Office wall murals

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There are very many kinds of office wall murals. But the most popular are those closely related graphic elements and signage.  Most especially commercial, corporate, business, and company office wall murals. But to a lesser extent home office wall murals. It is important to bear in mind that no element within the office is casual or […]


Interior photography of a new modern corporate office wall murals, open plan office with work stations with a green and white décor.

There are very many kinds of office wall murals.

Beautiful Day Begins With a Beautiful Mindset. Motivational Positive Quote Lettering. Black and White Wall Art for Office

But the most popular are those closely related graphic elements and signage. 

Abstract background with business elements. Symbol of a successful business

Most especially commercial, corporate, business, and company office wall murals.

Work quote poster by Confucius. Effects poster, frame, colors background and colors text are editable, Ideal for print office wall murals.

But to a lesser extent home office wall murals.

Travel to World. Road trip. Tourism. Landmarks on the globe. Concept wallpaper template. Vector illustration. Modern travel business office wall mural design.

It is important to bear in mind that no element within the office is casual or merely decorative.

A girl is drinking coffee on a winter day. Professional comics art illustration. Vector comic illustration. Story Art. Coffeeshop office wall mural. A work day at the café.

Everything that makes up an office carries an intention.

Promo girl your advertising brand here pop art retro style wallpaper mural

Therefore, if we talk about office wall decoration, it is necessary to understand that it is not an aesthetic element without further function.

3d executive wall murals, 3d background, 3D wallpaper background, Wall Art Home Décor High Quality, decorative photomural wallpaper illustration, 3D flower meeting room.

On the contrary.

Abstract art oil painting art style. Fashion of modern art wall can be used for wall decoration, wallpaper, company wall murals, hang a picture

Office design has found in murals a support for expression to communicate its brand values ​​​​and philosophy.

World Map Wallpaper Mural - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper ...

As well as to transmit subliminal messages to its workers.

Abstract montain Wallpaper Mural is a trendy take on traditional camouflage design pop abstrac wallpaper

The very first thing you should do is consider the theme of the mural.

Brush stroke for wall covers. Dirty art smear. Pastel Fresco Mural wall décor. Wallpaper background for office. Putty plaster paint for walls design. Yellow gold foil floral seamless pattern.

Because the office wall mural should reflect the values, mission, and vision of your business.

A tree on the background of a Japanese landscape with flying bluebirds. wallpaper for interior printing. Company wall murals art.

For example, a mural depicting a beach scene may be appropriate for a travel agency.

Vector illustration of a beach and a sea coast landscape wall mural. Creative summer wallpaper for tour operator or travel agency. Summer theme background.

But not for a law firm.

Core Values - Chart with keywords and icons - Sketch Company Junior Manager's Of wall mural

And then you should consider the colors of the mural.

Interior photography detail of a contemporary design corporate office break out area with a cheerful motivational quote mural

Because they should be in line with the overall color scheme of the office.

Unique Wallpaper for creative office wall murals - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper ...

Bright colors may be appropriate for a creative office.

Be creative quote in modern typography with long shadow. Creative design for your wall graphics, typographic poster, web design and office space graphics.

But muted colors may be more suitable for a professional office.

A positive work environment with office wall murals

Office wall murals can help to create a more positive work environment.

Professional wallpaper of Big Five and wild animals collage with African landscape at sunrise in Serengeti wildlife area, Tanzania, East Africa. Africa safari scene in savannah landscape. Suitable for home or office wall mural.

By adding a unique and creative touch to the office, wall murals can help to make the workplace more inviting and inspiring.

Feathers realistic seamless pattern with colorful bird air feathers vector illustration. Artistically professional wallpaper for walls.

This can help to boost employee morale and make employees feel more comfortable and engaged in their work.

Blueberry yogurt Company office wall mural ads, delicious yogurt commercial with milk and fruit jam splashing together in 3d illustration.

Secondly, office wall murals can help to improve employee productivity.

3D WALLPAPER design flower

By providing a visually stimulating environment, wall murals can help to keep employees focused and motivated.

Inspirational motivation quote on colorful sunset background office wall mural. The best way to predict the future is to create it.

This can help to increase productivity and help employees to stay on task.

You Will Never Have This Day Again. So Make It Count. Inspiring Creative Motivation Quote Poster Template. Vector Typography Banner Design Concept On Grunge Texture Rough Background

Third, office wall murals can help to promote collaboration and team building.

Think positive quote in modern typography. Creative design for your wall graphics, typographic motivational office wall mural.

