed. And are very careful in the selection of the design, the material, the texture, the color as well as all the decorative details of the wallpaper.

The choice of style in living room wallpaper has no limit. There are classic, modern, chic, romantic, retro, rustic, innovative, striped, different motifs or plain designs. In addition to personal tastes, to achieve the goal you are looking for, we recommend taking into account other factors such as the size of the room, the layout, the color, and the design of the furniture to achieve the best result.

Business Lounge Wallpaper

Tropical beach wallpaper with sun light wave abstract background. Copy space of summer vacation and business travel concept. Vector illustration

Many businesses, especially those with large office buildings, have lounges for their employees. These lounges can be a place to relax, socialize with colleagues, or grab a coffee break.

Business lounges tend to create a specific atmosphere – one that is professional yet inviting, sophisticated yet comfortable. This is reflected in the wallpaper choices.

World Maps

A subtle world map mural can add a touch of global sophistication to a business lounge. This can spark conversation and create a sense of worldly connection for travelers.

Nature Abstractions

3D Underwater fishes living room wallpaper, 3d illustration for wall decoration High quality wall art.

Nature-inspired abstract patterns can add a touch of serenity and calmness to a business lounge. Organic shapes and calming colors promote relaxation and focus for weary travelers.

Minimalist living room wallpaper

Modern trendy living room and kitchen with wallpaper in blue and beige tones. Wooden cabinets and fabric sofa. Minimal farmhouse interior design, 3d illustration

There’s very little difference between a living room and a lounge wallpaper. Both the living room and the lounge refer to the main room in a house where people relax, socialize, and watch TV.

Nature mountain scene with beautiful lake in Slovakia Tatra - Strbske pleso

Clean lines, simple furniture, and a neutral color palette define minimalism. This creates a sense of spaciousness and calm, perfect for relaxation.

Wooden living room with fabric sofa in gray and beige tones. Parquet floor, wallpaper, coffee tables and carpets. Japanese interior design, 3d illustration

Welcome the Japandi style in your home, a minimal style for a calm atmosphere, suitable for a relaxing environment such as the living room. The “Minimalist” wallpaper will contribute to more harmony in your lounge, with its minimalist and simple design and colors.

Enjoy our minimalist wallpaper in the wallpaper strip collection, custom-made by Wallpaper Kenya.

Modern lounge wallpaper

Similar to minimalist, modern style wallpaper incorporates clean lines and functionality. It often uses bold pops of color, statement lighting, and a mix of textures like leather, metal, and glass.

Geometric patterns

Seamless vintage pattern - Vector EPS10.

Geometric pattern wallpapers are a great way to add a touch of modern style to your lounge.

Summer circle wave Abstract geometrical surfaces pattern print motifs wallpaper collection and geometrical used, t-shirts fancy pattern work illustration in bright multi-coloured effects

They come in a variety of colors and scales, so you can find a pattern that fits your taste.

Textured wallpaper

Textured wallpapers add a layer of interest to your walls. They can be a great way to add visual texture to a room, especially if you have smooth walls.

Scandinavian-style lounge wallpaper

Think light, airy, and cozy! This style features light wood tones, white walls, and natural textures like wool and linen. It prioritizes functionality and comfort.

White landscapes, polar cold, and the smell of a fireplace. Forests of oak and ash trees, the steam of saunas, and the taste of fresh salmon.

All of this takes us to the land of impressive fjords, short days, and the northern lights. And we have traveled to the region of the Nordic countries.

Nordic decoration was born to combat the lack of light that these countries suffer during winter. Hence, white is the main protagonist since it multiplies light and favors the luminosity of the room in which it is located.

White is usually combined with colors such as gray, beige, and black, creating very attractive and balanced environments.

The combination of white tones with pastel colors such as pink or light blue is also very fashionable, especially in children’s or youth-style environments.

Traditional living room wallpaper

Elegance and formality are key here. Traditional lounges often have symmetrical furniture arrangements, rich fabrics like velvet, and warm color palettes.

Rustic lounge wallpaper

This style brings the outdoors in! Think exposed beams, natural stone accents, and furniture made from wood, leather, or wrought iron. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Rustic wallpaper is an excellent option to give a country and cozy touch to country houses. There are several areas where you can place rustic wallpaper to create an authentic and warm atmosphere.

And the living room walls are one such place. The living room is an ideal place to use rustic wallpaper. You can cover an entire wall with distressed wood, aged brick, or natural stone wallpaper design to create a rustic and cozy effect.


