Orange wallpaper design

Any orange wallpaper design is bold, and vibrant, and conveys warmth, excitement, and enthusiasm. It combines the energy of red with the cheerfulness of yellow, the two hues that orange sits between on the color wheel. Orange wallpaper designs are great for designing accent walls. Use them to add a charming and romantic atmosphere to […]


Any orange wallpaper design is bold, and vibrant, and conveys warmth, excitement, and enthusiasm.

Orange background wallpaper

It combines the energy of red with the cheerfulness of yellow, the two hues that orange sits between on the color wheel.

Orange, with dark brown, floral background. Orange wallpaper design.

Orange wallpaper designs are great for designing accent walls.

Brown trees with golden flowers, orange, and turquoise, black and gray mountains in light yellow background with white clouds and birds.3d illustration wallpaper landscape art.

Use them to add a charming and romantic atmosphere to modern interior design and décor, while creating exciting rooms.

3d mural floral wallpaper. golden ginko biloba leaves in black grey texture background

To determine where you can successfully install orange wallpaper it is important to know the psychological effects.

The interior of the living room in orange tones with sofa

The color orange is derived by mixing red and yellow.

Lotus flower illustration painted on yellow orange background. Beautiful postcard, picture, mural ,wallpaper,photo wallpaper, wall decor design.

Therefore orange wallpaper combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow.

Abstract 3d illustration of symmetrical repeating orange and red gradient patterns with geometric shapes and lines overlapping green hexagon tiles

You can be assured that orange wallpaper will create joy as sunshine does.

Fantastic wallpaper in orange and blue tones. Intertwining wavy lines, glare, glow, flashes of light against the background of mixing colors.

It will create enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, encouragement, and stimulation.

Orange background with 3D style. Rectangle background with a combination of dots and lines. Eps10 Vector background.

For these effects, orange wallpaper designs are highly accepted among young people.

Mountain, hills, sun, sea vector background. Colorful waves, golden circle, sun, sunset. Abstract art wallpaper, cover, wall print decor. Warm tones, pink, beige, brown.

As a citrus color, orange wallpaper is suitable for use in dining rooms and restaurants.

3D abstraction background wallpaper for walls. Beautiful orange flower background 3D wallpaper.

It is associated with healthy food and stimulates appetite.

Orange wallpaper: designs and drawings

Wallpaper Kenya’s Orange wallpaper designs are a good way to create a positive atmosphere in your home. The color has many shades and exudes joy.

Seamless tropical pattern. Lacy pattern of palm trees on an orange background. Papercut pattern.

However, in combination with different colors, you can get different results.

Watercolor floral bouquet illustration set - blush pink blue yellow flower green leaf leaves branches bouquets collection. Wedding stationary, greetings, wallpapers, fashion, background.

Any interior solution requires a competent approach to obtain a harmonious result. Using color correctly solves half of this problem.

Yellow Animal Print Floral. Orange Wallpaper Textile Wild. Bright Animal Fur Jungle. Sepia Leo Skin. Leopard Design Pattern. Leo Pattern Background.

  • Orange will look good in a room without sunlight,
  • In a small room, you should use a light shade of orange or combine it with other light wallpaper,
  • Dark orange wallpaper designs are suitable for decorating a well-lit room,

Abstract orange and brown background of ornamental curve lines background

Wallpaper with photo printing is an effective solution for interior decoration.

Abstract orange and yellow geometric background. Dynamic shapes composition. Cool background design for posters. Vector illustration

Realistic or abstract images will highlight the features of the design, as well as make it brighter.

Pasta background, spaghetti abstract geometric pattern. Macaroni yellow poster. Wavy abstract pattern. Pasta vector illustration

Additionally, wallpaper can help increase space by using perspective images.

Abstract triangular geometric texture in dark orange, yellow, peach, and beige color, stacked and juxtaposed randomly with repetition and stripes.

Floral orange wallpaper design

A floral print will adorn the walls of any interior.

Floral seamless pattern blooming white flowers Botanical Motifs scattered random. Seamless vector texture. Elegant template for fashion prints. Printing with in hand drawn style on orange.

The style of the image should reflect the general idea of ​​the design.

Tropical seamless pattern in neutral colors

It is better to decorate one part of the room with a large floral pattern, for example, an accent wall.

Seamless patetrn with abstract curly drops. Floral endless camo ornament texture. Vector background.

Because a three-dimensional image can visually reduce the space.

3D illustration orange flower, marble background and gold floral

A small floral pattern can decorate all the walls in a room.

Cute floral pattern in the small flower. Ditsy print. Seamless vector texture. Elegant template for fashion prints. Printing with small white flowers. Light orange background.

