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Modern mural ideas are all about pushing boundaries and expressing yourself. Mural printing innovations are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, making the creation and installation of high-quality murals more efficient, versatile, and exciting. But The term “modern murals” can be subjective! You can find traditional art but modern wall murals. And therefore, a […]


Abstract, modern mural ideas, stylish background wall, watercolour, paint, forest, plants, flowers, leaves, gold elements

Modern mural ideas are all about pushing boundaries and expressing yourself.

3D rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural New York

Mural printing innovations are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, making the creation and installation of high-quality murals more efficient, versatile, and exciting.

Teamwork quote in modern mural typography. Design for your wall graphics, typographic poster, web design and office space graphics.

But The term “modern murals” can be subjective! You can find traditional art but modern wall murals.

oil painting on canvas, street view of london. Artwork. Big ben. man and woman under a red umbrella, bus and road. Tree. England

And therefore, a definitive, universally agreed-upon definition of “modern murals” is tricky.

Bauhaus popular seamless pattern illustration. Colourful flat cartoon character background in trendy style. Complex relevance composition.

However, we can explore some key characteristics that set them apart from traditional murals and wallpapers.

Everything you can imagine is real quote in modern typography. Design for your wall graphics, typographic poster, web design and office space graphics.

Modern interior murals are a form of artistic expression that brings a huge number of advantages for the interior and its inhabitants.

Abstract artistic background. Vector landscape painting, Chinese style, mood landscape painting, golden texture. Ink landscape painting. modern Art. Prints, wallpapers, posters, murals, carpets

It allows you to bring uniqueness, individuality, and a certain character into the room, creating an atmosphere of coziness, comfort, and aesthetics.

Abstract art tropical leaves modern mural vector design. Wallpaper design with watercolour art texture from palm leaves, Jungle leaves, monstera leaf, exotic botanical floral pattern.

This is the type of decor that highlights the interior, makes it memorable, and, reflects the personality of the owners.

Tropical leaves pattern, seamless texture, luxury watercolour 3d illustration. Minimal art, beautiful mural, hd wallpaper, pastel background, hand-drawn. Graphic design, stylish modern mural ideas.

Drawing in the interior can create the impression of space, add depth, and change the visual dimensions of the room.

Luxury abstract fluid wall art painting in alcohol ink technique, mixture of black, grey and gold paints. Imitation of marble stone cut, glowing golden veins. Tender and dreamy design.

In addition, a painting on the wall can also have a beneficial psychological effect: influencing emotions, uplifting, calming, or promoting concentration.

abstract memphis digital painting of indian elephant, vector illustration

Modern murals can take many different forms and styles – from abstract patterns to imitations of natural elements.

Hand drawn oil painting - triptych. Abstract art background on canvas. London, Paris, Pisa. Travel. In Interior Modern, Contemporary art. Yellow geometric

Here we discuss some modern mural theme ideas to get you started.

Modern Mural Concepts

In modern mural art, style refers to the overall visual language used to create the artwork.

Modern mural ideas of business people working in creative office

It encompasses several elements that work together to create a specific mood, feeling, or message.

Mountain landscape, mountain-scape, mountain mural, winter mountains, children's room décor, contemporary Scandinavian wallpapers

Modern mural styles are often influenced by various art movements like realism, abstraction, pop art, or street art.

Psychedelic, avant-garde art. Set of vector illustrations. Colourful painting with strokes of paint splashes. Bright background for a poster, wallpaper, media banner, t-shirt print.

These movements have their characteristic styles in terms of subject matter, color palettes, and techniques.

Characteristics of modern murals

Abstract oil painting seamless pattern with ink element in modern murals style. Hand drawn paint brushes background.

Ideally, modern murals splash a contemporary vibe into any space and come with some key characteristics.

