Nature Wall Murals

The exploration of nature wall murals can take endless forms. Because nature provides us with such a vast wealth of inspiring phenomena. “Nature, in the broadest sense, is equivalent to the natural world, the physical universe, material world, or material universe. “Nature” refers to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in […]


The exploration of nature wall murals can take endless forms.

Dark night sky nature wall mural

Because nature provides us with such a vast wealth of inspiring phenomena.

“Nature, in the broadest sense, is equivalent to the natural world, the physical universe, material world, or material universe. “Nature” refers to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general.”

— Wikipedia

That gives us a lot of nature mural themes to work with!

 Big Natural Flowers Photo Wall Murals

And you can now see that murals based on nature can take numerous forms and serve many purposes. Because “nature murals” is such an immense topic that encompasses so many designs.

 3d mural of plants for kitchen wall

We can only provide a partial list of the various themes that may appear in nature-related murals:

flowers, plants, trees, botany, animals, cells, anatomy, bodily systems, weather, geology, matter, energy, fossils, any of the natural sciences, water, under the sea, fire, environment, conservation, natural history, processes, evolution, birth, growth, aging, decay, change…

And of course, within each theme, there are further divisions, and on and on.

Fotomural animales escuela de mar - TenVinilo

So if you want to create a mural based on the theme of “nature”, you’ve got a whole planet full of ideas to work from!

Custom made nature murals 

Custom 3d forest nature wall murals

There is nothing better than Custom made Nature Wall Murals to decorate any room in your home. And in this category of nature murals, you will find scenery murals such as 3d forest wallpaper for walls, mountains, and sandstone pillars.

3D Silk Botanical Pattern Rose Flower Suitable for Bedroom or Living Room

Mind you, all our murals are removable and reusable. And that means they are a real investment as they are highly durable and you can move house with them.

3d mountains nature wall mural wallpaper in living room
With the endless designs, you can fill the walls of your home with life and color in a unique way. And this is the way to go for a comfortable home where spending hours is not boring and monotonous.
3d Sea Cliff Nature wallpaper

Now with Wallpaper Kenya nature murals, you can decorate your house the way you want without having to make a large financial outlay.

Nature wall mural for a calm bedroom

Because with our designs you will have your wall as you want it without having to reform your house. And you will save the time and money that this entails.

Photomurals of Mountains, Lake and Waterfalls in the Living Room

Do not hesitate to wallpaper your house with one of our nature mural wallpapers. It is a great option and you will give depth to your walls and fill them with personality.

Palm tree beach sunset scenery

You and your visitors will spend a lot of time admiring your wall decoration. I guarantee your mural will be envied by everyone who enters your house.

Nature Wallpaper Mural- Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Effects of decorating with nature murals

3d Mountain Forest Waterfall Nature Wall Murals

Nature wall murals have a way of creating positive disruptions by pulling us out of our interests, ideas, and systems. And into something that is often humbling. This is also what happens when you go into the forest or walk beside the beach.

Turtle Bay Beach Watamu, Malindi, Kenya.

But it’s also what happens when you get to work in a garden. In other words, enjoying picturesque landscapes gives you emotional and psychological good health.

sun and forest landscape nature wall murals

The images of flora and fauna in the interior wall decoration have a long history, traditions, and customs. Because the natural world is closely intertwined with human civilization, animalistic and floral ornaments are not uncommon in ethnic styles. And you will agree with me, that it’s not nuclear science, there is a relationship between nature, health, and emotional well-being.

dinosaur wallpaper mural for children

The beautiful photo nature walls murals create fascinating three-dimensional illusions that inspire imagination and captivate the organic being of nature.

Nature conservation educational dinosaur wall mural

Nature murals use palettes with almost all shades of green. As well as skillfully embedded high-quality “natural” photographs or illustrations – fruits, vegetables, etc. But is not necessary to color all walls in green tones.

3d illustration of leaves, flock of birds and the moon
3d illustration of leaves, a flock of birds, and the moon

The walls look much fresher just due to the use of pastel colors, illustrations, and collages.

Painting of under the seal nature wall murals

Landscape photo murals

Stunning landscape photo nature wall murals are timeless classics that have received a new life. Thanks to modern photo printing technologies. Natural landscape scenes soothe and relax. Select an image from the library or give us your nature landscaper photos. And Wallpaper Kenya will make beautiful photo wallpaper murals within 1-2 days.

Popular photo wallpaper murals with pretty landscapes of nature

The natural landscapes are rich color palettes, represented by a variety of warm and cold shades. Fresh spring greens and cool streams of a waterfall, colorful wildflowers and sparkling snow of mountain peaks, a mesmerizing sunset, and autumn leaves are common images of nature.