By creating a visually stimulating environment, wall murals can help to encourage employees to work together and collaborate on projects.

Business Words on Creative Golden Tulip Hotel Office Wall Mural.

This can help to foster a sense of camaraderie and team spirit, which can help to improve employee morale.

Drawn tropical, exotic plants and leaves among the columns. Floral background for mural, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, Loft, modern, classic design.

Finally, office wall murals can help to promote creativity.

3d Chinese landscape mural art wallpaper. black trees and brown mountains with sunset office wall murals. .

By providing a visually stimulating environment, wall murals can help inspire employees to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems.

Library books on the home office focal wall mural.

This can help to foster a more creative and innovative work environment, which can help to improve employee morale.

What mural designs are suitable for the office?

To improve the working atmosphere, it is most logical to select office wall mural images that correspond to the field of work of your company.

3D Seamless Abstract Background With 3D Pattern. 3d Wallpaper, Background, arts. Home and Office Decorative art Wall tile digital design.

This does not mean that you definitely need to place a wallpaper with a picture of a clock in your office if your company deals with them.

Urban apartment - modern office with a wooden desk

The combination of colors and shapes in the design contributes to one or another working mood, which can be used in decorating the office.

Modern stylish pattern vector seamless background texture. Artistic wall mural design for office.

Custom designs

The most popular trend in office wall murals is the use of custom designs.

Justice Courtroom Tiny People Character Concept Vector Illustration, Suitable For Wallpaper, Banner, Law firm wall murals, and Other Related Creative

Custom designs can be used to create a unique and personalized look.

Traveling by taxi in the clouds, vector background, office wall murals.

But at the same time providing a unique and creative touch to the space. Custom designs can be used to create a sense of individuality and uniqueness.

Inspiring motivation quote about Sales. Vector typography poster and wall murals design, office décor. Distressed background

Or to create a sense of unity and collaboration.

Black White Swirling Lines 3D Abstract Wallpaper for Home Office Art Wall

Originality is one of the components of advertising success and an important one at that. 

Seven white horses home or office wallpaper mural

You can order office wall murals according to your individual project.  

Company office wallpaper mural, Henry Ford Quote - "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is succes." Beautiful Quote in office wall.

With the custom-made office murals, you will be able to decorate any area of ​​​​your business.

Efficiency in the Work Place as an office wall mural Concept

Be it the meeting room, the corridors, or offices so that the workers feel comfortable with the environment created.

zoom office background, zoom office wallpaper.

Do not forget that, if among the varied themes you do not find what you are looking for, you can always contact us. 

Abstract vector illustration, poster on an isolated background. Summer, nature, leaves in a flat style. Interior painting for home and office.

Personalized approach

We are not looking for standard solutions in our business, but prefer to deal with each client individually.

Mountain Canvas Art Print. Triptych wall art vector. China Poster, Watercolor Landscape, Floating Mountains with tree birds and sun design for Home Decor, Office Art and wallpaper.

So you can fully realize the originality of the idea of your office. Many photo murals are not particularly beautiful, and insufficient color reproduction may be to blame.

3d cafe wall, vintage wallpaper, abstract wooden, wallpaper retro, coffee design for wall, cafe, business, pillow, using for print on the wall, rendering

But sing the latest developments of the printing market in our work, we provide you with bright colorful pictures that preserve the richness and depth of each shade.

hand drawing Success typography graphic work, consisting of important words and concepts in the business world. vector background

A few Wallpaper Companies offer photo wallpaper mural printing, however, before trusting them, think about their reputation.

Seamless School Office Supplies Pattern Wall Murals.

Wallpaper Kenya has excellent references from our clients who have had great success in their business thanks to their assistance. 

A Beautiful Wall Art, 3D wall mural design, Wallpaper Design from our Corporate Office Wall Murals collections for Your Home or Office Will Give Your Office Room a Refreshing Look.

Trusting us, you put your business in the reliable hands of professionals with many years of experience.

Wallpaper Kenya graphic department

So that the graphic design department can take care of finding a solution and create the photomural for the office that you are looking for. 

Accounting and Finance Law Concept Office Wall Art

In the measurements, and shades you want.

Luxury seamless wallpaper of black shapes with golden outlines looks very decent. Good for production wallpapers, studio wallpaper, office wallpaper, wrapping paper

It has never been so easy and simple to give a new atmosphere to the walls of your office or business.

Mountain wall art vector. China Poster, Watercolor Landscape, Floating Mountains with tree birds and sun design for Home Decor, Office Art and wallpaper.

