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Modern mural painting is a painting converted into digital format and then applied on the wall in the form of a wall covering. But even other forms of mural painting have always been as popular since ancient times. The oldest known form of art is cave painting. Cave painting is the precursor of modern mural […]


Modern mural painting is a painting converted into digital format and then applied on the wall in the form of a wall covering.

3D rendering of a sofa in front of a wall mural painting

But even other forms of mural painting have always been as popular since ancient times.

Mountain backdrop large wall art for living room

The oldest known form of art is cave painting. Cave painting is the precursor of modern mural painting.

Modern mural painting on wallpaper, abstract, metal elements, texture background, animals, horses,

And it is the best way to make the interior design of your home look truly unique?

Abstract oil painting art. Flowers, leaves. Sprinkle paint on paper. Shiny golden texture. Prints, wallpaper, posters, cards, murals, rugs, hangings, wall art, art posters.

For example, you can use art painting – painting on the walls using different styles and colors.

Vintage tropical green brown leaves, beige background, golden texture. Luxury mural, premium wallpaper. 3d painting illustration, watercolor design. Seamless border. Stylish cloth, paper, packaging

Wall painting has a tradition dating back to antiquity. People in any era wanted to decorate their homes and give them a unique style.

Ventilation firebird will decorate the inerrier in yakrich colors

There were wall paintings in the temples of the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians.

Country wooden bedroom close up in boho style in white and beige tones. Bed, hanging chair and potted plants. Window with shutters and wallpaper. Bohemian vintage interior design, 3d illustration

In medieval Europe, not only temples were decorated with paintings, but also the homes of representatives of rich and noble families.

A collection of designer oil paintings. Decoration for the interior. Contemporary abstract art on canvas. A set of pictures with different textures and colors. Pisa, London, Paris.

Paintings on the walls at all times showed involvement in the elite, chosenness, good taste, and loyalty to traditions.

 art painted flamingo peonies with watercolor stains on textured watercolor background photo wallpaper

These include stained glass, portraits, still lifes, and other interior elements. But you have to order these complex designs from professional artists.

New Chinese Abstract Ink and Wash Landscape Art Decorative Painting

And you will also find the cost of such work very high and time-consuming.

Chinoiserie Vintage floral illustration for wallpaper, fabric, packaging. Mural. Bloom. Seamless background with exotic birds and flowers

While traditional mural painting is still carried on, you will find the most modern mural painting at Wallpaper Kenya extremely economical.

Vector children hand drawn color cute whale in the sky, air balloons, clouds and moon illustration in scandinavian style. Kids wallpaper design. Baby room design, wall decor.

You have both advantages and disadvantages to both the traditional and modern styles.

Jungle landscape with river and palms. Interior print mural

But the advantages of modern methods far outweigh the disadvantages.

Abstract of white Magnolia flowers. Print for interior printing.

Modern mural painting is how you will make your apartment or office look original.

Kids Wall mock up. Kids interior. Scandinavian interior. 3d rendering, 3d illustration

And at the same time, have no clutter in the room with a mass of accessories that perfectly collect dust.

oil painting on canvas, stylized tree. Modern Artwork. interior illustration. Abstract background. Red black and white

In this case, artistic painting of walls and ceilings made by Wallpaper Kenya will help you!

Man mows the grass, haymaker, Picture Carpathian. Background, screensaver banner. Transcarpathia. Artistic presentation, design template. Rural nature, magazine brochure, interior. Vector illustration

Mural painting design ideas

Today you will find a wide variety of trends, styles, and techniques in mural painting.

Abstract ink painting decorative background

And you may not see precise boundaries, they develop, mix, and interact.

3D wallpaper Design, golden flower wallpaper background, Bedroom wallpaper,

You will also find artists using multiple styles and techniques, creating works that cannot be neatly categorized.

Abstract hand-painted ink landscape art background, mountains and flowing water, blue, gold, abstract hand-painted, artistic painting, vector illustration.

In modern interior design, there are several dozen areas of mural painting styles: Styles of wall painting in the interior can be varied.

Interior of living room with stylish wallpaper 3D rendering

Some can fit into any interior, others are not suitable for you.

