Marble effect mural

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Welcome to Wallpaper Kenya for a huge collection of marble effect mural designs wallpaper and contact paper. Perfect for adding a classic touch to your home! Marble effects just scream quality and class in interior decoration. And, these wallpaper and contact paper murals convey the same message – it adds an aesthetically pleasing touch to […]


Welcome to Wallpaper Kenya for a huge collection of marble effect mural designs wallpaper and contact paper. Perfect for adding a classic touch to your home!
Abstract hand painted marble effect mural landscape art wallpaper. Suitable for print and digital media, rugs, wallpapers, wall art, graphic design, social media, posters, gallery walls...
Marble effects just scream quality and class in interior decoration. And, these wallpaper and contact paper murals convey the same message – it adds an aesthetically pleasing touch to your home!
Abstract ocean- ART. Natural Luxury. Style incorporates the swirls of marble or the ripples of agate. Very beautiful blue paint with the addition of gold powder
Marble effect murals can adapt to any room and any environment and will look great in any setting.
3d rendering modern luxury dining room with marble effect mural near door
This collection is extensive and constantly updated by extremely talented and hard-working designers and artists. So there’s sure to be a marble effect mural that’s right up your street.
Abstract hand painted marble filled landscape art wallpaper. Suitable for print and digital media, rugs, wallpapers, wall art, graphic design, social media, posters, gallery walls, t-shirt design
From classic white to pink, blue, and every other color you can imagine, there is something to suit every room.
Stylish bathroom interior design with marble contact paper mural. Bathtub, towels and other personal bathroom accessories. Modern glamour interior concept. Roof window. Template.
You no longer have to give up your search for aesthetic marble wallpaper. Browse here and find the perfect marble print wallpaper for your home today!

The benefits of marble effect mural

Marble effect mural is a popular option for wall and furniture decoration in the interior. They imitate natural marble and create an elegant and sophisticated look.

Marble contact-paper-countertops

Wallpaper with a marble pattern can be made in various color variations, from classic white marble to black or even colored.

Abstract rose blush liquid watercolor background with golden lines, dots and stains. Pastel marble alcohol ink drawing effect. Vector illustration design template for wedding invitation.

They can have different textures, from smooth and shiny to rough and matte, to emphasize the naturalness of marble.

Aesthetic Appeal

Pastel cyan mint liquid marble watercolor background with white lines and brush stains. Teal turquoise marbled alcohol ink drawing effect. Vector illustration backdrop, watercolour wedding invitation.

Marble precious stone is a symbol of luxury and sophistication. A marble effect mural adds elegance and charm to your interior decoration.

Variety of Designs

Marble ink abstract art from exquisite original painting for abstract background . Painting was painted on high quality paper texture to create smooth marble background pattern of ombre alcohol ink .

There is a wide variety of marble designs that can suit different interior design styles. You can choose the marble wallpaper that best suits your overall design concept.

Ease of Install

Blue Marble and gold abstract background vector. Marbling wallpaper design with natural luxury style swirls of marble and gold powder.

Marble wallpaper is usually easy to install compared to natural marble. They can be easily glued to the wall and, if necessary, replaced or removed without significant effort.

A More Affordable Alternative

Blue marble texture background with high resolution, Italian marble slab with golden veins, Closeup surface grunge stone texture, Polished natural granite marbel for ceramic digital wall tiles.

Natural marble can be quite expensive, while marble wallpaper offers a more affordable alternative. This allows you to create the effect of marble in the interior without high costs.
seamless watercolour floral marble effect mural. grunge abstract art background
However, it is worth noting that wallpaper with a marble pattern imitates marble and is not real marble. Their surface may be less durable and susceptible to damage, so they require more careful handling.

Marble effects in different rooms

Modern technology now enables you to substitute with marble effect wallpaper. But real marble has been a favorite in interior design for centuries, and for good reason.

Abstract marbled pattern featuring a vibrant blend of pink, blue, and purple hues with fluid swirls and waves

In flooring marble adds a touch of luxury and creates a spacious feel, especially lighter colors. Common areas include foyers, living rooms, and hallways. Polished marble is great for elegance, while honed marble offers a more subtle, textured look.

Ink, paint, abstract. Closeup of the painting. Colorful abstract painting background. Highly-textured oil paint. High quality details marble effect mural.

Kitchens and bathrooms are prime locations for marble countertops, providing a beautiful and durable work surface. Be aware that marble is susceptible to staining and etching, so it needs special care.

Liquid watercolor texture. Colorful transparent pattern. Repeatable background. Abstract flow contemporary art design. Trendy fabric prints. Vector illustration

Marble wall tiles create a timeless and sophisticated look. They can be used for a full accent wall, a wainscot (lower portion of the wall), or even just around features like fireplaces.

