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Office wallpaper for walls Your office wallpaper for walls choice is best guided by the mood you want to create. That being the case you are in the right place. We have both ordinary and traditional office wallpaper designs as well as custom-made professional office wallpaper ideas. Be it a modern corporate office or a […]


Office wallpaper for walls

Office wallpaper for walls, TV background, living room wall, decorative design for home, office and hotel wall, empty space

Your office wallpaper for walls choice is best guided by the mood you want to create. That being the case you are in the right place.

3d illustration law office wallpaper for walls. Faux classic wall of dark wood panels. Joinery in the interior. Background.
3d illustration of law office wallpaper. Faux classic wall of dark wood panels. Joinery in the interior. Background.

We have both ordinary and traditional office wallpaper designs as well as custom-made professional office wallpaper ideas.

3D Flying Ball Wallpaper Background

Be it a modern corporate office or a home office you have a wide choice to pick from.

Sage green grass and grasshopper seamless background print. Vector illustration. Surface pattern design, perfect for textiles, wallpaper, stationery, packaging, home and garden decoration

But first, let us share a few office wallpaper design ideas.

Teamwork in Typography Style, Vector Illustration for Office Wall Using Important Words and Concepts.

Custom-made wallpaper is a product with many designs to choose from so that you can find the one that you like the most.

A Beautiful Wall Art, 3D illustration wall tiles design, Wallpaper Design from our Corporate Office Wallpaper collections for Your Home or Office Will Give Your Office Room a Refreshing Look

And that best adapts to the environment and philosophy of your business or office.


Design is not just how the wallpaper looks.

 Digital colourful wall tiles and abstract wallpapers designs with different pattern for kitchen, bathroom and living room multi Coloured wall tiles Decor For home, glass design, web page background.

Pick an appropriate design and create a different and comfortable environment so that being at work is great and relaxed.

Digital colourful wall tiles and abstract wallpapers designs with different pattern for kitchen, bathroom and living room multi Coloured wall tiles Decor For home, glass design, web page background.

For only Kenya shillings 2000 per square meter get a seamless custom professional wallpaper in one piece per wall.

So that you eliminate any chance of bubbles inside and with a matte finish to avoid reflections from indoor or outdoor light.

Ceramic design wall décor on grey colored matte marble, illustration, wallpaper, linoleum,- 3D Illustration

You can make a change in the decoration of your walls at a low cost and give a high visual impact.

Appropriate colors in wallpaper create the right mood

Otherwise, you can also choose from our preprinted ordinary plain color but textured office wallpaper for Kenya shillings 1500 per standard size roll.

3d illustration, gray background, triangles and circles of different textures and colors

This works out to Kenya shilling 400 per square meter or thereabout.

Kenya Breweries Custom Office Wall Branding

The big difference between custom wallpaper and ordinary wallpaper is that with custom wallpaper you have an endless choice of designs.

Modern pattern vector background. Artistic glass design for office. Decorative window film. Frosted window films design series.096

You get personalized wallpaper for instance with your exact corporate colors, logo, pictures etcetera as you like.

Fake window wall mural to bring in outdoor atmosphere

Professional modern office wallpaper design ideas

Business Words on Creative Golden Tulip Hotel Wall Mural.

Just in case your budget does not allow you to custom-made office wallpaper ideas, don’t worry.

Interior photography of a new modern corporate open plan office with work stations with a green and white decor

At Wallpaper Kenya you will find all kinds of decorative paper for offices to decorate in magnificent and elegant ways.

Regular earthy colored living room home office brick wallpaper

You can choose from a variety of designs such as textures of wood, brick, and stones, as vertical and horizontal stripes.

Wise Words Simple 3d Wallpaper for walls.

Or other shapes, also adding a multitude of effects creating beautiful effects.

You will also find all kinds of drawings or images to give a personal style to your office.

Think positive quote in modern typography. Creative design for your wall graphics, typographic poster, web design and office space graphics.

In this way, you will be able to give a new look to your office where you spend so many hours without having to carry out works that take a long time and a high economic cost.

Wallpaper for walls design - ​Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

And all these for a small price if not for a song.

Choosing or personalizing the best corporate office wallpaper

Creative Business words on office wall branding wallpaper design

We all know that interior design, as well as office wallpaper, has a great impact on many psychological processes.

Abstract design for glass and wall graphics. Glass graphics design for Office, Train station, Supermarket, Store, Shop, Mall.