In addition to its easy installation, we always provide instructions in case you have any questions.

3d illustration. Wall wooden background classical library books or library study or living room, education

Wallpaper Kenya makes it easy for you.

Top down view of the summer tropical beach with many stuffs (beach towel, bag,,beach umbrella, life ring, star fish, beach ball)- tropical summer holiday style concept with copy space

Change the appearance of your office with these creative murals for offices with various themes.

Inspirational motivation quote on sunset background. Work hard in silence, let success make the noise

And within a day or two you will have it at your home office or business office.

Conference room office vertical garden interior graphic color sketch illustration vector

Because your workers and visitors must have a pleasant stay.

A Winner Is A Dreamer Who Never Gives Up. Inspiration, Success and Motivational Quotes. gym. home. office Wall frame. Wallpaper.

And at the same time be pleasantly surprised. But you will not make a huge financial outlay.

Contract ,Word cloud art background

And you will avoid cumbersome work, and obtain a magnificent result.

Photo murals in office spaces

The most widely used office wall murals are photo murals. Since the use of digital photography and large-format printing became widespread at the end of the 20th century, photography has acquired a stratospheric dimension.

Tropical view, palm trees and sea, holidays and travel, summer all year round. Advertising wall mural for travel agencies and hotels

Smartphones with high-quality cameras have more recently contributed to their universal and democratized use

Minimal background for fast food office wallpaper concept. Food and beverage on white background. 3d rendering wall mural illustration. Clipping path of each element included.

Its use in interior design came to solve many decorative tasks, which were carried out by hand (trompe l’oeil, painting techniques, etc.).

seamless pattern with carrot for textiles, printing, office, wallpaper

Hence, it is not surprising that digital images have been stellar protagonists of decoration in recent years.

grey rhombuses office wall mural, filter light effect. Pattern, background, wallpaper.

And have been a very effective resource, visually impressive, and, above all, cheaper than other materials.

Business hand drawn background, vector. Doodle stylish office pattern

The Image banks offer high-quality photographs and an almost infinite variety.

Office wall art landscape watercolor painting clip art for background.

Advertising companies are big fans of decorating with their campaign photos; but also, as in these two examples, solar energy companies (above) or digital printing (below).

Soap suds on the glass. Concept window washing, car wash, cleaning service, home and office cleaning Company Office Wall Murals.

  • To stimulate creative thinking, photo murals with the design of greenery and flowers are perfect.
  • For the main areas of the office, such as the reception and conference rooms, discreet photo murals with geometric lines and colors that harmonize with the décor are suitable. You can also choose murals or famous reproductions.
  • Landscape images that include mountains, forests, and ponds will fit perfectly into a recreation room or kitchen.

Technology futuristic wireless network communication, Technology smart city with architecture landmarks Brazil at south America, Vector illustration futuristic all mural in panorama view.

Advantages and features of photo murals

The main advantage of photo murals is their variety and low price.

a bright juicy clear image is an abstraction of the cut of a felled tree with rings in a slice for the design of carpentry office wall murals; the sawmill industry;

Such inexpensive and at the same time aesthetically attractive products will become a real decoration in the office.

Background in the downtown with blue sky

By correctly combining the features of the interior and the purpose of a particular room, you will achieve an impressive effect.

abstract background with triangles and orange glow. Dynamic style for business and corporate template. 3D rendering

The space will become spacious and visually filled even with minimal furniture.

Green moss wall panel in office for greenoffice

Our silk fabric wall murals are easy to attach and at the same time have a long service life.

Abstract line art circle pattern round shape element for modern day wallpaper, presentation, web design, office work background, logo design, trendy background elements isolated on a white background

The color pattern does not lose its brightness over time: with careful handling, photo murals can last for a lifetime and more.

Dental clinic, dentistry, orthodontics wall mural. Open smiling female mouth with healthy white teeth surrounded by flat isolated icons. Dental tools and equipment background. Vector illustration.

They can be washed, and can even be placed in places with high humidity.

Artworks for office murals

Before the advent of photomurals, artworks were the main office murals.

Trendy home gardening background with big Green palm Monstera leaves. Visual indoor Eco-Friendly Trend. Home office design. Natural Trendy home urban jungle

And they are still used today although extremely expensive in the traditional way.

Set of 3 canvases for wall decoration in the living room, office, bedroom, kitchen, office. Home decor of the walls. Floral background with flowers of zinnia. Element for design.

