Nursery mural

What is the need for a nursery mural?       A nursery school should have colorful walls that encourage fun and creativity.   Are you starting daycare or want to give your existing one a new look?     If so, learn how to incorporate color, art, and education into your daycare’s interior and […]


What is the need for a nursery mural?


Home bedroom Nursery mural


Happy Kid Studying And Learning nursery mural.


A nursery school should have colorful walls that encourage fun and creativity.


African animals in savannah. Kid nursery mural wallpaper. Vector hand drawn illustrations.

Are you starting daycare or want to give your existing one a new look?


Vector horizontal wallpaper with happy kids standing behind the bushes. Happy Children’s day background with place for text.


If so, learn how to incorporate color, art, and education into your daycare’s interior and exterior walls.


Astronauts in open space. Kid nursery mural wallpaper. Vector hand drawn illustrations


But why should you do so, you may ask?


3d-foam-weigh-archor-childrens-soundproof-brick wallpaper


This is to take advantage of the walls in your nursery to turn it into a playful space.


Vector children hand drawn mountain and cute dinosaurs illustration in scandinavian style. Mountain landscape, clouds. Children's tropical wallpaper. Mountain-scape, children's room design, wall décor.


Murals on all the walls in the nursery are some of the tools you can rely on to create a learning environment.


educational world map wallpaper design for kids rooms


And how do you do this, you wonder!


The nativity of Jesus. Christmas religious illustration - fresco in Byzantine style


Visit Wallpaper Kenya for lots of ideas. Here are some of these ideas:


Cute goats farm vector cartoon flat illustration in different colors isolated on white background.

Choose a theme or encourage the children to choose a theme for the nursery. Popular themes are beach, jungle, and circus.
Animals in circus. Kid nursery mural wallpaper. Vector hand drawn illustrations
If you are on a budget and you are artistic, you can paint a mural on the wall.
Mountain landscape or mountain-scape, mountain scenery, winter mountains, can use for children's or baby room décor or wallpapers. winter snow background decoration. vector.
But if you are not, it would be more expensive to commission an artist than to digitally make the murals.
 Sport activities with astronauts. Football, basketball. Kid nursery mural wallpaper. Vector hand drawn illustrations with space theme
At Wallpaper Kenya, you will find many ideal nursery mural ideas for a themed nursery school.
Group of kids dancing and singing a song on the stage. Children’s performance wall mural.
The most popular are the children’s maps of the world which are also customizable.
Animal Alphabet. Zoo alphabet wallpaper mural.
But animal designs such as safari murals, elephant murals, woodland animals, and a whole host of other designs are also very popular.
Cartoon kids with 123 numbers
Other themes you and the children may like include the rabbit, sheep, the bear, and forest animals.
safari jungle animals. giraffe, tiger, elephant, flamingo, monkey and bird. animals among tropical trees. forest pattern nursery wallpaper mural
You will also find out that children are fascinated by giraffes and fox cartoon murals.

Positive and negative effects of a cartoon nursery mural

A nursery mural, depending on the design, can have a number of positive or negative effects on your children.

You may fear decorating with certain cartoon nursery murals.


ZAGREB , CROATIA - NOVEMBER 24, 2015 : Disney princess , Cinderella, Belle and Aurora cartoon characters from books and movies on magnetic sticker, product shot


Take for example Spiderman cartoon wall murals.


Spiderman, a cosplay comic character. Guy cosplayer at cosplay Convention. Cartoon nursery wall mural.


Our cartoon murals for nurseries collection has Spiderman wallpaper murals for instance.


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - NOVEMBER 17, 2019: Princess Elsa and Anna from Frozen 2 Magical Journey. This event is a promotion for new Disney blockbuster movie


The Disney character has moral teachings. He wasn’t born a superhero. Spiderman acquired his powers suddenly as a young adult, through a quirk of fate.


Milan - Italy - NOV 2017 - Reproduction of Disney cars - cartoon wall mural


That is very similar to the way most people become leaders. The moral teaching here is that some core principles make Spiderman a force for good.


Bangkok Thailand - August 25 2019 : Mickey Mouse figure for Celebration of Mickey Mouse'90th Anniversary at KING POWER MAHANAKHON Sathorn Road


In the real world are pretty much the same principles that can make leaders a force for good in an organization.