Colors and patterns can be truly magical when it comes to creating the right office atmosphere.

World map wallpaper mural

Office murals are one form of visual marketing that offers limitless branding potential.

Escape The Ordinary, marine life illustration

And allow you to showcase who you are.

Drawn tropical, exotic plants and leaves among the columns. Floral background for mural, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, postcard, card. Loft, modern, classic design.

You can fill a mural with your company colors and brand imagery or emblazon it with your corporate values.

Beat Yesterday, marine life illustration wallpaper for walls.

With some thoughtfulness and creativity, a custom mural can bring your company culture and community identity to life.

Brick wallpaper for home and office wall decoration

Corporate office wallpapers, in particular, are not standard or ready-made products.

Abstract tropical leaf on concrete grunge wall. Floral background. Design for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, mural, card, postcard.

But they are smart design elements that “shape” an office and adapt to specific requirements.

Nature wall art panel of birds flying in sky abstract background. Acrylic vivid modern home decorative digital oil painting poster for room or office interior, photo mural, tiles, frame and textile.

After all, the corporate office workload has many facets.

Design in the loft, classic, baroque, modern, rococo style. Graphic geometry on concrete grunge background. Light, delicate photo wallpaper, mural, wallpaper, card, postcard design.

And in general, the wallpaper you select or customize can make everyday tasks more joyful.

wallpaper forest mural nature animal

Therefore make it, if you can, invigorating while at the same time providing a touch of relaxation.

Wallpaper Kenya - Call: +254741889754

The tasks performed in an office are many and varied. For that reason customize your wallpaper geared toward specific professional activities.

Pattern with horizontal mural with landscapes with old castles, country houses, people with horses, trees, bridges, panoramic view of old castles with blue sky

Because corporate offices have many different departments such as sales and marketing, accounting, organization, administration, public relations, writing, creative activities etcetera.

Hand-drawn reeds with flying storks. For interior printing.

This makes your corporate audience to the various departments varied and so should your wallpaper.

Corporate Office Sales and Marketing Wallpaper Mural

Take for example the sales and marketing department where you handle your customers.

3d Chinese landscape mural art wallpaper. black trees and brown mountains with sunset.

Here you can have your products promotional custom office wallpaper.

Design wallpaper for home office

Animal skin nature wallpaper - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

If you want a home office wallpaper, or for a study for your paperwork, you are looking for a peaceful and quiet mood necessary to carry out your tasks.

Park vintage botanical landscape, trees, bush floral seamless border grey background. Forest mural.

And its design should reflect the fact that the home office is from other rooms in the house. This can not be achieved without the right wall decorations.

Library books on the home office focal wall decoration

Of course, the choice is completely up to you.  Your personal preferences for wallpaper patterns and motifs will determine your selection. But don’t forget that in this area less is often more.

Calm Blue Under the Sea Scenery Home office Wallpaper Mural

When it comes to colors, wallpapers for home offices or private studios should be light. So that you can work even at night in a happy and positive environment.

White cranes with background. Abstract watercolor paint background grunge texture. Interior Wallpaper. Mural for the walls, fresco for the room, interior grunge style

Bright, garish colors are distracting when performing monotonous tasks. Subtle hues or shading combinations of a particular color, as well as low-key contrasts, are your best options.

Faux wood wall decor

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Covid19, the self-employed, and many others are increasingly working from home and using a specific room as an office.

Urban apartment - modern office with a wooden desk

This is where they carry out all their daily tasks. It saves the cost of renting an outside office and greatly reduces overhead. And this room is what we call the home office.

Abstract polygonal handshake on light background. Teamwork and communication concept. 3D Rendering

But if you are engaged in an artistic style of work you may want a home office that reflects your profession. In this case, bold colors can help you transform a dull or drab room into a creative oasis.

art drawn delicate birds in a nest in the leaves in light gentle colors photo wallpaper in the interior

Otherwise, if you want to keep your home office looking clean-cut and tidy, certain wallpaper colors will be less distracting. Such as neutrals (e.g. brown, beige, white, black, etcetera).

3d black and white geometric wallpaper

Whatever the case, your home office wallpaper should be a reflection of how you want to structure your work environment and Wallpaper Kenya is there to help you out.

How to choose?