Living room marble effect mural

Wallpaper with a marble effect can add luxury and elegance to the living room, especially if it has a classic or modern style.

grain and vintage effect photo of dining table and comfortable chairs with elegant table setting

Since the living room is often large in size marble walls look majestic and graceful. The interior becomes similar to royal chambers.

White Marble with Beige veins wallpaper adds an elegant effect on bedroom, bathroom, living room and dining room walls, Choose from modern black, textured grey, luxurious designs, Created from photos.

For smaller living rooms, a lighter-colored mural with smaller marble patterns creates a feeling of spaciousness. In larger rooms, you can explore bolder patterns and darker colors.

Natural Luxury. Style incorporates the swirls of marble or the ripples of agate for a luxe effect. Beautiful painting. Ancient oriental drawing technique. Pastel tones. Marbleized effect

But match the mural’s style to your existing furniture and décor. Classic marble patterns complement transitional styles, while more modern or abstract patterns suit contemporary spaces.

Abstract fluid art background dark golden and copper colors. Liquid marble. Acrylic painting on canvas with brown lines and gradient. Alcohol ink backdrop with glitter wavy pattern.

And, choose a high-quality wallpaper specifically designed for walls if you desire a more durable and realistic finish. Consider hiring a professional installer for complex designs or large murals.

Marble gold texture seamless background. Abstract golden glitter marbling seamless pattern for fabric, tile, interior design or gift wrapping . Realistic business or wedding cover card. Vector eps 8

With careful planning and the right mural choice, you can transform your living room into a luxurious and stylish space using marble effect murals.

Modern Abstract Gold Foil Lines Green Canvas Art Paintings For Living Room

Teenager’s room

Iridescent holographic abstract rainbow seamless pattern. Vibrant background in 80s and 90s style. Tie dye art gradient effect. Unicorn wallpaper. Fairy tale backdrop.

For a children’s room, cool colors are not a very good option, but teenagers like the minimalist style. From 13 to 18 years old, children try more and more to resemble adults, so they choose sophisticated marble.


Abstract background. Ink marble texture.

Marble wallpaper can create a calm and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. Choose neutral tones or pastel shades to create a relaxing environment.

Calming and serene effect

Mauve liquid watercolor background with golden glitter lines. Pastel violet marble alcohol ink drawing effect. Vector illustration of abstract stylish fluid art amethyst backdrop.

Opt for a soft grey or white marble mural with subtle veining for a calming and serene atmosphere in your bedroom. This creates a sense of peace and tranquility, perfect for relaxation.

Luxurious retreat

contemporary living room with open concept view through to dining room kitchen and a marble fireplace with gas fire

Create a luxurious retreat with a bold black marble effect mural. This adds a touch of drama and sophistication to your bedroom, making it feel like a high-end hotel suite.

Romantic touch effect

Natural pattern, CORAL colors with golden powder, mixed paints. Paper marbling is a method of aqueous surface design, which can produce patterns similar to smooth marble or other kinds of stone.

Introduce a touch of romance with a rose gold or pink marble effect mural. This creates a soft and feminine look, perfect for a romantic bedroom.

Earthy Inspiration

brown white Marble texture pattern background.wave effected. can used for wallpaper and skin wall tile or other work space.

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with a green or brown marble effect mural. Earthy tones create a sense of grounding and tranquility in your bedroom.

Headboard Alternative

Create a unique headboard by applying a marble effect mural to the wall behind your bed. This is a budget-friendly alternative to a traditional headboard and adds a touch of personality to your sleep space.

3d rendering a luxury bedroom interior with bedding sheet dark tone and modern style, stone and wooden headboard, wooden floor.

Dresser Upcycle

An artistic creation of marbled green shades swirled together to form a vibrant, abstract texture

Breathe new life into an old dresser by applying a marble effect mural to its surface. This creates a unique and stylish statement piece in your bedroom.

Bathroom marble effect mural

Marble 100% Waterproof Self Adhesive Decorative Bathroom Wallpaper

Marble wallpaper can give a bathroom a luxurious and stylish look. They can be especially impressive against the backdrop of white plumbing fixtures.


Abstract hand painted marble filled landscape art wallpaper. Suitable for print and digital media, rugs, wallpapers, wall art, graphic design, social media, posters, gallery walls, t-shirt design

If you have a study or library, marble wallpaper can add elegance and drama to the room.