Spider man Cartoon Wallpaper


It is good to know the meaning of the cartoon wall murals you are hanging in your child’s room, isn’t it?


Mickey Mouse popular vector collection on paper, Mickey Mouse editorial vector illustration is printed on white paper.


Violence in cartoons (as in many television programs) is as frequent as it is worrisome.


Two Cartoon characters, Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse of The Walt Disney Company in the children's world store. Moscow. 14.12.2018


Excessive child time on TV may teach the child to solve certain problems the way superheroes act. And those fantastic performances that the child assimilates as superpowers.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - May 22, 2015: Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear robot toy character from Toy Story. Toy Story is a computer-animated buddy-comedy adventure film by Pixar and Walt Disney


The identification with the protagonists of these cartoon wallpaper murals carries a mimicry.


Wroclaw, Poland - May 11, 2022: Illustrations of Tales of Friendship Treasury book, author Thea Feldman. Illustrated by Disney story book artists. Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet, Owl, Tiger a. Editorial use


It impels them to act under the slogan of “what my hero can do I can also do”.

Positive effects

Encourage creativity and imagination

A nursery mural can provide a blank canvas for children to use their imaginations and create their own stories and worlds. This can help to foster their creativity and imagination, which are essential skills for learning and development.

Promote learning

Nursery murals can be used to teach children about different concepts, such as colors, shapes, animals, and numbers. They can also be used to tell stories or introduce children to different cultures.

Stimulate the senses

Nursery murals can be used to stimulate children’s senses of sight, touch, and hearing. The colors, textures, and patterns of the murals can be very appealing to children and help them to learn about their environment.

Create a calming and relaxing environment

Nursery murals can help to create a calming and relaxing environment for children. The soft colors and soothing images can help children to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Nursery murals can help to reduce stress and anxiety in children. The calming and relaxing environment can help children to feel more at ease and less stressed.

Negative effects

Be too stimulating

If the nursery mural is too stimulating, it can actually be overwhelming for children. This can lead to feelings of anxiety or stress.

Be inappropriate for the child’s age or development level

Nursery murals should be appropriate for the child’s age and development level. If the murals are too complex or abstract, they may not be appropriate for young children.

Be used to promote stereotypes or negative messages

Nursery murals should not be used to promote stereotypes or negative messages. For example, murals that depict only certain races or genders in certain roles can be harmful to children.

Overall, nursery murals can have a positive impact on children’s development if they are chosen carefully and used appropriately. It is important to consider the child’s age, development level, and interests when selecting nursery murals. It is also important to avoid murals that are too stimulating, inappropriate, or promote stereotypes or negative messages.

How to choose nursery murals

Here are some tips for choosing a nursery mural

  • Choose a nursery mural that is colorful and engaging, but not too stimulating.
  • Choose murals that are appropriate for the child’s age and development level.
  • Choose murals that depict a variety of people, places, and things.
  • Avoid murals that promote stereotypes or negative messages.

If you are unsure about what kind of nursery murals to choose, it is always best to consult with a child development specialist or an art therapist.

The colors you choose for your nursery mural can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the room.


Cute baby fox, deer animal nursery rabbit and bear isolated illustration for children. Watercolor boohoo forest drawing, watercolor, hedgehog image Perfect for nursery mural.


A mural is a great way to add a unique touch to the space. And the right colors can help create a calming and inviting atmosphere.


Space, science fiction, future. Vector retro illustrations of astronaut, galaxy, planet, moon, space objects nursery mural.

Here are some tips for choosing the right colors for your nursery mural.

Kids in kindergarten play with their favorite toys against the background of the wall with children drawings. Long banner. Funny cartoon characters. Vector illustration. Isolated on white background

Start by considering the overall theme of the nursery. If you’re going for a classic look, muted tones like pastels and neutrals are a great choice.

Cute kids paint drawings on the wall. Seamless children's panorama for your design. Funny cartoon character. Vector illustration. Isolated on white background

But if you’re looking for something more modern, brighter colors like blues, greens, and yellows can be used to create a vibrant atmosphere.

Cute dogs doodle vector set. Cartoon dog or puppy characters design collection with flat color in different poses. Set of funny pet animals isolated on white background.


Then think about the size of the room. If the nursery is small, you may want to stick to lighter colors to make the space appear larger.