21310 Beige plain wallpaper - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

The wallpaper for the office in the photo can be bright and textured, or it can be smooth and almost nondescript. But what does it depend on?

Success quote for entrepreneur diagram. Perfect for Office Wall Art Decoration, Office Decals, Wall Decor, Wall Decal.


Here are the main factors to look out for when choosing wallpaper:

  • practicality: the best choice for office premises with high traffic – vinyl washing wallpaper or non-woven textured coating, which can be easily repainted;
  • the size of the room: the more spacious the office, the darker the walls can be;
  • the level of illumination and the amount of furniture: it is advisable to use light coatings if the room is sufficiently cluttered with details;
  • the direction of the company’s activity: for an office where they are engaged in routine accounting work or calculating statistics, you do not need unusual fantastic images that will be needed in an office where designers work;
  • several employees: the more people visit the office every day, the more wear-resistant the coatings should be.

Library bookshelves wallpaper

To buy wallpaper for the office, you need to find the finishing option that will suit both in terms of practicality and design.

Traveling by taxi in the clouds, vector background

Also, when choosing, the price and convenience of work are important. Because neither too high costs nor too long repair work is unacceptable for office premises.

Fashionable wallpaper styles:

Shop - Call: +254741889754 Wallpaper Kenya.

  • Wallpaper for the office is chosen neutral so that the atmosphere favorable for work is not disturbed. Usually, it is beige, light green, sandy, gray, or blue – both in plain backgrounds and in striped canvases or décor with a repeating small dot.
  • Romanticism. The interior of meeting rooms is usually decorated in natural romantic shades to create an atmosphere of a good-natured shade. These can be images of flowers in watercolor technique or textures that resemble calm sea waves.
  • For offices of directors and managers, wallpaper in the classic style is often chosen, as it is more expensive and representative.

3d illustration, beige embossed background with butterflies and waves, blue mountains with trees.


Remember that wallpaper in the workplace affects performance. However, they should be liked not only by employees but also by customers.

islamic background with murky green color, perfect for office, banner, landing page, background, mosque, wallpaper and more

In general, the decoration of the office space should demonstrate the seriousness and status of your company.

 trees art drawing in different colors on a textural background scuffs photo wallpaper in the interior

And in most cases, wallpaper in a modern style does an excellent job with this task.

World Map Home Office Wallpaper Mural

Wallpaper Kenya offers you a variety of stylistic and color solutions. By studying the catalog of wallpaper for the office, you will select options for finishing all functional areas in the workspace.

Black White Swirling Lines 3D Abstract Wallpaper for Living Room TV Sofa Home Office Art Wall

And also including places of work and rest for your employees.

Ideas to make a small office look bigger with wallpaper

The question is, which is the best small office wallpaper? Did you know that small office spaces can be made visually larger due to the correct wallpaper design?

3d illustration. Wall wooden background classical library books or library study or small office wallpaper design.

A whole range of techniques using color, light, and furniture arrangement will help turn a cramped office space that is “stuffy” into a quite decent room of modest, and not ugly small size.

Bright flat with white brick wall and monstera leaves wallpaper in botanic home office room.
Bright flat with white brick wall and monstera leaves wallpaper in botanic home office room.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the wall decoration. Among the variety of materials, wallpapers have never lost their popularity. And now, with custom-made large-format printing, you have infinite colors, patterns, and prints to choose from.

Marble texture. White marble with gold and teal hints. Luxury background. Fashion backdrop. 4K wallpaper. 3D Illustration.

A wide selection is the main advantage of custom-made wallpaper. They are easy to work with even for beginners who have taken up renovations for the first time.

Mountain, hills, sun, sea vector background. Colorful waves, golden circle, sun, sunset. Abstract art wallpaper, cover, wall print decor.

Despite the “small physical” area, wallpaper can be designed in such a way that the space will seem larger and more spacious. This is just a design trick, an illusion. But it gives a person a feeling of comfort and coziness. Small rooms often have a whole bunch of drawbacks: non-standard shape, poor lighting, low ceilings, and too large or too small window, and door openings.

color spectrum

Color is the main criterion for small office wallpaper. Because color can make office space look bigger.

Painted beautiful autumn forest. Background of nature. Digital office wall painting. Illustration for backgrounds, wallpapers, photo wallpapers, murals.

But it is important to choose the right combination of color shades for the wallpaper, floor, ceiling, and subsequently furniture.

