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MT-2263 Exposed brick wallpaper is in many ways better than real exposed bricks and I will tell you why. Most people buying a historic home, are captivated by the charming looking walls of exposed bricks. And you will agree with me that wall treatment, wallpaper, can and often play the biggest roll of decoration of […]


MT-2263 Exposed brick wallpaper is in many ways better than real exposed bricks and I will tell you why. Most people buying a historic home, are captivated by the charming looking walls of exposed bricks. And you will agree with me that wall treatment, wallpaper, can and often play the biggest roll of decoration of any room. They are the background that will enhance the other fabrics in the room, furniture and textiles.

Therefore, it is important to choose a covering in accordance with the decorative style we want for that room. The exposed brick wallpaper has a special charm. And also, depending on what other materials it is combined with, it adapt to different decorative proposals. Be it a rustic interior decor, modern style interior decor, retro or industrial interiors.

You will find real exposed brick cozy, and full of beautiful character. You will be tempted to pick it as a wonderful look in your home. But wait until the cold weather. Your beautiful exposed brick is freezing in the cold weather. And in the dry weather collects amazing amounts of dust for you to clean regularly. It’s a haven for bugs to bug you. So why not get the same looks at a far cheaper cost from an exposed brick wallpaper?

Exposed brick wallpaper at Wallpaper Kenya will not only look stunning in your home. But will also help keep your house warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. Doing so without collection dust and bugs.

The untamed feel of exposed brick wallpaper

The beauty of an exposed brick wallpaper is the rough and untamed feel of exposed brick wall. If there’s an interior decor “trend” we can’t get enough of, it’s exposed brick wallpaper. For some lucky homeowners, stripping away drywall reveals beautiful brick walls, which impart timeless texture, warmth, and character to a space.

For the best exposed brick wall effect, we recommend use of heavy wallpaper type which really brings out the outstanding depth of color of exposed brick wallpaper. We have very realistic exposed brick wall effects wallpaper. You’ll find it hard not to reach out and touch the wallpaper every time you see it. Expecting to feel the real exposed brick texture. Our collection of exposed brick wallpaper will impart timeless texture, warmth, and character to your home.

Remember Exposed brick walls that many probably associate with the charming rustic design actually fit perfectly in contemporary spaces as well. This is as long as you pay attention to the furniture and textiles, which you use in a room with exposed brick walls. With the use of modern furniture you can create a completely different room with rustic or industrial vibes.

How to Select Brick Wallpaper

Depending on its use, an exposed brick wallpaper can set the style you want to give your space. Next to a fireplace or in the kitchen it will give a rustic touch. And if you combine it with metallic elements, it will give an industrial air to the room.

Here are a few tips on selecting and installing exposed brick wallpaper designs:

  1. Skillful lighting will enhance the beauty of a textured brick wallpaper.
  2. If you are doing only one accent wall, choose MT-2263 exposed brick wallpaper with warm colors – reds, oranges, yellows. They will make the room look more cheerful and inviting.
  3. For small spaces consider exposed brick wallpaper for only part of the wall otherwise the result might be too powerful and overwhelming.
  4. Highlighting seams with different colored exposed brick wallpaper will accentuate the dramatic patterns of natural stone.
  5. Exposed brick wallpaper Stone can be used with almost any interior decor style but you need to choose an appropriate design.

White and grey exposed brick wall

A22-20P37 Grey & white brick wallpaper - Call: 0720271544 ...

This room offers a comfortable, bright and distinctive space. What distinguishes this room from the more structured, is the exposed brick wallpaper. The brick wall in this room is a wonderful accent. You can’t compare it to flat brick walls.

This uniquely designed faux bulwark adds a good amount of variation. Bright white and grey walls and the white furniture light up the room. Natural light shines in through the windows along with natural materials that accentuate the earthy feel of the space.

Won’t you agree with me it is a relaxed environment where friends and family can get together and relax?

Natural stone walls have been in fashion for a long time. Real stone walls made of brick, slate or quarry stone give a room naturalness and an individual character. But not all houses have a beautiful brick wall that can be exposed. Furthermore such a conversion measure is a considerable effort and cost. That is why we can remedy exposed brick wallpaper. These look deceptively real and within a few hours can be installed.

In this 3d brick wallpaper catalog you will find wallpaper in various stone look. And get information about different styles and an insights.

Combine MT-2263 Exposed Brick with Plain Wallpaper

Brick or Stone wallpaper works best in combination with plain-colored wallpaper. For best effects you should in most cases wallpaper only one wall or parts of the room in stone look. If you wallpaper the entire room with exposed brick wallpaper, it may appear too busy.

The possible combinations with plain wallpaper are almost limitless. Of course, it all depends on personal taste and style. And of course, light colors, which may pick up on shades from the stone wallpaper, are advisable. In other words, plain wallpaper with the brick wallpaper color undertones.

In combination with brick wallpaper, wood wallpaper and wood furnishing are very popular.

Industrial wall

Faux exposed brick wall ensures a cool industrial look. Brick wallpaper radiate the charm of old industrial buildings. These faux exposed brick patterns exist both in the look of carefully plastered clinker walls, as well as older brick walls, where the ravages of time have already gnawed. The colors vary from deep brick red to dark grey and everything there between. The factory wall look is now considered wildly romantic and somewhat robust.

Natural stone

Coarse and rough stones wallpaper create a Mediterranean flair. Sandstone and natural stone wallpaper are warm and inviting and create a natural coziness. With these patterns you can skillfully stage individual walls. In the bedroom, where it may seem a little quieter, you should use stone wallpaper in shades of grey or white. You can also wallpaper an entire wall here!

The distinctive beauty of Natural Stone Wallpaper adds elegance to your home. The true beauty is unique, with a wonderful array of color tones, texture and beautiful patterns, varying from surface to surface.


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