Abstract art print. Golden texture. Freehand oil painting. Oil on canvas. Brushstrokes of paint. modern Art. Prints, wallpapers, posters, cards, murals, rugs, hangings, prints

How can you tell the Scandinavian style from the modern style and why is minimalism so popular now? Let us talk about styles in wall painting.

Abstract hand-painted beautiful landscape art landscape, maple trees, white swans, mountains and flowing water, abstract hand-painted, artistic painting, vector illustration.

Painting techniques

Painting techniques are the features of using artistic materials. There are traditional techniques such as using pencil, using watercolor, using oil, using pastel colors, and tempera.

Colorful landscape palette knife painting, a Beautiful painting of nature with acrylic canvas

The number of techniques is constantly increasing, mixed options are appearing, and traditional ones are changing.

Scandinavian minimalist colorful background with armchair, screen, candles and decor on parquet flooring, turquoise herringbone wallpaper, living room interior design, 3d illustration

Classic techniques:

  • Watercolor is the use of water-based paints. The main characteristics of watercolor are transparency, lightness, and airiness. Artists use different techniques – they work on dry or wet paper, use multi-layer painting, pouring followed by washing, etc.
  • Gouache is a type of watercolor, more dense and matte.
  • Sanguine has been used since ancient times; it made it possible to obtain a flesh-colored color. The technique is characterized by broad strokes and shading. The image needs to be secured and protected.
  • Charcoal portraits look three-dimensional; the clarity of the lines depends on the softness of the material. Charcoal allows you to obtain a gradation of tone; the finished drawing must be secured with a fixative.
  • In pencil technique, colored and black pencils of different hardness are used, with the help of which they do shading, and convey light and shade.
  • The most popular technique is oil painting on canvas. The artist uses thick or transparent brushstrokes, glazing, and mixing paints. A variety of techniques makes it possible to create volume and convey air, richness of shades, and mood.

ink painting. Chinese style golden artistic conception landscape illustration, water and mountain painting, abstract art landscape. vector

Painting styles

Style in fine art is a separate direction, characterized by general ideas, characteristic techniques, and execution techniques.

Modern interior with striped blue pattern wallpaper, wooden floor, small table, chairs, floor lamps, blank panel and window with city view. Mock up, 3D Rendering

Style develops under the conditions of a specific time; it is influenced by ideology, religion, and politics.

Layers of mountains and layers of clouds combine to form a painting. View of the mountains and sea from the highlands of Ruifang District. Taiwan.

There is no clear division of styles, but the main directions can be identified:


You can use paintings for loft-style interiors as a bright accent in a restrained color composition.

Graphic houses painted on a grey old paper. Grey background. Design for wall mural, card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper.

They can be of a contrasting rich color or made in a cold palette of shades.

Beautiful macro flower illustration. Floral background for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural, card, postcards, paintings.

Such paintings do not claim to be some radically new direction in fine art.

Daffodils flowers painted on a grey concrete grunge wall. Floral background. Design for wall mural, card, postcard, wallpaper, photo wallpaper.

However, they fit perfectly with the loft idea due to the strictness of the lines and the absence of unnecessary details (although there are exceptions).


This style is dominated by bright colors and flat “vector” images. Such pictures are created by designers on graphics tablets.

Water lilies, pitchers oil painted. Flowers painted on a concrete grunge wall. Stunningly beautiful, modern mural, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, cover, postcard design.

Often the object of the drawing is a person, animals, abstraction, and minimalism.

Abstract art print. Golden texture. Freehand oil painting. Oil on canvas. Brushstrokes of paint. modern Art. Prints, wallpapers, posters, cards, murals, rugs, hangings, prints

Japanese style

The Japanese style of wall painting is dominated by seascapes, themes of sakura trees, samurai, and red and white colors.

Moutains, hills and sun vector abstract background. Grey watercolor texture. Golden line art elements. Orieantal style panorama, mountain view.

Often the drawings are made with the effect of aged calligraphy.

Hand-painted landscape, golden mountains in the distance, forest, sunshine. Traditional oriental ink painting. ink art

Black and white motifs are also popular.