Large size ink landscape painting with Chinese style and elegant artistic conception

Clean lines and graphic elements

Simple wallpaper modern mural designs with geometric circles and line patterns

Think minimalism with sharp lines, geometric shapes, and bold patterns. These elements create a chic and sophisticated feel.

Impressive scale

water concept mural. huge funny water rain drops in rainbow colours. vector illustration. fall autumn cartoon 3d rain

Modern murals tend to be large-scale, making a powerful statement on your accent wall.

Abstract hand painted marble filled landscape art wallpaper. Suitable for print and digital media, rugs, wallpapers, wall art, graphic design, social media, posters, gallery walls, t-shirt design

They can be dramatic and eye-catching.

Up-to-date colors

Modern murals embrace trendy color palettes.

cartoon groovy buildings silhouettes (vector) mural ideas.

This could involve monochromatic tones, pops of vibrant colors, or even metallic finishes for a touch of glamour.

Focus on textures

White texture, seamless modern wallpaper mural ideas.

Modern murals can add a layer of visual interest by incorporating textured elements that mimic materials like stone, marble, or wood.

Vector seamless pattern. Modern stylish texture. Repeating geometric tiles with filled with dots hexagons. Regular hipster background. Small circles form hexagonal minimalistic ornament.

Texture adds a physical dimension to the artwork, inviting viewers to not just look at the mural, but to almost touch it and experience the different surfaces.

Patterns in a cut and polished slab of fossilized wood modern wallpaper ideas.

This can create a more immersive and engaging.

Tropical wallpaper with palm leaves on grunge background. Design for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, fresco.

By mimicking materials like stone, marble, or wood, murals can give the illusion of being crafted from those materials.

Modern abstract art. Watercolor floral illustration. Golden elements, watercolor painting, children's wallpaper. Hand drawn plants. Tropical, flowers. leaf. Prints, wallpapers, posters, cards, murals

This can add a touch of luxury or a connection to nature within a space.


Educational world map wallpaper design for children's rooms

Don’t be limited to abstract art! Modern murals can also encompass landscapes, maps, photographic elements, or even personalized creations using your own photos.

3d wallpaper design background with Brooklyn bridge and classic car and brick wall for modern apartment mural

Your photos can be anything you like! Landscapes, family portraits, travel photos, or even abstract close-ups of objects can all work wonderfully as murals.

The interior of the living room in orange tones with sofa

Custom photo murals are very much on-trend. They add a unique and modern touch to any space.

oil painting on canvas, street of london. Artwork. Big ben. man and woman under an yellow umbrella. Tree. England. Bridge and river

The key factor is photo resolution. For a high-quality mural, your photo needs to be high resolution (usually meaning a lot of megapixels) to avoid looking pixelated when blown up large.

3d Wallpaper background design with natural landscape and waterfall for photomural

You might want to consider some basic photo editing to enhance the image for the mural. Adjusting brightness, contrast, or cropping can make a big difference.

3d wallpaper design with ceramic jewels and flowers for modern photomural

Overall, using your own photos is a great option for a modern wallpaper mural.

Classic mural ideas with a modern twist

The idea of “modern classic murals” exists in a bit of a grey area.

a classic interior composition

Because the term ”modern” generally refers to contemporary aesthetics, innovative techniques, and reflecting current trends.

Vector seamless pattern. Abstract stylish background with stylized petals

On the other hand ”classic” evokes a timeless quality, referencing established styles and techniques with enduring appeal.

A modern spacious boy bedroom with a beautiful turquoise and grey mountain wall mural and bookshelves

By definition, these terms seem almost contradictory. However, there are ways to bridge the gap.

3d wallpaper modern mural ideas with jewels and roses for photomural

Take a classic subject like a portrait, landscape, or mythological scene and reinterpret it with a modern color palette, geometric elements, or a more abstract approach.

abstract sea geometric background with triangles, water waves

This creates a fresh take on a familiar theme.

Wind farm in green fields among trees. Ecology environmental background, wallpaper, wall infographics. Modern 3D low polygonal design. Eps10 vector illustration.