Back to school. Little children holding big school stationery. Long banner. Baby scribbles on the wall. Template for design. Funny cartoon characters. Vector illustration. Isolated on white background


And if the room is larger, you can use bolder colors to create a more dramatic effect.


Colorful kindergarten class without childs ,school desk,chair,toy and decoration on background wall- 3d rendering


You must also consider the lighting in the room. And know that natural light can make certain colors appear brighter.  While artificial light can make them look duller.


Kids play together in kindergarden. Playroom with children. Babysitting.


And if you’re unsure, it’s best to test out a few colors in the space before making a final decision.


Cute Dino font with alphabet letters, dinosaurs, signs and numbers. Character collection in hand drawn cartoon style for your design, nursery mural. Vector illustration


Think also about the age of the child. If the nursery is for a newborn, you may want to stick to softer colors that are easier on the eyes.


Kindergarten. Boys and girls drawing pictures scribbles on the walls. Children draw with felt-tip, paints and crayons. Template for advertising brochure. Funny cartoon character. Vector illustration.


And if the child is older, you can use brighter colors to create a more stimulating environment.

Choosing the theme



Start by deciding on a theme for your mural. Consider the interests of your child, such as animals, nature, or a favorite book or movie.

Children of different nationality drawing pictures with chalk pencils vector illustration of cartoon kids kindergarten. Flat design boys and girls with color pencils draw pictures on walls and floor


Choose a color palette that will complement the theme. Consider colors that will create a calming atmosphere, such as pastels or muted tones.

Cute animal alphabet. English Alphabet poster. Nursery Wall Art, Animal Themed, Kid's Art Decor, Gender Neutral Nursery, ABC, Children's Wall. Cute animal alphabet vector


Sketch out your design on paper before you begin painting. This will help you visualize the finished product and make any necessary adjustments.

Geometric fairy tale kingdom, knight and princess magic castle, children room, class wall decoration. Colorful vector illustration


Use stencils or templates to create shapes and patterns. This will help you create a more professional-looking mural.

baby height measure (in original proportions 1:4) - vector illustration, eps


Incorporate personal elements into the mural. Consider adding your child’s name, a favorite quote, or a special symbol.

We learn numbers. Educational poster for preschool and school education. Cute numbers with funny faces,nice colors. For kindergartens and children's rooms. A painting for the wall.


Use a variety of painting techniques to create texture and depth. Consider sponging, stippling, or dry brushing.


3d background, cat peeping from a broken wall. 3D wall looks very lovely and also brings different colors to room! It will visually expand children’s room and become an accent in the interior design.


Add a few finishing touches to the mural. Consider adding glitter, rhinestones, or other embellishments to make the mural truly unique.


Educational nursery mural. Vector template of children's watches. The basis of the clock for the children's room. Illustration of a cute little fox on an airplane


Seal the mural with a protective coating. This will help preserve the mural and keep it looking its best for years to come

Children’s murals in pastel color tones

Another reason why these custom-made murals for babies are so successful is their colors. The vast majority of them have pastel tones.

Set of watercolor butterflies in pastel colors isolated on white background. Hand drawn illustrations. Perfect for nursery wallpaper for walls.

Whether blues, turquoise, greens, pinks, beige, grey, or yellows, all of them have very subtle watercolors.

Teacher telling a story to nursery children in the garden, wall mural.

And that helps to create a very pleasant environment for children and also for newborn babies.

Castles, princesses and unicorn in the clouds. Wallpaper mural for kid girl room, with vector hand drawn illustrations with magic fairytale theme

And all the aspects dealt with, for example, if we comment on the design they are created vectorially and drawn directly on a graphic tablet.

Cute illustration image of children on the train nursery mural


A fact that only the great professionals of the drawing manage to accomplish with success.

Safari animals watercolor illustration with baby elephant, lion, zebra, giraffe, rhinoceros and tropical jungle foliage for nursery walls.

And this is the main reason why these drawings have a high sharpness, for being vectoral still being a mural of great format.

cute pandas lying in hammock for child room wallpaper design

It is seen extraordinarily clearly.

Christian nursery school murals

Another fundamental aspect of its quality is that it is made of silk fabric printed with the best digital printing machinery.

Classroom walls number work wallpaper mural

This type of mural has the great advantage that only glue is placed on the wall.

kids wallpaper night elephant happy.

This way, the installation will be quick and clean and can be carried out by anyone with a minimum of experience.