Turquoise pastel tropical plant close-up. Abstract natural Vegetable delicate background. Selective focus, macro. Flowing lines of leaves

Black and dark tones are not suitable for such small office spaces. Blue, turquoise, cobalt, and asphalt grey in combination with the whiteness of the ceiling will add air to the room.

Product banner, podium platform with geometric shapes and nature background, paper illustration, and 3d paper.

These shades are recommended if the room has a large window and plenty of natural light. For those rooms whose windows overlook the shady side, it is better to choose a duet or trio from a variety of warm shades: yellow, ocher, light brown, coffee with milk, peach, and pink.

Abstract background modern hipster futuristic graphic. Yellow background with white stripes. Vector illustration.

Unfortunately, these tones will not affect the visual perception of the dimensions of the room. But they will make it much warmer and more comfortable.

Saturated, bright colors look good only in combination with calmer, faded shades.

Office wallpaper designs that works for you to improve employee productivity

The productivity of office employees depends on their psychological comfort and mood, which you can influence with your office wallpaper. Employee productivity can be influenced by choosing the right colors for the wallpaper.

Tropical palm leaves. Beige leaves on a light background. Mural, Wallpaper for office walls printing.

Unsuccessful shades will create an extra load, and successful ones will relieve stress from a person, give energy, improve concentration and increase his or her level of creativity.

Colorful wooden wall with geometric pattern. Wood texture background. Weathered wooden planks.

Therefore, it is recommended to add bright tones to boring standard shades. Then they will look more expressive.

light brown and ivory color shell pattern for wallpaper design

Employees surrounded by their favorite colors achieve the best results in their work. And this thesis has been scientifically confirmed by recent research by scientific research.

Abstract background modern hipster futuristic graphic. Yellow background with stripes. Vector abstract background texture design, bright poster, banner yellow and blue background Vector illustration.

They emphasize that beige, light grey and white tones can provoke depression and feelings of sadness. The same colors cause irritation. Cold shades improve concentration, but reduce activity. Orange and purple tones have a dark effect exclusively on men.

The effect of wallpaper colors on team spirit

If team spirit is important for your office, then you need to use blue and blue shades in the interior. They stimulate a sense of trust in the team, eliminate the growth of psychological stress and contribute to ease of communication. Many executives prefer these colors in their break rooms.

Abstract blue vector background for use in office wallpaper design

Also, the specificity of some companies involves regular brainstorming, and this is always noisy and emotional. Therefore, the room in which such events are planned should have green shades. Because green stimulate creativity, add balance and harmony.

3d wallpaper window landscape nature

If the office works at night, then to maintain team spirit among employees, it is worth wall covering the interior in red, yellow and orange tones. Because such office wallpaper stimulates brain activity.

Productivity enhancing wallpaper

Blue helps to absorb new information. Causes calmness, relaxation, confidence and reliability. Promotes confidence and creativity. In a room with such a shade, it will be possible to avoid psychological stress and reduce the degree of disagreement. Designers recommend choosing muted tones of blue and blue.

The sun dusk and Tea plantation

orange and yellow. These colors are for enthusiastic and creative individuals. They are associated with the sun. They increase efficiency and with it increase appetite. This is an ideal option for interior design, in which young and energetic employees will work.

The red tint excludes nervousness and depression. It invigorates and allows you to concentrate on the details, while reducing the ability of analytical thinking. Green color relieves eye strain during extended work. It goes well with beige, white and chocolate shades.

Digital Wallpaper For Home and office, Ceramic Tile Design, Seamless colorful patchwork in Indian style,- 3D Illustration

Brown color gives calmness and solidity. It is most often used in executive offices. It symbolizes inner confidence and fortitude. And also this shade smooths out any conflict situations and sets the whole team in a working mood.

Illustration of beautiful abstract white floral decorative pattern dark brown background graphical artwork 3d wallpaper

White color creates a feeling of spaciousness in the office. Looks good in combination with black. It belongs to the category of neutral tones, so other colors look more saturated against its background. Other neutral colors are grey, black, brown. They soothe brighter and more aggressive colors.

Wallpaper color saturation is key

Some scientists believe that the performance of office staff does not depend on a specific wallpaper color, but on its intensity. That is, the richer the color, the more it stimulates employees to productive work. If the shades are less saturated, then the appearance of relaxation is not excluded. You need to pay attention to this, for example, when renting an office or renovating one


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