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Orange 3D wallpaper is a warm and rare wallpaper design. It is suitable for dining rooms, living rooms, restaurants, and most other rooms. An orange 3D wallpaper is most appropriate for areas where food is served as orange promotes appetite. You can combine Orange 3D wallpaper with other accent colors. Use decorative objects and accessories […]



Orange 3D wallpaper is a warm and rare wallpaper design.

Part of the interior of the living room with a wardrobe and kitchen in orange 3d wallpaper.

It is suitable for dining rooms, living rooms, restaurants, and most other rooms.

Soft Orange 3d Wallpaper, Waves and Gentle Curves Create an Enchanting Visual Symphony , 3d render

An orange 3D wallpaper is most appropriate for areas where food is served as orange promotes appetite.

Abstract 3D render of spheres particles

You can combine Orange 3D wallpaper with other accent colors. Use decorative objects and accessories in contrasting colors. Such as the color of the window frame.

Falling juicy oranges with green leaves isolated on transparent background. Flying defocusing slices of oranges. Applicable for fruit juice advertising. Vector illustration.

Use it to mitigate the aggressive contrast on the orange wallpaper.

realistic cartoon look summer background. 3d rendering autumn leaves background

Do you lack or want to increase vitality, vigor, and positivity? Decorating the room with orange wallpaper will help solve this problem.

3d illustration of forest and white horse. Luxurious abstract art digital painting for green and orange 3d wallpaper

The color of a ripe orange can give you a cheerful atmosphere and set you up to conquer new heights.

Plane over cloud on orange background. clean and unique 3d concept. minimal style with copy space. 3D Illustration

It is also recommended for use in dark rooms to add more color and light.

Beautiful Red, Yellow and Orange 3d Tree With grunge Texture Background 3d Illustration Wallpaper Design

Orange wallpaper is the choice of the brave. Such coatings look juicy, stylish, and cheerful. Shades of orange can save the darkest room, filling it with warmth.

3D digital wallpaper yellow flower with sankh and texture background luxury design

It is better not to use orange wallpaper alone, as this can make the interior aggressive and irritable.

Orange background design 3D concept. Orange elements with fluid gradient. Creative illustration for poster, web, landing, page, cover, ad, greeting, card, promotion.

Combining a bright shade with calmer tones will help add color and create a creative design.

3D rendering wallpaper design lotus flower and birds abstract background

Go for it if you want to create a bright and rich interior. After all, this color is characterized as sunny and appetizing, summer and warm, comfortable and positive.

Vibrant mosaic background

Having decorated the interior in this shade, you will forget about depression and lack of sunlight.

3d wallpaper golden diamond flowers on golden silk background

Orange color psychology: cheerfulness

Orange wallpaper in the interior of your room will bring an element of cheerfulness, add warmth, and fill it with positivity and cheerfulness.

Colorful Orange, Red, Green and Blue Wavy Stripes, Lines Forming a Transparent Multi Colored 3D Round Globe Shape - Design Template Vector for Tech in Dark Background

According to psychologists, orange wallpaper improves overall well-being and concentration.

Orange juice advertising realistic design

Therefore, this shade is recommended for creative people and is gaining more and more popularity.

3D wallpaper texture of orange color and white splashes

Orange wallpaper will look good in a room almost devoid of sunlight.

Elegant 3D abstract orange ripple wavy effect. 3D abstract orange wave texture. Natural pattern. Nature inspired background design. For presentation template, poster, backdrop, card, cover, etc.

A room with windows facing south will, on the contrary, be too bright.

3D illustration orange flower, marble background and gold floral

In small apartments, it is worth using a light shade of orange or combining it with other light coatings.

Vivid colorful bright 3D illustration neon shapes in autumn bronze orange copper background, psychedelic candy shiny overlapping design in reflection of orange green violet and blue

Plain orange

Plain orange wallpaper will always be relevant. They can be used in almost any decoration.

Water Drops On Orange Background Texture colorful waterdrop

Flower patterns in this shade are good for interior decoration in classic and modern styles.

3D orange Flower Wallpaper.White square Pattern Background

It is better to decorate part of the room with a large floral print, in the form of an accent zone, since a large three-dimensional image can visually reduce the space.

Orange Orange 3d Wallpaper. Bright luxury background for design. Soft folds. Shiny golden draped fabric. Wavy lines. Flowing. Fluid, liquid, ripple effect.

