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Get your Maroon 3D wallpaper design custom-made at Wallpaper Kenya today. We print wallpaper and we can even do a design that you may provide, as long as it is of a high resolution. Maroon tones… Their appearance in the interior, even in accents, instantly brings a feeling of luxury and refined severity. Representatives of […]


Get your Maroon 3D wallpaper design custom-made at Wallpaper Kenya today. We print wallpaper and we can even do a design that you may provide, as long as it is of a high resolution.

Abstract maroon 3d wallpaper futuristic wavy background. Elegant geometric curved wave in motion. Liquid metallic texture, fluid chrome surface. 3d. 3D Illustration

Maroon tones… Their appearance in the interior, even in accents, instantly brings a feeling of luxury and refined severity.

Trendy romantic maroon background seamless pattern with pink-white ornate cutting paper 3d flower sakura - japanese cherry tree, branch and leaf. Floral stylish modern wallpaper. Raster illustration

Representatives of the spectrum in 3D design fill rooms with special energy, making the atmosphere emotional and sensual.

Geometrical Shape Polygon Background Texture Vector background in Red, Maroon Color.

Burdungy wallpaper is a characteristic feature of luxurious, expensive interiors, which are decorated in Baroque, Empire, Classic, and Art Deco styles.

Maroon and blackish color spiral 3d, swirl illustration

This color was named after the red wine of the same name from France; it has long been a symbol of maturity, success, and nobility.

Seamless gold chains with baroque pattern on maroon. Vector Illustration.

For many centuries, theater halls, expensive restaurants, palaces, and luxury hotels have been using wallpaper in burgundy tones combined with notes of gold and ivory.

Beautiful trendy nature background seamless pattern with stylized summer 3d flowers maroon and blue leaves. Floral stylish modern wallpaper. ceramic wall tiles design, illustration

Once upon a time, the maroon palette was actively used for decorating palaces and houses of the nobility. But today elite colors have firmly established themselves in the apartments of mere mortals.

Red maroon background with 3D modern wave curve abstract presentation background. Luxury paper cut background. 3d vector illustration for decoration, banner, flyer, business card design, and much more

Moreover, wherever maroon wallpaper appears: in the interior of the kitchen, bedroom, hallway, corridor, and living room – they look equally respectable and expensive everywhere.

Luxury Gold Red Maroon Vector Background

Achieving such an effect is not too difficult if you know the specifics of using the shade. These subtleties will be discussed below.

Features of decorating living spaces in maroon 3D wallpaper design

One of the uses of maroon 3D wallpaper is that it hides minor defects on the wall.

Beautiful abstract intertwined 3d fibers forming a shape of sparkle, flame, flower, interlinked hearts. Pink, blue, maroon, orange, and purple colors. Illustration.

Old and damaged walls require 3D wallpaper in order to cover up the surface imperfections.

Viva Magenta color of the year 2023. Trendy concept poster. 3d red Foil on black Background. Abstract Wallpaper art. Glitch Grunge Texture. Dark Metallic Effect.

If your walls are really ugly but you are not married to the idea that they must be flat and smooth, using 3d wallpaper may be a better alternative to skim coating. You’ll still need to patch up deeply gouged spots first but you won’t have to make it perfect.

Futuristic Technology Alien Industrial Basement Hangar Warehouse Cool Maroon Brown Abstract Background Wallpaper 3D Render

With 3D wallpaper, not only can you hide many surface flaws, but you will also add decorative value to your home at the same time.

Imaginative Retro Modern Spaceship Studio Showroom Gallery Concrete Asphalt Floor Hangar Tunnel Corridor Maroon Brown Used As Banner Background Wallpaper 3D Rendering

Despite the fact that maroon is considered a non-conflicting shade (regardless of its origin), its use in the design of rooms of various functions should follow certain principles.

Red Heart Vector White Backgound. Birthday Papercut Wallpaper. Maroon Color Romance Hearts Design.

When choosing maroon wallpaper for the interior of a hallway, kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc., you need to focus on: room dimensions; light level; planning nuances; and designer delights.

Expert advice

To ensure a harmonious environment, experts advise:

Fantasy chaotic colorful fractal pattern. Abstract fractal shapes. 3D rendering illustration background or wallpaper.

Do not use maroon wallpaper in a dark bedroom, hallway, or hallway. Such walls will absorb the already scanty flows of natural light, which will make the rooms even gloomier. There will be a feeling of tightness and discomfort.

Set of abstract 3D luxury golden geometric stripes line on Dark blue, Red and black background. Polygonal triangle pattern collection design. Can use for cover, poster, banner web, flyer, Print ad.

The same effect will be produced by the appearance of a dark background in small rooms. So opt for such a design solution only if the room is spacious enough and well-lit. Pay attention to the decorative elements present in the setting.

triangular geometry art. for wallpaper or background. combination of maroon and yellow gold.

Not everything in the interior will look good against the background of maroon 3D wallpaper. The shade is capricious and requires proportional dilution, preferably with lighter colors. Moreover, you can not be shy with their quantity and add it in a 1:1 ratio.