Arabic and islamic calligraphy Surah Taha (Verse 25-26)english translation " O My Lord! Expand Me My Breast; Ease My Task For Me" . abstract digital calligraphy. beautiful abstract islamic calligraphy


The minimalistic wall painting can easily fit into both Scandinavian and modern styles.

3d modern minimalist mural wallpaper. Golden lines, circles in marble background. Interior bedroom wall home decor.

Because the same principles are observed there – simplicity and modernity.

3d geometric pattern artistic background wall. 3d modern minimalist mural wallpaper. Golden lines, and black circles on light marble background. Interior bedroom wall home decor.

Now this is one of the most popular styles in painting.

Nature wall art panel of birds flying in sky abstract background. Acrylic vivid modern home decorative digital oil painting poster for room or office interior, photo mural, tiles, frame and textile.

We have completed a huge number of orders in this style.

Abstract painting background. Golden color, printing, wallpaper, murals, wallpaper, CARDS,

This style is not difficult to execute; even a beginner artist can use tape and a stencil to create a minimalist painting in the interior.

Trendy upright oval geometric shape seamless pattern in retro style. Vintage 70s vibes repeatable motif for fabric, background, surface design, textile. Tile rapport vector illustration

This style uses geometric shapes: ovals, geometric circles, geometric triangles, and free shapes.

Vintage seamless Geometric patterns. Flowers from circles in squares. Pastel colors.


In a classic interior, artistic wall mural painting is more appropriate than anywhere else.

Luxury ornate pattern for creating textiles, wallpaper, paper. Print gold foil on a blue background. Seamless background with garden flowers peonies, bird and butterflies. Vintage. Vector Illustration

And is in harmony with stucco molding, gilding, and crystal chandeliers, which imbues the room with the spirit of palace luxury.

Graphic illustration of a Toscana garden. Design for interior project, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural, poster, home decor, card, packing!


The main message of this style is simplicity. Furniture is made from natural materials, and everything is laconic and comfortable.

Tropical illustration with palm leafs. Design for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, fresco, etc.

Therefore, the painting in such an interior will not be flashy.

Cute animals wallpaper for kids rooms

Choose pastel, soft colors. There should be a lot of empty spaces on the wall; don’t paint the entire wall, just make accents.

Seamless wallpaper pattern

art deco

If you have ever dreamed of being in the novel “The Great Gatsby” by Francis Scott Fitzgerald or simply love when the interior is dominated by ethnic geometric patterns or rich, colorful colors, then the Art Deco style is exactly what you need.

Radiant Plumage: Original Oil Painting of a Beautiful Multicolored Peacock

Only he can bring the glamor of the roaring twenties into your interior.


Ethnic style in the interior is an original and unusual direction in the design of living space.

Indian traditional painting of woman in nature, Kerala mural style with beautiful ornamental background

The desire to recreate a piece of a country at home or convey the atmosphere of its nation most often arises among travel lovers and fans of a certain cult.

African design. Beautiful ethnic women traditionally dancing. African mural painting.

This means that you already have some idea about the peculiarities of furnishing a room in the chosen country and imagine what ethnic-style furniture should be used to create maximum comfort.

Egypt mural. Cultural ancient characters painting on wall historical egyptian background with gods osiris pharaoh anubis exact set

Here is where you will find most of the African murals.


Neoclassicism is characterized by rich (but not bright) colors, bold geometry, and colorful, rich patterns.

Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis, by Jacques-Louis David, 1818, French painting, oil on canvas. Telemachus (right) was the son of Odysseus. His love, the nymph Eucharis cries, as he ends their rom

Although the peak of popularity of this artistic style was in the first half of the twentieth century, it is still very relevant in interior design and is still able to add charm and luxury to any room.

The deformation of flowers, the leaves and flowers art design


Provence-style colors are unobtrusive, muted, and pastel. If this is a wall painting, then it is not overloaded with detail.

Digital watercolor painting, Works on landscaping in the garden in Provence style. Beautiful girl gardener cuts flowers on a blooming.

The graphics and theme of the applied image are free from deliberate sophistication and pathos.

The serene lavender fields in Provence, France Vast expanses of blooming purple flowers against a backdrop of rolling hills

Therefore, this style is universal for decor, both in the bedroom and in the kitchen and bathroom.