But orange wallpaper with a small floral pattern can be used on all walls. Geometric shapes of this color are more related to modern styles.

3d illustration of orange color hexagon shaped bee comb structure

The previously described rules can also be applied to them.

Shades of orange

Orange has many shades and different colors can be used as its companion.

Abstract Autumn mountain landscape scene background. 3d rendering.

Light orange is combined with white, black, and pink.

3D Illustration of a reflective sunflower with a yellow backdrop.

At the same time, white is the most sociable color. Such tones are used in modern design with a classic twist. Gray brings coolness and freshness.

Summer wildflowers on meadow 3d rendering

The resulting contrasting interior is used in a high-tech style. The combination with green will allow you to achieve a summer, playful atmosphere that will fit well into the interior of many rooms.

Abstract ice and amber cave background

Beige will bring calm, warmth, and comfort. The apricot tone will look good in classic, oriental, and shabby chic styles, creating a soft, velvety atmosphere.

Dark orange podium with amber color geometric, autumn background, mockup for branding, exhibitions and product presentation. 3d illustration

Creating a successful environment with orange wallpaper is not very difficult. Moreover, they can be used in almost any room from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Podium product display sunset in desert landscape dark black sky The reddish-orange sun falls on waves of sand dunes. cause mysterious atmosphere. pedestal cosmetic products, fashion. 3D Illustration.

The main thing is to immediately decide on the general concept.

Juicy and fresh fruit. Peach, strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, watermelon. Juice splash. 3d vector realistic set. High quality 50mb eps

The orange 3D wallpaper catalog may include charming geometric patterns or romantic floral motifs. In addition, you can choose one of many shades :

  • salmon;

Natural Salmon Fillet Texture Background. Fresh Red Fish Pattern, Trout Realistic 3d Vector Illustration

Honeycomb background. Vector pattern for honey, food and bees related subjects

3D realistic sunflower flower background. Yellow and orange sunflower in motion. Beautiful sunflower background. Sunflower flower seamless background. High quality vector illustration. EPS 10

Peaches seamless pattern. Gradient orange peaches in 3d style. Design for printing on paper and fabric, banners and posters. Vector illustration

The close up of a glossy liquid surface abstract in tangerine orange and lemon yellow colors with a soft focus. 3D illustration of exuberant.

  • pumpkin;
  • ocher;
  • terracotta;
  • bronze or copper

Vector lava realistic texture. 3d volcanic magma illustration. Golden sun structure, top view banner. Hot surface background. Fire wavy horizontal wallpaper. Gold, cooper, bronze metal pattern

Colors to combine with Orange 3D Wallpaper

Wallpaper Kenya’s catalog of orange 3D wallpaper allows you to choose the ideal monochrome or 3D finish – positive, bright, and practical.

Headphones and Smartphone,Melody note float out of the smartphone,On orange background,3d render.

From the many shades of orange, you can choose the unique design that fits into the appropriate style.

Fruit orange on a tree, leaves and flowers in the technique of cozy wax gouache and watercolor. Print for textile, fabric, stationery, packaging

And it can be either an impeccably seasoned classic or a bright ethno one. Using muted shades of orange, you will turn the room into a gentle corner for relaxation.

3d surreal landscape with clouds

But if you prefer brighter colors, the room will be filled with dynamism and solemnity.

Seamless bright light pattern with Fresh oranges for fabric, drawing labels, print on t-shirt, wallpaper of children's room, fruit Summer background. Slices of orange doodle style cheerful background.

Orange works especially well in bright rooms, But you can also use it in a room where sunlight is a rare guest. In this case, just light the walls well with lamps.

Abstract Geometric Tile Pattern Italian Sicily Style Moroccan Interior Design Perfect for Allover Fabric Print or Interior Kitchen Design Chic Sweet Color Combinations Florals Ornament Orange Beige

3D Orange wallpaper looks interesting in combination with other colors. And by varying the companion tones, you can get a natural, neutral, or very dynamic finish.

Green and orange

If you are in doubt about combining with the orange wallpaper, you remember, how this color is made in nature.

Abstract geometric background. Explosion power design with crushing surface. The fire shines through the cracked surface. 3d illustration.

Oranges grow between dark green leaves. So green is a beautiful choice to combine with the wallpaper.