3d render of 2 red roses on a brownish gray background for invitation backdrop, mother's day, and valentine design concept

Give the green light to antiques or, at a minimum, antique-style items. Thematic sets, paintings in solid frames, and antique sculptures will look wonderful against the background of maroon walls.

Amber colored sparkling diamond - raster version

If you create a decorative panel in the interior of, say, a bedroom, from maroon wallpaper with flowers, it can be decorated with beautiful moldings. Feel free to use the shade in the decoration of workspaces.

Abstract Metallic Sci-fi Hi-tech Equipment Or Facility Bright Modern Bright Purple Violet Banner Background Wallpaper Tech Concepts 3D Illustration

The psychology of maroon color is such that it forces you to concentrate and promotes concentration. And isn’t this what office owners who sit down to work crave? You can see options for decorating similar interiors with maroon wallpaper in the photos.

Highly Detailed Background Texture 3D Illustration with navy color Right triangle shapes and Maroon color Pentagonal prism shapes Raisin Color color Hexagonal pyramid

And don’t be afraid of different texture combinations. Wallpaper on the walls can be complemented by brick or stonework, natural wood, or its imitation. The decor will only benefit from this, and notes of romanticism and elegance characteristic of late autumn will appear in the atmosphere of the room.

Where can you use maroon 3D wallpaper design in the interior?

If you want your apartment to have an atmosphere of success in life and the personification of status, then choose maroon wallpaper for the walls.

Red and Maroon Gradient Shell Seamless Repeat Vector Pattern

They are a unique mixture of red and brown shades that create solemnity and a festive mood in the interior and at the same time set the mood for calm and a pleasant pastime. In a living space, maroon-colored wallpaper for walls is best used in the living room, bedroom, office, dining room, and hallway.

How to choose the right maroon 3D wallpaper?

Before you order maroon wallpaper, you should think in advance about its combination with furniture, curtains, and other interior items.

abstract 3d illustration red white line background

In the living room, dining room, and other spacious rooms, burgundy goes well with notes of gold and silver, which will enhance the atmosphere of luxury and respectability.

ABC letters and reading and writing studies in an educational 3D illustration about the acquisition of the basics of literacy in the elementary grades of the school and the acquisition of education

In the bedroom, delicate pink tones will help soften this shade, and in the study, a combination of burgundy and green will create a calm, productive atmosphere.

Highly Detailed Background Texture 3D Illustration with maroon color Star shapes and Green color Triangle shapes Pink Color color Prism shapes

It is not necessary to cover all the walls with them; you can focus on one of them. If the walls are uneven, then take dense embossed samples with a relief texture or patterns that will visually hide any defects. Furniture, curtains, and carpets in cream or pink shades will look good against their background.

Abstract red luxury beautiful background with marble swirls waves texture.Business card template.Textured paper design.For logo,text,company name,decor.Beauty banner wallpaper.Fashion wall art.Swirl.

It is important to ensure a sufficient level of lighting so as not to overdo it with dark shades.

Reasons to order maroon 3D wallpaper design

Elegant wall coverings in dark scarlet tones have their advantages:

  • create an atmosphere of luxury in the interior;
  • reduce the size of spacious rooms, making them more comfortable;
  • suitable for contrast and zoning of space;
  • retain the brightness of color and clarity of patterns for a long time;
  • attracted by the variety of shades and textures.

Game of colors with maroon: Maroon with gold

Maroon 3D wallpaper with gold is a trendy combination that can be called a tandem of maroon wallpaper in the interior. Such combinations are in demand in retro styles, classics, and pompous baroque. It is recommended to decorate living rooms and spacious halls from a similar perspective.

Golden raindrops are located against the maroon background with a yellow-golden silhouette of butterfly. Abstract fantasy. 3D render.

Maroon 3D wallpaper design with gold adds sophistication and luxury to the interior. A correctly chosen pattern looks aristocratic and stylish. Photo wallpaper of this shade goes well with wooden furniture and materials stylized as stone or brick.

3D Illustration of fire with a twist. Although fire can be easily distinguished here but a dark red almost maroon like tone in the background gives rise to many an imagination. Notice reflections.

In this color scheme, it is better to decorate interiors in classic, country, modern, and oriental styles. They are made of paper, non-woven fabric, and textiles. When choosing, you need to take into account the brightness of the color and the material of manufacture, since the durability and wear resistance of the images depends on this. And also – the room and its dimensions, so that there is no feeling of a closed space.

Holywood style seamless cinema movie pattern. Popcorn, camera, 3d glasses and clapperboard silhouettes on striped background. Maroon tones artwork. For fabric design, textile. Vector illustration

Burgundy wallpaper decorates the spacious, bright living space. In small rooms, images with this shade are used for individual areas that can be emphasized. If there is not enough light, rich burgundy can be shaded with a white ceiling, creating contrast. To focus on one part of the living space, choose plain ones.

Luxury Abstract Textured Red Background with Glow Golden Line

The classic style is characterized by straight patterns, while minimalism is characterized by various geometric patterns. Flowers on burgundy wallpaper look luxurious, but visually narrow the space. You can decorate a bedroom or living room in burgundy and golden tones.


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