Colorful seamless floral pattern with abstract flowers, leaves and berries. Watercolor print in rustic vintage style, textile or wallpapers in provence style isolated on white background.

The Provence style on ceilings does not pursue the goal of visually expanding the space.

Watercolor mottled texture background. Hand drawn irregular abstract seamless pattern. Modern linen textile for spring summer home decor. Decorative scandi doodle style colorful all over print

But due to the fact that it uses light shades, it creates an atmosphere of lightness and airiness.

Vector floral seamless pattern. Exotic bird with fantastic flowers, leaves. Indigo blue contour thin drawing on a light beige background. Fairy parrot silhouette in the jungle. Coloring book page

These are not all the styles that exist in interior design and architecture.

Hand painted watercolor rusty vintage bird cage with pink roses flowers bouquet and green leaves branch. Provence style illustration. Weeding card invitation.

Some of them are divided into several more directions, and vice versa, some mixing of styles is acceptable.

Digital watercolor painting, Works on landscaping in the garden in Provence style. Beautiful girl gardener cuts flowers on a blooming.

For example, a classic interior may contain elements of modern design. It is important that they are appropriate and fit harmoniously into the surrounding space.

Living room

The murals in the living room are characterized by the scale of the image itself. After all, the living room can be one of the largest rooms.

Stylish interior of room with beautiful flowers on a living room wall

It is at the front door. It is necessary to arrange it harmoniously and tastefully. Painting designs are selected based on the general style direction. The application method using plaster, or a modern, digital method, is suitable.


The bedroom is, after all, a place where the inhabitants of the house rest and relax from worries and everyday problems.

Stylish interior of bedroom with beautiful narcissus flowers on wall

Therefore, professional designers advise choosing a mural with calm, muted colors.

Mountain retreat calming small bedroom with mural in purple tones and white bedding.

Bright, flashy images will disturb and interfere with the relaxation of the owners. A light palette of shadows will set you in a positive mood, pacify you, and ensure a calm, peaceful sleep.

Children’s room

The idea of ​​decorating a child’s room with frescoes brings a piece of magic and mystery into the child’s world.

a fairy tale, a small town with cute paths and a big magic tree

For younger children, calm, pastel shades or a few designs are suitable.

Modern abstract art. Watercolor floral illustration. Golden elements, watercolor painting, children's wallpaper. Hand drawn plants. Tropical, flowers. leaf. Prints, wallpapers, posters, cards, murals

Slightly older children will love the idea of ​​creating a fragment of a fairy tale or a favorite cartoon from their room, with the main characters straight from the pages of books.

Dining room

In the dining room, and restaurant wall painting will perfectly complement the overall interior and atmosphere. The owners and guests of the house will enjoy dining among images of nature, looking at a painting, or figuring out what Salvador Dali wanted to say in his abstract message.

Cost-effective modern mural painting

Modern technologies have also reached mural painting. So Wallpaper Kenya, using the latest materials, can create the effect of a three-dimensional image (now called 3D).

3d modern canvas art landscape mural wallpaper. golden and turquoise ginko biloba in marble background. mountains, clouds and deer

This guarantees you the naturalness of the drawing. As for paints, high-quality inks are used for murals, resistant to fading, resistant to moisture, and you can easily wash off accidental stains.

Abstract art, modern painting, green and blue, adornment, wall paper, wall art murals, carpet

A modern interior mural painting is also a work of art but adjusted for technological reality.

Blue sky and white clouds ceiling wall painting

The method of obtaining a finished product: a bright, contrasting, rich mural is called frescography.

Brown trees with golden flowers and turquoise, black and gray mountains in light yellow background with white clouds and birds. 3d illustration wallpaper landscape art

You can apply the drawing to any surface: straight, curved, or with other irregularities. It does not need any modifications.

the ornamental ceiling

After purchasing the product, you will only have to cover the wall or ceiling with the mural.

tropical plants art drawn on a white background, fine art wall murals in a room or interior

In addition to the low price, another attractive point of creating a fine art gallery in your apartment is the environmental friendliness of digital murals.