Entrance hall marble effect mural

3d abstract wallpaper. Black, gray, turquoise, white and golden marble with golden lines

Marble wallpaper can create a great first impression when entering a home. They are suitable for creating a luxurious and stylish foyer.

Abstract hand painted marble pattern filled landscape art wallpaper.

Wall wallpaper is an option to preserve the appearance of the walls for a long time. The corridor is a passage room where people come in outerwear and dirty shoes. Even small spots on plain walls will be visible. But the marble texture will hide imperfections.

Abstract hand painted marble filled landscape art wallpaper. Suitable for print and digital media, rugs, wallpapers, wall art, graphic design, social media, posters, gallery walls, t-shirt design

For the entrance area (corridor), we recommend choosing colorful wallpaper options to hide any dirt.

Marble effect mural substitutes

Abstract marble and texture fill art wallpaper

Apply marble wallpaper to any room in your home for a truly unique and original look. Ensuring that your room always stands out from the crowd and attracts attention when you enter!

Marble seamless pattern. Repeating white and black marble texture. Geometry floor. Mosaic background for design home print. Repeated elegant geometric pattern tile. View above laminate. Illustration

Returning to your old walls is simply not an option. With marble effect murals you get a lot of freedom as you can decorate your walls the way you like without any permanent commitment to a design.

Abstract hand painted marble filled landscape art wallpaper. Suitable for print and digital media, rugs, wallpapers, wall art, graphic design, social media, posters, gallery walls, t-shirt design

And if you see a current trend that you like, you can easily change your wallpaper and follow it! Our marble wall wallpaper is sure to make your rooms look incredibly beautiful, while also bringing added benefits such as increased depth, style, and warmth. make your home even more special!

Trendy purple marble with gold details, wallpaper mural , luxury illustration

Marble effect wallpaper can be a great alternative to real marble in certain areas.

Powder Rooms & Utility Rooms

Aquarelle Painted Blotch. Minimalist Urban Wear. White Marble Effect. Elegant Acrylic Craft Illustration. Abstract Classic Illustration. Salmon Animal. Aquarelle Painted Print.

The powder room and Utility room spaces benefit from the luxurious look of marble without the constant wear and tear of high-traffic areas. Wallpaper is also easier to maintain in rooms with potential splashes.

Real photo of marble bedside table with tea cup, box and fresh flowers standing by the bed in dark grey room interior with window with drapes

Real marble can be expensive, especially for small spaces like powder rooms. Marble effect murals offer a luxurious look without breaking the bank.

Dirty Art Graffiti. Crumpled Rustic Decor. Red Material. Abstract Fashion Illustration. Cherry Animal. Crumpled Retro Spring Illustration. Dirty Art Texture

Embrace the small space and go for a bold green marble mural with dramatic veining. This will create a truly unforgettable impression on your guests.

Chantilly cream abstract background. Satin luxury cloth texture. Memphis vintage, retro style. Hand painted marble backdrop. Fractal Ornament. Peach-yellow Lace. Texture of cream.

Or, play with a vintage-inspired marble effect mural featuring floral patterns or geometric accents. This will add a touch of personality and charm to your powder room.


Marble effect contact paper is a great way to add a touch of luxury and style to your kitchen backsplash. It’s more affordable and easier to install than a real marble tile.

high resolution for ceramic print. backsplash background design. mosaic, ceramic kitchen tile, abstract pattern

While real marble can work here, marble effect wallpaper can provide a beautiful and affordable alternative, especially in high-use kitchens where staining might be a concern.

Real natural marble stone and surface background

But choose contact paper because it is specifically designed for kitchens and bathrooms. And marble contact paper will be moisture-resistant and easier to clean.


Applying marble effect contact paper to furniture is a great DIY project to refresh old pieces or add a touch of luxury.

Brown Marble Peel and Stick Contact Paper for Countertops, Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets, Cupboard and Shelf Drawers

Marble effect contact paper on furniture pieces like console tables or vanity units can elevate their look without the weight and cost of real marble.

Turquoise Marble Pattern Self Adhesive Peel & Stick for furniture and wall effects.

Remember to clean the furniture surface thoroughly with a damp cloth and allow it to dry completely. Because any dust, dirt, or grease can affect the adhesion of the contact paper. Ann remove any hardware like drawer pulls if necessary.

Old Desk with White Marble Effect Wallpaper Contact Paper

For corners, carefully cut a small slit at a 45-degree angle on the contact paper to allow it to fold around neatly. For curved edges, use a hairdryer on a low, heat setting to make the contact paper more pliable and conform to the shape. Be careful not to overheat the contact paper or furniture.

Custom-made color marble mural effects

The world of marble effect murals offers a surprising range of colors for interior design. From classic whites and blacks to dramatic greens and earthy tones.

