Modern murals

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Contemporary and Modern Murals The key difference between modern and contemporary murals lies in their timeframe. Modern murals emerged roughly between the 1860s and the 1960s. They often reflected the artistic movements of the time, like Impressionism, Cubism, or Surrealism. These murals might depict the world in a new light, using fragmented forms or emphasizing […]


Contemporary and Modern Murals

The key difference between modern and contemporary murals lies in their timeframe.

The interior of the living room in orange tones modern wallpaper mural.

Modern murals emerged roughly between the 1860s and the 1960s.

A modern mural design pattern from a gorgeous Chinese ink landscape painting. Ink painting, abstract painting,

They often reflected the artistic movements of the time, like Impressionism, Cubism, or Surrealism.

Mountain landscape, mountain mural, mountain background, childish, children's room décor, wallpaper, sunset in mountains, birds flying in mountains, trendy

These murals might depict the world in a new light, using fragmented forms or emphasizing emotional expression.

A spacious boy bedroom with a beautiful turquoise and grey contemporary mountain wall mural and bookshelves

Contemporary murals are those created in the late 1960s and continue to be made today.

Build for New Generations Retro Soviet Mosaic Murals and Work Propaganda Posters Stylization, Urban and Industrial Background, Workers and Youth

They encompass a much wider range of styles and themes.

Hand drawn oil painting - triptych. Abstract art background on canvas. London, Paris, Pisa. Travel. In Interior Modern, Contemporary art. Yellow geometric

Social issues, technology, and performance art influences are all fair game.

Hand drawn oil painting - triptych with flower rose. Abstract art background on canvas. texture. In Interior Modern, Contemporary art. red

The focus can be less on aesthetics and more on the concept behind the mural.

Contemporary office mural, business people working in creative office

Here’s a quick comparison to solidify the concepts:

Feature Modern Murals Contemporary Murals
Time Period 1860s – 1960s 1960s – Present
Artistic Styles Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism Open-ended, Diverse
Themes Varied, but often reflecting artistic movements Social issues, technology, anything goes
Focus Aesthetics and beauty Concept and meaning

The Benefits of Modern Murals

The biggest advantages of modern murals over traditional murals are not only cost and time savings but also design possibilities.

3D rendering of a sofa in front of a modern mural in New York

But before we delve into that let us differentiate between modern and traditional murals in subject matter, materials, techniques, purposes, and overall approach.

oil painting on canvas, street view of london. Artwork. Big ben. man and woman under a red umbrella, bus and road. Tree. England

Modern technology has revolutionized mural printing, making it faster, more precise, and more accessible than ever before.

Abstract art tropical leaves background vector. Wallpaper design with watercolor art texture from palm leaves, Jungle leaves, monstera leaf, exotic botanical floral pattern.

While both modern and traditional murals can be found adorning interior spaces, the themes and purposes they serve have diverged considerably.

Drawn exotic tropical leaves on concrete grunge wall. Floral background. Design for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural.

Traditional murals were like tapestries woven into the fabric of the building, reinforcing its purpose and grandeur.

Abstract geometric art drawing. Creative minimalist hand drawn illustration for wall décor, wallpaper mural, hanging picture, print

But modern murals are more like statement pieces, reflecting the personal style and desired atmosphere of the space.

man on a boat in the outer space with colourful cloud, surreal mural illustration.

Gone are the days of hand-painting large-scale murals.

Modern 3 d abstract art background. The fashion of modern art wall

Today, high-resolution digital printers can create stunning murals on a variety of materials, from canvas and vinyl to wallpaper, silk fabric, and even directly onto walls.

Gold abstract hand drawn art, closeup of acrylic painting on canvas. modern Art. Paint spots. Brushstrokes of paint. modern Art. modern Art. Colorful canvas.

This allows for intricate details, vibrant colors, and the ability to reproduce any design imaginable.

Custom-made modern wallpaper murals

Modern custom-made wallpaper murals take interior design to a whole new level.

Creative universal artistic floral background. Hand Drawn textures. Trendy Graphic Design for mural, poster, wallpaper

They offer a unique blend of the artistic flair of traditional murals with the convenience and affordability of wallpaper.

Modern watercolour line geometric art pattern, wallpaper mural.

Limitless Customization

Unlike traditional murals that are painted directly onto walls, custom-made wallpaper murals are digitally printed on high-quality wallpaper material.