Natural Scenery, Green Mountains, Living Room Wall Mural

Choose photo wallpaper, focusing on the color palette and your interior design style:

Where to place

Your choice of the natural landscape mural is determined by the purpose of the room and the tasks that are supposed to be solved with their help.

Natural Scenery ,Beautiful Waterfall, Bedroom Wall Murals
Natural Scenery, Beautiful Waterfall, Bedroom Wall Murals
  • Murals with a perspective expand the space only if the image is not overlapped by pieces of furniture – it is better to place large-format murals on an open wall to the side of the sofa or opposite the seating area.
  • Panoramic landscape paintings can be used to decorate the wall, which adjoins the sofa or headboard.
  • A landscape mural, occupying only part of the wall, can be turned into a beautiful picture of nature using wooden slats or moldings.

Printing of seamless custom nature wall murals

Seamless wallpaper mural- what is it?

Seamless nature wallpaper mural

This is a wallpaper that is glued in one piece along the wall and therefore has no joints. Unlike classic or regular wallpaper, which is glued in narrow vertical stripes.

Large Format Wall Murals Printing Machine

For printing, you choose an image from our Shutterstock, where a large selection of paintings and photographs are presented. At your request, we will correct it and carry out the order in just 24 hours!

Blooming white Lotus flowers with green leaves wall murals for interior printing.

If you know how to search, but we can assist, Shutterstock offers you a large number of nature images that you can use to decorate your home. The sunset over the Sea, natural landscapes, wildlife, skies, and all. You will find all this on Shutterstock. Be also our designers will be happy to help you choose exactly what you are looking for.

Nature wall mural 3d illusion backdrop


Murals can create an amazing atmosphere in any interior, and bring comfort and a magical mood there.

3d Tropical Botanical Turtle Leaf Wall Mural

Seamless wallpaper has a roll width of up to 3 meters and a length of up to 60 meters. This allows you to paste over the room, unwinding the roll along the perimeter, horizontally.

Fishing boat at sunset time. Panorama landscape Mural design
Fishing boat at sunset time. Panorama landscape Mural design

The main differences are that the seamless roll does not need to be cut. It is glued with a single sheet, horizontally along the wall. It is only necessary to smooth out the folds by gradually unwinding the roll, which is more convenient to do. But on the other hand, you do not need to deal with combining the patterns on the panels, cutting along the seam, and other difficult moments that do not always turn out perfectly well.

3d nature wallpaper for living room

Custom-made nature wall murals and nature ordinary wallpaper make the best 3d wallpaper for living rooms.

Natural stones ordinary 3d wallpaper murals
Natural stones ordinary 3d wallpaper murals

The above-pictured wallpaper mural is from ordinary standard size preprinted wallpaper.

Natural brick effect mural

These are the kind of wallpaper you can walk into any wallpaper store buy and take home. They come in a universal standard size roll of half a meter by 10 meters for KS 1500 per roll supply only. Or KS 2000 per roll all-inclusive, supply and installation.

Natural Blue Wood Wallpaper Mural
Natural Blue Wood Wallpaper Mural

And you will find the standard size or regular wallpaper in a variety of designs. Are different kinds of natural stone, wood, and florals. You will also find other botanical designs, leaves, and even animals.

3D WALLPAPER design flower
3D WALLPAPER MURAL design floral tree

But all regular wallpaper has repeat patterns. For instance, if you look at the above two examples you will see similar images on the same mural. You will see similar stone patterns on the same stone wallpaper mural. And you will see repeat patterns of wood planks on the same wooden wallpaper.

3d Waterfalls and floral background nature wall mural

But there are no repeat patterns in custom-made nature murals. Therefore custom-made murals make the best nature murals. Because, in true nature, there are no repeat patterns. Just like there are no two trees that are the same in appearance in any one or more forests.

Installation of custom made murals

You will be surprised to learn that it is easier to install custom-made nature wall murals than ordinary wallpaper.

It is not difficult at all! and you can do it yourself. Because the mural comes in one piece the size of your wall.

Master bedroom landscape wall art
Master bedroom landscape wall art

And you only need to paste the wall thoroughly and then place the mural. Done. It is as easy as that. But if you are in Nairobi, and you like, we can install it for you for free. You only pay for the mural but not for installation.

3d illustration of forest and white horse. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper
3d illustration of forest and white horse. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for wallpaper

But if you are going to do it yourself, you will have instructions as to how to mix the wallpaper adhesive with the natural decorative murals. So that you can apply it without any doubts. And just by following the procedure, you will leave a fantastic wall that you will enjoy for as long as you want.


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