Abstract hand painted marble effect, filled landscape art wallpaper. Suitable for print and digital media, rugs, wallpapers, wall art, graphic design, social media, posters, gallery walls, t-shirt design

The marble effect pattern on silk fabric wallpaper is not at all difficult to use and does not give reflection in bright light. So you know the quality is high! and any imperfections on the wall can be quickly hidden.

Abstract marble effect graphic texture with wavy curved stripes in limited light cold colors Liquid swirl and pouring decorative effect

The material is extremely durable and resistant to tears, wrinkles, and bubbles, peeling or tearing will not be a problem.

Abstract marble and texture fill art wallpaper mural

Thanks to this durability, our custom-made marbled wallpaper will last for many years. But gives you the opportunity to constantly change it or leave it unchanged for a long time.

Here’s a look at some popular marble color choices and the vibes they create.

Classic and timeless effects

White Marble

Carrara marble is a timeless favorite with its soft greyish-white hues and subtle veining. It evokes a sense of elegance and works well with various design styles.

Carrara statuarietto white marble with golden luxury effect, white marble texture background, calacatta glossy marble with grey streaks, thassos statuario tile, classic Italian bianco marble stone.

The white marble Inspires purity and neatness, as well as providing light and spaciousness to any home or space. Particularly when you do not combine it with any other type of marble.

Statuarietto white marble with golden streaks effect. thassos glossy statuario marble tile, banco super-white, italian granite stone texture for digital ceramic wall tile and floor tile.

For all that reason, white marble wallpaper is ideal for use in confined spaces, as well as kitchens and bathrooms.

Marble texture abstract background pattern with high resolution. Natural white marble texture for skin tile wallpaper luxurious background. Carrara stone ceramic art wall interiors backdrop design.

White is a colour that can fortunately be combined with any type of marble, so you can use any type of material depending on the environment that you are trying to create.

Natural Inspiration

Green Marble

Green marble effect mural is very popular among beauty connoisseurs.

Alcohol ink painting background design with gold texture.

A green marble effect mural can create a stunning focal point in any room. Choose a mural with a bold pattern for a dramatic look, or a more subtle pattern for a more elegant feel.

Multi Color vines marble texture or abstract background. onyx marbl in multi color vines glass effect texture feels natural figure natural marble. The colorful of the drops colors on the marbel

This category brings the beauty of nature indoors.

They come in a variety of shades and patterns, so you can find one that perfectly complements your existing décor.

Popular options include Verde Alpi with deep forest green tones and Verde Antique with a softer, mossy green color. Green marble adds a touch of sophistication and tranquility to a space.

Cream Marble

Cream marble is a wonderful option for tile flooring and countertops throughout your home or business that adds color without being overbearing or dramatic. This color blends seamlessly with other interior design choices, making it a sensible option for many.

Here are our favorite cream marble options.

Red Marble

Unlike cream, red marble adds serious distinction to any application.

Azerbaycan Baku. 25.09. 2018 . Entrance to the beauty salon . Interior design . Reception of a bright beauty salon . Reception area at the beauty salon . Red marble reception . Glass door . Lsd TV .

This bold color will truly make your application stand out from the rest. When used correctly, it can bring life to any room and works well with white, black, grey, or Calcutta marble as well.

Watercolor background drawn by brush. Red paints spilled on paper effect. Golden shiny veins and cracked marble texture. Elegant luxury wallpaper for design, print, invitations.

Here are our favorite red marble options.

Blue Marble

Blue is known to provide a calming effect on humans. And blue marble can be used to achieve this same effect while still finding ways to be bold and unique in color choice. While this color choice can be used in bold fashion, there are many subtle options available that blend well with other interior design choices.

Marble art painting blue pink effect mural design

Here are our favorite blue marble options from around the world:

Multi Color vines marble texture or abstract background. onyx marbl in multi color vines glass effect texture feels natural figure natural marble. The colorful of the drops colors on the marbel

Brown Marble

Are you looking for a beautiful stone to match the natural earth tones in your home or business? Brown marble may be the choice for you! This stone works well for countertops and flooring while highlighting other applications without taking away from them.

Here are our favorite brown marble options from around the world:

Dramatic Impact effect

Black Marble

Black marble mural is similar in its simplistic elegance to white marble. But it offers a more modern and edgy aesthetic that many homeowners and businesses are looking to achieve.

black marble background. black Portoro marbl wallpaper and counter tops. black marble floor and wall tile. black travertino marble texture. natural granite stone.