Abstract, stylish background wall, watercolor, paint, forest, plants, flowers, leaves, gold elements

This allows for complete customization in terms of design, size, and color.

Beautiful decorative feathers on a light pistachio background. Interior printing. The mural art.

You can use your photos and artworks, or choose from a vast library of designs offered.

Image of Custom geometric pattern modern wallpaper mural

Versatility in Application

Modern murals can be made for any size or shape of a wall, making them perfect for accent walls, entire rooms, or even ceilings.

Vector seamless pattern. Modern stylish textured wallpaper. Repeating geometric tiles with filled with dots hexagons. Regular hipster background. Small circles form hexagonal minimalistic ornament.

They can also be used on a variety of surfaces, not just drywall, which opens up creative possibilities.

Easy Installation and Removal

Custom wallpaper murals typically are easy to install, even for DIY enthusiasts.

Green table with a plant between pink chair and blue sofa in floral living room with wallpaper mural and poster

Removal is also relatively simple, making them a great option for renters or those who like to change their decor frequently.

Durable and Eco-Friendly Options

Wallpaper Kenya modern murals are made with high-quality inks and silk fabric materials that are resistant to fading, moisture, and wear and tear.

Fragment of colourful retro tapestry textile pattern with floral ornament useful as background

An eco-friendly option printed on a sustainable material.

Luxury abstract fluid art painting in alcohol ink technique, mixture of black, gray and gold paints. Imitation of marble stone cut, glowing golden veins. Tender and dreamy design.

Here are some of the benefits of using modern custom-made wallpaper murals from Wallpaper Kenya.

Create a one-of-a-kind space

With a custom mural, you can express your unique style and personality in your home.

3D rendering of a sofa in front of a modern photo wall mural

Contemporary murals are vibrant and ever-evolving works of art that push the boundaries of traditional murals.

Ink, paint, abstract. Closeup of the painting. Colorful abstract painting background. Highly-textured oil paint. High quality details.

They adorn everything from public and business premises’ walls to private homes, acting as a canvas for social commentary, artistic expression, and pure visual delight.

Enhance the mood and ambiance

Peonies flowers painted on a concrete grunge wall. Photo wallpaper, wallpaper, mural, card, postcard design in the modern, loft style.

Murals can create a variety of moods, from calming and serene to energizing and exciting.

Camouflage imperfections

Water lilies, pitchers oil painted. Flowers painted on a concrete grunge wall. Stunningly beautiful, modern mural, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, cover, postcard design.

Murals can be a great way to cover up minor imperfections on walls or ceilings.

Focal point

A well-designed mural can be a stunning focal point in any room.

Gold abstract hand drawn art, closeup of acrylic painting on canvas. modern Art. Paint spots. Brushstrokes of paint. modern Art. modern Art. Colorful canvas.

If you’re considering a modern custom-made wallpaper mural for your home, you’ll need to know the exact dimensions of your wall to order a mural that will fit perfectly.

Bauhaus inspired abstract artwork made with vector design elements and bold geometric shapes for poster, cover, art, presentation, prints, fabric, wallpaper and etc.

With a little planning, a modern custom-made wallpaper mural can transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Modern art

Mural arts are a vibrant and ever-evolving art form that breaks away from the traditional themes and techniques of mural making.

Abstract art print. Golden texture. Freehand oil painting. Oil on canvas. Brushstrokes of paint. modern mural Art. Horses, prints, wallpapers, posters, rugs, hangings, prints

Modern mural art is a broad term that encompasses a wide variety of artistic styles, movements, and theories that emerged in the late 19th century and continued throughout the 20th century.

Luxury gold wallpaper. Black and white and white golden flower. wall art design shiny golden light texture. Modern art mural wallpaper. For design textiles. Vector illustration.

It marked a significant departure from traditional art murals, which were focused on realism and representation.

Modern abstract art. Watercolor floral illustration. Golden elements, watercolor painting, children's wallpaper. Hand drawn plants. Tropical, flowers. leaf. Prints, wallpapers, posters, cards, murals

Modern mural artists experimented with new forms of expression, challenging conventional ideas about what art could be.

Rejection of tradition

Abstract oil painting technique. flowers, leaves. The future is stylish on wallpaper. Luminous golden texture. Prints, wall papers, murals, carpets, decorations, wall paintings, posters.

Modern mural artists rejected the strict rules and techniques of academic art, which emphasized realism and historical accuracy.