A classic trompe l’oeil mural (creating an illusion of 3D space) could be executed with modern, durable paints or even printed on silk fabric wallpaper, adding a contemporary touch.

wall murals landscape forest.Nature forest and trees .Lanscape nature background.vector illustration

Whether it’s a reimagining of a classic subject matter, a modern take on traditional techniques, or a fusion of old and new, a “modern classic mural” pushes boundaries while retaining a sense of artistic heritage.

3d rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural with a palm beach

The classic mural style is a combination of traditional elements that add sophistication and elegance to the interior.

Drawn exotic tropical leaves and flowers on concrete grunge wall. Floral background. Design for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural, card, postcard.

An important aspect of classical painting is the accuracy in rendering details and careful elaboration of patterns, which emphasizes the skill of painting.

Bed and a desk in modern children's room, nature wall mural.

This allows you to create authentic interiors, filled with historical and cultural shades, combining tradition and modernity.

Trendy Loft Mural Ideas

Modern mural ideas in an interior can be varied: from simple geometric patterns to abstract compositions.

3d Pink flowers on wooden background, modern 3d mural ideas.

A loft is a large, open-plan apartment that has been converted from an industrial building, such as a warehouse or factory.

Digital illustration of a blooming white Lotus flowers with green leaves on a background of beige walls in the loft. Wallpapers and murals for interior printing.

These lofts typically have high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and large windows. They are popular in trendy areas of cities.

Design in the loft, classic, modern style. Graphic geometry on concrete grunge background. Light, delicate photo wallpaper, mural, wallpaper, card, postcard design.

Very often murals in lofts are street art: graffiti or various images of different techniques made by artists.

Tropical wallpaper in monochrome colours. Jungle, Modern Mural Style. Palm and banana leaves. Vector illustration fashion trendy background.

The color palette reflects the raw and industrial character of the loft: shades of grey, black, brown, and white can be complemented with bright accents to create contrast.

Illustration of a colourful art, computer generated representing a colourful abstract mural art of two girls painting a mural graffiti.

Bright colors can draw attention to certain areas of the interior and coordinate it with the color of furniture or decorative items.

Closeup of colorful teal, pink and yellow urban wall texture. Modern pattern for wallpaper design. Creative modern urban city background for advertising mockups. Minimal geometric style, solid colors

Modern murals in such an interior allow you to place accents and help with zoning a large space, characteristic of loft-style rooms.

Modern Pop Art Mural Ideas

Pop art mural is a vibrant and creative art movement inspired by pop culture, advertising, and popular culture of the 1950s and 60s.

back alleys and abandoned areas idea, modern street art mural.

This style is characterized by bright colors, contrasts, clear lines, relatively simple shapes, and graphic images.

Niort (Poitou - Charentes, France). Modern mural paintings under a bridge

Features of pop art murals include the use of recognizable subjects and motifs from popular culture, such as comic books, famous personalities, brands, products, etc.

Abstract Mosaic Background - Pop Art

The palette for painting in the pop art style is usually bright and rich: red, yellow, blue, orange, and green are commonly used colors.

Modern 3d wallpaper mural idea with note sings on it

Contrasting combinations and vibrant color blocks create an impressive and dynamic effect.

Modern 3d wallpaper mural illustration of musical notes and musical signs of abstract music sheet. Songs and melody concept

The use of geometric shapes, straight lines, dots, and blocks of color makes the mural visual and expressive.

Musical notes stave, line pattern. symbols or icon for staff and music key note theme. Treble, voice, wave. Piano, jazz sound notes. Vector key sign. Classic clef. Doodle quaver G melody on paper.

Pop art style painting fits perfectly into modern interiors, adding originality and brightness to them.

Raster halftone spotted background

However, it is easy to get tired of such images, so it is recommended to use them in public spaces of the apartment. For example, in the living room or kitchen.