Perfect for lofts or converted warehouses, industrial-style lounge wallpaper embraces the raw and unfinished. Exposed brick walls, metal pipes, and concrete floors are common elements. Furniture is often vintage or repurposed.

Mid-century Modern

Mid-century modern style is all about embracing the new and the future, with clean lines, geometric shapes, and pops of color. This translates beautifully into wallpaper choices for your living room. Here are some ideas.

Geometric patterns

Distorted, smooth, curved concentric lines as an architectural design concept for lounge wallpaper. 3d rendering.

Think bold stripes, chevrons, concentric circles, and organic shapes in contrasting colors like mustard yellow, teal, olive green, and burnt orange. These patterns add a playful and graphic touch to your space.

Outerspace living room wallpaper

Cupola porthole on space station. ISS window. International space station. Earth planet with stars view. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Splash gorgeous colors into your living room with outer space wallpaper. The photo wallpaper shows the beauty of space that lies beyond the universe to give your lounge a dreamy vibe and vibrant atmosphere.

Beautiful sky cloud Space galaxy background with stars, bright colours, purple, blue, pink, night scene. Fantasy drawing sky cloudy blue purple galaxy

Fascinating, complexity and wonder of the galaxy are among the greatest views in the universe.

Fortunately, wallpaper perfectly captures the essence of that view to bring fascination and inspiration to your home. Simply admiring the vast expanse of space can create feelings of fun and joy and reduce stress.

That’s why outer space wallpaper can create a feeling of serenity and tranquility. Wallpaper almost seems like a magical portal to escape the stress and pressures of the modern world.

Nature motifs

Mid-century modern wallpaper design also embraces nature but with a stylized twist. Look for wallpapers with stylized birds, leaves, or flowers in a simplified and graphic form.

whimsical garden theme design

Nature motifs bring a touch of the outdoors into your lounge and create a calming and serene atmosphere.

You can create a cosmopolitan and sophisticated atmosphere with cityscape wallpaper. Or a statement wall featuring a panoramic view of a famous city skyline.

Bold abstract art wallpapers can add a touch of conversation-starting flair and create a unique focal point in the club lounge.

Wood paneling effect

Wallpaper that mimics wood paneling adds warmth and texture to your mid-century modern living room. This is a great choice for a feature wall behind your sofa or television.

Wood paneling effect wallpaper can also be a great choice for a hotel lounge as it adds warmth, sophistication, and a touch of vintage charm. Here’s why it might be a good fit.

It creates a cozy and inviting feel, perfect for a space where guests want to relax and unwind.

And, it comes in a variety of styles, from light and airy to dark and dramatic. You can find a look that complements the overall design of your hotel lounge.

The wallpaper is easier to maintain than real wood paneling, making it a practical choice for a high-traffic area like a hotel lounge.

Eclectic-style living room wallpaper

Do you love a bit of everything? Eclectic allows you to mix and match styles and periods to create a unique and personal space.

It can be fantastic for a lounge! It all depends on the kind of “electric” vibe you’re going for and the overall feel of the space.

Electric wallpaper makes a statement and can instantly elevate the energy of a room.

You can use electric wallpaper on a single feature wall to create a focal point and add interest to the space.

Bold and colorful wallpaper

Eclectic-style wallpaper allows you to play with color and pattern. Think stripes, florals, geometrics, or even animal prints, all mixed and matched in a way that feels harmonious and visually interesting.

Vintage vibes

Add a touch of nostalgia and charm with vintage wallpaper can add a touch of nostalgia and charm to your eclectic living room. Look for floral prints, damask patterns, or even toile wallpaper.

Living room ceiling wallpaper

Did you know that we have ceiling wallpaper designs with which you can create simple or unusual interior designs for lounges of any purpose?

Whatever style your apartment, business, or house is decorated in, choosing ceiling wallpaper that follows the same style will not cause any difficulties.

To glue the canvases, the use of special skills and tools is not required. The main thing is to select ceiling wallpaper design.

The wallpaper can be used in rooms of different configurations, sizes, and purposes. With their help, you can easily change the geometry of the lounge or visually enlarge it.


The color scheme of the canvas largely depends on the area of ​​the room. In small rooms, light colors look good – white, beige, and ivory, visually expanding the space.


Ceiling wallpaper products have a wide range of original designs. But they should be used carefully in the interior of lounges. When the room is small, it is better to avoid prints altogether, as they can visually pull down the room.

If minimalism is not for you, then you can choose small floral or geometric designs.

It is best if the elements of the print are separate and do not merge into the overall composition. Ideally, the images are made in the same color as the canvas or differ from it by a couple of tones.


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