Cute little deer and fox . Wall mural for kid room decoration. Vector illustrations with Forest theme

Because silk fabric does not expand and does not contract, it has a high resistance over time.

Jungle-style children’s room

Custom-made Jungle style children's room wall art


illustration of happy animal in the jungle


Jungle style children's room

Self-adhesive peel and stick anti-collision child-friendly 3D foam

The newest innovation of nursery murals is the self-adhesive, waterproof, soundproof, anti-collision 3D foam wall panels.

Self-adhesive, anti-collision 3d foam nursery wall sticker

Home nursery murals

If your child has a favorite topic, use it to customize the nursery mural at home. We have lots of great ideas for your kid’s room.

Set funny small unicorns. Cute little pony or horse. Fairytale background with rainbows and animals. Fabulous landscape. Children's wallpaper. Cartoon illustration. Wonderland. Toy or doll. Vector.


For the pirate junkies, our “Cartoon High Seas” murals will have every kid screaming “Arrrr!”


3d realistic vector high cartoon sea animals and objects


Bring a safari to any wall with our adorable “Animal Party” wallpaper, which is perfect for those who love all animals, including giraffes, elephants, and monkeys.


Classic nursery mural


If you’re looking for the perfect wallpaper for a kid’s room, our adorable “Wild Willows” mural has already brought lots of smiles and memories to so many kids’ rooms.


3d wallpaper kids room animals

With its colorful wildlife backdrop, this mural will make your children’s room the perfect place to start a new life.


Willow flowers and leaves pattern for wallpaper murals


Once you decide on a theme for your baby’s room, it’s time to start decorating.


Beautiful elf Princess, Prince, Swan. King and Queen. Fairytale background. Flower meadow, castle, rainbow, lake. Wonderland. Magical landscape. Children cartoon illustration. Romantic story. Vector.


The challenge comes when you face a big wall in the nursery and want a way to break it up.


space night sky. moon, stars, rocket and clouds in midnight. wallpaper mural. vector Illustration.


Instead of covering a large wall with paint of a basic, solid color, create a mural to break up the monotony of the wall.


Spiderman super hero home nursery wall mural


The finished mural helps with the decoration of the room and colors, shapes, and photos help stimulate a baby’s mind.


Fine art home nursery wallpaper mural


Even without artistic skills, create your mural to match the theme of the room.

Hand-painted nursery mural

A nursery mural can be hand-painted, graffiti painting, a photo mural, or wallpaper or vinyl.


Jumping kids, funny illustration, nursery wallpaper mural.


Therefore, If you want to decorate your nursery school or children’s room, there are several options to hire a muralist.


Hand drawn landscape, hills, trail, lonely house, mountains, lake and ship, clouds and balloon, cars. Watercolor illustration. Children's wallpaper mural design


Murals can be created in the interiors of nursery classrooms, corridors, halls, or offices. Also on the outside walls of buildings, facades, as well as school vehicles. 


Cute kids paint drawings on the wall. Seamless nursery children's panorama for your design. Template for advertising brochure. Funny cartoon character. Vector illustration for wallpaper murals

Countless types of paints can be used to paint interior murals.

Water-based paints, acrylic paints, and aerosols are quick-drying paints, easy to clean, withstand humidity, and perfect for creating.

Hand painted watercolor cute dinosaurs, isolated on white background. The illustration is perfect for printing nursery wallpaper murals.

Specific acrylic paints for interior murals cost around KS 6000 per liter, while spray paints cost around KS 4000 per liter. But this is nothing compared to the muralist charges

Now, if you want an outdoor mural or you are going to paint a drawing on a façade, the type of paint varies.

Savanah wildlife children's room mural

Being outdoors it has to put up with and suffer certain things that interior paint does not have to put up with.

Disney Lion King Mural

Inclement weather, wear, pollution, sunlight, high humidity, or extreme temperature changes.

Child's gouache drawing of a parrot sitting on a tree branch

That is why exterior mural paints must be polyurethane enamels, vinyl paints, epoxy resins, acrylic paint, or special sprays. Such a hand-painted mural will cost you around KS 20000 on average.

Vector tropical maze with animals in safari park. Cartoon tropical animals. African animals. Road in a safari park. Wallpaper for children.

But the same size of digitally printed on silk fabric (hand painted) nursery mural would cost you around KS 30,000

Nursery Mural Ideas

Some nursery mural ideas include a garden for a fairy or butterfly room or an underwater scene for an ocean room.