The flower pattern is suitable for interior decoration in Classic, Provence, and Modern styles.

abstract art, modern painting, gray and orange wall art

Geometric pattern wallpaper designs

Geometric patterns match modern interior design.

70s Retro Geometric Vector Pattern

Large patterns, such as circles or triangles, are suitable for decorating one or two walls in a room, they will focus on themselves.

Abstract orange and yellow geometric background. Modern concept for graphic design, background, web design, poster, banner, book, slideshow. Vector illustration

All walls in the room can be trimmed with a strip or a small pattern.

Abstract color mosaic background

Additionally, the direction of the pattern can visually make the room taller or wider.

3D wallpaper

Wallpapers with 3D orange images will become a real interior decoration.

Plane over cloud on orange background. clean and unique 3d concept. minimal style with copy space. 3D Illustration

The style of the image can be different, for example, large orange flowers or abstraction.

Elegant 3D abstract orange ripple wavy effect. 3D abstract orange wave texture. Natural pattern. Nature inspired background design. For presentation template, poster, backdrop, card, cover, etc.

Decorating with wallpaper with a 3D pattern will decorate the interior in a modern, lofty, and neoclassical style.

Orange abstract wallpaper design

Abstract wallpaper is a good idea for a modern apartment design.

From above layout of colorful cardboard sheets in orange and blue shades

Volumetric images will visually expand the space and focus on a specific area of ​​the room.

Blue and orange abstract background. Colorful gradiant with smooth flat geometric shapes. Web banner. Digital graphic elements. High end 4K wallpaper. 3D render.

The abstraction image is suitable for decorating a nursery, study, living room, or elegant bedroom.


Wallpaper in natural motifs can be conveyed both with ordinary wallpaper and with the help of photo wallpaper.

Autumn forest background. Vibrant color tree, red orange foliage in fall park. Nature change Yellow leaves in october season Sun up in blue heart shape sky Sunny day weather, bright light banner frame

Nature can have a different character, depending on the landscape, and the mood in the room created.

Watercolor art background. Digital generated wallpaper design with flower paint brush line art. Colorful watercolor Illustration for prints, wall art, cover and invitation.

For example, an autumn alley under the bright orange sun creates a romantic atmosphere. And an endless wheat field gives a positive attitude.

sunset at coast of the lake. Nature landscape. Nature in northern Europe. reflection, blue sky and yellow sunlight. landscape during sunset.

Orange wallpaper: feature wall

An orange wallpaper will have very high visibility.

realistic cartoon look summer background. 3d rendering autumn leaves background

You may use it to highlight and catch attention.

Juicy and fresh fruit. Orange, Lemon, mint, ice water. Dew drops and splash. 3d vector realistic set. High quality 50Mb eps

Use orange wallpaper to effectively promote food products and toy stores too.

3D illustration orange flower, marble background and gold floral

An ideal use you can make of orange wallpaper is to add warmth to a reception room.

Abstract decorative wall - 3D decorative panels - wall panel pattern - Interior Design wallpaper - Continuous replication - Fresh color - citrus texture - orange peel

For instance with an accented wall.

Abstract ball surrounded by black smoke. Fiery background. Artistic work

Install it in your predominantly white living room and get a lift from one plain mid-orange wallpaper wall.

3d picture of a column with orange flowers and butterflies for digital printing wallpaper, custom design wallpaper

If the room has plenty of natural light you can get away with two accented orange wallpaper walls.

3D wallpaper orange flower golden with butterfly mirror background for interior

A fitness studio or gym benefits most from orange wallpaper designs.

Another set of website backgrounds/wallpapers (Vectors 22)

This is because the color orange evokes excitement and enthusiasm.

blue abstract background folded overlapping orange ribbons top corner wallpaper with wavy layers and ruffles.3D rendering.

It is an energetic color. Therefore an orange wallpaper design is not the best idea for for bedrooms.

silhouettes strong rolling people set girl and man sport fitness gymnastics wallpaper murals.

But it is great for a gym or an exercise room. It will bring out all the emotions that you need to be released during your fitness routine.

Benefits of  orange wallpaper murals

Orange is a color that transmits dynamism, exoticism, and good humor.

Colorful of Scarlet macaw bird's feathers with red yellow orange and blue shades, exotic nature background and texture

It is vibrant, luminous, and stimulates attention. Shades of orange promote concentration, encourage creativity, and promote conversation.

Close up Golden leaved liana for background.

Currently, the color orange is very fashionable in interior design since it is unique in providing vitality and luminosity.