Oriental, Japanese-style murals

Oriental-style murals usually reflect traditional motifs and philosophies of oriental cultures.

Chinoiseries modern mural concept with peacocks and flowers trees. Vector

The Japanese style of painting is dominated by simplicity, harmony, and minimalism; they are designed to create a calm, balanced atmosphere and promote concentration.

Vector illustration of a Chinese landscape in the style of modern Chinese mural painting

Motifs used in modern Japanese-style murals may include natural elements: tree branches, flowers, mountains, water features (waves, rivers), and animals, (cranes, dragons, etc.).

Ink and wash landscape modern mural painting.

And, other symbols associated with Eastern culture, such as calligraphy, hieroglyphs, bonsai, and geisha images.

Oriental modern mural style painting of a running horse

This style favors soft, pastel shades such as white, beige, gray, and muted tones of natural colors.

Abstract artistic background. Hand-painted, Chinese style, artistic conception landscape painting, golden texture. Ink landscape painting. modern Art. Prints, wallpapers, posters, murals, carpets

The sophisticated and calm style is perfect for decorating a bedroom or a calm, cozy living room.

Minimalism, Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is one of the expressions of minimalism in interior design.

Modern, sleek style room with light oak wooden floor, white skirting and minimalist style mural of mountains. Copy space on the left.

Painting in the Scandinavian style, like the style itself, is built on the principles of simplicity, light, and functionality.

Vector children hand drawn color mountain illustration in scandinavian style. Mountain landscape, clouds and cute sun. Kids wallpaper. Mountainscape, baby room design, wall decor.

The main feature of this style of mural painting is the use of pastel and neutral colors such as white, grey, beige, light blue, and green, as well as other natural shades.

Ethnic seamless pattern. Freehand modern floral geometric wall mural motifs stripes print. Boohoo chic design background. Tribal style wallpaper. Hand drawn geometric ornament backdrop.

The artwork itself usually represents different versions of geometric shapes and patterns, simple lines, abstract shapes, or simplified images of natural elements – foliage, branches, and animals.

Geometry minimalistic artwork modern mural with simple shape and figure. Abstract vector pattern design in Scandinavian style for banner, branding package, fabric print, wallpaper

Minimalist or Scandinavian style is universal and suitable for almost any room. It creates an atmosphere of purity, simplicity, light, and harmony, emphasizing the functionality and space of the room.

Abstraction, geometry mural ideas

A mural in the style of abstraction and geometry in the interior is a unique way of giving the room a modern and artistic look.

Black and white abstract geometric and coarse-grained modern wallpaper mural- image with copy space.

This style uses abstract shapes, geometric patterns, and various lines, usually in bright, accent colors.

Vector illustration. Background pattern. Cycling. Bike track racing. Abstract, background patterns, triangular mosaics, stylized polygonal images, geometric backgrounds, large width.

It can be a combination of colors, lines, and shapes, creating the impression of movement and dynamics.

An unusual popular geometric pattern in modern design. Creative abstract background for business and design ideas. Free vector mural. Black and white colors.

Moreover, such combinations can also combine different textures, further enlivening the design.

modern and colorful abstract background for print, wall art, mural, banner, poster, etc.

This mural style emphasizes the modernity and creativity of the interior.

Abstract Landscape Background Wall Gold Line Decorative Mural Professional Order Wall Mural

Such a mural can become the focus of attention and the main highlight of your interior design.

Fractals in Nature

Abstract seamless pattern, alcohol ink texture, watercolor background. Turquoise, pink, purple, black, gold colors. 3d illustration, digital paper, luxury wallpaper, cloth, fabric printing, mural art

Explore the natural repetition and patterns found in fractals like snowflakes or ferns, using geometric shapes and a limited color palette.