Emphasis on individual expression

Imagination quote in modern typography. Design for your wall graphics, typographic poster, web design and office space graphics.

Modern murals place a greater emphasis on the artist’s unique perspective and creativity.

vintage rhombus seamless pattern with grunge effect. Modern geometric wall murals.

Some of the most important movements in modern art include:


Impressionist mural painters seek to capture the fleeting effects of light and atmosphere.

Original oil painting on canvas. Sky sunset and boat on the water. Modern impressionism

Their works are characterized by loose brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and a focus on light and shadow.

Abstract oil painting background. Oil on canvas texture. Hand drawn oil painting. Colour texture. Fragment of artwork. Brushstrokes of paint. Modern wall art. Contemporary mural art. Watercolour drips


Post-Impressionist artists build upon the ideas of Impressionism, but they are more interested in expressing their emotions and ideas through their art.

Wheat Field with Cypresses, by Vincent Van Gogh, 1889, Dutch Post-Impressionist, oil on canvas. This was his first version and was likely painted en plein air, when Van Gogh was able to leave the prec

Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, and Paul Gauguin are some of the most famous Post-Impressionist artists.

Three Tahitian Women, by Paul Gauguin, 1896, French Post-Impressionist painting, oil on canvas. The women are dressed in pareus in a tropical landscape


Fauvist artists used bold, non-naturalistic colors to create a sense of emotional intensity. Henri Matisse and André Derain are two of the most famous Fauvist artists.


Cubist artists broke down objects into geometric shapes and reassembled them in a way that challenged traditional notions of perspective.

Jazz Mural, Saxophone Player, Piano, Music Instruments (Vector Art)

Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque are the founders of Cubism.

Alternative reproductions of Cubist paintings by Picasso. Applied abstract style of Kandinsky. Designed in a modern style oil on canvas with elements of fine art pastel painting.


Expressionist artists used art to express their inner emotions and anxieties. Edvard Munch and The Scream is a prime example of Expressionist art.

Abstract geometric mural painting. Abstract artwork of modern expressionism. Design for wall graphics, poster and wall painting.


Surrealist artists explored the unconscious mind and the world of dreams.

Beauty bath. Beautiful red haired woman in wooden spoon bathing in milk. Fantasy fine art concept on artistic canvas textured background. Surreal female portrait.

Salvador Dalí and René Magritte are two of the most famous Surrealist artists.

Cubist surrealism musician painting modern abstract design

Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionist artists used paint in an expressive and gestural way to create abstract works of art. Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko are two of the most famous Abstract Expressionist artists.

A bouquet of beautiful flowers in a modern style and cubism from Picasso and Kandinsky. Executed in oil on canvas with elements of fine art pastel painting. For gift and interior wall mural.

Modern art continues to influence contemporary art today. Modern artists challenged the status quo and opened up new possibilities for artistic expression.

flower wallpaper decoration, mural wallpaper, design beautiful 3d wall

Their work continues to inspire and challenge viewers around the world.

Subject matter

Modern murals tackle a wide range of themes, from social and political commentary to abstract designs and pop culture references.

Abstract artistic background. Retro, nostalgic, golden brushstrokes. Textured background. Oil on canvas. modern Art. Floral leaves, green, gray, wallpaper, poster, card, mural, carpet, hanging, print

Artists use their murals to express their unique voices and perspectives on the world.

Materials and techniques

Modern muralists use a wide variety of materials, including acrylics, spray paints, stencils, and even recycled materials.

The different colors of contact paper stickers

They are not limited by traditional techniques and are constantly experimenting with new ways to create art.


Modern murals can serve many purposes.

Interior of baby's room with crib and comfortable bed placed by window in contemporary house with wallpaper on wall

They can be used to beautify a space, spark conversation, or protest social injustice.

Burger Garage Fast Food Restaurants Corporate Wall Murals.

Some murals are commissioned by businesses or organizations, while others are created by independent artists who use public walls as their canvas.

Tropical palm leaves, jungle leaf seamless vector floral pattern background

Here are some of the most famous examples of modern art murals:

Guernica by Pablo Picasso:

This powerful mural is a protest against the bombing of Guernica, a Basque town in Spain, during the Spanish Civil War.

Guernica, Spain - October 10, 2015: A tiled wall in Gernika reminds of the bombing during the Spanish Civil War.

Walls of Los Angeles:

This ongoing project features murals by over 1,000 artists from around the world.