With a pop of white or gold veins running throughout, black marble offers a truly eye-catching effect that brings sophistication to any application.

natural gold imperial emperador marble, Levadia marble texture with golden veins, Potrero limestone breccia tiles, Italian rustic quartzite matt tile illustration.

Here are our favorite black marble wallpaper options.

Nero Marquina marble effect mural, is a high-quality, black marble with distinctive white veining. It is a popular choice in the world of interior design and architecture due to its elegant and dramatic appearance

Warm and Inviting effect

Beige, Brown, and Gold Marbles

These colors, like Breccia Capraia or Emperador Light, add warmth and a sense of comfort to an interior. They’re perfect for creating inviting and luxurious spaces.

Grey sophistication effect

Grey Marble

Similar to white and black marble, grey marble murals provide a clean, natural, and tasteful pattern that you can’t go wrong with. If you are looking to achieve a sense of style and sophistication while matching your accent decor without being overly flashy, this natural stone effect is perfect for you.

Blue and gray color wavy stripes on white background. Wallpaper, stretch ceiling decoration and decorative background image.

Here are our favorite grey marble options:

A versatile option like Grey Vancouver or Silver Cloud offers a touch of sophistication without being too bold. Gray marble pairs well with a variety of colors and design aesthetics.

 Brown marble texture pattern. texture background,

Remember, veining plays a big role! The unique patterns of veins in each marble slab can greatly impact the overall feel. From delicate spiderwebs to dramatic swirls, consider how the veining complements your design vision.

Marble contact paper mural effects

What is the difference between marble contact paper and custom-made marble wallpaper?

Contact Paper is made from thin vinyl with a printed marble design. It’s generally affordable and lightweight. But Custom Wallpaper is made from a variety of materials like vinyl canvas, and silk fabric.

Custom options allow you to choose the material and designs that best suit your needs, like durability or washability.

Design & Customization

Contact Paper comes in pre-designed patterns with no customization options. You might find a narrow variety of marble designs, and you’re stuck with the size and pattern offered.

Dark grey black slate marble background or marbel texture, natural Portoro background with high resolution, luxurious glossy stone texture for digital wall and floor tiles, emperador granite tile.

But custom marble effect wallpaper Offers a high degree of customization. You can choose a specific marble pattern, adjust the scale of the design, and even create a completely custom design to perfectly match your vision.


Decorative acrylic texture effect. Light blue and white colours. Beautiful abstract background. Marble. Modern creative artwork. Liquid ink on wet surface. Contemporary art.

Marble contact paper is generally easier to install due to its self-adhesive backing. Peel and stick for a quick application. However, lining up patterns on larger surfaces can be tricky.

Abstract seamless pattern, alcohol ink texture, watercolor background. Turquoise, pink, purple, black, gold colors. 3d illustration, digital paper, luxury wallpaper, cloth, fabric printing, mural art

Marble custom wallpaper installation can be more involving depending on the material. Pre-pasted wallpapers might be easier for DIY. But vinyl canvas and silk fabric require separate paste and a more meticulous approach.

Hiring a professional installer is an option for complex designs or large areas.

Durability & Applications

Marble contact Paper is less durable than marble custom-made wallpaper murals. It’s prone to scratches, tears, and heat damage. Good for temporary applications or low-traffic areas.

Stone texture effect, natural stone, natural granite Marengo Grey marble

Custom-made marble wallpaper murals can be more durable depending on the material. High-quality vinyl canvas and silk fabric wallpapers are washable and resist fading. And they are suitable for a wider range of applications including kitchens, bathrooms, and even high-traffic areas.


Textured of the black marble background. Gold and white patterned natural of dark gray marble texture. black Pietra Italian marbel texture background. Black marble gold pattern luxury, Slab Tile

Marble contact Paper is the most affordable option. Custom marble wallpaper mural prices can vary depending on the size, material, and complexity of the design. Generally more expensive than contact paper, but are still a cost-effective alternative to real marble.

In summary

Bardiglio marble texture with natural pattern effect, grey beola texture background, Natural Emperador marbel for wall and floor tiles, gray stone, grunge background with space for text, polished limestone

The most daring interior decoration ideas require the selection of the best finishing materials. To get a universal and at the same time bright interior, in which classic and avant-garde elements, accessories, and furniture will look equally elegant, buyers often choose marble effect wallpaper.

This coating looks impressive in appearance, is practical, does not require special care, and harmoniously combines with other types of room decoration.

Choose marble contact paper for a quick, affordable update on a low-traffic area. But opt for marble effect custom-made wallpaper murals for a more durable, high-quality look with greater design flexibility. It’s a better choice for high-traffic areas or if you desire a specific marble pattern.


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