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper blue night landscape moon, golden christmas trees, colorful mountains

Modern Data Landscape Mural ideas

Futuristic data stream 3d illustration. Data transfer technology. Cyberpunk, Big data and cybersecurity. Cyberspace, blockchain transactions. Abstract technological wallpaper mural

Represent data visualization through a colorful and dynamic interplay of geometric shapes and lines.

Cityscape Remix

Impressionistic abstract multicolour mural of downtown Jacksonville, Florida, USA, from across the St. Johns River, midday in winter. Digital remix and painting effects, 3D rendering.

Depict a cityscape using a combination of geometric shapes and unexpected color combinations. This could be a great option for an office lobby or co-working space.

Deconstructed Object Mural Ideas

Modern deconstructed object mural ideas take a familiar object like a flower, animal, or human figure and break it down into its geometric components.

This could be done figuratively, through shapes and colors that represent the object’s components, or literally, by depicting individual pieces like gears, keys, or petals.

The deconstructed elements are then rearranged and reassembled on the mural surface. This can be done in an abstract way, focusing on the visual elements of the object.

Or in a more representational style, still hinting at the original object but with a new perspective.

Gradients & Overlaps

Create a mesmerizing effect with overlapping geometric shapes in a smooth color gradient. This can be particularly effective in hallways or waiting areas.

Modern Icons

Instead of Marilyn Monroe, feature a contemporary pop culture figure like a musician, athlete, or entrepreneur reimagined in a pop art style.

Tech Pop

Embrace the digital age with pop art renditions of emojis, social media icons, or even circuit boards with vibrant colors and bold outlines.

Animal Kingdom Pop Mural Concepts

Give animals the pop art treatment! Use bold colors, speech bubbles, or even halftone effects to create playful and eye-catching murals.

Pop Art Landscapes mural concepts

Depict cityscapes, landmarks, or natural wonders using pop art techniques like flat colors, Ben-Day dots, and speech bubbles with catchy slogans.

Deconstructed Pop Art

Take a classic pop art portrait and fragment it, using geometric shapes, contrasting colors, and layered elements to create a more modern and dynamic composition.

Pop art mural ideas embrace bold colors, graphic elements, and iconic imagery for a playful and vibrant feel.

Street Art Influence

Channel urban energy with stencils, bold outlines, and social commentary.

Nature with a Twist

Depict nature in a stylized or abstract way, using geometric shapes or unexpected color palettes.

Technology & Innovation

Showcase themes of connectivity, data, or futuristic landscapes. You can do so with large-scale flower blooms from streams of binary code, symbolizing the growth of technology.

A network of glowing lines forms a constellation on the wall, representing the interconnectedness of the digital world.

Or a vibrant river of flowing data streams across the mural, showcasing the constant flow of information.

Community & Identity

Celebrate local culture, diversity, or social causes through powerful imagery.

3d modern wallpaper mural ideas

3D modern wallpaper murals can add incredible depth and dimension to any space. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

3d Abstract Concepts

Layered Geometric Forms

Create a sense of depth by layering geometric shapes in different colors and textures. You can even use metallic paints or textured wallpapers to enhance the 3D effect.

Optical Illusions

Play with perspective to create a mind-bending illusion that seems to recede into the wall. This can be a great conversation starter in a living room or office space.

Textured Gradients

Use a textured wallpaper with a color gradient that transitions from light to dark, creating a subtle but impactful 3D effect.

Nature with a Twist Modern Mural Concepts

Nature with a Twist Modern Mural Concept” combines the beauty and familiarity of nature with a modern artistic twist.

Soul mate heads looking up, surrounded by colourful patterns and symbols of the Universe on the subject of knowledge, internal reality and mutual unity. Contemporary nature wall mural.

The mural will prominently feature natural elements like trees, flowers, animals, landscapes, or weather patterns.

Tropical exotic seamless pattern with naked women, palm leaves, cactus flowers, glass winged butterflies. Hand-drawn 3D illustration. Good for luxury wallpapers, clothes, mural, fabric printing, poster

These elements could be rendered in a realistic or semi-realistic style.