Street artist painting colored graffiti on public space wall - Modern art concept of urban guy performing and preparing live murales paint with yellow aerosol color spray - Cloudy afternoon filter

The murals cover a wide range of styles and themes, and they have helped to transform Los Angeles into a global center for street art.

Keith Haring murals

BARCELONA - MARCH 04: fragment of Keith Haring mural created to fight against AIDS in 1989 in Barcelona and now reproduced in a wall near Macba museum, on March 04, 2014, in Barcelona, Spain.

Keith Haring was a New York City-based artist who is known for his colorful and playful murals. His murals often feature cartoon-like figures and simple shapes, and they can be found in cities around the world.

Playful zoo animals Urban Vibe: Artwork in the Iconic Style of Street Artist Legends - Bold and vibrant artwork, Playful figures, Eye-catching aesthetics, Visual storytelling, Graffiti-inspired.

Modern art murals are a powerful way for artists to connect with the public and share their ideas.

Playful spooky Urban Vibe: Artwork in the Iconic Style of Street Artist Legends - Bold and vibrant artwork, Playful figures, Eye-catching aesthetics, Visual storytelling, Graffiti-inspired.

They can be found in cities around the world, and they continue to play an important role in contemporary art.

Modern Interior Design Murals

Modern murals can be found in a wider variety of spaces, from homes to offices to restaurants.

Geometric background in grey for interior design, advertising, wallpaper, walls. Seamless pattern option.

The subject matter is chosen to complement the function of the space and the homeowner’s or designer’s preferences.

Abstract oil painting technique. flowers, leaves. The future is stylish on paper. Luminous golden texture. Prints, wall papers, posters, cards, murals, carpets, decorations, wall paintings, posters.

Think geometric patterns for a modern living room, calming nature scenes for a spa, or inspirational quotes for a workspace.

Modern exotic floral jungle pattern. Collage contemporary seamless pattern. Hand drawn cartoon style pattern.

Modern murals are often used to set the mood or ambiance of a space. Bright, abstract patterns can energize a room, while landscapes can create a sense of tranquility.

Grunge photo wallpaper with geometric abstraction on concrete background with gold elements. Illustration for wallpaper, fresco, mural.

Contemporary murals can be more playful or thought-provoking, sparking conversation among viewers. They might feature pop culture references, social commentary, or simply whimsical designs.

Modern Nature Motif Murals

Abstract representations of nature, like stylized flowers, birds, or landscapes, were popular.

Mid-century modern mural with nature motifs. Abstract fruit design in flat cut out style. Close up view of red cherries. Vector illustration.

These murals brought a touch of the organic world indoors while maintaining a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Abstract vegetable design in flat cut out style. Close up image of corn on the cob. Vector illustration.

Space age themes

The fascination with space exploration during this period is reflected in some murals. Think planets, rockets, and stars, often rendered in a whimsical or optimistic style.

Image of Midcentury modern mural with space age themes

Abstract murals

Modern abstract murals are a dynamic and expressive art form that has exploded in popularity in recent years.

Paint, abstract, texture, watercolor, flowers, eyes

Unlike traditional murals that depict recognizable figures or scenes, abstract murals use shapes, colors, lines, and textures to evoke emotions and ideas.

Chinese style gray artistic conception landscape illustration, water and mountain painting, abstract art landscape. vector

Abstract murals are not limited by representation. Artists use a variety of elements to create a visual language that can be open to interpretation.

Educational, pink aesthetic mural. Nelson Mandela Motivational Wall Art. African mural painting.

The focus is often on creating a sense of movement, harmony, or tension.

Abstract modern mural painting in vivid tints of green.

Modern muralists use a wide variety of materials and techniques to create their work. Acrylics, spray paints, and even recycled materials are all common choices.

The application can be anything from precise brushwork to loose and gestural movements.

Brown trees with golden flowers and turquoise, black and gray mountains in light yellow background with white clouds and birds. 3d illustration wallpaper landscape art

Abstract murals can complement a wide range of design styles, from modern and minimalist to eclectic and bohemian.

Luxury abstract fluid art painting in alcohol ink technique, mixture of red, yellow and gold paints. Imitation of marble stone cut, glowing golden circles. Tender and dreamy design.

The colors, shapes, and textures used in an abstract mural can create a variety of moods, from calming and serene to energizing and exciting.