Autumn nature landscape. Lake bridge in fall forest. Path way in gold woods. Romantic view image scene. Magic misty sunset pond. Red color tree leaf park. Calm bright light, city sunrise, sunlight sun

In this way, this color helps to create environments full of attractiveness and strength with great visual impact.

Colorful autumn view of Alpe di Siusi ski resort with beautiful orange larch trees. Majestic sunrise in Dolomite Alps, Ortisei locattion, Italy, Europe. Beauty of countryside concept background.

In turn, you can use it in Arabic, Hindu, modern, retro, or classic style decoration.

Wonderful autumn landscape. Beautiful romantic alley near popular alpine lake Grundlsee with colorful trees. Scenic image of forest landscape at sunny day. stunning nature background

Regarding the color tone, the most vibrant shades of orange are usually recommended for spaces to which you want to add a dynamic touch. Such as the living room or youth bedrooms.

Amazing scenery of Rainbow mountain and blue sky background in sunset. Zhangye Danxia National Geopark, Gansu, China. Colorful landscape, rainbow hills, unusual colored rocks, sandstone erosion

But earth and muted tones are usually used in more sophisticated spaces. and sober.

Real amazing panoramic sunrise or sunset sky with gentle colorful clouds. Long panorama, crop it

Likewise, given its ability to promote concentration, it is highly recommended to use the color orange to decorate work or study spaces.

Beautiful vector landscape illustration - Peaceful warm sunrise over mountains, ocean and forest. Travel, hiking, outdoors and adventure concept. Use as background or wallpaper.

On the other hand, orange tones are easy to combine, especially with colors like white, black, or brown.

Dynamic abstract fluid geometric colorful gradient orange shape background.

They also work very well with other warm colors such as yellow, red, or fuchsia, as long as we use them in small quantities.

Sunset between hills and mountains, valleys and lights, shapes and silhouettes of a hilly landscape. Vector

As well as with electric blue or pistachio green, creating environments full of harmony and freshness.

Colors that go with an Orange

Orange wallpaper is not the easiest color to hang on any wall. Because it can be quite bright and overpowering.

Seamless Geometrical Vector Pattern for Textile Design. Modern Mix of Triangles, Stripes and another Shapes in trend colors. Orang wallpaper design.

However, if you look more carefully, there are actually a lot of fabulous wallpapers to combine with.

futuristic autumn fall background in yellow, orange colors. flowers leaves and bushes

For one, you can create a room using different shades of muted orange tones. This doesn’t work with the brighter, more vibrant shades though.

jasmine and another flower background

But it does with the more subdued ones. It’s relaxing and quite refreshing.

A portal to another dimension impressionism highly detailed landscape

As a matter of course, white is neutral and goes with any other color.

Space landscape of another planet, orange wallpaper design.

When you think of colors that go with orange, you might overlook white.

A portal to another dimension impressionism highly detailed landscape

But white and orange are a strategically restrained yet energized combination.


Orange monochrome smooth walls of a beautiful shade will always be relevant.

Seamless  Silhouettes floral pattern . lily orange . big flower and leaf. fabric print ,Dress,Scarf, Textile , Background.

This design can be used in almost any style.

Abstract monochrome orange color creative paper texture background. Minimal geometric orange color shapes and lines. Top view

Plain wallpaper can have a smooth surface or an interesting embossed pattern.

art vintage watercolor floral monochrome orange seamless pattern with white roses and peonies on background. Double Exposure effect

In addition, monochromatic coatings combine well with other finishes, such as stone or brick.

pink and orange wallpaper

Orange Seamless Plant. Purple Hibiscus Set. Pink Watercolor Painting. Colorful Tropical Print. Yellow Pattern Decor. Floral Foliage. Botanical Print.

orange floral wallpaper

Seamless floral background. Vector illustration.

orange and cream

Tropical orange flowers on cream orange background for template wallpaper backdrop vector illustration square ratio

bold orange

Full orange color. It's very bold and fresh. Geometrical pattern design by VerseOne. Good for fabrics or textiles.

orange and silver

3d modern canvas art wallpaper. golden and silver vase, circles, and golden trees.

orange polka dot

Seamless vector pattern with neon orange polka dots on a pastel grey background

beige and orange

overlapping translucent curved stripes against a background of a mixture of yellow, orange, beige, blue. colorful geometric wallpaper. vector

orange leopard print

leopard pattern texture repeating seamless orange black

vintage wallpaper orange

Retro seamless pattern from the 50s and 60s. Seamless abstract Vintage background in sixties style. Vector illustration

orange herringbone wallpaper

Seamless orange, red, and white zigzag pattern a.k.a chevron. Suitable for wallpaper, textile, gift wrapper, or backdrop.

blue and orange floral

Bright floral border on light background


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