”The Modern Twist” is where the creativity comes in! There are many ways to introduce a modern touch.

One of which is Abstract Representation. Where natural elements are depicted in an abstract way, using geometric shapes, bold colors, or unexpected textures.

Overall, a “Nature with a Twist Modern Mural Concept” is a unique and eye-catching way to celebrate nature while incorporating modern artistic sensibilities.

Blooming Flowers

Depict flowers in various stages of bloom, with some petals seemingly popping off the wall for a truly 3D experience. Use textured wallpaper for added realism.

Cascading Waterfall

Create a waterfall scene with water seemingly flowing down the wall. This can be particularly effective in a bathroom or spa area.

Forest Canopy

Design a mural that depicts a lush forest canopy with leaves and branches extending outwards in a 3D fashion. Combine smooth and textured wallpapers for a realistic effect.

Modern Cityscapes Murals

The idea of modern cityscape murals captures the essence of urban life with a fresh, contemporary twist.

Graphic houses painted on a brown old paper. Light brown city background. Design for modern murals, wallpaper, photo wallpaper.

They move beyond traditional depictions of cityscapes and incorporate elements that reflect the modern aesthetic and the dynamic spirit of cities.

Big city background. Modern megapolis. Yellow colours. City landscape. Illustration with skyscrapers, architecture, megapolis buildings. Design for wallpaper, wall mural, card, postcard, photo wallpap

While some murals might depict recognizable landmarks, many embrace a more abstract approach.

Urban car on the background of the city. Megapolis landscape. Big city background. Urban style. Street style. Design for wallpaper, wall mural, card, postcard, photo wallpaper.

This could involve using geometric shapes to represent buildings or focusing on the energy and movement of the city through color and texture.

Around the world and traveling Australia poster art and illustrations cute and pastel important Landmark and natural attractions use for promote and used to publicize tourism

Skyline Silhouette

Skyline silhouette murals can create a variety of effects depending on your design choices and application techniques.

abstract city skyline green silhouette modern mural idea

Showcase a city skyline with buildings jutting out from the wall, creating a miniature cityscape effect. Use metallic accents for a modern touch.

Vibrant sunrise cityscape. Orange city buildings on morning skyline, sunset urban town in glowing and glittering sunlights on sky background vector illustration

You can apply the silhouette in multiple layers with slight color variations or textures and create a sense of depth, especially for buildings in the foreground.

City silhouette with skyline stars

Or you play with the scale of the silhouettes to create an illusion of distance. Make buildings closer to the viewer larger and those further away smaller.

Custom illustrated downtown city skyline silhouette of Buffalo New York. Black and grey vector eps graphic design.

If you tactfully add subtle shadows at the base of the silhouettes you can simulate light hitting the buildings and separate them from the background.

Geometric Skyscrapers

Depict skyscrapers using geometric shapes and bold colors. Some elements can appear to protrude from the wall for added depth.

Vibrant sunrise cityscape. Orange city buildings on morning skyline, sunset urban town in glowing and glittering sunlights on sky background vector illustration

This concept merges the clean lines and bold forms of geometric art with the grandeur of cityscapes, creating a striking and modern mural.

Embankment of the night city - photo for interior design. Modern wall mural ideas. Lights on the embankment at night. Night moon over the city

The central focus will be skyscrapers rendered in a variety of geometric shapes.

night city landscape modern mural. skyscrapers in lights, urban greenery, under the night sky with the moon, clouds, stars, silhouettes of flying birds. vector

Rectangles, trapezoids, triangles, and even hexagons can be used to represent different building styles.

of different sizes, overlapping, light blue skyscrapers. urban seamless pattern. vector

Your finished mural will be a visually striking and contemporary piece that celebrates the urban landscape.

A surrealist cityscape with abstract vector shapes and patterns, modern mural ideas.

With which you will evoke a sense of energy, sophistication, and a touch of mystery, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.


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