The interior of the living room in orange tones with sofa

They are made from “clean” silk fabric with a long service life, are resistant to UV rays, and high humidity, and you can easily and quickly mount them on walls and ceilings.

Hand drawn oil painting - triptych. Abstract art background on canvas. London, Paris, Pisa. Travel. In Interior Modern, Contemporary art. Yellow geometric

The mural can be your main feature of the interior or serve as a background. It all depends on the size of the image you want.

Interior of a cozy Rustic Bedroom with a country nature wall mural background. 3d rendering

You may want it to occupy a niche, part of the wall, or its entirety, partially moving to the ceiling.

Luxurious gold decoration art wallpaper. Art painting, background, modern art and nature. Floral pattern with golden leaves, plant and bamboo of curvature of the line, green background

This type of painting requires you to consult with a professional.

Tree by the lake. Misty landscape. Tree with birds in the Japanese garden. the mural, Wallpaper for interior printing

Because it it is necessary you strictly follow the technology and maintain a certain temperature in the room during the production process.

watercolor painting design for 3D wallpaper, wall mural, etc.

It takes time for the inks to dry completely. The cost is affordable.

large art painted leaves on a textured wall, in pastel colors, photo wallpaper for the interior

Advantages of a modern mural painting

Modern mural painting is carried on custom-made wallpaper. But the wallpaper has nothing in common with those that were glued to the walls in the past decade.

Abstract oil painting art. Flowers, leaves. Sprinkle paint on paper. Shiny golden texture. Prints, wallpaper, posters, cards, murals, rugs, hangings, wall art, art posters.

The fashion for simple factory-made regular wallpapers in interior decoration both quickly appeared and is suddenly disappearing.

African art murals Archives - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

This is due both to the uniformity of approaches to design and to the limited choice of drawings for photographic materials.

Wallpaper printing - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Therefore, the interiors of apartments in which regular wallpapers are used are similar to one another, like twin brothers.

Abstract artistic background. Vintage illustration, floral plants, branches, peacocks, gold. 3D, textured background. painting. modern Art. wallpapers, posters, cards, murals, prints,

Thanks to high-quality materials, Wallpaper Kenya murals boast such properties as durability, hard wear, and water resistance.

Abstract artistic background. Golden brushstrokes. Textured background. Oil on canvas. modern Art. flowers, plants, wallpapers, posters, cards, murals, rugs, hanging, prints, wall art

They are very easy to clean: just wipe the entire surface with a damp cloth.

3D print design for interior, wall, wallpaper, canvas. 3d gold lion on black beautiful texture background. Beautiful animal lion oil canvas frame painting. Oil texture canvas. Golden texture.

In addition, don’t expose modern murals to direct sunlight and retain their beautiful original appearance much longer.

Tropical palm leaves. Monochrome leaves on the plastered wall. fresco, Wallpaper for interior printing

The use of modern mural painting in the interior provides several more advantages:

3d modern flat art mural wallpaper with Jungle, forest background . deers, christmas tree, marble mountain in painting background

  • Colorful drawings that visually expand the space
  • With their help, you can bring to perfection a certain style of a particular room
  • The painting provides additional aesthetic pleasure.

3d modern canvas art mural wallpaper landscape moon, golden christmas trees, colorful mountains

3d mural

By definition, the real world is a three-dimensional space where everyone feels like an integral part and actor.

3d classic horses wall art . 3d illustration.

When creating murals with a 3D effect, no special technical inventions are used.

3d illustration wallpaper landscape art. brown trees with golden flowers and turquoise mountains in light gray background with white clouds.

Only scenes with deep perspective and extended space are used.

Spectacular archway covered with vine in the middle of fantasy fairy tale forest landscape, misty on spring time. Digital wall art 3D illustration.

Therefore, modern 3D mural painting in interior design can solve the following problems:

3d illustration of white flock of birds flying over the moon. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper

  • “break” the geometry of the room, making the image part of the interior;
  • visually correct the shortcomings of the room (give volume to an elongated room, raise a low ceiling);
  • stylishly and neatly zone the space (relevant for studio apartments and large rooms with several functional purposes);
  • create a bright accent in the interior;
  • set a perspective and expand the space.