Over the decades, it has been common for well-positioned companies to invest their dividends in pictorial or sculptural art.

Vector Luxury Seamless Pattern. 3D Effect box Shape. Box Shape with Thin Gold Stroke, office, bedroom, home wallpaper

In fact, there are famous collections that have been minted in banks and other private companies.

Motivational quote on the sky background. Dream big set goal and take action.

But in recent years, companies have set their sights on emerging graphic designers and artists who are commissioned to do personalized work for their offices. 

green moss on the wall in office decoration

As was done in the past with the guilds of master painters, glazers, or cabinetmakers.

city scape and network connection concept

A very efficient way of having original work waiting for time to revalue it.

Abstract office wall murals

One of the most popular trends in office wall murals is the use of abstract designs.

beautiful blue green texture background image with golden line abstract office wallpaper mural

Abstract designs can be used to create a modern and stylish look, while also providing a unique and creative touch to the space.

Multi exposure of abstract graphic world map hologram on Chicago office buildings background, connection and communication concept

You can create a sense of movement and energy with abstract designs. Or to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

Abstract Geometric Wallpaper mural

Abstract murals can create an original interior in your office and even home.

Podcast themed doodle hand drawn seamless pattern with laptop, notebook, microphone, smartphone, home office decorations. Stock vector

The lines and combinations of the palette knock through the images to our sensory experiences without stopping the thought of a specific object.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. Inspirational motivating quote, office wall mural

When creating a design, abstractions use exquisite outlines, and non-standard color schemes and try to avoid strict proportions and a single style.

Architects working on architectural projects in office flat vector illustration

Abstracting from the rules. Take a fresh look at the classic trends in office interiors, including Provence, country.

A notebook on a white office desk with a INVEST text. Business concept wall mural.

Often in renderings, a mixture of several styles is used. And this allows you to find a compromise when decorating the interior of offices.

Abstract city building skyline metropolitan area in contemporary color style and futuristic effects. Real estate and property development. Innovative architecture and engineering concept.

If the style seems too bold for the entire area, make a bright accent on one of the walls. 

Nature wall murals

Another popular trend in office wall murals is the use of nature-inspired designs.

Beautiful forest panorama with bright sun shining through the trees

Nature-inspired designs can be used to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere, while also providing a unique and creative touch to the space.

A set of 3 canvases for wall decoration in the living room, office, bedroom, kitchen, office. Home decor of the walls. Luxurious floral background with golden flowers roses. Element for design.

Nature-inspired designs can be used to create a sense of harmony and balance or to create a sense of adventure and exploration.

3d Rendering of White Arch Construction. Abstract Architecture Background 3d depth with abstract background and flower with peacock wallpaper

In this category, you will find numerous and varied murals for offices

Set of 3 canvases for wall decoration in the living room, office, bedroom, kitchen, office. Home decor of the walls. Floral background with leaves monstera. Element for design.

We adapt to your tastes or the purpose you are looking for in your decoration.

Mountain triptych wall art vector. Chinese or Japanese oriental Watercolor Floating Mountains background with gold line art. Design for home decor, Office art and wallpaper.

Because we have many different themes in which you will find magnificent panoramic views of the most important cities on the planet.

Beautiful natural landscape mountains trees sea beach and moon, minimal art landscape, mountain wall art, abstract boho nature wall, Ideal art to decorate your living room or office.

Images perfect for giving depth to your meeting room, such as brick textures for the corridors of your business.

Beautiful nature landscape, mountains ocean forest Pine trees and moon. minimal art landscape, mountain wall art, abstract nature wall, Art ideal for decorating your living room or office.

Giving the vintage touch you are looking for and forgetting about the boring white walls.

3D white circles with flower yellow light background - Illustration, home, office, bedroom wallpaper

Also, whether you are a large or small company, you have elegant photo murals for offices.

Beautiful nature scenery mountains and colorful trees and moon, minimal art landscape, mountain wall art, abstract boho nature wall, ideal art to decorate your living room or office.

Simulating wood textures, coloring that space or even if you want to surprise with an elegant and spectacular mural of a paradisiacal beach.

Green fan palm tree for background and wallpaper which it always use for decoration home hotel and office.

You choose the measurements you need, and we adapt the image to what you need, making it the best personalized option for the wall of your business, hallway, or office.

Colourful Wood Texture Background, High Resolution Furniture Office And Home Decoration Wood Pattern Texture Used For Interior Exterior Ceramic Wall Tiles And Floor Tiles Wooden Pattern.