Abstract 3d illustration of symmetrical repeating orange and red gradient patterns with geometric shapes and lines overlapping green hexagon tiles

Orange and green are both vibrant colors. They are nearly opposite each other on the color wheel. That is why they are used by interior decorators to create pleasing color combinations.

sour tangy floral warm sunset tea cup

You can take a room from boring to “wow” with the addition of lively orange and green wallpaper.

Three colorful leaves in the rain abstract banner made from paper shapes concept for autumn weather

In the kitchen, you can use bright shades. In the bedroom orange 3d wallpaper, is diluted with softer combinations – for example, pastel textiles.

Green branches against the background of the sky. Art ceiling. 3D wallpaper. Look up.

But do not forget that orange wallpapers do not always go well with cool tones.

Orange hallway and pillars on each side, on the right there's a wall lamp, and on the left, there are rounded windows, with an open view of the top blue sky. 3D Rendering.

However, the white shade gives them ease and brightness. With green, the orange tone becomes natural, and with grey, it becomes original.

3d cantaloupe fruit and sundae takeout cups. Summer frozen dessert elements isolated on blue background.

Orange wallpaper is the secret of special comfort in the house.

Colorful texture using as background. A lot of sweets. Background 3d rendering illustration. Orange and black multiple jelly candies in powdered sugar. Confectionery wallpaper concept. Copy space

Orange color is used quite often in interiors. With its help, you can make bright accents or use it as a base in the design of various rooms.

Abstract background. Cube Panoramic Background. Colorful Graphic Design. 3d rendering. Multicolored cubes.

Orange wallpapers are especially popular. These are classic monochrome options, canvases with original ornaments or patterns.

pink and orange wallpaper

Orange Seamless Plant. Purple Hibiscus Set. Pink Watercolor Painting. Colorful Tropical Print. Yellow Pattern Decor. Floral Foliage. Botanical Print.

orange floral wallpaper

Seamless floral background. Vector illustration.

orange and cream

Tropical orange flowers on cream orange background for template wallpaper backdrop vector illustration square ratio

bold orange

Full orange color. It's very bold and fresh. Geometrical pattern design by VerseOne. Good for fabrics or textiles.

orange and silver

3d modern canvas art wallpaper. golden and silver vase, circles, and golden trees.

orange polka dot

Seamless vector pattern with neon orange polka dots on a pastel grey background

beige and orange

overlapping translucent curved stripes against a background of a mixture of yellow, orange, beige, blue. colorful geometric wallpaper. vector

orange leopard print

leopard pattern texture repeating seamless orange black

vintage wallpaper orange

Retro seamless pattern from the 50s and 60s. Seamless abstract Vintage background in sixties style. Vector illustration

orange herringbone wallpaper

Seamless orange, red, and white zigzag pattern a.k.a chevron. Suitable for wallpaper, textile, gift wrapper, or backdrop.

blue and orange floral

Bright floral border on light background

Where is the best place to use orange murals?

Bright orange wallpapers are universal.

Orange background with 3D style. Rectangle background with a combination of dots and lines. Eps10 Vector background.

They are suitable for any premises – office and commercial, bedrooms, living rooms.

Watercolor seamless pattern with sunflowers heads, pumpkins and autumn leaves. Fall pattern. Retro autumn print for textile and fabric. Pumpkins pattern for home and kitchen. Watercolor autumn motif

They look great in modern or classic designs. It does not matter the size of the room or its layout. The main thing is to choose the right interior items, decor, and accessories.

Abstract old yellow orange vintage geometric shabby mosaic motif porcelain stoneware tiles stone concrete cement wall wallpaper texture background banner panorama, with square cubes 3D print

However, there are general recommendations that will tell you when wallpaper in orange shades is especially appropriate:

Abstract background with flowing 3d spheres. Orange and golden bubbles. Vector illustration of balls textured with striped pattern. Modern trendy banner or poster design

  • they should be glued in rooms where there is a lack of natural sunlight;
  • such wallpaper is suitable for kitchen spaces (warm colors increase appetite);
  • orange shades should be used in children’s rooms – they have a beneficial effect on the emotional state of the child.

Luxury business background with orange waves. 3d rendering

When making a choice, do not forget about the quality of the paintings.

Metal mesh grild. Abstract 3d rendering background in high resolution. 3d render of black carbon grid with orange light.

Wallpaper Kenya presents exclusively high-quality and durable options that will not lose their attractiveness even after a lifetime of use.

Smooth 3d curvy abstract background

But our prices will pleasantly surprise everyone.


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