JEJU, SOUTH KOREA - NOV 29, 2015 : Photo of 3D Wall Painting of Falling Airplane drove out of stone brick wall

In addition, an unlimited selection of scenes allows you to select an image in accordance with the style of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or children’s room.

3d illustration of forest and white horse. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper

Modern 3D wallpapers are made of silk fabric. This material is environmentally friendly, reliable, and resistant to external negative influences.

Abstract Neo Memphis style background with grainy texture. Trendy contemporary graphic design artwork. 3D illustration.

Their density and strength make it easier to stick the material on walls yourself and make subsequent use practical.

 A tool for changing space

A mural painting is a fairly effective way to optically correct a room.

vector illustration, wall art decoration ideas, 3d wall art painting optical illusion, 3d background with light and dark colors and regular shapes

Thus, to visually change the size of a room, use a picturesque wall mural, which is created according to the rules of perspective: imitation of architectural elements or realistic paintings, depiction of a landscape with distant receding horizons, etc.

Abstract yellow background (spin illusion)

Such a painting looks very realistic due to the three-dimensionality of the image.

Optical illusion circle, vector

Using visual perspective, alternating light, and shadow, the mural creates an optical illusion and thereby changes the proportions of space.

Colorful background with growing sphere. Optical expansion illusion.

This technique helps to visually increase the height of a room, increase the width of a narrow corridor, and hide imperfections such as columns, beams, or recesses.

oil painting on canvas, street of london. Artwork. Big ben. man and woman under an yellow umbrella. Tree. England. Bridge and river

Professional advice on the application

Do not install 3D mural painting on all 5 walls. Did you know that the ceiling is regarded as the fifth wall in interior decoration?

Watercolor ceiling painting with hydrangea flowers bouquets, butterflies. Seamless pattern, luxury wallpaper, beautiful art. 3d illustration, pastel colors, pink, purple, turquoise, beige. Digital paper.

It is preferable to decorate with 3D wallpaper on one or a maximum of two walls only.  Or do so on one wall and the ceiling.

3d wallpaper lotus and butterfly and blue color polygon and texture background

You can even decorate the ceiling to create a balanced atmosphere that promotes relaxation and peace, contemplation and tranquility, comfort, and coziness.

3d illustration - oil painting abstract custom wallpaper

If you use three-dimensional photographic images to decorate more than two walls or decorate the ceiling with them, then in such an interior a person will feel psychologically unprotected.

3d illustration of forest of trees and river. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper

And therefore may constantly experience anxiety and discomfort. This statement is true for both adults and children.

wall mural 3d illusion backdrop

3D mural painting design may be a large-scale element that the eye will “catch” all the time.

Tropical wallpaper design with paper texture background. Illustration with tropical leaves, flowers and hummingbird. Seamless texture. Monstera and palm leaves.Bird of paradise flower.

Therefore it is important that the image is pleasant and maximally corresponds to your personal ideas about relaxation and comfort.

Elegant colorful 3d flowers with leaves on a tree illustration background. 3d abstraction wallpaper for Interior mural painting wall art decor. Tree branches leaves with flowers hanging on wall.

Therefore, neutral, universal themes are most often used for decoration:

When choosing a three-dimensional painting for covering walls, it is worth remembering that the visual effect of presence can appear either at a certain distance from the image or when organizing certain lighting.

3D Wallpaper, Floral background on wood panels with peacock

Take these facts into account you are not subsequently disappointed with a result that does not live up to your expectations.

Elephant in old wooden frame with 3d effect

Different wall art in different walls & rooms

The theme of your mural painting often depends on what purpose you have for the room.

Chinese style painting on wall of shrine in Thailand. Generality in Thailand, any kind of art decorated in Buddhist church or shrine etc. created with money donated by people, no restrict in use.

And what style dominates here, and what atmosphere do you want to maintain?

Abstract artistic background. Chinese wind wallpaper, ink wash, new Chinese style, landscape painting, golden brushstrokes. painting. modern Art. Wallpapers, posters, cards, murals, prints

For example, in the bedroom, it is important to create a relaxing environment for sleep and rest.