These office murals are the best option to avoid work and save you good money, always made with the best materials, exclusively and personalized for you.

fishing on the dream lake

And above all to change the appearance, leaving aside the monotony produced by bland walls without brightness or color.

Moss Vector Background. natural background design

With these ideas for office murals, you will fill with color, give life, and cheer up the employees, colleagues, and visitors you receive.

Wall decoration with graffiti

Did you ever think that graffiti can make superb office wall murals?

City landscape sketch. Hand drawn graffiti illustration office wall mural.

Although it is considered a recent urban art of the mid-20th century, the act of “graffiti” walls was already known in ancient Rome (in fact, the term is Latin).

Beautiful nature landscape urban sky and ocean, minimal art landscape, mountain wall art, abstract nature wall, ideal art to decorate your living room or office.

This artistic expression has acquired such relevance in recent decades that it has soon become a decorative element on murals within institutions, cultural centers, building facades, schools… and of course, in offices

Brown Luxury abstract fluid art painting in alcohol ink and watercolor technique, mixture of marble brown, black and gold paints.Great wallpaper for interior in bedroom, office, hallway. Great

Their inclusion in these workspaces responds to the profile of the worker-client. They are usually technological and design offices (you will rarely find them in a law firm), where graffiti transmits avant-garde and creativity.

Failure, Leadership, Success. Inspiring positive quote. Frame workplace decoration. Triptych inspirational quotes wall art print for home, office wall murals. Black color motivational poster canvas.

An alternative, young, and somewhat naughty form of expression.


No matter what type of office wall murals you choose, it is sure to make your workspace stand out and create a unique and creative atmosphere.

simple bird line art for company logo, office wall decoration wallpaper.

With the latest trends in office wall murals, you can create a workspace that is both stylish and inviting.

Abstract futuristic architecture circular concentric background. Wave outdoor structures. Minimal futuristic tech design in the form of geometric office wall texture wallpaper. Close-up 3D rendering

These wallpaper murals are practical, retain their color for a long time, do not fade, and are easy to care for.

Dark blue and brown abstract grunge corporate office mural background. Vector design.

In addition, they allow the development of entire concepts for office space.

Purple and blue grunge waves abstract background. Corporate office wallpaper design

When developing a design, many experts are afraid to use photo wallpaper murals for the office.

Doctor's office wallpaper, banner Cartoon man in an office suit points to a list of coronavirus symptoms. character with a protective mask on his face.

The reason lies in the fact that in many companies there is a certain dress code, which also applies to interior design.

Dream big, Work hard, Stay positive, Make it happen. Inspirational quote. Motivation typography text. Modern home, office wall mural design frame. Vector illustration. Wall art sign bedroom, wall decor.

However, with a competent approach, it is photo wallpaper murals that will help develop such a design concept that will fully reflect the spirit of the company.

3d illustration. Classic wall of white wood panels. Classic interior wall with moldings'. Trend photo wallpaper mural design, beautiful landscape, silhouette background blue

Its corporate values ​​and direction of activity.

Visually expand a small office with 3d wall murals

The key advantage of photo wallpaper murals is that they visually clean the office wall and expand the space.

Abstract optical illusion wallpaper for walls. Hypnotic spiral tunnel with black and white lines. Makes a small office look bigger.

This function is especially well performed by 3D images that look as realistic as possible.

When choosing finishes to increase office space, several principles must be followed. You can expand the room in width using vertical and horizontal stripes.

Travertine house- Elegant vertical stripe wall decoration in room

To increase the height of the ceiling, it is better to use elongated images (skyscrapers, trees, wheat ears, etc.)

View of the lake and mountains through the faux window wall mural making the small office look larger

Office wall murals with large-scale paintings that go into perspective will help to make a small office wider – a road, mountains, a seascape, an open door or window.

lawyer office wallpaper mural

The glossy structure of the finish additionally “works” to increase the space due to the reflection of light.

An important role is played by the color palette – cold shades visually expand the room. And warm ones make it more cramped.

Environmental lawyer office wallpaper mural. Occupation to protect nature law tiny person concept, Green rights and ecological justice for business and climate interests balance the illustration-01-1-01

Contrasting shades are best avoided – transitions should be smooth and unobtrusive. Pictures depicting lightning or storms look spectacular but can cause unconscious anxiety in visitors.

Quote on future in modern typography. The best way to predict the future is to create it.

To design an office, you need to choose high-quality materials – cheap products will not provide the desired effect and have more minuses than pluses.


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