Beautiful Princess with white unicorn and Swan. Fairytale background with flower meadow, castle, rainbow, lake. Wonderland. Magical landscape. Children's cartoon illustration. Romantic story. Vector.

You can also choose a simple design, such as paw prints across the wall for a puppy room.

Vector striped style Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Venus Mercury solar system planets. Astronomy science for kids. Solar system wallpaper.

Or stars and moons for the sun, moon, and stars room.

3d cartoon baby girls' bedroom wallpaper mural

Murals in nursery schools should fit into the concept of your kindergarten as much as possible.

cute watercolor baby elephant girl sitiing on pink floral rainbow,nursery kid animal hand drawn illustration vector

For example, if your nursery has a specialized direction, like teaching foreign languages, ​ depicts various characters from popular fairy tales of a native country.

Mountains mural for nursery walls

Have you noticed, that kindergartens for girls only, or boys only have become popular again? Naturally, the specifics of murals in such kindergartens will also differ.

Cute unicorns with clouds and rainbow. Kid nursery mural wallpaper. Vector hand drawn illustrations

The interior of each room in kindergarten, as a rule, also helps children learn about the world: bright pictures in the playroom will differ from calm ones in the bedroom.

Kids toys landscape. 3d vector background. Plasticine art wallpaper illustration.

And images of funny animals at desks will be appropriate on the walls in the study room.

Help your kids achieve more by pushing them towards learning in a fun form of entertainment. Prepare them for an earlier future.

Good night and sweet dreams home nursery wallpaper. Fluffy clouds on dark sky background with gold moon and hanging stars. Vector illustration. Place for text

Give your child a head start with these kids’ educational murals. Inspire your kids’ imaginations with Attractive themes in the following nursery murals:

Alphabet Letters

The alphabet nursery wall mural

Rainbow Colors

Rainbow Wallpaper Mural - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.


Numbers 1-10, or 1-100

Cartoon background with colorful numbers. Seamless vector pattern nursery mural artwork


Numbers and math's signs nursery wall mural


safari flora and fauna nature photo nursery wall mural


Home nursery unisex children's wallpaper mural

Under the sea children’s room wallpaper mural

Under the sea wall mural in children's room- ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Outer space 3D murals

3D Wall Mural Wallpapers Archives - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

Church Nursery Mural Ideas

Jesus birth. Holy virgin Maria with newborn kid. Religious illustration


Salome and the midwife Geloma, bathing the infant Jesus. Christmas religious illustration - fresco in Byzantine style

mountain nursery mural

Sunshine morning in the mountains. Summer or spring landscape, vector background. Green meadows, pine forest, mountains and sun on blue sky. Flat style nursery wallpaper illustration of nature.

jungle nursery mural

Set of colorful silhouettes of dinosaurs on pink background, stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, Brontosaurus, pterodactyl and others. Wallpaper mural for nursery school.

Peter Rabbit wall mural

Watercolor Rabbit illustration, cute rabbit

safari nursery mural

Childish seamless pattern with cute zebras wallpaper mural.

woodland nursery mural

Cute pastel winter forest landscape with animals. Childish trendy print. Vector hand drawn illustration.


cute rabbits with a beautiful hut in woodland. For children's room wallpaper mural.

forest mural for nursery

Children on the playground vector.

tree mural nursery

Forest scene with tree house inside the tree trunk mural illustration

sun mural for nursery

Mountain landscape in neon colors, night sky in the mountains, abstract mountain landscape nursery mural.

Cloud mural for nursery

Seamless background design with mountains, forests, clouds, and hot air balloons in autumnal colors. Cartoon style fall landscape illustration for nursery wallpaper mural.

Star Wars Nursery mural

Vector flat stylish horizontal cartoon icon of star wars of lightning warriors fighting in light swords in white armor and with colorful shields, pixel background lightsaber eps 10 moskup

elephant wall mural nursery

Cute Safari Elephant Animals wallpaper mural for nursery walls.

Hot air balloon nursery mural

Summer landscape with flying hot air balloons, lake and mountains. Vector cartoon illustration of colorful airships with baskets fly over river, green meadows, coniferous forest and white rocks.

Farm murals for nursery

watercolor set of cartoon farm animals collection for nursery murals.


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