Tropical background with exotic flowers, birds, banana leaves, palm, protea, hibiscus, hummingbirds. Hand-drawn 3D illustration. Glamorous seamless pattern for luxury wallpapers, mural, cloth, fabric

Therefore, paintings of exotic flowers, interesting, but not bright abstractions in pastel colors are perfect here.

Tropical colorful seamless pattern with exotic textured pastel palm leaves on white background. Hand-drawn premium vintage 3d vector illustration. Good for luxury wallpapers, fabric printing, mural

Artistic accents for the living room have a completely different specificity. It would be appropriate to use bright, colorful murals in this room.

Living room with mural, light interior design of flat or house. Wall stylish painting inside apartments. Beautiful home fresco with animals. Moscow - Dec 6, 2018

Quite popular choices are painting of nature and urban landscapes of a city at night.

Painting of the Building of Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) in the evening, Lindau, Bavaria, Germany

Beautiful paintings are also relevant for decorating the walls of the kitchen and dining room.

Seamless coffee background with coffee cup and coffee beans. Hand drawn illustration in sketch style.

Don’t be afraid to use as detailed pictures as possible. Coffee beans, compositions of fruits, and various still lifes will not only give you a great mood but also increase your appetite.

Abstract vegetable design in flat cut out style. Cut carrots. Vector illustration.

These types of mural painting tend to go best with modern and creative designs.

Children's cartoon nursery mural

The situation is a little more complicated with your children’s room. A huge selection of design options for a nursery can turn any parent’s head.

You can choose an image based on the baby’s interests, but he is growing quickly and what he liked yesterday no longer evokes any emotions today.

Customized 3d Kids Cartoon Wallpapers

Therefore, it is important to choose neutral paintings that will not bother your child when in the future, but will also look stylish.

kids wallpaper night elephant happy

You will find plenty of them in nature art, abstract drawings, or even cartoons.

Accent wall

With the help of art on wallpaper, you can easily transform an ordinary room, visually zone the space, and focus attention on a specific wall.

Samarinda, Indonesia - May 10, 2023 : Fitout progress, interior work of beauty salon and barbershop, simple design with green accents and murals painting

And thanks to the volumetric 3D effect, it can completely change the character of the room.

Tropical Elegance, 3D Mural with Palm Leaf Branches and Peacock Feathers

It happens that the room looks too monotonous or the usual design is boring, then bright art wallpapers will come to the rescue.

Tropical Elegance, 3D Mural with Palm Leaf Branches and Peacock Feathers

They will dilute neutral monochrome walls and become a focal point in the interior.


This mural theme the second reason is to emphasize the overall style of the interior or the function of the room.

Fantastic wallpaper in turquoise tones. Translucent smooth stripes, flashes of light, flying meteorites, silhouettes of planets against the background of the starry sky, outer space.

For example, add art with a calming landscape in the bedroom, an appetizing painting in the kitchen dining area, and a colorful drawing with cartoon characters in the nursery.

sunset view on the beach

Or create an eternal “sea view” in the bathroom thanks to the beach’s artistic wallpaper.

Abstract art print. Golden texture. Freehand oil painting. Oil on canvas. Brushstrokes of paint. modern Art. Prints, wallpapers, posters, cards, murals, rugs, hangings, prints

The same goes for commercial and corporate premises. In spaces where beauty and IT specialists work, the theme of the wallpaper will be appropriate.

Other thematic areas you might find of interest are:


Art photo wallpaper with an original print is a ready-made interior decor. In the modern abundance of wall design options, it’s easy to get confused. So the same 3D wallpaper will be a win-win solution.

travel by plane all over the world, for your child's room

They will save you from the agony of choice and will be an excellent alternative to hangings on the wall, panels, and an endless number of shelves on the wall.

Flowering cacti on the concrete beige grunge wall. Blooming cactus. Exotic background for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural, card, postcard, painting. Design in the loft, classic, modern style.

All that remains is for you to choose an image that is attractive to you and that will fit into the overall concept of the interior.

Seamless pattern with vintage trees and palms, plants. Vector

Be it an exotic design in an oriental style or a discreet loft with elements of a Scandinavian mood.


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