Dog Paint series. Background design of colorful dog portrait on the subject of art, imagination and creativity

If you’re considering incorporating a modern abstract mural into your space,

Modern Abstract Music Murals - vector illustration. Collage with musical instruments.

Abstract art is subjective, so there is no right or wrong answer. Choose a mural that speaks to you and that you will enjoy looking at for years to come.

Inner Melody series. Abstract design made of colorful human and musical shapes on the subject of spirituality of music and performing arts

With so many talented artists and endless design possibilities, modern abstract murals are a great way to add a unique and personal touch to any space.

Modern church murals

Modern church murals are a beautiful and impactful way for churches to communicate their values, create a welcoming atmosphere, and inspire their congregations.

VATICAN CITY, ITALY - MARCH 14, 2016: The paintings on the walls and the ceiling of the Vatican were painted in the Renaissance and are visited in the modern times by crowds of people

Unlike traditional murals that typically depict religious figures or scenes from scripture, modern church murals embrace a wider range of themes and artistic styles.

Subject Matter

The subject matter of Modern Church Murals is Biblical themes reinterpreted in a modern way. These include social justice issues like poverty, homelessness, or immigration.

Jesus Christ on the cross. Artistic abstract religious background illustration with copy space for text.

They are scenes from nature representing hope, peace, or creation.


Modern church murals can be abstract, figurative, or a combination of both. And often use bold colors, geometric shapes, and contemporary techniques.

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper landscape moon, golden christmas trees, colorful mountains

Here are some of the benefits of using modern church murals:

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

The Christian Church is sourrounded with modern architectural exterior buildings. Selective focus.

A well-designed mural can help people feel welcome and comfortable in the church space.

Spark Conversation

Colourful vector cross of Jesus Christ background with butterflies.

Murals can be a springboard for conversation about faith, values, and social issues.

Inspire and Uplift

Murals can create a sense of awe and wonder and can inspire people to live their faith in meaningful ways.

Reflect the Community

Neighborhood with home, store and church illustrated on white. Vector thin line icon suburban american houses. For web design and application interface. Seamless pattern or background for wallpaper

Murals can be a way for churches to connect with their communities and show that they care about the same issues.

Angels mural trend illustration Modern classic white empty interior with wall panels moulding .

If you’re considering incorporating a modern mural into your church, get input from church members about what they would like to see in a mural.

Jesus Christ in a modern mosaic made with ancient techniques. The mosaic has been made by a Sicilian artist (release is provided), and it looks like the Pantokrator in cathedrals.

Consider the Style of Your Church so that the murals complement the overall architecture and feel of the church.

A wooden wall with a design that says'the name of the church

And be clear about your Goals: What do you hope to achieve with the mural?

Christmas nativity religious Bethlehem crib scene, with Holy family of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus and three wise background, illustration.

Church murals can be a powerful tool for churches to connect with their communities and share their message of faith, hope, and love.

Modern 3d murals

New modern 3D murals are pushing the boundaries of what art can be, transforming walls into immersive experiences.

3d wallpaper design background with brooklyn bridge and classic car and brick wall for mural

Here are some exciting trends in 3D murals:

Trompe L’Oeil Murals

These murals use optical illusion techniques to create a sense of depth and realism.

agave cactus, abstract natural pattern background, dark blue toned 3d wallpaper

Imagine lush gardens overflowing onto your living room wall or a majestic library seeming to extend beyond the confines of your home office.

Anamorphic Murals

Anamorphic murals appear distorted or warped from certain angles, but from a specific viewpoint, they reveal a complete image. This technique can create a sense of mystery and intrigue, and it’s sure to be a conversation starter in any space.

a church with a golden dome and a cross on top of it and a clear blue sky above it, anamorphic lens flare, a matte painting

Textured 3D Murals

These murals incorporate three-dimensional elements to create a sense of physical depth.

4K, gold texture, golden background, luxury backdrop, abstract design, 3D render, 3D illustration

This can be achieved through sculpting, applying objects to the mural, or using a special type of paint that creates a textured finish.

3d picture of a golden tree with 3d hexagonal background

Textured murals add a layer of visual interest and can even be used to create a tactile experience.

Abstract art. Plants, flowers, the golden grain. Freehand. Oil on canvas. Brush the paint. Modern mural. Abstract landscape, forest, printing, wallpaper, posters, murals, carpet, hanging, printsTextured 3D mural

With their innovative designs and captivating effects, new modern 3D murals are sure to transform the way we experience art.


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